Sunday, 27 August 2006

B Team

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Caught up with Plan B a couple of times this week. He's recording a four track, live EP as the next release. It's going to include 'No More Eatin' and three new cuts. Ny was there to lay down some backing vocals and got to meet Shameless who's reppin on one of the tracks too. If you haven't yet heard their collabo from MK's mixtape, Pass That, you can download it from Next up was the video shoot for the NME favourite, No More Eatin', down at the Black Island Studios. All the extras were fans from myspace or my crew from Live Magazine/Live Recordings, which was nice. They were a bit stiff on the first take so I suggested some moshing but was not expecting the levels of rowdiness that then ensued for the next 5 hours. It was great to see the girls giving as good as the guys. A few pairs of glasses were broken, someone got winded and there were a lot of bruises to follow but good fun had by all. A lot of the hip hop kids hadn't moshed before and cheesy as it may sound, it was a beautiful thing to see fans of all ages, shapes, colour and musical preference united. I think that's probably what makes Plan B unique as a young artist. The Roots and Manuva have achieved this before and to an extent so does Sway, but B's fusion of Nirvana and Radiohead inspired music with the full band, coupled with rap, seals it that little bit more for me. At one point the director asked me to stand directly behind Ben to prevent anyone jumping on him. Like. A. Mug. I. Said. Ok. BATTERED! Big toe on left foot dead out. I decided to leave it to the pro's after that and caught up with Sem, Cassell, Andy, Beni, Lyric and Danielle Senior before blagging a cab home. Sure everyone slept well (even the band who were heading to Reading to sleep on their fun bus for the first time). I'm just praying now that the final cut doesn't show me getting murked by some of the angriest, moshing, Plan B fans known to man. Big up all of you.

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