Monday, 31 January 2005

Be Off With U

...To where if you should head to the audio section you can check out recent sets from Slimzee, Dugs and Roll Deep or golden oldies from Pay As U Go, Rossi B & Luca, Agent X and that old mucker Slimzee (again)


There's more Fiddy Shot Ya over at as we try to educate our American cousins on the love we call grime. Today it's the Riko sequence... watch for Crazy Titch up next.

Sunday, 30 January 2005

Plastic's Plastic

New chart from Rinse FM's Plasticman. You may have also heard him playing out this weekend...
1. Terror Danjah - Nitecrawler
2. Mark One - Plodder
3. JME - Plasticman Dub
4. Macabre Unit - Sense Remix
5. Wiley - Dragon's Stout

Saturday, 29 January 2005

Feeling Tense

The new issue of Tense is out next week and includes a 20 page grime special by The Fiddy Cent. As well as 8 pages of fashion featuring Bruza, No Lay, Lady Envi, Mr Wong and Riko there's an introduction to the scene - music and culture, seminal records, key players and playerettes... plus features on Lady Sovereign looking behind the hype and SLK on the rise of crews from outside of east London.

Crazy Times

Nineteen year old Carl Nathaniel aka Crazy Titch is fast establishing himself as one of the more rampant scholars from the new school of emceeing. Hailing from the UK garage/grime scene, Titch, brother of Durrty Doogz (now Goodz), is putting Boyz In Da Hood Crew duties aside to aide and abet his solo career. And it’s a good move. His debut release, ‘I Can C U’, garnered mass support from the likes of 1Xtra and went onto become one of the years most requested video’s on Channel U. You may also have heard him on 2003’s summer anthem ‘Cock Back’, alongside Riko, Hyper and D Double E, Shystie’s ‘Make It Easy’ Remix with J2K, or current underground smash, ‘Orchestral Boroughs’ with Mr Wong, JME, and Flirta D.

“I’m just a product of my environment that comes equipped with a lot of energy, passion and sense of humour,” explains Titch. “With me it’s just Crazy.” And it’s this that’s attracting such an eclectic mix of fans, from kids to NME reading rock lovers.

Recent Crazy outings include joining Lady Sovereign in warming up for D12 on their recent UK tour and commandeering all-out lyrical warfare on Tim Westwoods Radio 1 rap show after a series of showdowns with Dizzee Rascal.

Continuing with his go-getter formula, Titch is putting the finishing touches to his mixtape and DVD series. Set for release in early 2005, Crazy Times will include footage from Ayia Napa, disses, Titch’s yard and a whole heap of shenanigans. He’s also finding time to set up his own label, In Da Hood Records, work on an album, with his next single, the classical magic that is ‘Sing-a-long’ (produced by Crazy Tim), shaping up to be bigger than his first. And for a boy who was described as tone deaf as school, that sure ain’t bad.

Words: Chantelle Fiddy
‘Sing-a-long’ is out on In Da Hood Recordssoon. www, is under construction.
A version of this article appears in Touch Magazine.

Friday, 28 January 2005

Nice Fabric

Just in - Run The Road 4th March @ Fabric, Farringdon. Main room Kano, Wiley, D Double E, Riko, No Lay and more tbc. DJ's
Cameo, Mac 10 and Semtex.

Wednesday, 26 January 2005

No Beef Here

Head on over to and you'll find a nice D Double E freestyle currently on the upload. Quote of the year so far has to come from Lusitania Dupree who reckons "Grime sounds like God dropping crunk music on a trampoline." Shabby.

Monday, 24 January 2005

A Family Affair

679 Recordings’ acclaimed Run The Road compilation, the first artist-based grime collection, finally hits stores nationwide on January 24th. To coincide with this groundbreaking release, the finishing touches have been made to the brand new website - The site contains previews of the album tracks from volume one of the compilation series, a gallery of the artists involved and exclusive ringtones and wallpaper.

