Thursday, 29 September 2005

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The SAVE THE HOODIE campaign has commenced! Sovereign and her followers are here to highlight the stupidity of banning an item of clothing! Wear your hoodie with pride and check out the site. You can find out the history of the hoodie, sign the petition and get your own picture of yourself in a hoodie added to the hoodie gallery. Essential viewing this week are the next two instalments from Sovereign - her filmed diary entries for more Sov'isms QUICKTIMES:Cornwall Eden Project
and Mizz Beats Hoodie Remix video shoot
If you've missed out diaries 1-5 check out her website

Free Wallpaper

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Kano has also been nominated for a BT Digital Award for his online activities. Get voting!

Want To Be In Sovereigns Video?

They're looking for Lady Sovereign fans to be in her next video 'HOODIES'. shooting on Wednesday 5th October... You need to be 17-30 years of age and be able to get to Greater London on this day. "We need people to play various roles in her new video, so if you think it would be fun to spend a day on a film set with Lady Sovereign please email your: Name, Age, Height
Recent full-body photo, Availability on Wednesday 5th October and a contact phone number to

Wednesday, 28 September 2005

For The Diary

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This week PA from Mitchell Brothers, DJ Cameo, Tinchy Stryder & Ruff Sqwad, JME, Crazy Titch, J2K, N Double A and Mastermind Trooperz performing Monsta Riddim. £5 on door.

Tuesday, 27 September 2005

Shower Cap

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Don't Trigger!

