Monday, 25 October 2004

Durrty Doogz

Signed, or not signed, that is the question. “I’m on my way with Polydor, but I can’t remember putting a signature on any (record company) contracts yet so I’m not going to tell people anything official…”

At least Doogz is honest. Despite reports of million pound deals, (including one recent article, which falsely speculated that the twenty two-year-old from Walthamstow had been signed to Sony for over a year), there are still no bona fide details on any business moves, official releases, or videos. And while the music industry and taste-makers the country over have got as excited about grime as America did over Janet’s maturing nipple, Doogz has made a distinctive move to align himself with the hip hop and bashment world.

More commonly associated in the past with top raves such as Sidewinder, clashing the likes of Wiley, and rolling with his crew Boyz In Da Hood, it’s all a training ground Doogz is apparently laying to rest.

“They (Boyz In Da Hood) don’t make the music I make. I’m letting Crazy Titch; my brother run that now. I put in my work last year, on the grind, on the underground. It served a purpose, I had to take a step down to step up but I shoulda been doing that at 17or 18 but then I was on the roads then. Mans going international now.”

Since been ‘off road’, Doogz has taken twists on many paths in his life. He declares himself conscious and righteous, meaning he lives his life ‘in as best way possible’, as well as naming God as his number one influence. Another thing Doogz seems to have acquired is an admirable injection of irreversible confidence.

Despite recently making outbound journeys to Miami and Jamaica where he worked with Black Shadow (Sean Paul), and hung with Buju Banton and Morgan Heritage the debut album will be a big-name-free zone.

“UK artists aren’t taken that seriously, but that’s no one else’s fault, there was no reason for them to be taken seriously. If you need to collaborate with a known artist before you come out then you’re not worth coming out…When I come out and people hear Doogz then they can feature with me. Every morning I know it’s alright cause where this is taking me it’s in his (Gods) plan.”

While he lays the final laurels of the streets to rest, completes his album with producer Flow and concludes his paperwork, Doogz is planing to shift 500 of his next release, Boom Boom, produced by himself and Fusion, out of the back of his car.

“It’s not even going to the shops for now. It’s just keeping it at the music level before it gets taken to the business level. If people are waiting on your main tune it can get too messy. Forget politics cor’ this is just another warm up.”

And like the hole in the ozone layer that heats up the English summer, you can bet your sunscreen that as hard as he is to find, it’ll be Doogz that’s scorching your sound system.


Doogz – Boom, Boom is available from Doogz car boot now (*N.B. He's also now changed his name to Goodz)
A version of this article appeared in i-D Magazine 2004.


Target1, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Target, Danny Weed and co @ Pay As U Go Reunion, Southampton, 2003.

Hitting the Target

As Target enters the arranged rendezvous location, a smoke filled living room in an East London block of flats, he looks every inch the street star in a crisp tracksuit that matches his never-worn-before Adidas Decades colour for colour. Fresh off a plane from Germany where he had a booking for the Gangstarr After party (which they never made it to but that wasn’t their fault) he’s armed with a laptop under one arm and a dangerous looking KFC under the other.

“I’m going to Miami in two days and I’ve still got to drop off all these new records, make sure the mixtapes in all the shops…”

Like his music, Target’s attitude immediately stands out – there’s no messing, the man’s on it and we ain’t got no time to waste.

Darren Joseph, 24, aka DJ Target, has been better known in the past for his role in the Pay As U Go Cartel (PAUG). The Cartel’s only mainstream release, Champagne Dance, produced by Geeneus and Target, stormed the charts at no. 12 in 2002. While PAUG remain in essence and their album sits unreleased on a hard drive, Target, like the other members, has continued to DJ up and down the country, started a record label, and ventured into his own musical territory.

And now he’s emerging as one of the UK’s more innovative producers. By blending the local grimey garage influence with that of stateside hip hop, Target has joined a new wave of producers pushing through fresh street music and talent.

If you need proof then check out the new Aim High Mixtape. A showcase of freestyles and forthcoming tracks from Targets label (Aim High incase you didn’t gettit), it also features a couple of exclusive Danny Weed beats and a measure from TNT. Sound wise it’s experimental, accessible, original and ultimately, comes highly recommended, much like the labels vinyl releases.

Lyrical aid, both bashment and rap, is primarily from Targets home turf, Bow E3, and surrounding postcodes; D Double E & Footsie, Roll Deep, Maihem, J2K, Riko, Crazy Titch, Maxwell D, OT Crew, Gods Gift and Wolfpack among those juggling mic duties.

