Wednesday, 31 August 2005

They Gave Him An Inch

trim shoot, originally uploaded by chantelle.

And a yard by the looks of it. Last minute call to head down to Trims video shoot for the Skinner produced 'They Gave Him An Inch', forthcoming on Run The Road 2. Roachee and Wello from Bomb Squad were representing in the filthiest location I've frequented in a while. Good supply of Guiness though.

Before Surgery

doctorflyer, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Featuring KRS1, Aaron Soul, Bear Man, DaVinChe, Shizzle, Napper, Essentials, South Agents and many more... coming soon

Tony, Teddy & Mike

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Debating reviews and reflecting on sales at the Trimbal video shoot. Bloody nice blokes.

Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Straight Outta Bethnal

Collins you got jacked. Well not really... This is just the full un-edited version of Fiddy & Collins " Straight Outta Shoreditch... but we ain't no twats motherfuckers" which was then renamed "Straight Outta Bethnal" cause we were begging the Shoreditch location. Then, as is inevitable in the crazy world of magazines (especially those whose pages are A5), our column saw the receiving end of Turnbull's sharp claws. What happened to the word count you crazy bitch? It took us like timeeeeee to get to 800 Anyway we look forward to reading the hate male (sp deliberate)* copyright that to Collins. Thanks and all that (most of you appear either plain sexist or closet nancy boys). Also should point out that despite the Good For Nothing title, this column is not a strictly grime thing - it was more us out and about, whatever takes our fancy... which assuming our suggested groupie roles, is quite a lot.

Before you try giving us air on the roads to flick through the rest of the fashion bollacks, stop Hammer, time! We’re Fiddy and Collins and for years people have been saying we’re good for nothing – and what? – we’re pleased that finally a magazine has had the sense to name themselves after us. Basically we’re here to tell you how WE run the roads. Talking of which go buy Volume 2, pricks. We went down to the RWD cover shoot and it was great to see so many young buffers under one roof. JME, I’ll give you serious, serious you BMX bandit. We wouldn’t mind you showing us how to drop one on the half-pipe. And as for Doctor – come on, we’re ready for our internal examinations. Left No Lay to it – one listen to that unorthodox chick and you know not to ramp. (Plus gave up on girls after Lady Sovereign denied us. Again.) Fiddy f'd off later that eve to RTR at Fabric. Following his super-man-dread drop kick on a door in Germany (check LOTD3) Jammer attempted a repeat performance onstage but miscalculated and took a tumble. K-Lash’ed ras claart necks off (and no this ain’t no Jafaican thing, go check the lyrics) and Roll Deep warmed up well for their TOTP performance. Who’d a thought it, Riko and Trim throwing shapes on primetime TV? Artwork still sucks but album is so biggle our underwear remains on heavy rotation (Note to RD: Don’t ring us regarding the graphics. It sucks. You know. We know it. The world of graphic design knows it. But we love you. Lots). Saw the crew the day before down at The Premises where they were munching on lamb and pasta cos chicken wings are officially out. Also in the ends was Ms Dynamite who ordered a lasagne (can’t verify at this point whether it was veggie) and Anastacia who likes a good banger, apparently. (With mash. Perv). Not only experimenting with new culinary experiences, Danny Weed has even developed a taste for red wine while Wiley prefers the soft bouquet of Blossom Hill. Lethal Bizzle on the other hand doesn’t care what he drinks as long as it’s free. Shottie joined the Bizz on Virgin’s voyage to Live 8 Edinburgh. With free drinks on tap thanks to Branston, we got pickled. Brrrrrrrrrap! Keeping it gangster, stock control on VS800 was a little light on arrival cos no one smuggles champers like we do in East. Bumped into Noel Gallagher and his kid (the actual result of his and Matthews love juice, not monkey-boy), who grumpily posed with Lethal for pix. Pow! Give Oasis ASBO’s and leave us alone - hoodies read Observer Music Monthly too, twat. Talking of twats, we feel like right ones for paying £45 a ticket – each! – to watch 45 minutes of Lauren Hill (do the math, bitch, that’s £1 a friggin’ minute). L Boogie forgot her words, reeled off a bunch of ‘izms’ and ‘ists’ under the guide of poetry before clawing it back at the end with a Fugee’s medley. Not that we’re haters. We’re lovers. Not like that, you fucking.... Hang on, think we’re nearly at the word-count. 544, bollocks, no we’re not. One final thought then as we get our SJP on. What is it with girls fancying ugly rappers? The Game looks like a close relation of Crazy Titch’s bulldog Romeo but the girls can’t get enough. When I say girls, we mean we. And that’s not the worst of it. Current fixations include 19-year-old weed-dealers who play basketball with their tops off. Come shoot your loads in our baskets. Now that’s the kind of slam-dunk we’re talking about.

Mizz Beats Is BalistiQ

balistiQ, originally uploaded by chantelle.

She's been making moves (check the archives for the i-D mag feature) and the lastest installement is her remix of Lady Sovereign's Hoodie. Featuring Skepta, Jammer, Ears, JME & Baby Blue this track see's Mizz Beats get on a different tip, ready to tear up the dance floor as Missy sounding horns clash grime beats. Promo's will be out in a few weeks with the Basement Jaxx mix on the flip.

Monday, 29 August 2005

Release Date 12th September

RTR2PACKSHOT, originally uploaded by chantelle.

CD & DVD by Troy Miller (Practice Hours) featuring Kano on Westwood, Doctor & DaVinChe in the studio, JME at the BMX park, freestyles, interviews and Murkle Motoring with Jammer.

Introducing The Kray Twinz

Introducing... The Kray Twinz
The debut track from Coventry's Kray Twinz (and yes they're actually twins) is going to be massive, remember that. If you know your beats then flash back to early 2005 and Low Deep's 'Straight Flush', one of the best melodical slabs of grime to date. Well it turns out 'Straight Flush' was a remix of the Kray Twinz 'What We Do' which has now been vocalled and features Twista, Lethal B and Suncycle's Gappy Ranks. The b-side of the promo will feature Low Deep (who we didn't even knew had lyrics), spitting over his version. UD met the Kray Twinz Jat and Jaz.