For budding MCs and producers there is also the opportunity to send in your demos which will not only be posted on the site  as downloads , but also the best of which will appear on the next installment of the Run The Road compilation. This is the first of a series of opportunities Run The Road will be offering for new talent. Some of the scene's biggest producers will also be providing instrumentals which MCs can download, vocal and send in to the site, the cream of which will also appear as downloads and on Run The Road Volume II

"The most gifted champions of the scene brought together by essential imprint 679" - Time Out
"As up to date as garage compilations get" - The Guardian
"Even connoisseurs will marvel at the array of exclusive, unreleased tracks" - iD
“The first to hit the nail on the head as to how a grime compilation should be run” - RWD


Lethal and Fire Camp have been filming their next video for the currently unsigned 'No'. Apparently It looked wicked, all the MCs were set up in a basketball court and Lethal was the coach.  Napper was referee and Ozzie B, Knowledge, 2 Face and Clipper were on Fire Camp’s team.  Cameos came from Westwood, Gemma Fox, Fumin, Bruza, Terrah Danjah, Slim Ting etc... It will be interesting to see where this one goes given the assumption they've jacked the no hook from Essentials, who like Roll Deep, have been unleashing the diss dubs.


First 40 names who email will get free entry for Kano's headline appearence at The Marquee, 1 Leicster Sq…in aid of the Tsunami Relief Fund. Kano onstage at approx 10.15pm. DJ Cameo will be spinning a 30 min warm up set before he goes on. No dress code.

Saturday, 22 January 2005

Scarface aka Kano

RWD JAN '05, originally uploaded by chantelle.

He's doing something at a Tsunami benefit gig, I would tell you more except I've lost the details. Hold tight.

Friday, 21 January 2005

Rinse Refurb

Just noticed (thanks to that has had a refurb. It's rather nice too so be sure to get yourself a cup of rosie, check the audio, profiles, charts and join the forum. Feel like part of the family.

Out Monday

image007, originally uploaded by chantelle.

...It's Run The Road. Go to for more info on the worlds first grime compilation...

Thursday, 13 January 2005

Battle Of The Breast

There’s a wave of female MC’s bending the rules and the music establishment over a barrel. Like me you may not remember when British MC Monie Love broke America or when Deborah Harry (Blondie) first rapped bars about hip hop pioneers Grandmaster Flash and Fab Five Freddy on Rapture, a track that took the art of female emceeing to number one in the charts in 1980. But when you think about it, its actually quite sad that until recently we’ve had to look that far back for successful female MC’s. Maybe it’s unsurprising given the reputation of the UK music industry, but while the USA and hip hop have boomed and brought forth multi-platinum selling female emcees to mainstream audiences it’s only now the UK are finally catching on.

It seems thanks to the success of the burgeoning underground music scene and the efforts of mic blazers past and present, more and more female emcees are emerging and challenging both the lyric and history books ultimately spurred through a very real hip hop gene. They’re bringing stories and rhymes fuelled by social climate and stifled opinions. Unknowingly perhaps, but they’re fighting a saturated fantasy world of bling and worse.

In the wake of the success of MC’s like Ms Dynamite, who contrary to popular belief still spits bars like the rest of them (at underground London club night Forward, Dynamite a former resident, turned up unannounced recently to unleash 30 minutes of firing verbals), record companies and the public are opening their ears.

While Shystie has been snapped up by Polydor and Estelle by J-DID/V2, Touch caught up with six of London’s leading ladies on the high-rise…

UZI (Urban Soul Incorporated), 17, South London
Having casually written poetry and MCing for a number of years, UZI joined South London collective N Double A last summer. Their track, Ghetto Living appeared on the first Street Dreams compilation and they can currently be seen spitting on Lord Of The Decks 2, their own Top Boy DVD’s and under 21’s club nights.

I MC because…I’ve got a message to deliver and aside from the music I’ve got talent in lyrics and I want to express that and give that to the people.
MC Style…Real, urban life.
On being a female…I think it makes it harder and you have to prove your point more. You have to justify your talent where as men can get recognised through ego and arrogance. I wish people would just listen to the music.
Musical memory…Recording tunes and listening to the final product, Wake Up is on a conscious tip and that was an amazing feeling.
Fave MC’s…Wiley, All In One, Fury’s my girl, Narstie, L Man and my favourite is Dizzee Rascal.
Drug of choice…I think all music.
Working on…Our raves and our new radio station has just launched, 95.5 On Top FM. I’m doing an R&B tempo track with a beat from Sinister and I’ve just finished the Pum, Pum Riddim, and a tune called Wake Up for the next Street Dreams compilation album.

Tor, 23, East London.
After winning college competitions and linking up with a management team, Tor was signed to Go Beat for a spell before the label moved from Polydor to Island. Instead of compromising her music (and soul) she returned to the studio with a new found vigour and recently appeared on the Split Mic mixtape. While currently talking with various major record labels she continues to play football for Tottenham Ladies.

