Saturday, 23 September 2006

The London Paper 2

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Here's the second London Paper clubs column, I've copied and pasted text below but you can also check it out at their new website here

To 'brap' or 'zoop, zoop. zoop'?
There’s a certain art to both heckling the DJ and showing your appreciation. But for the conscientious clubber, should you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, it can prove tricky knowing what action to take. Five years ago, if a tune came on that made you want to kiss the air or worse case scenario, the drunken fool dancing on your toe, you could get away with crossing that fine line between worship and celebration by raising your hands hallelujah-style to the ceiling. Alternatively you punched the air or shouted ‘bo!’ in Craig David style. However, should said DJ drop a clanger, depending on which part of London you were clubbing in, you’d consider either throwing a bottle in the direction of the decks, chanting‘off!’ or shouting ‘do you do weddings?’Yet the skill of expression in the strobe lighted room has grown far more complex. One clubbers sign of appreciation is now ‘get the hell out of here’ to another. Take for example the ‘gun finger’. Inspired by Jamaican dancehall events where they preferred to fire actual bullets into the air when a song excited them, it’s generally used by the youth and those who attend urban orientated event. It involves pointing your thumb up, while extending your index and middle finger toward the ceiling in a gun-like stance. Use this on Saturday at Fabric, where M-NUS, Richie Hawtin, Heartthrob and Andrew Weatherall feature on the line-up, you’ll probably be alone and considered a high security risk. Here it’s best advised you stick to more traditional cheering and jeering. However, should you head to the UK’s leading battle ground, hip hop night the Jump Off, on Monday 25th at Mean Fiddler, you’ll also have stumbled upon the launch party for new Brit flick, Life & Lyrics. If you don’t shout ‘brap!’, which has replaced ‘bo!’ or adopt a gun finger stance then it will be assumed that you’re giving the contestants, who challenge each other 8 Mile-style in rap contests and dance-offs, ‘air’. Giving ‘air’ involves doing not a lot; just stand still, stare at the DJ or MC, raise an eyebrow for added effect, pull a ‘screwface’ (otherwise known as a scowl) or for the ultimate in airing procedure - leave the room. If you’re eager to test the waters then a safe bet for your new found signals should be cult dubstep and grime night FWD, who celebrate their 5th Birthday tonight at Plastic People, Shoreditch. Boasting pirate radio favourites D1, Slimzee, Geeneus, Hatcha, Youngsta and MC Crazy D among others, it’s unlikely you’ll need to do anything other than show love. Should you want to be really cutting edge, when you hear a track you really like try shouting ‘zoop, zoop, zoop!’ while bopping your head like a battery hen. Thankfully, dancing like your dad hasn’t gone out of fashion yet.

Words: Chantelle Fiddy

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Striver Don said...

The London Paper's a big look u can't walk dwn liverpool street without someone slippin it between ure fingers. Thou it seems like its got beef brewin. The London Lite had a banner running across its front page on Wed.20 saying "PRINTED WITH INK THAT WON'T COME OFF ON YOUR HANDS" who was that aimed at the Metro or you(The London Paper). Anyhow u did the scene alot of justice by bein Miss Info and educatin the ignorant them. I guess I can grow my goatee and skank in peace without bein pulled up as a terror suspect for "insighting violence in a public arena". Good job.