How did the tune come about?
KT: We've been working on our album and have had this tune about two years but didn't know what to do with it. Low Deep, who's on our production label, wanted to do a remix cause the track was garage tempo (we normally do hip hop), and it went massive. If you listen to our version it's got more live strings, more of a hip hop arrangement.

I thought you'd bootlegged Low Deep!
KT: We kept it hush cause we didn't know what we were doing with it. At the start we were going to put Trina, Busta and Twista on the same track but we wanted to unite UK and US cause no one's done it properly. We didn't expect 'Straight Flush' to get such a massive response that's for sure but it's good for everyone it's worked this way.

So Colourful State, the label Low Deep is on, is that to do with you too?
KT: Yes, that's a subsidary of Krazygroove, that's for the grime stuff cause I wanted to mess with Low Deep but it didn't quite fit with what we were doing. So that's one part of our set up. The last thing we did properly was Mark Morrison's 'Back Stabbers' and co-production on Punjabi MC 'Mundian To Bach Ke'. We've been ghost producing for a long time but now's the time for us to bring our stuff out. Our album will be similar to Neptunes presents. We've already got Truth Hurts, Elephant Man, DMX... hopefully we'll get Busta too.

How did you get the UK and US acts together?
KT: We were in LA recording the album and we had Truth Hurts in. Twista's manager came in and picked out the beat, that was the same week Low Deep released his version. We recorded it in Chicago soon after. It's not about labels and money, it's all us pulling thing together. We want to move out there in September because we're doing a lot of work with Interscope where the Indian sound is getting bigger out there.

Releases to date?
KT: This is our first proper release as us. Hot 97 have started playing it so we're hoping to get the UK some recognition. I know there's a lot of crap, Channel U is 90% rubbish but we need to get the good people out of it and try and get something happening.

So the whole album will be US meets UK?
KT: From vocalists to MC's. We've got an Asian singer who is blowing the Americans away, we put him on a track with a new Interscope act Haze, he's like the next Game. We've got bashment riddims in the pipeline too there's one called Indian Dance which we're working on now. You'll find the Indian flavour in most of our work.

Which other UK acts are you looking to work with?
KT: To tell you the truth we've been trying to get hold of a lot of UK acts, I was trying to get Kano and Dizzee. But a lot of these people think they've blown up before they have. For me, it doesn't make a difference but all they think about is money and that's why I think UK never succeeds. A buzz on Channel U doesn't mean you've made it. The only person who's come through properly so far is Lethal. Gappy too actually. Twista didn't even get paid or ask for money to go on this track!

Are you expecting people to come running to you now?
KT: I hope so but there's a lot of arrogance in the UK vibe, they always hate on each other. If we actually worked together we'd get so much further. Look at the Americans and they always feature with each other, regardless of personal feeling. We just want to get the sound out there. We're UK producers but we've got a lot going off in America but I'm more concentrating on getting this record out and making people know it's not a grime record.

What is it then? Do you not standby the arguement that grime is just the UK's answer to hip hop anyway?
KT: It's a hip hop record to me. I don't know, the production quality of grime musically isn't there. All I can hear is weird sounds and bass lines with no concepts and songs. That's why Kano is one of the few getting heat in New York, it's a good buzz because he's got what the others are lacking. There's a lot of good MC's but they don't have quality beats to ride and that will stop them getting noticed abroad.

You've got ties with producer Sticky too haven't you?
KT: He's signed to our production label too. We took him to America and he wanted to cross his garage stuff over there. People couldn't get their heads around a lot of it. It's so different to what they're used to. Lil Jon is on the grime though and he wants to work with UK, they like the stuff with energy that's why everyone loves 'Pow'.

Is there going to be a video for 'What We Do'?
KT: We're shooting it in LA at the end of August. This stuff has the potential to go overground if people would actually support their own and stop hating.

The b-side has Low Deep emceeing over 'Straight Flush', I didn't know he was an MC?
KT: We had him down as a producer, we didn't know he could spit but he wanted to put his version out initially as an instrumental. It makes sense to bring his vocal version out now though.

And when will the album be out?
KT: It will be either end of this year or next year on Krazygroove. If a major steps in then we'll see but we're happy with what we've got in place, distribution, PR the lot. Now it's about blowing up the underground.

'What We Do' will be out on Krazygroove at the end of September.

A version of this article appears in Blues & Soul

Lethal Shot

Lethal Bizzle, the come back King and new-age businessman, drops his debut solo album this month but regardless of it’s commercial success it’s the streets he wants to keep on lock…

It wasn’t long ago that things were looking dismal for Lethal. After the More Fire smash Oi! hit the charts, all eyes were on the trio but it wasn’t long before Go Beat ended the label deal. Not only were the majors no longer interested, neither were the streets. “People were killing us. We couldn't even get a whisper because when you're fucking up people love it” Lethal told B&S. “I'd drive to Swindon for Sidewinder where I wasn't booked, I had nothing left to lose so I’d fight my way on stage. I was Lethal B, dead, no one.”

Naturally the situation not only increased his determination but his knowledge of the bastard that is the music industry. With More Fire buried and Fire Camp born, his comeback status was finally sealed late last year when Relentless snapped up underground anthem ‘Pow’, the single going on to chart at number 12. An album deal with J-DID/V2 came soon after and now Lethal B’s sophomore solo ‘Against All Oddz’ is hitting the shelves. Production comes from Dexplicit (responsible for Pow, which due to label politics didn’t make the album), Plasticman, Wonder (Dizzee Rascal ‘Respect Me’) and Sticky. For those that have heard Roll Deep or Kano’s album, Lethal’s sits somewhere in the middle. He’s sampled Stevie Wonder on tracks such as ‘Shame’ while at the opposite end of the spectrum he sticks firmly to his grime roots. Championed by Tim Westwood amongst others, lyrically, Lethal isn’t a Klashnekoff but nor is he simply a garage MC. What’s secured his now-wide fanbase is ultimately his ability to hype up a crowd. “I'm more concerned on getting the music out there and seeing people go nuts. I'd love to just sell-out concerts and live comfortably. I have to be aware of the reality of this business.”

