Saturday, 23 September 2006

It Was Alot

928ec1b3-1, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Samurai started off the night with the R&B/ hip hop selection while the club filled up. Next up was Plastician with a firing old skool garage set which got the one finger skank going. Chewy killed it with the funky house selection, playing big tune after big tune. I filmed some of it but the bass is so distorted it will wreck your speaker. Frisco got so excited that he ran for a reload and dashed a brandy and coke in my ear. I was soaked but I got him back when I threw the beer mat I used to mop myself up. It landed on his shoulder and Danny Walker managed to capture the moment of bewilderment perfectly. Pic soon come. The grime selection, courtesy of Jammer's DJ Snatcher came last. Naturally every man sprayed given it was Skepta's b'day. He was so lean that the hypement was off the scale, a lot of slurred lyrics followed which simply added to the good vibes in the dance. Mr and Mrs Adenuga also joined in the show and seemed to be enjoying as much as their sons. With so many Boy Better Know T's in the place, it was hard to know who was family tree but the event was nothing but smiley faces. Big up the dancing crew down the front who even mustered a reload for their get low selection. Dunno what 'that dance' is called, but it's the new one. Trust me.


Striver Don said...

funny about that day how come u had the flyer on one minute then u took it off. I Thaught that was a bit weird. Must of been a big night i know the brothers dont play when it comes to gettin down to it.

Chantelle Fiddy said...

got worried how many people were going to show!