I MC because…I can’t help it. In east London you either do sport or MC because there’s nothing to do. Pen and paper is accessible, It doesn’t cost anything and if you’re good, you can get credibility for it.
MC Style… I rap but I kind of sing too.
On being a female… It’s helped in a way. If you do what you’re doing and you do it right you’re really going to stand out.
Fave MC’s: I’m feeling Klashnekoff, Talib Kwelli is a big one on the list - I like a lot of different things about different MC’s, flows like Lil Kim’s Jay-Z’s, the boys like Kano…
Musical Memory…Working in New York with Rashad Smith…there’s such a buzz about hip hop there that it makes you work so quick and feel excited to be part of hip hop.
Drug of choice…I don’t smoke or drink anything. I’m a football player too and I’m busy recovering from a leg injury.
Working on…My album, some new bits with Fusion, Rashad Smith, JK and I’ve just started a track with Wonder. I know my best work is yet to come.

Maihem, 18, East London.
Maihem started her career at the tender age of four, playing the keyboards. She began song writing at ten and spitting at 13. Maihem is one of the few females producing a lot of her own beats and is now working with J2K and big boy producer TNT.

I MC because…That’s what I do, it’s me, it my life. If I wasn’t MCing, spitting, making beats I don’t know where I’d be right now, prison or something.
MC Style: Different. I just remember how I used to listen to people like Skiba and wanna learn that rolling tongue.
On been a female…It does and it doesn’t make a difference for the fact that you’re going to get love if you’re good no matter what, but been a female makes you stand out a little more.
Fave tune to date: Scorpion (with DJ Target).
Fave MC’s: Kano, D Double E, J2K and the youngers like Scare Dem.
Musical memory…Meeting J2K, he’s a funny character who brightens up the studio and going to see Erykah Badu live. That was a life changing experience trust me.
Drug of choice: Music, it gets every problem and point across.
Working on: I’ve just realised I’m not an MC, I’m an artist. Every genre is my genre, standard. I’m doing the next Heat In The Street mixtape with J2K and I’m on DJ Target’s Aim High mixtape.

Lady Sovereign,18, North London.
Sovereign’s career launched on vinyl last year with track The Battle featuring Shysite and co. She’s currently working with a host of producers including Medasyn and Sunship. Having just finished a stint warming up for Obie Trice and more recently playing Fabric Live with Dizzee Rascal, Sov is tipped by more than just the industry for the top.

I MC because…It’s all I want to do, Ms Dynamite inspired me. I have nothing to fall back on I just want people to hear me and laugh. I knew I could be better than the swag MC’s I used to hear on radio.
MC Style: Cheeky and random
On been a female… It’s nothing. It doesn’t make a difference it’s how you are, it’s how you spit.
Fave tune to date: A Little Bit Of Ssh! (Out now) or Midget that I’m working on.
Fave MC’s: Anyone who’s cheeky - Flirta D, Missy Elliott, Ludacris, Outkast.
Would love to collaborate with: Dizzee, Wiley, Outkast.
Drug of choice: Hash. It gives me the giggles.
Working on…Bare tunes, mixtapes, dubs. I’ve just finished a remix for The Streets next single with Tinchy Stryder, Kano and Donae’o. I’m set to go on tour with The Streets later this year.

Lady Fury, 17, East London.
It was when Fury started entering competitions at under 21’s raves like Young Man Standing that she got noticed and now she is the only female MC regularly booked for Eskimo Dance’s and Sidewinder. Formerly a member of East Connection, she now sits with her mentor Maxwell D and The Musketeer family while aspiring to become a youth worker.

MC Style…Angry and real.
I MC because…it helps me express myself, I like music and I like writing bars. I was a very shy person and MCing helped me overcome it and gave me confidence.
On being a female…It’s still more about talent in this game than sex or race.
Fave MC’s…I only started listening to MC’s after seeing Dynamite fuck up EQ, that made me want to do it, so her, she murked the rave in two seconds. I also like Heartless and Pay As U Go.
Raves and clashing… I clashed Gift’s sister, Q-T once, she sent for me but I’m not in it, I’ve got a bigger picture and being negative isn’t going to benefit me. I find at raves people either go mad or they stare, like their a bit shocked or something.
Drug of choice…Trainers. Decades are the lick now, not Nike, you gotta move with the times. I like the old skool look, with adidas you can come different, you can just cover your body with clothes or you can have a look. I’m an individual, you get me?
Working on…Tracks, keeping up profile on radio. Gash featuring Demon, Murk Dem my first solo and Tools So Small are all out in shops.