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Downtown Honeys V Piss Off

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Caught Geeneus aka Wizzbit on MSN. Remember
never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation. To help prevent infection by a computer virus or worm, never accept or open any file or link in an instant message until you verify its authenticity with the sender.
Downtown Honeys says: (12:24:52 am)
I'm saying how now the sound of the UK streets isnt Playstation beats but everything from Sway to Ruff Sqwad to Skream
piss off says: (12:30:24 am)
The scene has evolved in to the sound of the youth, with kids hot on our tails. So long as we get better the kids behind and the kids behind them will also improve their ears have got better and are contiously improving... within a few years the our music will dominate the country because unlike our elders we will not be ignorant to the nu sound of the youth ... and will welcome then with open
Downtown Honeys says: (12:36:34 am)
know its an age old question but what to you nowadays is grime... im trying to explain how Ruff Sqwads Uptown Girl fits into the same genre as say a wiley Ice Rink
piss off says: (12:39:50 am)
grime has expanded out of a particular sound in to more of a vocal based scene . its more about the style of mcing rather that the actual sound of the beat . the sound of grime has no ignorance there for has no boundaries.... to me i dont even know when it become grime ..we just do what we do ...
our sound of music and mcing is the most orgiinal music since hiphop ...but dnt be fooled this is not hip hop
Downtown Honeys says: (12:42:29 am)
The sound of grime has no ignorance there for has no boundaries....
I like
Downtown Honeys says: (12:44:52 am)
would i be right to say that its a struggle to sell 1,000 records now
piss off says: (12:45:17 am)
Downtown Honeys says: (12:45:23 am)
hang on im thinking about ur quote... shouldnt it be 'the sound of grime is so ignorant it has no boundaries'
piss off says: (12:45:27 am)
but we are in a cross over stage right now
Downtown Honeys says: (12:45:41 am)
in what sense (cross over i mean?)
piss off says: (12:46:04 am)
we are progressing from a dj based music in to an artist based music......
piss off says: (12:46:22 am)
the only reason records sell is because people want to be djs
Downtown Honeys says: (12:46:30 am)
and theres no raves
piss off says: (12:46:33 am)
well grime isnt about that as much now
Downtown Honeys says: (12:46:38 am)
piss off says: (12:46:39 am)
people want to be listners
piss off says: (12:46:52 am)
so a listner would rather buy a cd or a mp3
piss off says: (12:47:23 am)
soon people should be able to release there own albums and do well
piss off says: (12:47:36 am)
if they are smart enough and belive in our scene
Downtown Honeys says: (12:47:50 am)
which brings me to my next point...
Downtown Honeys says: (12:49:11 am)
artists are all striving to get major label deals which isnt going to happen. do u agree if people concentrated more at the infrastructure we've been building ourselves, we'd actually benefit more so all round?
piss off says: (12:49:49 am)
piss off says: (12:50:45 am)
i have just signed a track from ot crew and im doin a video and releasing it..and all tunes on newera will have a video and be released for the public as sinlges ...
piss off says: (12:51:19 am)
everyone thinking they're gonna get a 100 grand deal is living in dream land
piss off says: (12:52:01 am)
acceptin that 100 grand is like shoting ur carrier for 100 grand
piss off says: (12:52:09 am)
chances are they will flop u
piss off says: (12:52:48 am)
truth is they dont understand our music so how can they do a better job than us at releasing it
piss off says: (12:53:03 am)
thats what i fink anyway
Downtown Honeys says: (12:53:15 am)
how will we get around this problem
piss off says: (12:53:17 am)
i mean there are underground lables that do well
piss off says: (12:53:20 am)
and are buildin
piss off says: (12:53:27 am)
like paerchase and a few others
piss off says: (12:53:57 am)
hopefully people will see us doin ok and relise
piss off says: (12:54:52 am)
everyone dont need a label but they do need to release there music on a label with a brain that actually cares about the scene
Downtown Honeys says: (12:55:04 am)
yeh and people need to sort out their business skills?
piss off says: (12:55:22 am)
Downtown Honeys says: (12:55:27 am)
cause we have radio, journalists, a tv station...
piss off says: (12:56:01 am)
i mean thertes no harm in just being a artist and some one else releasin your stuff but at least do it with some one whos cares and has a brain
piss off says: (12:56:12 am)
the artists have it all wrong
piss off says: (12:56:22 am)
they fink get a manager sign to a major
piss off says: (12:56:32 am)
but the managers aint worth a wank
Downtown Honeys says: (12:56:38 am)
piss off says: (12:57:20 am)
so how can u do well if ur manger is some one who looks at u like a pound note rather than a good musican
piss off says: (12:57:40 am)
fuck the managers in this scene
Downtown Honeys says: (12:57:43 am)
and they do u more harm than good half time who wants to go thru management when they aint got a clue
piss off says: (12:57:53 am)
id rather me mum manged me
piss off says: (12:58:01 am)
at least i know she cares
piss off says: (12:59:52 am)
there are some of us that are real and dont get phazed by certain things
Downtown Honeys says: (1:00:04 am)
real as in real to the music?
piss off says: (1:00:14 am)
id make grime even if there wasnt any dough in it
piss off says: (1:00:29 am)
its a music that i am one of the pioneers of
piss off says: (1:00:37 am)
and i love it
Downtown Honeys says: (1:01:22 am)
some people have lost their excitement for the scene
Downtown Honeys says: (1:01:28 am)
but i know deep down i havent
Downtown Honeys says: (1:01:33 am)
even though i wonder about it sometimes
piss off says: (1:01:39 am)
the thing is i dont put myself at the front and say im an inventor of the scene coz im not in it for the big face
Downtown Honeys says: (1:01:44 am)
maybe its different for me cause im a listener
piss off says: (1:01:57 am)
but it seems the big faces are giving the wrong impression right now
piss off says: (1:02:07 am)
so im gonna start stating facts again
piss off says: (1:03:39 am)
i respect wiley the most
Downtown Honeys says: (1:03:49 am)
i do musically
piss off says: (1:04:20 am)
coz even though hes a ass he cares more about what he sounds like than he does about the money
Downtown Honeys says: (1:04:27 am)
thats true
piss off says: (1:04:32 am)
alot of people would sell there soul for a bit of money
piss off says: (1:04:55 am)
westwood need to know this aint hip hop
piss off says: (1:05:06 am)
big him up he is big in his game
piss off says: (1:05:11 am)
but this aint his game
Downtown Honeys says: (1:05:29 am)
do u think the hip hop 'problem' comes from the fact its lyric based and a lot of guys listen to American hip hop
piss off says: (1:05:50 am)
not really
piss off says: (1:06:01 am)
why not call it bashment? people need to realise there is a differnce
some people cant tell the difference ,there the fakers, grime is grime
same way bashment is bashment and hip hop is hip hop
piss off says: (1:07:13 am)
all mc based
piss off says: (1:07:44 am)
i mean riko and dr and shizzle are all grime artists.
piss off says: (1:08:05 am)
just coz they got the bashy sound dont mean its bashment
Downtown Honeys says: (1:24:10 am)
u should start doing the live callers thing and debates properly, we need it
piss off says: (1:24:23 am)
yea i know

Monday, 26 September 2005

Touch Relaunch Website

have relaunched their website and you'll now be able to read features, news and reviews (including my underground selection) on the regular.

