Thursday, 8 October 2009

Ctrl.Alt.Shift Films

Allow me to present to you the five winners of our competition who beat 100's of entrants to be given a budget of £4,000 to make their films... Amazing work I think you'll agree.

First up...
War School

Ctrl.Alt.Shift Film Competition Winner: War School from Ctrl.Alt.Shift on Vimeo.

Writer and Director: Ben Newman
Mentor: Aoife McArdle
Music: Shy Child and Chipmunk

Opting for a short based around war + peace, Ben Newman came up with one of the most popular entries, gaining praise across the board by re-creating a military training camp for child soldiers in a British school. It was described by Riz Ahmed as a great idea, simple, communicating a direct message. The teacher at the beginning is played by Kate Ashfield from Shaun of the Dead.

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isabella said...

i heard you on radio 1 :) love your blog.