Rzarector, 20, East London.
Also representing The Musketeers, Rzarector only began MCing 18 months ago driven by her frustration at only being able to sing to her television. It was through ongoing work experience (from the age of 16) with Commander B on Choice FM that she hooked up with mentor Maxwell D and Fury.

MC Style…Bashy but lowkey.
I MC because…I can’t sing. I just want to be happy with what I’m doing and what music I’m putting out.
Being a female…People get excited when they know you’re a female MC, but it’s not a big thing. It doesn’t bother me, I don’t see a difference.Fave MC’s…I won’t go home and listen to pirates, I rate a lot of people in the game but I don’t really have inspiration. I would like to collaborate with Kano though if I could. He’s big.
Inspiration…People that piss me off, I try not to but that’s what I find myself writing about, especially HO’s. I’ll remember if
you’ve done me wrong in the past and you’ll know the lyric is about you without me calling your name.
Fave track to date: Mine and Fury’s version of Terror Danjah’s Cock Back.
Drug of choice…Bless. Strictly high grade boy.
Working on…Our show on Flashback 99.3fm, Tuesdays, 8pm, The Musketeers album. I’ve laid down tunes I haven’t even named that are in the pipeline to be released.

Hitman Hyper (NASTY)

Hyper, originally uploaded by chantelle.

And model...

Where have you been? I heard you’d moved over to the world of Gospel?
Oh my days! Serious? That’s not true. You know what it is, I was sorting out some personal problems but that’s all good now so I’m ready, the scene’s in trouble now. I’m back with passion, got lots of tracks, a mix CD…I’ve been talking to Heat In The Street and they may be taking it over, finishing if off.

What’s going to be on that?
Me spitting fresh bars over hip hop and garage beats.

Are you singing on it that’s what we want to know?
Oh my days! You never know.

Your Pharrell Beautiful bootleg was too much but you never bought it out, you going to put it on there?
I’ve got bigger things coming than that.

So are the bars changing?
I’ve stepped up my game, if people think they’ve already had the best of me they’re wrong. There’s a lot more coming.

While you’ve been away a lot of talent has come through is there anyone in particular you’re watching?
I’m not really watching anyone cause everyone’s doing their own thing. Listen to the tune we’re doing today ‘The Link Up’, listen to the message in the 8 bars, I feel in this scene I’m very underestimated. I’m the hitman.

Describe Hyper?
I’m a very serious brother, very focused, but you know be good with me I’ll be good with you.

And the NASTY Crew album, is that for the streets or are you looking bigger?
I’m not sure, I think we’ll just wait and see what happens but you know it’s going to be off the hook.

Kiss For Logan

If you're awake at 2am and can access London's Kiss 100FM then tune in to hear Logan Sama's takeover. Quite possibly the biggest vocal DJ on the scene, can the legal airwaves handle his fresh front? Alternatively log onto or 100.3FM, Fridays 7-9pm (not 9-11pm) to catch him minus the censorship (new diss dubs landing be warned).

Monday, 10 January 2005

Some Fave...

Roll Deep - Creeper Mixtape Vol. 1 (Roll Deep Recordings)
Klashnekoff - The Sagas Of (Kemet Entertainment Records)
Bossman - Street Anthems Vol. 1 (Essentials)
Various - Run The Road (679 Recordings)
Wiley - Treddin On Thin Ice (XL Recordings)
Twista - Kamikaze (Atlantic)
Fried - Fried (London)
Dizzee Rascal - Showtime (XL Recordings)
Usher - Confessions (Arista)
Various - Lord of the Mics (Hotheadz Entertainment)

Lethal B - Forward Riddim (Lethal Bizzle/Relentless)
Trim, Riko, Wiley, DEE, Footsie - Boogeyman (White label)
KT and Kano - Leave Me Alone (Paperchase Recordings) P Jam & D Double E - Anger Management (White)
Target feat Riko, Discarda & Dog-Z - Critical (Aim High)
Crazy Titch - I Can C U (Aftershock)
Roll Deep - Poltergeist Relay (Roll Deep Recordings)
Lady Sovereign feat Riko - Random (Casual Records)
The Streets - Fit But U Know It Rmx (679 Recordings)
Oris Jay - Quaker Notes (Texture)

Sunday, 9 January 2005

You Can't Move To Essentials

You Can't Move To Essentials, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Do you know Jenny blud? I know Jenny...