“I just needed to get my stuff out there. You can’t depend on other people to do it for you. That’s why I’m by myself doing the label, no one can piss me off. I don’t have time for all that.”

Currently available from the label are Pick Yourself Up (a standout track produced by Target and Roll Deep’s Danny Weed, snapped up by Wiley for his album), Poltergeist/Runaway, Chosen One feat Riko and the Poltergeist Remix by Terror Danger. The forthcoming schedule and potential label swaps with like-minded peers, although not 100% confirmed, look equally speaker-shaking.

Still of equal significance to the mixtape and the label in getting out fresh cuts though, is pirate radio. It was back in the summer of 1994, that a group of boys, four up and coming fifteen years old jungle DJ’s - Target, alongside school friends Slimzee, Geeneus and Wiley, became the Rinse 100.3 FM forefathers. While at the beginning the signal only reached the end of their road, Rinse is now undeniably one of the most radical and necessary pirates on the dial. Target also remains, giving listeners in London and those that stream Rinse over the stations website a multi-sounding dose of dubplates and new releases on a Saturday night and Wednesday afternoon.

“Pirate’s will always be important because we don’t get support from anywhere else on the FM dial. People had to take matters into their own hands.”

We hear that.

Yet with PAUG unofficially on a back burner, there’s been added speculation of late that Target’s the newest member of Wiley’s Roll Deep Crew. But don’t get excited, It’s not true.

“PAUG have done a lot, but most crews are falling apart these days. I do and I don’t care, you can never predict the future of it but right now everyone’ on their own thing. There’s just more future in some artists than others. PAUG, Roll Deep, we’re all just mates. Some of us would have liked the crews to become one, others wouldn’t. Simple.”

However he is producing for the Roll Deep album, expected to land either this year or next, now signed to Relentless Records, as well as continuing a series of collaborations with Danny Weed.

Also on the cards is the second mixtape installment, a variety of other R&B, hip hop and bashment projects, with vocalists including Pay As U Go MC’s Riko and Gods Gift, vocalists Hannah and Jackie, Roll Deep, JP (Ignorants), and Nio.

“We can all live as we are but we want to live the good life…I’m more for melodies, I believe in real music. You gotta aim high that’s why the top of where I see myself going is the world.”

Enjoy the ride.

Words: Chantelle Fiddy
A version of this article appeared in Touch magazine 2004.

Lords of the Manor

It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that Lord Of The Decks (LOTD) is an underground phenomenon. Primarily a two man crew consisting of the multi-skilled cousins Capo, 25 and Ratty, 23, these east London soldiers have taken the industry into their own hands taking grime culture to the mainstream. Having started out distributing vinyl for the likes of Skepta, Jammer, More Fire and Ruff Squad the duo soon exposed a big gap in the market – raw mixtapes and DVD’s. With two volumes currently available (Lord Of The Decks 1 and 2) it doesn’t get much realer. On the eve of their first Birthday, the third installment, Lord Of The Mics Battle Arena is landing…

Touch: Happy Birthday!
Capo: Thank you. It’s mad that a year ago we were selling the first LOTD up and down the country. We’d set up a Sunday stall at the market in Hackney Wick shotting them for £5. A lot of shops weren’t taking us seriously because of the way it looked, straight outta the bedroom.
Ratty: Then we were seeing these DVD’s, like Eskimo Dance but it still wasn’t enough, they were short (hence LOTD being two hours long) and were bad quality. We just went and got a camera and here we are.

Touch: The brand has blown up overnight…
Capo: We’ve ended up creating a monster that’s stomping its way out of a cage living its own life! A lot of people and artists don’t appreciate it still.
We’re trying to promote the streets because for too long the industry have looked at us but won’t do nothing about it. It’s about us people at a street level forming a united front and getting this thing rolling cause we can make this what we want it to be.

Touch: And you’ve put this DVD in a lot of peoples hands haven’t you?
Capo: Missy Elliott, DJ Green Lantern, Westwood, Damon Dash, Young Gunz…
Ratty: We even got contacted by a Canadian rapper, Cardinal, and he’s working with Durrty Doogz now.

