Sunday, 17 May 2009

Chopps Derby Part 3

Shit, there's even an EP called 'You Don't Know What Broccoli is'

Read the description:

Apart from a mint night on the razz, Manchester is still nothing but a place full of scallies and muppets who’ll twist you up for nout other than looking like a gay homo. Walking across these pavements of puke is Chopps Derby - a well hard bumbaseed turn bare sick emcee from Droylsden. Since his cough and drop, he has spent most his time down the dogs, peckin’ heads with his grim tales of sexual healing and his manifestos about getting mashed and that. Though it doesn’t sound like much, Chopps lays down verbal dirt that separates the facts from the lady-boys. This record will probably bring out the worst in you.

Buy it HERE.

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