Having had his share of disappointments already, Lethals certainly wiser (he’s invested all his earning into property and has tenants for a start), but due to little radio or TV support, his first single on J-DID ‘Uh Oh’ narrowly missed the Top 40 this July. “It's still done what I wanted it to do - it's kept me in the scene. I'd like to be in a whole different market but If this label situation or the album doesn't work I hope we'll have enough of a structure underground to make the difference. Drum and bass people are more of a community, more business minded. There are plenty of us that could be doing more for the UK scene, me included. The game needs to change. I wanna be where Dizzee is don't get me wrong but as long as people feel my music I'm happy. You only sell out if you're doing something that isn't you.”

Real is something Lethal touches on his album throughout. From the death of More Fire, to continual beef with Roll Deep and the incident in January where some old school friends arrived at his front door… with guns. “I wasn't expecting it naturally. I don't know what they came to do, they didn't come to kill me but perhaps they were thinking ‘cause Pow had done well I'd have loads of money or something under my bed (as if). It was shock but more because of who’d done it. They were people I went to school with, people who knew my parents, my mum probably cooked for them, the fact they had guns wasn't the point. Luckily my parents live in Ghana so they weren’t effected but It made me more determined to be honest, finish my album and not to end up like them.”

He also states this as one of the main reasons for including his diss track to Wiley, Gods Gift and Riko on the album. “I made that track about a year ago and I wasn't going to use it, I have another one which I'll probably never bring out. When the madness happened where people came to my house, it was getting broadcast on pirate radio, people taking the piss out of me! There’s more to it than that but I don't really care what people think, it’s all fun and games on the album. I ain't a hater, I wish Roll Deep the best. The albums like a journey and the final track ‘Until Next Time’ that’s where we're at now...”

With ‘Shame’ awaiting the seal of approval to be the next single, here’s hoping that Lethal won’t be hanging his head again. But regardless of the commercial support that does or doesn’t transpire over the next few months, Lethal won’t be going into hiding anytime soon. And that’s a promise.

A version of this article appears in Blues & Soul.

Saturday, 27 August 2005

Sway @ Jazz Cafe

Live Review taken from Blues & Soul...
You may have caught him battling or gracing hip hop nights before, but for many of Sway Dasafo's more recently acquired fanbase this was the first time they'd seen the Hornsey native in all his live glory. The Jazz Cafe may have seemed an unlikely venue too for the unsigned rapper but the crowd of industry supporters (including Blak Twang) and true fans didn't care where they got to see him. By the time Sincere had finished PA'ing 'That's Not Gangster' and new cut 'Give Me Some', the caf' was jammed. Biggz (joined at one point by Eurogang's Mega and Mayhem), continued to hype the warm-up slot, dropping his Channel U heater 'Cor Blimey' and 'Gangster Acoustic', featuring the vocals and guitar of new talent Leon King. Semtex bought more flavour, mixing up street anthems from Dizzee, Roll Deep and Crazy Titch before Sway made his grand entrance. With their faces covered by the trade-mark Union Jack bandanas, Sway, Pyrelli and DJ Turkish made sure everyone knew what time it was. They ensued with a well-rehearsed set, bringing a rare comedy element to the stage, further sealing this units ability to spread their music further than the underground terrain. Launching with 'Ain't No Stopping Us' they rolled out favourites including 'Slow Down', 'Beautiful Ugly' and a medley of 'Pepsi', 'Burglar', 'Thief's Theme' and 'Fuck NY'. Aside from Biggz dropping his watch from the balcony and an appeal for it's safe return (for the record he got it back), highlights included Sway's apace of his verse from the 'Harvey Nicks remix', and his trip down memory lane where he spat fire over children's classics including Rainbow, Postman Pat and the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles theme tune (which Sway has cited as one of the instrumentals he used to pen too when he started out) before launching into the quick-witted crowd favourite 'Magic Roundabout'. Pyrelli was also given his chance to shine, performing his track 'It's a G Thing'. Although not his stand out track, Pyrelli showed the potential to go a lot further in the next year. Sway returned meandering through an old skool selection including Wu Tang and 2Pac before going on to round off the show with the must-own 'Up Your Speed' (This Is My Promo Vol. 2 is you don't already have it in your collection). If his Jazz Cafe gig was anything to go by, it won't be long until Sway and co. are back headlining, chances are it's going to be another sell-out too. Salute the real UK talent.

Friday, 26 August 2005

New Touch Out Now

new touch, originally uploaded by chantelle.

As well as my usual reviews you can also catch up with BB's Science and man about mic, Skepta. Free G Hop CD too. Haven't actually seen issue yet so can't tell you much else.

Top Carnival Tunes

Kano - Reload It (High Contrast remix)
Low Deep - Get Set
Nasty - Run 4 Cover
Roll Deep - Shake A Leg
Damian Marley - Jamrock

Round 3: That's Very Original

Prancehall you're lacking originality you runt. Forget your teenage disses it's time to roll with the elders...

So now you're going to talk about sexual infection?
The only way you'll get STDs is by immaculate conception
And don't call out my gran because she'll be your next date
Despite the fact she died in 1998
You cocksucker, don't know if you're cumming or blowing
So much spunk on your fro that it looks like it's snowing
Tell your mum to shampoo you, you doodoo you
You're supposed to be battling, all I can hear is 'boo hoo hoo'
Dunderhead, you underfed, get some cakes down your neck
You need to fatten up, just like your stank lyrical drek
You're skinny, you're mini, your delivery's tinny
You need to drop the mic and put on a pinny
And scrub my floors, cos that's the only way you're getting down
I'm ripping you again and I'm still in my dressing gown
So step up again if you think you can blast hot
And don't take a whole day to write it, like the last lot

Bitch. That's how bitches with A-levels get down, Mr 3 GCSEs.