Xmas List Priority

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The Barbie Wig. Mizz Beats thinks she's running the road with a Barbie watch. She can eat my dust and a whole more when I bust this. for all your sick needs.

And So He Was Gone

DSCF2572, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Oh dear Randy 'Andy' Morris how we missed you. GQ asset, Mr Morris has got a new fan club forming I tell ya. An absolute pleasure to spend my birthday and the following days with. Shame he forgot his shorts still. Not checked any of his work, potentially could be shit but given he also pens for Dazed and MOJO... yep it's bound to me toilet roll. Kidding. Honest. Miami was blazing on all fronts - company, heat, storms, the octopus (you've got to try everything once), jacuzzi, cocktails, cross-dressing, surfers. And all in the name of work. It's at times like this I question my desire to represent UK music but It's all about striking a balance I guess. I'm priviledged to earn from my 1st love so what's there to complain about really? Oh yes the MOBO's. Everyone likes to complain about these. Last years were pretty weak and if I'd actually paid for my own ticket I would have done myself some damage in the toilet that night (note to mother and father, I'm not talking Cocaine Kate here, think rope). Due to hurricane delaying my return I caught it on BBC1 (no excuse, I don't need to beg ticket). Kano and The Marley performances were standout for me. Great to see Kano, Lethal and Sway nab awards but come on Roll Deep, what happened? A number of the members are foundations of the scene that's spawned talent like Kano and Lethal (both of whom have acknowledged this previously). Robbbbbbbed. Jacked. As I've mentioned elsewhere, Roll Deep genuinely seem to be shrugging their shoulders over the matter and still blessed Westwood on the Saturday night. Did predict this outcome mind you, not that I want a medal, after all they help your sales but doesn't mean it's the truth.

Last Word: Mr Wong

Last record you bought?
Kano 'Home Sweet Home', 'Mic Check' is my favourite. It's a very creative album, he's repping the scene.
Last book you read?
I only read magazines. I last read RWD.
Last pair of trainers bought?
Hahaha! I bought a pair of Nike Air Force with a strap and an air bubble. Do you know how long I've been waiting? My friend had them in primary school and I didn't have money so I had Hi-Tec. Twelve years later I have my own pair! I wanna get Reebok Pumps next.
Last DVD saw?
That Jet Li film unleashed, it was good still.
Last piece of hi-tech purchased?
I know I've bought something recently, I'm Chinese it's in my blood. Oh yes, a mini-fridge for my bedroom from Macro, £70.
Last time you were rejected?
Channel U rejected my new video for 'Who's That Boy'. They said the video didn't fit the song. I was stressed man.
Last time you cried?
About a year ago when I lost Pro Evolution 4 to someone.
Last thing you bought?
Drinks from Tesco. I buy bare drinks.
Last time you got laid?
Hahaha! Five minutes prior to this conversation hahaha! I'm not even gonna lie to you, I'm sat here in just my towel.
Last time you lost your temper?
Um, the last time Mr Wong lost his temper was when someone gave him swag directions
Last time you went to hospital?
Last year sometime, I had food poisoning. I was eating too many fast food promotional offers. I was so dehydrated but it doesn't stop me using my coupons now.
Last good joke you heard?
I don't hear jokes, people just make me laugh.
Last time you were sick?
I never get sick so not for a long time. I'm healthy, I jog everyday like the Chinese Mr Motivator without the glasses.
Last time you had an argument with someone?
Last week when I was playing Pro Evolution 4, I beat someone and he started complaining. I'm a tough player, very tactical.
Last time you saw Mama Wong?
Two hours ago, she was cool.
Last time you were in the studio?
Yesterday and I was making tracks for my album.
Last famous person saw or met?
Sean Wright-Phillips (Chelsea). I saw him in a record shop buying records, he knows all about the scene. He came up to me and I shook his hand, I had to look twice I didn't realise it was him.
Last time you got your heart broken?
In secondary school with a girl I played kiss chase with, joke. It was actually college, no actually I've never had it broken. What am I talking about?
Last time you got told off?
When I was falling asleep at a music lesson in Hammersmith college. That was ages ago though, I don't get told off now.
Last time you got air on the roads?
It would have to be when I had my Vauxhall Nova and I tried to conversate with someone, she just walked off and kept walking.
Last time you felt like a wasteman?
I've never ever felt like one.
Last time you visited China?
When I was about 10 and I was a very naughty boy lighting fireworks in peoples houses. They're legal over there though.
Last time you were broke?
Now. Rags.
Last time you got a cheque?
A couple of months ago and it bounced. Now that is air.

