Sunday, 27 August 2006

Party Pooper

Welcome Home, originally uploaded by Face It.

There were alot of parties and good club nights on this weekend, but I haven't been to any. I should have gone to The Legion or perhaps 93 Feet East and thrown signals while Wiley clashed Ghetto and Scorcher. Couldn't. Muster. A. Movement. There was never a strong chance of me going to watch Boy Better Know at 333 either. R U Dumb? I've not being back there since Straight Outta Bethnal got 'too underground' for them... so underground that Teens Of Thailand are booking the same acts that we put on monthly to around 650 people a time? Hyprocrisy? There's a lot of it out there it seems. Good luck to Boy Better Know all the same. And while the weekend is still young, relatively speaking, I still have no intention of heading out. You may not care why, but this is my blog and I'll do what I want. Quite frankly I can't be arsed. I've got a stack of work to do and little desire to socialise. I enjoy my own company, is that such a bad thing? I laugh more at my own jokes for a start. I definitely feel a stronger urge to get wild if things are getting me down or I have no money. That's not to say I've become rich overnight, far from it, but my career has taken some unexpected twists and turns which are, to an extent, allowing me to dejunk my life. I've been bored for too long but no longer feel much need to do what I've come to know, or more to the point, what I felt was expected of me. While I continue to champion underground sounds I like, the truth is, and I think we've touched on this before, I'm not as excited as I was once. This is for a number of reasons, but I don't want to blame the music, something I've found myself doing of late. It's me. I've got older and my priorities, interests, reality and future are ever-changing. I haven't got time for certain attitudes or certain people, nor do I have time to embrace excuses or celebrate so much with so little meaning. It's not like the story of the grime DJ who starts playing funky house, it's about embracing a whole lot more. And hopefully that 'more' will allow you to open your mind and raise your arms to the ceiling once again too.

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