Bashy Latest

Seems the blog is reaching far and wide and Bashy's been made aware of my Dear Deidre letter. Published on here a while back it contained my views on his diss track and ever the feminist, I questioned the featured lyrical slaughter of Wiley's sister. I received a phone call and respect to Bashy for handling my views like a man and appreciating my position (I once had a death threat for saying someones tune was like a plate of soggy sprouts instead of the advertised artichoke). While we may still not agree on the content of the afore track it was an interesting debate. Check back here for the full transcript soon (permission granted). He also informed me that some wires have got crossed and that the mixtape wasn't actually funded by a government scheme. Retraction then. And while I still don't think the Ur Mum Vol 1 mixtape showcases Bashy's potential (his concept work is much better) It's sold out already, the yoots dem obviously loving it. I'm assured the album will be more to my liking so look forward to hearing less bad boy hype and more quirky wordplay.

Recent Charts

1. Wiley Kat – New Era (White)
2. Shola Ama – With U (Aftershock)
3. Top T & Danny C feat Supplier - Magic (Aim)
4. D Child V’s Desert Storm – Lose My Breath Rmx (White)
5. DaVinChe – Dirty Canvas EP (Paperchase)
6. Dr Venom – Egyptian Riddim (More2DaFloor)
7. East Connection – Link Up/Desert Storm (White)
8. Aftershock Recordings presents Road Sweeper EP (Aftershock)
9. Aftershock Recordings presents Fully Conditioned EP (Aftershock)
10. Virgo – Monster/Resolution (White)

Compiled by Sparky @ Rhythm Division, Roman Road, Bow E3. You can listen to audio in this chart at

1. Wiley – Ice Pole (White)
2. EL-B – EL-Breaks Vol. 3 (Ghost Studios)
3. No Questions Vs Vandetta – I Don’t Care (White)
4. Kano – P’s & Q’s (679 Recordings)
5. DaVinChe – Dirty Canvas EP Vol. 2 (Paperchase)
6. Unknown – Walked Outta Heaven refix (White)
7. Lethal B – Forward Riddim Rmx (Relentless)
8. Jill Scott – Golden (Wookie Remix) (Promo)
9. Donna Deep – Lovin U Remixes (Jaycel)
10. Aftershock feat Shola Ama – Without U (Aftershock)

Compiled by Cameo @ Uptown Records, D’Arbly Street, W1. You can listen to audio in this chart at

James From Luton

No idea who this guy is but he phones people up and gets some nice audio clips.
Check out James and JME or James and Trim or James and Flirta D


channinja, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Lesson 1 - When entertaining Canadian grime fans in your yard, do not attempt unblocking your sink with acid, especially if they have serious asthma. Lesson 2 - do not then ask them if they want a sandwich brandishing a knife bigger than their manhood.

Friday, 7 January 2005

Danjah Mail

If you sign up to the 1Xtra weekly mail out you will already have seen this. Every week a 1Xtra DJ will write to you and this week’s special 2005 mail is from the in-demand producer and 1Xtra presenter, Aftershock’s Terror Danjah.
“Wha gwan, I’ve spent Xmas & New Year behind the computer making music which is sad…but good. I’ve been doing tracks for Kano, Wiley and Lethal B’s albums. Doing the Aftershock M1X Show with Bruza, Triple Threat and Scratcher has been firin’ – we’ve had Shola Ama, Sway and Roll Deep on as guests and we’ll have more in ’05. In April we’re going to do a DJ Clash with all the big DJs on the garage scene. You know that will be massive! My prediction for this year is that vocals are coming back which means it’ll bring the girls back and make the music accessible and more diverse than just the MC thing. Aftershock are taking on new singers & we gonna be big so check the show every Friday night 2-6am, and if you miss it you can listen anytime online to our UKG M1X Show at:" And there you have it.