Thursday, 25 August 2005

Gotta Work It

Drawing for the pen but enough time for TNT, Maihem, J2K, Bruza & Scandalous Unltd in Berlin

What They Say

K Times Mobo Prvw 25.8.5, originally uploaded by chantelle.

From The Times

Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Stop Smoking Brown

"Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily this is not difficult."

MOBO Nominations

I haven't got the full list here but I can tell you both Roll Deep and Kano have received nominations. Kano trails slightly behind Lemar who scored the most with a grand five nominations, but fairplay to the boy Kane who is nominated for UK act of the year, best hip hop album, best album and the Evening Standard sponsored best UK newcomer. More details to follow.

You Wanna Jack My Written?

Check Prancehall's reply
to round one. Time for round 2...
"Lumpenproletariat"? Your vocabulary's swoll
Because you read that on Word Of The Day toilet roll
Boy you'll need it because I'm dropping some shit that's kinetic
Make your lyrical chiaroscuro look peripatetic
See? Make your big words look like bobbing big turds
All those lyrics ain't shit when you've got a voice like Big Bird's
500 grand? I think you mean 500 grams
Cos you must be on coke, if you fuck with me, bloke
I heard you're up in Thailand making considerable noise
Because you drop big scrilla on all the ladyboys
Hens from the waist up, cock from the waist down
And they run trains on you, on a sofa, face down
You'll be able to shit and it won't touch the sides
I roll with grime heads, I heard you fuck with girl guides
So get the fuck back to camp before I leave you damp
Make your mum fit your bedsit with a wheelchair ramp
I'm done, you heard me speak, now your future's looking bleak
Cos a 5'2" hen fucked you into the middle of next week.

Tuesday, 23 August 2005

Prancehall This One You

C Fiddy - I make like P Diddy and drop the first syllable
So call me Fiddy - like my man Cent I'm coming unkillable
I roll with Kemal but you know I max well
My crazy busty style makes all man jacks swell
When I'm on the mic it's Peter Kay style - top bombin'
Dropping nuclear snaps that I just have to throw your mom in
I'm not saying she's cracked out - the bitch is straight strung
And what's worse, of all your family, she's the best hung

Mondays Carnage

f104744004, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Einstein Butterfingers even dropped me a part 2 for the ongoing battle wars...
I come off like pants in a fuckfest
Leave your body stiffer than nipples when I suck breast
I mean nibble tit, slay you when I scribble shit
I'm top cat while you're on some Officer Dibble shit
Delete your blog, fuck your girl with the lumber log
I'm a call you 'bitch' because you are the underdog
Hens call me Bernard Matthews from the way I kill chickens
You don't know who I am? Then I guess the plot thickens
And that's peace.

*Prancehall, watch you're next. I'm wondering if under all of it you're actually a buffers. You speak with such passion it would be a waste if not.*

Happy Birthday RWD

And congratulations to Hattie Collins on successful completion of her first issue as head honcho. Done good girl! Nice bit of re-design going on along with new features. This issue includes a column from Logan, the Murkle Man, Bearman, Ms Dynamite, Countdown with Young Guns, Paul Wall, Keyshia Cole, NASTY, Hype, Paperchase, Craig David, Shystie, Dizzee Rascal, Mr Wong and much more. Phew.

Whose Arm Is It Anyway?

IMG_3004, originally uploaded by chantelle.


Saving Swing

As G Money so rightfully pointed out in his email, the donor could be sat in your inbox so please forward this appeal.
Saving DJ Swing, CHANNEL 4 ON TUESDAY 23rd AUGUST, 11:05pm - 12:10am.
Mobo award winning DJ Swing, was playing clubs all over the world, when a minor backache turned out to be a rare blood cancer, Multiple Myeloma. The only thing that's going to save him is a Bone Marrow transplant. But being African Caribbean the chance of finding a matching donor is one in 100,000. If Swing were white the odds would be one in five. In June 2004 Swing was told he had 8 weeks to find a donor. This film follows his boyhood friends and original DJ crew, the Boogie Bunch as they launch a campaign to find him that match. The campaign takes them back to their roots in clubland, as they spend the summer, culminating at the Notting Hill carnival, trying to mobilise the black community and so save their friend's life. And it's not just their community's apathy they have to deal with, Swing himself has been reluctant to go public with his disease. He is beginning to realise he now has no choice. In trying to Save DJ Swing, the Boogie Bunch may also save 38 year old Donna Benjamin. She too is suffering from Multiple Myeloma. Donna's oldest friend and sister-in-law is white. For the first time in their lives colour has become an issue - it's impossible for her to be Donna's match. So she's doing the only thing she can; with the help of Donna's 14 year old daughter, she is launching her own search for a donor. They are focussing on the one place where's there's a concentration of African Caribbean's in Luton - the black churches. But they are notoriously deaf to such appeals for help. Will the Black community listen to their desperate pleas and yield a perfect
match for Swing and Donna? Donna gets called to her hospital in London; she's been told they may have a donor for her. But it turns out not to be a perfect match. The risks of having a transplant with anything less than a perfect match are incredibly high. Doctors advise Donna to buy a bit of time by having a transplant using her own stem cells - she could get between 18 months and five year remission from this.

Swing's already had a stem cell transplant. It bought him 6 months before he relapsed. It was then that doctors said he had to have a donor transplant in 8 weeks. Swing too hears there's a potential donor, but it's not a perfect match. The doctors don't want to risk the transplant unless they absolutely have to. Will Swing become so sick that he has no choice but to proceed with the very risky transplant from a less than perfect match or will the Boogie Bunch succeed and find their oldest friend a life-saving donor?

Monday, 22 August 2005

Girlfriend You Got Wipeout!

Fat Boys 'Wipeout' 12nch S1, originally uploaded by chantelle.