Words: Me. A version of this article appeared in RWD.


New RWD, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Featuring Roll Deep in NY, Sean Paul getting his pollatricks on, Rihanna guide to Barbados, L Man, Audio Bullys, Ms Dynamite, Crazy Titch interviewing Sugababes, Juelz Santana, Shy FX, Miri Ben-Ari, Jay-Z, TQ, Kray Twinz gadgets, Dynamo, reviews, columns and much more. Probably without a doubt the best issue of RWD we've seen, big up Collins, Walker and all crew on the takeover.

One thing I gotta disect though is the review of Essentials 'No' which received a one out of five. While reviews are opinion let me break it down...
Reviewer: "To claim that Fire Camp stole the hook of No is ridiculous"
Fiddy: "No it's not. Yes I have had heated debate with Lethal on this and he'll say it's coincidence but It's Essentials trademark hook and has been for some time."
Reviewer: "To then bring out a come-back track with an unoriginal set of beats over an otherwise great DaVinChe track has done the group no justice."
Fiddy: "You're getting it twisted the beat is the track so is the beat unoriginal or great? Am I reading this wrong? Aare beats now lyrics?"
Reviewer: "To be topped by the real come back track from Lethal, which is still a million times better than the Essentials attempt, is poor."
Fiddy: "Are you stupid? Can anyone say seriously that Lethal's 'NO' was his comeback track? It was 'Pow'. As a solo track, while it kept Lethal's name hot on Channel U, in the mainstream it didn't create a storm more like a gust of bad wind. Rumours of catting don't help you one bit, be it true or not. As for it being a million times better, I agree Essentials have released better songs but this is hype and I'd give a 4 or 3 star rating (depending on the publication)."
Reviewer: "Air. On. The. Roads."
Fiddy: "Blud, that's you."

Oily Stool Debate

I really need your help. I have an Oreo fetish which is no thing, I'm sure many biscuit munchers do. However I was told that in America Oreo's used to carry a warning that consumption could/would cause oily stools. Now without going deep into this, I've not experienced problems and I got issues. When in Miami I checked the packet and no mention, so what the deal sons and daughters? Are we destroying our rectums with these fine specimens or is all well in love and cookies?

Roll Deep At DMC's

Monday 26th September 2005, World DJ Championships 2005 – Final, Hammersmith Palais 7.30-11.30pm
Live ROLL DEEP, Q Bert, Birdy Nam Nam and Sly from Saian Supa Crew, DJ Yeah (7yr Old DJ  - World's youngest DJ ), Foreign Beggars. Tickets £15.00 per night Weekend tickets £25. This year is a special year for DMC and the World DJ Championships. It’s a Birthday! Now into its 20th year, DMC and Technics, hosts of the world’s most prestigious DJ Championship, are on the verge of completing 4 months worth of heats in over 20 countries and are getting ready for the World Finals. DMC will stage the DMC/Technics UK Final at the Hammersmith Palais, where over 2,000 die hard fanatics will meet armed with a personal opinion to cast over the 12 competing finalists. Meanwhile, hundreds of DJ hopefuls have practised to perfect their skills, tightening that crucial 6 minute routine in an attempt to become a turntable legend like luminaries such as Cash Money, Cutmaster Swift, Craze, A-trak, Q-Bert and Roc Raida to name just a few that came and conquered. Current DMC World Champion, USA’s I-Emerge, will be defending the title he won last year. Look out for hotly tipped UK entrant Muzzel, who will hopefully battle for the title DJ Blakey so narrowly missed out on last year.

Talking of Roll Deep, robbed of an award at the MOBO's, are taking it on the chin and shrugging their shoulders as the move on up. The albums now been certified silver and second single, 'Shake A Leg' (nice Westwood cameo) is taking over the video stations and Target informs me, is riding high on the Radio 1 playlist. 'Shake A Leg' will be a double AA side single with 'Heat Up', they'll also be headlining at Cargo on 5th October, tickets are price at £8.00.

