Sunday, 17 May 2009

Chopps Derby Part 2

Ok, since blogging/ twittering this earlier it's been blowing up. Here's what the email Danny Grapes sent me, with the title 'State of the UK urban music', along with the video link, said:

POW! Straight outta Quality Save’s car park in Droylsden, Manchester…

Bare buff subject matter, gangs of drug dealers actin’ rude, rabid
pitbulls, badass grime beats, that niche bass sound, Stanley knives,
regionalist claptrap, multi-coloured wheelie bins, shot after shot of
council estates (somewhere near Moss Side)....

What else could any self respecting 'Bassline' raver want?

THE SINGLE IS MP3 downloadable from site and here: and released via itunes etc soon.

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