You're so thick you probably won't even get it

Don't Try It

Papa Screw and Ice Pony have been reading some of the blog beef fuelled by the Vibe Magazine plug of this blog and they ain't playing when it comes to certain hating mo fo's that wanna try and run mouth swaggle rock style. My boys are serving up serious lyrics for me...
Chan Fiddy bring no promo for the homo
He drop shit that ain't easy to hear like Perry Como
You don't think that scan? Read it back in slo-mo
I got no love for haters, I'm keeping my last Rolo
Fuck every blogger, I'm going out for dolo
Their sex life's like Star Wars - they're strictly Hand Solo
I'll keep on keeping on like the littlest hobo
Knowing I got that hot shit that they always cop like Robo

Rhythm Division Keep It Real

rhythmtoilet, originally uploaded by chantelle.

I had to hold on, there was no way I was going to attempt anything involving the pelvic region in that toilet. It was worth it though. Rhythm Division's Sparky and Roony are coming along nicely with Risky Roadz 2 and I got to purchase some new tunes, that being the purpose of the trip. Currently planning a grime night in Paris with French connect Gaspard so had to show him the real deal. Uptown got a look in too, shame Cameo had the day off but Switch hooked us up nicely . Also caught up with Slew Dem's DJ Spooky and gotta say, if you don't yet own their Grime EP then sort it out. Part 2 comes soon and it's meant to be even further off the scale. Collins on the other hand was getting mucky quite literally with Stryder, Titch, J2K, JME, Skepta and big Will over at the V Festival. Check new pics pon her blog.

New Bit Of Cockney

Thanks to Popbitch on this. 50 Cent = Bent. "He's wearing a pink t shirt. I reckon he's 50 Cent, mate."

Big And Bashy

BigNBashyeflyer, originally uploaded by chantelle.

New Plan B Dates

23rd August supporting Death From Above, 27th Aug - TDK Festival, 28th Aug - Jazz Cafe (Carnival after party), 9/11th Sept - Bestival, 21st Sept - Plan B at Push Bar.

Mac 10's Bash

I couldn't make it but here's what my girl Passion had to say... I'll break it down for you. Got there at like 11pm, there was about 10 people (including me and three and my gyals) that had come for the bash. DJs were playing music and no-one was dancing apart from two drunk guys! Essentials were in the seconed room, Bossman playing some big tune but to no crowd. Aftershock (including Sadie) came later, follwed by Nasty. There was a few more people now, we all got sent to one room and were promised performances. Mac 10 played instrumentals, did anyone spit? NO! Then we got moved to another room. More instrumentals were played, did anyone spit? NO!! Aftershock were meant to go on around 1:30am, but did no performance. Storming was just filming and everyone else was 'blazing'. Knuckles also came down. Basically I don't think the rave was advertised well enough. Hardly anyone knew about it. There was like three gyal and 50 man. There was a chance for it to be good but no-one performed, all the artists didnt know what was going on. I was vexed though because I wanted to 'buss a couple of lyrics'. Get me fam?"

Pirate Clash

Kiss 100's Pirate Soundclash on Channel 4 now. Talking of clashing who heard Skepta going for SLK earlier on Rinse? Man's on fire, comical treats. Haven't heard SLK's bars yet but heard they've been murking too. Why's Skepta calling out East Connection too? One will investigate. On the subject of Skepta he's also in talks with Big Brother 6 man of the town, Science so watch this space for the forthcomin collabo.

Sunday, 21 August 2005

Beats And Bars Snippets

Over the next few days I'll upload some of Kano's mixtape 'Beats And Bars' snippets. The full mixtape is on fire and I think it should be out within next month. To begin Kano snippet 06
and Kano snippet 04

Saturday, 20 August 2005

We Don't Just Listen To It

"I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking, what I'm looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear."

Good For Nothing

Good For Nothing, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Opening at Rockit. Big up partner in grime Collins for the pic!

Blog Beef

There's been some beef going down on the blogging front. It's got something to do with whatever's written in the new Vibe magazine list of blogs to visit (apparently this is one, couldn't tell you cause haven't seen mag). For various reasons some hip hop bloggers are throwing toys out of the pram for not getting a mention. Some of these people (like I'm going to put your names and get you promo) are questioning my inclusion in this article, If it makes them feel any better I don't have a clue who the fuck they are either. Now hush. Mac 10's birthday bash, Ruff Sqwad, Bizzle & Scare Dem at the Vice Pub, we got better things to be doing. *Ok, I was soooo tempted to reply to some of the comments I read, especially the comparison of grime to Mike Jones, but fuck the lot of them. You know what I'm like when I switch. Anyway however much the supposed hip hop elite hate on grime and how seriously we do or don't take friggin blogging, their talking of it alone is pushing the hit counter up so thanks.

Thursday, 18 August 2005

Bit Of A Shock

Shout to Terror Danjah, Bruza, Triple, Royal, Flash and the rest of the Aftershock Massive. Just caught them doing a quickie at the Good For Nothing and Rockit party in Covent Garden. The retro crowd didn't quite know what hit them especially when Collins and I took to the decks. Watch for that on the Aftershock DVD bonus footage. Terror's done a killer remix for the Prodigy remix album so listen out for that. He's also put the lid on R&G for the time being so watch this space cause Terror's been building up a nasty catalogue of tracks which he's going to start letting off.

Smoove Sundays

unknown, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Smoove has now moved from its regular Friday night slot to the last Sunday of every month, when it will present one off events that will cross the borders of regular club nights. The UK’s finest urban DJ’s and MC’s will be on rotation alongside exclusive live performances that’ll make the night that extra bit exceptional.  Launching on Sunday 25th September Smoove Sundays with none other than DIZZEE RASCAL, who will present two live performances in the main room. He will also invite new UK artists KLASS-A and NEWHAM GENERALS on stage alongside D DOUBLE E to launch his new label DIRTEE STANK. Also providing musical back up will be Dizzee’s personal DJ and regular Smoove spinner 1Xtra’s DJ SEMTEX. The BAR will also host the exclusive PSP presents Pure Urban Musical Showcase featuring live performances from SWAY, BRUZA and IRONIK. PSP presents Pure Urban in association with TwiceasNice invites members of the general public to submit their own music to a panel of urban experts. The music that’s chosen will feature on the PSP Pure Urban website, with its creator invited to showcase their unique sound at an exclusive PSP present Pure Urban Musical Show Case. Whilst all of this takes place MASTERSTEPZ, FIRIN SQUAD and CHIPPIE get behind the decks to bring in a selection of urban cuts including Hip Hop, R&B, Reggaeton, UK Garage and Old Skool cuts.