Jumpoff Goes Power Summit

jumpoff_050926_powsum_mcs, originally uploaded by chantelle.

The Jump Off has partnered with The Mix Show Power Summit to send a British MC as one of the four finalists in the $50K MC Battle in the Bahamas.  The MC has to be either signed or have had a major album release in the last 2 years.  The UK Power Summit Eliminator will take place at The Jump Off, Mean Fiddler on Monday 26th September and will feature the following line up:
Professor Green (The Beats) v Life (Zebra Traffic)
Bouts will be over two 1 minute acapella rounds and judged by a panel of industry judges.  The winning MC will then represent the UK in the $50 MC Battle on Sat 1st October @ The Power Summit in the Bahamas. Every signed UK MC you can think of was approached & declined. Launched in 1998 The Mix Show Power Summit is Hip Hop's premier music conference where the cultures most powerful players come together to forge relationships, make deals, launch new artists & products, redefine brands, and set trends for the coming year.  The conference boasts over 2500 attendees and features over 30 events packed into 4 exciting days. Unlike many other MC battles that feature up and coming talent the Power Summit MC battle features four signed artists with at least one major album release.  Last years battle featured Jin, Wreckonize, Shells & Jae Mills; with Jin walking away the victor $50,000 richer and with a brand new car courtesy of General Motors.  The MC battle has become the most heavily attended and anticipated event at the Power Summit attracting artists, press, DJs and urban music executives.  The Power Summit MC battle is the ultimate grounds for bragging rights & has the potential to spark or destroy a career. So with one MC from the UK, this year’s battle promises to uphold the excitement, raucous atmosphere and competitive spirit created last year.  The battle will be hosted by a prominent urban personality and will be judged by a panel consisting of urban music’s top DJs, executives and artists. 

Sovereign Tour Update

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Lady sovereign has now announced her UK tour, in November and December 2005.
31-Oct-05 - London @ ICA
03-Nov-05 - Edinburgh @ Cabaret Voltair
04-Nov-05 - Aberdeen @ Snafu
05-Nov-05 - Glasgow @ King Tuts
06-Nov-05 - Cardiff @ Barfly
07-Nov-05 - Brighton @ Union
09-Nov-05 - Bournemouth @ The Consortium
11-Nov-05 - Newcastle @ Digital
12-Nov-05 - Nottingham @ Stealth
13-Nov-05 - York @ Fibbers
14-Nov-05 - Liverpool @ Barfly
16-Nov-05 - Manchester @ Roadhouse
17-Nov-05 - Birmingham @ Barfly

Live 26th

Live-Eflyer-26-09-05, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Sunday, 25 September 2005

Who U Voting For?

To vote for the 15 artists that will be performing at Channel U awards on 15th October @ Shepherds Bush Empire just vote name (i.e. kano) to 89800 or call the hotline on 09056 5802 15. The 30 nominess are as follows.
1. Lemar
2. Craig David
3. Akala
4. Bigz
5. Blak Twang
6. Bruza
7. Choong Family
8. Crazy Titch
9. Dizzee Rascal
10. Estelle
11. Fun-D-mental
12. Juggy D
13. Kano
14. Kevin Mark Trail
15. Lethal Bizzle
16. Mitchell Bros
17. Nathan
18. North Star
19. Nu Starr
20. Roll Deep
21. Rouge
22. Jay Sean
23. Sincere
24. SLK
25. Sway
26. Terri Walker
27. Lady Sovereign
28. L.O.C.
29. Craze 24
30. Christian Blaizer

Friday, 16 September 2005

Happy Birthday

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To me, Forward, Skepta, Jamal and anyone else celebrating this weekend, I'll be busy in Miami getting my clothes off and working of course. Forward's 4th last night was a rammed affair; Newham Generals, Wiley, Roll Deep, RWD crew, Essentials, Kode 9, Twin B, Jammer and many more all in attendance. Despite the good turnout I wasn't in the mood. Forward and Fiddy buying 1 drink what's going on? Having to go home and write at 3am that's what. Rumours circulating about an incident that kicked off outside and while yes something did happen for my own peace of mind and not wanting to hype the situation, I'm not going to break it down. If you were there you know the dealio. While I'm away, recommend reading Martin Clarks new Pitchfork column, checking out audio on Lioness' blogspot and getting out and facing the world.