Touch: What’s next in the pipeline?
Capo: Europe, we need to conquer that first. We have a rave starting in Germany on July 23rd, then there’s the big one – Lord Of The Mics Battle Arena Volume 1. That DVD should be dropping late May, you’ll see bare clashes –Footsie V’s Scratchy, Kano V’s Wiley…
Ratty: That will go down in history as a classic like LOTD ha ha.

Touch: You’ve started doing your own music video’s too right?
Capo: Yeah, we’ve just done the video for Lethal B’s Forward Riddim directed by our boy Mighty Mo (not the Heartless Crew hype man). That should be on screens very soon.

Touch: What have been your fave filming moments?
Capo: Ministry was off the heezy fo’ sheezy. That was Femme Fatale’s Birthday bash and we taped some ill shit. Certain guys know what was poppin’, groupies like the camera. The Narni Shakers were big too, Doogz on 1Xtra, N Double A…
Ratty: Tell us what you wanna see and I bet you we’ve got it. Our theory is no one can deny us access, we’ll try get through anywhere.

Touch: What would you like to set up?
Capo: G Force V’s SAS. That would be big. G Force are east rappers who’ve been in it for years and they’ve got skills. And right about now SAS are the top boys, if you’re with the Roc you can’t get it twisted
Ratty: We should go get on that…

Watch out for Lord Of The Decks filming on a street near you soon

Words: Chantelle Fiddy

A version of this article appeared in Touch Magazine 2004

Mr Wong

PHOT0149.JPG, originally uploaded by chantelle.

If you haven't heard Mr Wong's Orchestal Borough's yet then you need to. Uniting London Wong has grabbed an MC from North, South, East and West (Crazy Titch, JME & Flirta D) for this musical adventure. The video is now on Channel U so be sure to look out for that.

Me and Rossi B

me&rossib1, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Rossi B and Luca have had another great year and proved it at the Sidewinder People's Choice Awards last month. Undoubtedly two of the most skilled DJ's on the garage circuit check out the new mixes they've uploaded at Weighty!!

Run The Road

Below is the final tracklisting for 679 Recordings compilation Run The Road, due to land in stores mid November.
I'll be giving away five signed copies in the next B&S, so check the Underground Dance column for more details if you fancy nabbing one. Looks good I think you'll agree and if you're yet to sample grime then this is a great introduction.

1. Terror Danjah feat. Hyper, Bruza, D Double E and Riko 'Cock Back V1.2'
2. Riko and Target 'Chosen One'
3. Roll Deep 'Let It Out'
4. Kano 'Ps and Qs'
5. Jammer feat. Wiley, D Double E, Kano and Goodz 'Destruction VIP'
6. Dizzee Rascal ft D Double E 'Give U More'
7. No Lay 'Unorthadox Daughter'
8. Shystie feat. Ronnie Redz, Kano and Bruza 'One Wish' Terror Danjah Remix
9. Goodz 'Gimmie Dat'
10. Demon feat. Bruza and Big-E-D 'Da Rush'
11. Tinchy Stryder 'Move'
12. Lady Sovereign 'Cha Ching (Cheque 1, 2 Remix)'
13. Ears 'Happy Dayz'
14. The Streets feat. Kano, Donae'o, Lady Sovereign and Tinchy Stryder 'Fit But You Know It'
15. Wonder feat. Plan B 'Cap Back'
16. Kano feat. Demon and Wiley 'Mic Fight'

Rhythm Divisions slot

1. Trim feat Wiley, Riko, D Double E & Footsie – Boogeyman (White)
2. D.O.K – Shock Anthem (Aftershock)
3. Charmzy – R Ha (VIP) (Black Ops)
4. Wiley – Ice Cream/Fire Hydrant Rmx (White)
5. NASTY Crew feat Dynasty – Hackney Man (White)
6. More2DaDloor – Da 4 Star EP (More2DaFloor)
7. Dizzee Rascal – Dream/Trapped (XL Recordings)
8. Ruff Squad – Move (White)
9. Ruff Squad – Love U Feel (White)
10. Sunship feat Warrior Queen – Almighty Father (Casual)

Compiled by Sparky @ Rhythm Division, Roman Road, Bow E3.
You can listen to audio mentioned in this chart at

Tuesday, 19 October 2004

MOJO gets grimed up

This month Lloyd Bradley, author of Bass Culture has put finger to keyboard and opened up the word of Dizzee Rascal and grime. Ok, I admit I assisted slightly (check intro's to Target, D Double E, Kano, DaVinChe and Lady Sovereign) but it's well worth reading as Mr Bradley definitely gives the scene some fresh perspective.