The Best Of British

Channel U (467) will be launching the inaugural “Best of British” urban music event at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire 15th October 2005. Thirty nominees are currently being selected from the most popular played videos during the past year from September 2004 to August 2005.  They've now announced that the nominees include: Lemar, Dizzee Rascal, Kano, Craig David, Estelle, Akala, Blak Twang, Kevin Mark Trail, Choong Family, Keisha White, Crazy Titch, Fun*dmental, Juggy D, Naila Boss, Bigs, Northstar, Lethal B, Nu Sarr, Sincere and LOC. There will be a full list of nominees available in the coming weeks. Channel U viewers will have the chance to vote for their favourite video where the top 15 will perform at the event and receive a Best of British Award in recognition of their talents.

Tuesday, 16 August 2005

One Day In NY...

A girl called Lady Sovereign met up with this man named Jay-Z. Ess-Oh-Vee and Jiggaman were catching up when LA Reid popped into say hi, followed soon after by the one like Usher and new Def Jam hitstress, Tiarra. After a bout of chilling the Lady Sovereign is asked to off load her weight in verses, acappella style. Three mean 32's later and the all-star audience can't wait to hear more. An hour on head honcho Jay-Z gives Sovereign his full backing ("she has an amazing personality") and states that he'll organise her studio time and "start cutting some tracks" with The Neptunes & Missy Elliot... Chapter 2 to follow, but this ladies and gentlemen is a true story.

Monday, 15 August 2005

Country Wranglings

I'm away for a few days trampolining (pictures to prove I can do the pike too) so for now read the archives or go visit some of my friends. I leave you with Lioness' new playlist from 13/08/05
Footsie & D Double E - Prang man [Braindead]
Jammer & Footsie - Hooks [White]
JME - JME Staggering [Meridian]
JME - Serious (Remix) [679]
DaVinChe - Buzzlight Year 2 [Paperchase]
DJ Wonder - Face [Dumpvalve]
Phaze One - Nicoles Groove (Wizzbit Remix)
Dr Venom - Topsy Terror
DaVinChe, Bashy & Katie Pearl - Pryin [2NV]
Scandalous Unlimited Feat Carly Bond & Purple - My Life [True Tiger]
Misty Dubs Feat Big Seac, Purple, Ghetto, Shyam - Silence [True Tiger]
J Sweet - Kerb [White]
DaVinChe - The Chase [Paperchase]
Essentials - Give That To Me
Essentials & O.T Crew - ???
Roll Deep - Heat Up [Relentless]
Chase & Statuz Feat Roll Deep - Top Shotta
JME - Baraka [Check It]
Syer B - Freestyle
Wiley - Ice Cream Man [White]
Wiley - Sidewinder (South Version)
Jon E Cash - Hoods Up [Black Ops]
Tinie Temper & Krucial - Yeah
T Star - Bounds [Snakebite]
King Of The Streets - Slam Dunk
T Star - Biriyani [Snakebite]
Scratchy - Shangooli [Dumpvalve]
Dexplicit - Bucky Done Gun (Instrumental Remix) [White]
Dexplicit, Nana, Fumin & Baby Blue - One Night Stand [DXP]
Kano Feat Mike Skinner & Leo - Nite Nite [679]
Kano - Watcher [679]
TNT Feat Maihem - Get Loose
Jiggalo (Grimesville) - Wots The Deal
Grimesville - Hands Up
Mr Slash - Concerto [A.R.M.Y]
Booski - Sound Riddim
DJ Luca - Murder
Rossi B Feat N.A.S.T.Y Crew - In The Place
D Power Feat Doctor & Riko - Come On (Instrumental) [D Power]
D Power Feat Doctor & Riko - Come On [D Power]
D.O.K - Roadsweeper [Aftershock]

Saturday, 13 August 2005

Nite, Nite

You can now watch the video featuring Mike Skinner, Leo and shower girls over at

Feel The Heat

today, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Rhythm & RWD All Day

On Thursday The 25th Of August RWD Mag & Rhythm Division Records come Together for the all-dayer launch of RWD''s video tones. Midday - 6pm. Free. DJ's, artists, crew's include Roll Deep, Newham Generals, Essentials, Slew Dem, South Agents, Logan Sama, Jammer, Ruff Sqwad, No Lay, Dynasty, SLK, Faith FX, Sparkie DJ, Target, Slimzee, Bashy, J2K, AfterShock, + more. This event will also be filmed exclusively by Risky Roadz 2 DVD. Check out the next issue of RWD for more. Let's hope the vibe is as good as the all dayer last year... if only they could broadcast the sound outside of the shop. Who remembers the sweat box? Still a heavy outing and catch up session and let's not be forgetting the hash truffles at Respect Festival afterwards... lean machine (sorry fam).

Friday, 12 August 2005

Approach With Caution

33366026_79ba617dc9_m, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Very dangerous!

Rinsed Out

My head is heavy from a night of skanking in an old public toilet turned underground club. Thanks to Rinse FM management for sorting that one out. Missed N-Type (nice to meet you) but caught the end of Matt Qualifide's set. Target dropped some new bombs from DaVinChe and Danny Weed among others. Especially loving J Sweet's work on Scratchy's 'B.U.N' (don't quote me on that being the actual title though). Hatcha wasn't short of dubs, nice new Hotflush one amongst them and good to hear Faction and Skepta on some different riddims alongside Crazy D, Forward resident. Gotta give a big shout to Geeneus. Always been one of my favourite DJ's, wish he'd play more, did a tearing set with Skepta, Faction and Riko (Legacy I think I heard you on the mic too, gwan). Myself and the raving crew Martin, Shottie, Bianca, Danny, and the rest (radio clit had some moves trust me) got our walk on and even pulled out the bashment moves. Try beat the moshing if you think you're hype. I can't even remember what got us so excited but there was a few well called for reloads. Bit of wall smacking and lighter action too. Essentials were finishing off proceedings, Wiley and many of the other Rinse FM family tree lurking in the corners. Murking as always, the crowd were left in safe hands while we inflicted ourselves on a cabbie. Poor guy.