Girl You Got That Vibe

vibe, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Thursday, 15 September 2005


focusmode_jpeg_web_frontcover2, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Klashnekoff's latest release, as previously recommended...

I Am What I Am

SwayRBK5, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Sway yet again proving he's every marketing mans dream... Go on son! Big tune too.

Live In Amsterdam

To celebrate the release of Nite Nite and it's billion b sides, I've got some copies of Kano Live In Amsterdam to give away. You won't be able to get this CD anywhere... except online when some smartie uploads it. If you want one simply leave a message with your name and favourite smoke (legal or otherwise). Non-smokers make it up. I'll mail out as many as I can, first come first served.

Skankin' Not Shankin

43373404_224949484f_m, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Parts of my body don't like me today. I was cruel. Whatever free cocktail that they were supplying us with at Ye Olde Axe was lethal. Stomach lining stripper straight up, down and around. Ok, it didn't taste THAT bad at the time but was a bit like coke when you're abroad, leaves you feeling you've crossed the desert without water, cling film taking hold of your mouth like a budget gum shield... and this isn't just another paranoid weed dream. You can even taste it when you've cleaned your teeth, well you hope at this point it's toothpaste you've used and not athletes foot cream (not that anyone in my house has that, although I think I got trench foot once). Negatives aside, it gets you LEAN. And judging by events most people in attendance at 69 Hackney Road were in high spirits - be it the alcohol or not. Jon Burnip started off and although I'd not heard of him before serious selection. Hot Headz promotional followed suit, presenting Maximum who warmed the pub/punters up (did I forget to mention it was a strip club before?). Previously had I been asked to put a bet on seeing a pair of naked EE's bouncing in time to 'Serious' or 'Drinking Bear' I would have put a full frontal flash on it never happening. Thank goodness for everyone not wishing a full eclipse that I did not do this. It was definitely amusing although to me not exactly sexy... much like Jordan in her pink wedding dress. I love Jordan, trust me I really do. The left breast especially. When you meet her in all her glory it seems simply impossible that she's able to carry the weight of these things. She did look rather beautiful in a Barbie kind of way... actually now I think about it in greater depth there's definitely something Readers Wives about the tone of that wedding, especially her shoes (be buying that next month then). Mrs Andre aside, Ears, Jammer and Skepta seemed equally distracted by the strippers ("I'll pull out my willy and make a stripper say oh my diddy"). You get the idea. All in good taste mind you. The girls were particularly impressed by the gentlemanly ways of the grime fraternity. Ending on Skream's 'Midnight Request Line' was the ultimate three-wheel up finale before the legendary Ratpack stepped up. This was what the party was for ultimatey - their new album 'Raveology' (I think). If their set last night is anything to go by you have got to buy this album. I've not pulled out some of those dance moves since Dreamscape 21 and it served as a perfect reminder that once past 18 women wishing to skank should invest in a sports bra or worst case, weights. But at least no shanking when I'm ere. The damage is done but I'll live to pert another day. Never ones to let us down, man Jon returned to the decks as did the MC's, Skepta, Jam and Ears releasing fire over jungle. I bet a semi-moonie on that one not happening... actually I can't lie. There was no gambling. I just did it to get some air on the roads. Only Elle J Smalls got a cheeky glimpse on the journey home. Never do this alone. Things had got even more heated outside before we left when Maximum started an orange war. These things were like grapefruits I would not like to be Jammer, he got hit like Australia in the cricket. Maxi Priest you are a badddddd boy. Heavy night anyway. Check pics over at Shottie Collins' blog. You know how she do.

Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Read On

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This Saturday

flyerback, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Sunday, 11 September 2005

Nite, Nite

nitenite, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Play the game and win one of five exclusive Hoffman Kano BMX's
Nite, Nite is out tomorrow with b-sides Get Set, Reload It (High Contrast remix), and Nobody Don't Dance No More remix. Not forgetting Run The Road 2 either, cop these.