Diary Date

"SMOOVE PRESENTS For the first event of 2005, SMOOVE LIVE has invited none other than KANO to the stage for his first ever live London showcase. On FRIDAY 28th JANUARY 2005 and perfectly timed in anticipation of his forthcoming debut album, Kano will perform heard and unheard material to present his journey past, present and future. And of course this will include 2004 breakthrough track ‘P’s & Q’s’. The hit that took Kano from bedroom to bedlam as it spurred him into the grimelight amid a media and fan frenzy, with journalists chatting and girls chatting up. It is therefore no surprise that Kano has been targeted as the one to watch for 2005, as the press & public response has fired a very exciting light for this young MC from East London. From the first time his pen touched paper at the age of 16 when he wrote ‘Boys love Girls’ he has gone on to write and produce a contemporary catalogue of tracks that combine exceptional talent, creativity and vision. Now a leading member of the N.A.S.T.Y crew he has said farewell to his pirate status and gone on to support the Streets on a UK Tour, has a pending debut album for release in 2005 and now a very exclusive live performance at London’s leading urban club night SMOOVE. As well as being accompanied by his handpicked MC team, he will perform a 45 minute concert style live PA in the club’s infamous BOX to include ‘Boys love Girls’, ‘Leave me Alone’, ‘P’s & Q’s’ plus new tracks ‘Brown Eyes’ and ‘Typical Me’. Supported by resident DJ MASTERSTEPZ, BIONIX, CHOPPER and MAC 10 on the decks and D DOUBLE E, DEMON, GHETTO, WILEY & KT on the mic, this will be a UKG event to make musical history." See you there. Doors open at 10.30 till 5am. Dress Code is strictly no trainers, hoods or caps £15 / £12 NUS, Ministry of Sound, 103 Gaunt St, London SE1 6DP.

Aim High 2 - The Press Release

DJ Target – Aim High Vol. 2 CD & DVD. Released: January/February 2005 (Aim High Recordings)

It’s been wanted on road for time, and now the warrant is out for the latest installment in the Aim High saga. After the success of Aim High Vol. 1 last year, DJ Target returns to quench the streets appetite with the second mixtape from his series.

The 28 track CD showcases a range of lyrical talent including Bruza, Riko, Sadie, Kano, Wiley, Crazy Titch, Gods Gift, So Solid Kids, Wile Out Onez and many more over never-heard-before productions from Target and Roll Deep’s Danny Weed, with Wiley and Natty P also contributing a track each to the package.

For the first time Aim High also presents a no holds barred bonus DVD. With nearly two hours of exclusive footage to boot, it features freestyles from the biggest MC’s on road, live performances, behind the scenes with Roll Deep in Belgium and Dizzee Rascal in Miami, run-ins with the law, street legends on the Deuce magazine photoshoot as you’ve never seen them before… and the rest.

Aim High Vol. 2 serves as further evidence that Aim High Recordings is continuing to write the blueprint for the underground musical take over. The brainchild of DJ Target (renowned through his work with the influential Pay As U Go Cartel and Roll Deep Entourage who recently signed to Relentless), the label stands firm at the forefront of ones of Britains most exploratory and innovative scenes.

Watch, listen and learn.

RRP: £14.99 Aim High Vol. 2 is available from all good independent stores.

For further information/press enquiries on DJ Target or Aim High Recordings, please contact

Also available from Aim High Recordings:

Aim001 – Pick Yourself Up feat. Wiley, J2K, Riko & Breeze
Aim002 – Poltergeist
Aim003 – Chosen One feat. Riko
Aim004 – Poltergeist Rmx (Terror Danjah)
Aim005 – STDS feat OT Crew

Risky Roadz

Risky Roadz, originally uploaded by chantelle.

If you still haven't got your copy then check yourself

Run The Road

RUN THE ROAD, originally uploaded by chantelle.

679 comp, Run The Road, compiled by our Martin Clark and Dan Stacey, has hit the streets. Currently available in Rhythm Division and Uptown, pop in or log on and have a word with Sparky or Cameo to get your copy. HMV, Virgin and co soon come. Seems we're been spoilt - there's also a website in the mix. Check to hear the tracks, enter comps, get some news... a site to keep watching too.

Words from Riko

We were all wishing his return but how many of us actually thought it would happen? Not many. Yet Roll Deep’s MC Riko is officially back for 2005, the case against him having been dropped in late December. To say the big man is chuffed would be an understatement “to be back for Christmas when you’re faced with spending 10 of them inside makes you wake up. Thanks to all the supporters and everyone who helped in my defense.” He's currently murking Lethal B and filming the video to the Random Rmx with Lady Sovereign. You can also catch some new exclusives on Aim High 2.

Wednesday, 5 January 2005

Kanos Not Ramping

Happy New Year to all and it's a good start for Kano who storms into the BBC Entertainment tips for the top poll in 3rd place, ahead of The Game in 4th position. Check the article here
The winner will be announced on Friday. While we're talking Kano his next single, Mic Fight, will be out Feb 14th.