Thursday, 11 August 2005

Trying To Censor Fiddy?

As Riko so rightfully said 'I won't go way into detail...' but it's come to my attention that an earlier post made regarding 1Xtra was poorly executed. I'll say this. I agree that I should have a. not written it when I was doing a Boundary and fumin b. worded it better. It was wrong to point the finger at the entire station (this situation had nothing to do with the DJ's) for that apologies, especially given that I feel it was an individual who was potentially out of line. He can argue it out with me if he wants. If you've taken the piss you know it so let's not blow this out of prospective. So from here on in call me wronged, call me a bitch, go on then, go on then, go on then, because as much as I hate politics and enemies, I'm not down with censorship or silencing (unless it's of lambs).

Barbie Suffers Too

Barbi_a_, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Spare a thought for the young lady. She fought off two muggers that tried to jack her Murk City DVD, out now at

He's Alive

Super Healer, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Fear not JME lives to ride another day!

Introducing Mastermind Productionz

You don't have to be a producer, DJ or MC to be in the music industry. It's time to take a break from those in front of the camera to salute those behind the scenes. Introoducing Mastermind Productionz, a team of new age media guru's...

Who are Mastermind Productionz?
Mastermind Productionz are a video production company based in London. The founders of the company are Sesan Ogunro, Antoine Dixon-Bellot and Conrad Gray aka G-Money of BBC1Xtra. Since its creation in 2003, Mastermind have been responsible for a number of TV shows, TV commercials, music videos and animations shown on terrestial & digital television.

What do you do?
We are a video production comapny that deals with the aspiring and the elite in the music and television industry. We direct, edit and produce TV commercials, music promos/videos, TV shows and documentaries. We also have an animation and special effects department, that boasts some of the most creative and talented digital artists around today.

Do you have a company philosophy?
We've got a few: Don't start if you aint gonna finish. Anything thats worth doing is worth doing well. Only you can make you successful - only you can stop you being successful. Synergy.

Projects done to date?
Wow! Too many to mention... A few recent ones have been the Channel U idents (the U logo crashing into the ground), E4 logo design, TV animated shorts - BBC3, various animated ringtone commercials, O2 TV commercial/promo, SLK - Hype Hype video, Tinchy Stryder - Underground video, Tubby T - Ready She Ready video, DPM - Have some of That video, Regal Players - Rude Boy video, Bear Man - Drinkin' Bear video, Various Artists - Monsta Riddim video.

Are artists like Bear man signed to you, if not what's the deal?
Bear Man is an artist managed by us. In regards to the music production side of things, Mastermind Productionz have become heavily involved with a number of artists. We are not a label that signs artists (yet!), we manage/package artists ready for their independent deal or major deal. We are in the process of setting up Mastermind Records, that will solely be dealing with this type of work.

Drinking Bear - Bear Man out July 11th, Monsta Riddim - Various Artists out July, Drinking Bear remix - Bear Man, Doctor and Fender out on the Run The Road 2 compilation August. Emergency by Doctor will be coming soon too.

Other future plans for Mastermind?
We plan to keep growing bigger and better, involving all areas of media.

Wednesday, 10 August 2005

Guess These Injuries

a little cut, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Ok, if you work out whose legs these are you deserve a medal as well as a big prize (and I don't mean me). If you also get how the injuries came about I'll sleep with you... or maybe not... but I will be so impressed that I'll consider posting a picture of my arse.

You May Be Sick

shank shank shank wen im ere, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Murkle Motoring

murkle, originally uploaded by chantelle.

It's a dangerous sport. Guess the knees and win a special prize...

About Run The Road 2

Before I go any further let me beg you something. If you get a bootleg of this or you hear word of it being passed about, let me know. It's expensive to copyright CD's so if you've been trusted with a copy respect that. Aside from the tracks currently on promo we'd also ask DJ's to refrain from playing any of the compilation tracks until week of release unless informed otherwise. Don't ask question, just trust me. But to all wastemen and women that do not give a poop, whatever, you're still going to have to buy it on September 5th to see the DVD anyway. Ha. Keep checking the Run The Road website for more exclusive material coming soon. For any press enquiries contact

The final tracklisting is as follows:
1. Kano & Low Deep feat Ghetto, Big Seac, Demon & Doctor -Get Set(RTR Edition)
2. Doctor & DaVinChe - Gotta Man?
3. JME - Serious Run The Road remix
4. Big Seac - Nah, Nah
5. Sway feat Bruza, Pyrelli, Bigz, Triple Threat,Skinnyman - Up Your Speed Remix
6. Ghetto & Katie Pearl - Run The Road
7. Plan B - Sick 2 Def (accoustic)
8. Kano feat Demon & Ghetto - Mic Check Remix
9. Crazy Titch - Worlds Gone Crazy
10. Lady Sovereign - Little Bit of Shhh (DJ Wonder remix)
11. Klashnekoff - Can't You See
12. Mizz Beats feat Wiley, Jammer, Ears, JME & Sier - Saw It Coming
13. Trim & The Streets - They Gave Him An Inch
14. No Lay - Unorthodox Chick
15. Bear Man feat Doctor & Fender - Drinking Bear Remix
16. Dynasty Crew - Bare Faced Dynasty

I Lie To You Not

jammer, originally uploaded by chantelle.

This is a real Beanie Baby and it can be yours for just $9.99. Google it, I swear up and down.