What They Say

“Run The Road Volume 2 proves there still isn’t a sound like this on the planet. And it’s ours to be proud of” - Metro, “This compilation proves that grime has an energy that is impossible to ignore” - The Telegraph, “Run The Road Volume 2 demonstrates such a variety that bodes well for  the future of the UK’s most prolific and progressive music culture” - The Telegraph, "Genuinely doesn’t get much better”- Touch, “Plenty of hair raising exciting moments” Time Out.
The website
has been updated so you can now listen to Vol. 2 over there and read up on all the press.

Heat Up

The new Roll Deep single Shake A Leg is out in October with B side Heat Up. Check out thnew video for Heat Up on Channel U (selection no. 486) or see it here: Windows
or Real Player
Roll Deep will unleash their full album show at Cargo, Rivington St, London EC1 with support from the Mitchell Brothers on October 5th. Book tickets here

Sovereign Tour Dates

sovstella, originally uploaded by chantelle.

She's back performing in the USA next week. Beastie Boys have remixed Little Bit of Shhh for her first American release on Chocolate (it's going to be a multi-track EP later this year I believe). Also just in are the tour dates (with full band) for the UK...
07/10/05 London @ Astoria  (Supporting 'The Go Team'), 08/10/05 Glasgow  @ QMU (Supporting 'The Go Team'), 09/10/05 Manchester @ Academy 2  (Supporting 'The Go Team') 31/10/05 London @ ICA, 02/11/05 SCOTLAND (venue TBC), 03/11/05 SCOTLAND  (venue TBC), 04/11/05 SCOTLAND  (venue TBC), 06/11/05 Cardiff @ Barfly, 07/11/05 Brighton @ the Union, 09/11/05 Bournemouth @ The Consortium, 11/11/05 Newcastle  @  Digital, 12/11/05 Nottingham  @  Stealth, 13/11/05 York @ Fibbers, 14/11/05 Liverpool @ Barfly, 16/11/05 Manchester @ The Roadhouse, 17/11/05 Birmingham @ Barfly. Check the official website for updates.

Friday 16th

Klashnekoff will be doing an exclusive dancehall/reggae live PA including his hot freestyle on Damian Marley's Welcome To Jamrock @ Heatwave vs Mas Fuego! The Rhythm Factory (Whitechapel), Friday 16th September 2005. Two rooms of the finest Caribbean and Latin sounds from Jamaica to Puerto Rico and Trinidad to Cuba. Exclusive dancehall/reggae PA from the biggest noise in UK hip hop right now Klashnekoff, whose Can't You See track features on Run The Road Vol. 2. Guest DJs Jose Luis (Latin Flow) and Bashment Billy join residents Heatwave and Don Lubi dropping the hottest dancehall/bashment, reggaeton, R'n'B, soca, Latin hip hop, reggae and ragga jungle. CD and vinyl giveaways courtesy of Greensleeves and VP Records. Check the website for more details and photos:

Grime Time... again

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23rd September, book your tickets to Berlin!

Blog Brazil Style

Two Brazilian DJ's and Igor from B-Star Records have set up a blog dedicated to grime, written in portuguese. Probably the first in Brazil exclusively dedicated to this genre. Check it out:

Late Entry

Roll Deep & Kano Interviews and exclusive freestyles recorded in NYC for the Seclusiasis Radio Show over at Gottta big up Theo for these too (apologies for the delay) Clip 1
and Clip 2

Friday, 9 September 2005

On Location

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Thanks to JME for his 'exclusive' behind the scenes shot from the Hoodie video shoot. One for the collection.

Thursday, 8 September 2005

You What?

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Long day but big up everyone on the Hoodie Remix video shoot; Mizz Beats aka Nothing Fits, JME (serious but not serious), Skepta and the dance moves, Jammer and murkle glasses, Baby Blue with slick hair style, Ears and all Scare Dem, Soveriegn the Stella specialist of course, Slew Dem's Chronik (joker, use those new bars) and there's so many more... I won't spoil the video for you but this will be dropping in a few weeks so keep your eyes peeled. Also got a preview of the Murkleman video and it's very big. Going to be a Channel U number 1 for sure and if this doesn't get taken by others i'd be surprised. Directed by Mo who did the original Pow! video, the energy levels are once again high but it's that combined with the comedy moments that signal Murkleman is gonna go far. JME's also going to be doing a video for Serious Remix while Skepta also has plans underway for his next project.