Label: Aim High

Philosophy: Anything good goes.
Home to: Predominantly label owner Target but guests include Danny Weed, Riko, Gods Gift, Wiley, J2K, Breeze, Scratchy, Hannah, Jackie, JP, Trend, NASTY, Tinchy Stryder, Dizzee Rascal, Ruff Squad.
Biggest track: Pick Yourself Up or Chosen One
Coming Up: Which Gyal, Poltergeist (Rmx), Jungle Book, The Aim High Mixtape Vol 2.

Lethal Bizzzzzle

Lethal Bizzzzzle, originally uploaded by chantelle.

The East Connection video shoot at Aquarium on Sunday got off to a swimming start. We manged to catch Lethal sampling the Hypnotiq after his scene in the pool. The Link Up, featuring about nine MC's and Kele Le Roc, should be hitting Channel U next month.

Wileys way

Another delve into the archive...

Do you see yourself as a leader of this new scene?
W: No, I see myself as someone who will help it move forward as well as anyone else involved who will help it move forward. I want everyone to come through, get in their positions and play their positions. It will make it stronger.

Would you like it to be called Eski?
W: Of course, but if it doesn’t get called that I won’t worry, cause I can listen to it and know they’ve heard me before or something from this genre of music.

How about hip hop?
W: That’s what people say, but hip hop people weren’t saying that at first. I wasn’t sure what they were thinking, but obviously they understand it cause they’re English and we’re English. You can say it is but the beats are very different.

A lot of people say you’re the cleverest MC?
W: With words Dizzee’s the best, and Kano, he’s near him.

Of course some people say you bought Dizzee through, but you don’t see it like that do you?
W: No, I mustn’t see it like there or I’ll go nowhere myself.

If you could get any message across what would it be?
W: I just want people to know that I would like to help everyone. In reality I can’t help everyone, so all the people who want my help, you can get my help but not always by knowing me. Knowing me is not really a good thing for you… I need to avoid people thinking I’m a bastard. I don’t know everything, but I’m growing and trying to learn.

Syer pulls his pants up

When DJ Target first aired the track STD’s featuring OT Crews Dog-Z and Syer a couple of months back we didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. If anything’s going to hit home this will. B&S headed to the clinic and caught up with Syer.

Q: How did you come up with the track? Do OT Crew have a problem with infections?
A: Nah but people have never gone this way before, they talk about girls but we wanted to take it to the next level. We’ve always been raw and we wanted to keep it that way. If you’re funny and clever with it you can hit more people with the message. Some people have experienced it some haven’t but everyone will hear what we’re saying and hopefully the youngsters will be reminded to be careful. If you don’t listen you’re either stupid or drunk.

Q: If a girl tried to jump on you and you didn’t have protection what would you do?
A: Ha ha, she’d get chucked straight off mate!

Q: What’s response to the track been like?
A: It’s big, people love it. Some people took a while to get their head around it, I thought girls would have an attitude to it but now I hear there’s even a possible girls come back hitting the streets “Don’t think that pretty boys ain’t got shit…” I don’t know who’s supposed to be doing it but it could be interesting.

Q: What are OT working on?
A: We’re working on some solo stuff and working as a group on some bits, with Target and some new producers. I produce too as does DJ Shots so there’s stuff in the pipeline.

Q: And do MC’s really shag a lot after radio shows?
A: Some of them yeah! Be careful where you put it after radio shows, that’s what I’m saying.

DJ Target feat OT Crew - STD’s is out on Aim High Recordings now.
Check out for audio samples. You can hear OT Crew, Mondays 9-11pm on Rinse 100.3FM and DJ Shots Fridays 11-1am.

Label: Paperchase

Home to: The Essentials, DaVinche, Katie Pearl, Deaco
Philosophy: “To put out good quality urban music that encompasses modern day youth culture and lifestyle. Our mission is to find, develop, record, market and promote credible artists."
Biggest anthem: DaVinChe & Katie Pearl featuring Kano – Leave Me Alone
Out next: Kele Le Roc – Frontline, DaVinChe – Dirty Canvas 2
Look out for…Albums and videos from Katie Pearl, Paperchase and Essentials, Mix CD’s Street Anthems Vol 2, Street Beats Vol 1, and a DVD Magazine coming next year. Check for biogs, audio and more!

Rhythm Divisions slot

1. Terror Danjah featuring Shola Ama & D Double E – So Contagious (Aftershock)
2. Dizzee Rascal & Durrty Goodz – Stretch/Hoe Remix instrumental (White)
3. Kano – P’s & Q’s (679 Recordings)
4. Skepta V’s Dizzee Rascal – Thuggish Hoe (White)
5. Wookie – Trooper/Hype Up (White)
6. Mr Wong feat Crazy Titch, JME, & Flirta D – Orchestra Boroughs (White)
7. Macabre Unit – Sense/Or Else (B Line Recordings)
8. Tubby T feat Ms Dynamite & Lady Posh – Ready She Ready (Terror Danjah Remix) (White)
9. Arnold Jarvis – Always Be Right There (Waako)
10. Sadie feat Kano – So Sure (White)

Don't forget and look out for the DVD coming from Sparky and co very soon...

The great debate: Semxtex

Semtex, A&R for Def Jam UK, 1Xtra specialist and general and man about town. As well as signing Taz, Semtex has worked closely with Dizzee Rascal on both the Piece Keepers CD/DVD series and as his DJ. We got his views on the future of underground dance…

Q; You’ve been tapping into this whole grime thing, do you see it as hip hop?
A: Yes, I think a lot of people have got it twisted over here. Whether you call it grime, Eski, garage, UK hip hop – if you’re rapping over a beat it’s hip hop…we’ve gotta be like fuck it, it’s hip hop. We need to build our own industry fuck waiting for Americans to do it for us.

Q: Do you feel like we’ve turned a corner? The energy and buzz out there right now is amazing
A: I think with artists like Dizzee, Wiley, Kano, Doogz, even So Solid…I mean So Solid were the catalyst, they made people feel proud of British music and they’ve influenced a lot of kids. There’s about 50,000 garage crews out there now coming through.

Q: What do you think about producers?
A: Producers over here, if they had the right management would be selling beats for shit loads over in the US. Target’s heavy, Youngsta too he has a sound that if he was in Atlanta or wherever people would kill for his beats. DaVinche’s got some hot tunes coming through, Dizzee, Taz…

Q: Do you think we still look abroad too much? A UK MC get’s signed and straight away the label wants to take them out of the streets and abroad
A: Every artists I’ve signed I’ve told them you’re not going with any US artists. You have to develop your own talent, not depend on the likes of Salaam Remi. It also fucks the industry over here when people do that, whether it works or not, It’s important that we do it.

Q: So we’re learning?
A: I think the garage scene has really made kids realise that they can take their own careers into their own hands. Look what came from this scene – Ms Dynamite, Craig David, So Solid, Daniel Bedingfield, Wiley, The Streets, Dizzee – that’s eight major artists. We’ve never had a growth period that big in UK music. Ever.

Q: Do major labels know what to do now then?
A: They’ve got a lot of money but they often don’t have the time, paitence or understanding. We need more kids getting into A&R and management, setting up labels. We don’t really have an infrastructure at the moment. Everyone want’s to be an artist, P Diddy has a lot to answer for. Everyone wants to be the star and not behind the scenes. If more people did that we’d have a bigger industry.

Q: You bought Fatman Scoop to Sidewinder, how did he react to the music and event?
A: He was like ‘Yo, you guys are killing it’. I think he wants to do some stuff with Wiley but he’s still to get back to me about the beats. Wiley is the longest man in history ha ha. And he let me down on his album, he should have been spitting over Eskimo. I was waiting for all of those beats and none! Ice Rink we got thirty seconds and there was no Roll Deep but at least their albums coming soon.

Q: So you think these sounds are going to go global and I’ll have to change the name of my column (or get made redundant)?
A: I’m telling you Timbaland came over, I took him shopping, had Dynamite MC hanging out with him, playing the beats. The good thing is you’ve got Wiley’s sound that is similar to what Lil John is doing, they could be seperated at birth, we’re running on parallels. I think Dizzee’s going to conquer the States next year, the new album is more refined, he’s got more depth to his lyrics…I just think he’s a number one hip hop artist. I think Doogz will go clear to but he needs to define his own path.

Q: Who else should we be watching out for?
A: I don’t know I haven’t signed them yet. There’s a lot of good kids but I take into account who their manager is, what vision they have for themselves, where they see themselves in 5 years time. I need long term and hunger. Anyone can make a track but making an album is a skill.

A version of this article appeared in Blues and Soul Magazine 04