Jammer Action

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"It's Nekkkkkle"

A Bronz Tale

Received an email today, setting the record straight regarding the Bronz stabbing rumours... which I hadn't actually heard?! Am I getting late? Apparently word has been out on some forums (which I admit I haven't checked this week) and sites that Bronz has in fact passed away. Said email reads "On Monday Bronz of Bronz n Blak was stabbed four times in the chest and is currently in hospital. Despite street and online press rumours he is still alive as is Blak and their single is still out this week." So there you have it. I know nothing more and nothing less.

Wednesday, 7 September 2005

Jamrock Takeover

Someone paid £30 for a white label copy of the Klashneoff 'Jamrock Takeover' on ebay! Now who's sorry they didn't get their hands on one? (Yes, me included).

Gotta Slow Down

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Tuesday, 6 September 2005

Path To Recovery

It's been a painful weekend in Dublin, my wrist in particular hurts from the number of drinks I've raised to my mouth, closely followed by my liver itself, but thankfully not my pride. Through the Guinness I stood strong and took it in my stride... until Monday morning at least when I met my first Irish toilet at point blank range. Thanks to my cousin and his wife (since Saturday) for inflicting such terrible habits on me. And I hope this image departs with them on their honeymoon. Family tree.

Introducing Young Guns

Mingstar, Slinga, Venom, Poison and Dimpsy might not look like your average Countdown fans, but don't get it twsited. Their second track, 'Countdown' goes to show just how much Richard Whiteley managed to spread the love in his time. We salute them and the late game show legend...
Where did the idea for the new track come from?
Poison and Slinga came out with the idea from watching the Countdown programme and just saying to themselves 'we should sample that sound everyone knows it and its an educational programme', we feel we need more of those.
Are you big Richard Whiteley fans?
Poison is the biggest fan of the show but we all watch it - its one of the only educational programmes left. We all wish his family the best even though we do not know them. We were all upset and deeply shocked when passed away. We would of loved for him to hear our track and give us his opinion on it.
Why didn't the MC's use the Countdown theme more?
We were thinking of using a Countdown theme for the lyrics but we werent too confident that it would work so we just let the artists express themselves individually. Who] knows we might do a remix and theme the lyrics on the show.
What next? 15-1? Blockbusters?
I will listen to 15-1 and Blockbuster because I cant remember them and see if they can be put to use.We have sampled Crystal Maze, Dr Who and The South Bank Show so watch out for those exclusive instrumentals by Y.G.C.
Do you know what your next release will be?
Ride With Us, the video has already been done and is due out late August. All the Young Gun artists feature on this track and it's produced by Mingstar and Slinga. We also have are own dvd coming out in August called Y.G.C Tv plus our own mix cd Best of the Best in the process. Countdown 2 produced by Jammer with different arists on is coming out on white label now. I mustn't forget the Countdown Youngers either, produced by Skitz it features the hottest under 18's. It's out now on white label.

Also check Young Guns playing Countdown in the current issue of RWD.

Who Shot The Sheriff?

Love Music Hate Racism, Amicus, and Metropolis present 'Who Shot the Sheriff". The London premiere of Alan Miles’ Rock Against Racism documentary featuring live performances from HARD-FI, THE BEAT, ROLL DEEP, SONIC BOOM SIX. Plus very special surprise guests + RAR star DJ sets & appearances including Jerry Dammers (The Specials), DJ Scratchy (The Clash's tour DJ), Neville Staples (The Specials). Doors 7.30pm. Film showing 8-9pm sharp. First band 9.15pm. Curfew 2am.
Supported by Ethical Threads. All proceeds to Love Music Hate Racism. Info & flyer download: Tickets: £15 + booking fee Directed by Alan Miles the film tracks the rise of racism and the National Front in Britain during the 70s - and how a generation, black and white, fought back against the Nazi threat, and there's lots of rarely seen archive footage from the punk & RAR era - including the infamous 1978 Carnival in east London's Victoria Park where 100,000 marched to the show headlined by The Clash and Tom Robinson Band. As well as documenting a great political and musical movement, "Who Shot the Sheriff" links the struggle to stop the National Front in the 1970s with campaigns like Unite Against Fascism aiming to stop the likes of the fascist British National Party gaining ground in Britain today.

Thursday, 1 September 2005

Focus Mode

New mixtape from Klashnekoff and DJ Skully. Only given it a couple of spins but one of the best mixtapes I've heard in a while. Get this as soon as you can.