Trumps E3 Style

Javan AKA Trim, Trimble, Taliban Trim, Trim Thug, Trimcheroo, Trim Babe, Trimothy
History: Despite knowing some members, he was only recruited just overeighteen months ago
Check: 'Boogeyman', anything with Trim on it, the forthcoming Run The Road 2 track
Quote: On himself "In a different league better than them, definitely wanna go places stick with me, think I'm faking try it with me, won't be mistaken for those that are trying to be, I'm from the roads I've had clientel to meet, shot weed for a while but that weren't helping me, cause I'm addicted to weed, I ended up smoking my q's and p's, went broke and started moving b, went broke again and went back to the weed, didn't do college or get GCSE's, just shot white, rocks, solid with DT and P, but there ain't nothing like the music scene."
Trivia: He thinks he's a poet rather than an MC.
Bonus fact: His old crew was called Bomb Squad

History: Brazen became a Roll Deep soldier two years ago when he was just 16. Due to his skill he managed to skip Roll Deep youngers, Wile Out Onez.
Check: 'Buff Girls' (Aim High), Freestyle on Aim High 2 DVD.
Quote: "If you're involved in the music industry and you're in something stable already don't get involved with stupidness like I did, just keep your head down. Been away for a couple of months has taught me a lot, made me stronger and definitely more focused. Music is the biggest bonus there is."
Trivia: He's Breeze's brother
Bonus fact: He describes himself as 'very, very conscious'.

DJ Karnage
History: Winner of last years Sidewinders People Choice Best DJ award, Karnage is a longstanding member whose torn down more raves and pulled up more records than most.
Check: Eskimo Dance DVD's, his forthcoming mixtape with Maximum.
Quote: "Raves will never die, everythings always changing. Stuff just needs to be controlled, especially clashes."
Trivia: The first record he bought was DJ Target & Trend's '2 Degrees', a jungle track.

History: In November 2004 Roachee joined Roll Deep off the back of his 'when I'm 'ere lyric'.
Check: 'When I'm Ere', 'All Day Long' (forthcoming)
Quote: "Everyones making what they want, what they like, what comes out of them. If you wanna call it pop, call it pop."
Trivia: He describes his style as 'war for them' and as a raw, cool and humble guy.
Bonus fact: Roachee and Trim are looking to do a mixtape together

History: After departing company with Flying Squad he landed in Roll Deeps lap.
Check: 'Scorpion' (Aim High), 'Trim & Scratch', Aim High 2 DVD.
Quote: "I used to work for Travis Perkins, I got a forklift license and had to load up the lorries and that. I got the sack when I went to Ayia Napa."
Trivia: His best friends in Roll Deep are Danny and Trim (they went to school together).

History: After winning two Eskimo Dance competitions and frequent meetings with Wiley, north-west Londoner Manga signed up to Roll Deep.
Check: Creeper Mixtape series, 'Take Over' (DJ Cheeky Vol.1)
Quote: "I don't listen to other people. It's not good to hear what other people are doing and to be honest a lot of them bore me."
Trivia: Manga used to work for Touch Magazine and pitched a couple of ideas. Unfortunately for him he was late and I'd already done them. He left soon after when Touch stopped paying him, or as they put it he didn't turn up on time.

History: Ex-Pay As U Go Cartel member finally joined his Roll Deep friends after completing a stretch at HMP last year.
Check: 'Chosen One' (Run The Road), 'The Ave Rmx' (Relentless), 'Come On' (collaboration with Doctor), Chase & Status feat Roll Deep 'Top Shotta', 'Don't Want You Back' (forthcoming)
Quote: "I used to be a really horrible person and know that now I'm not. I'm still horrible on the mic but I'm a nice person, trust me."
Trivia: He used to be a jungle MC but now likes to spit on everything from rock to ragga.
Bonus Fact: He supports Manchester United and his fave player is Lampard.

Jet Li
History: Pretty much an original member rolling deep since 2000.
Check: 'Bus Stop', Creeper Mixtape Series
Quote: "I've worked in the past, the worst job I had was at Footlocker. The customers aren't nice and pay isn't the one. You should always aspire than that."
Trivia: Jet Li doesn't particularly like doing radio and raves.

History: Pay As U Go turned sour and Target went on a solo tip although the whole time he's been parring with Roll Deep. An official Roll Deep producer since last year.
Check: Aim High Vol 1. & 2., In At The Deep End.
Quote: "We've never made one type of music or one sound. I don't think we'll lose love from the streets we're all still doing remixes, DVDs, mixtapes and that. And if there's 100 people that don't like something we're doing, there could be a million that do."
Trivia: Targets real name is Darren Joseph
Bonus Fact: After getting an A* in Art, Target was offered a place at the prestigous London College of Printing (as was Breeze), to study Graphic Design. He turned it down because he thought there'd be more girls at the local college.

History: Appeared on the first Roll Deep track 'Terrible' and has been on radio ever since, preferring studio and such to the rave scene.
Check: 'Scorpion' (Aim High), 'Nigga Please' (Aim High), 'Shake A Leg' (Relentless)
Quote: "My daughter is a month old... it's very hard, I haven't slept for ages. That's it so know it's not all roses and flutes out here. My baby was actually meant to be born today but my girl gave birth the day we were on Westwood - I made it to both."
Trivia: He used to listen to Terence Trent D'arby along with Noreaga and a lof of jungle
Bonus Fact: Breeze came up with the name of the Roll Deep album and they all agreed they were 'In At The Deep End.'

Danny Weed
History: A near original member, he's rolled with the others for years.
Check: Aim High Vol. 2, Creeper (white), In At The Deep End (Relentless)
Quote: "Bootleg Creeper Vol 1. It's been leaked so pass it on and get it out there. Don't touch the others though."
Trivia: Most people don't realise Danny is half Irish half African.
Bonus Fact: Dom P is Danny's brother.

History: Despite being in Pay As U Go he formed Roll Deep and batted between the two before leaving PAUG for good after Champagne Dance charted at no.12. He embarked on a solo project with XL Recordings last year and remains ten years into his career one of the undergrounds most respect and in demand artists.
Check: Everything by Wiley especially 'Eskimo', 'Snow Storm' (as ridden by Jammer on Fire Hydrant EP).
Quote: "You want to know why I drink Guiness? Because it's got iron and also, and I can't belive you don't know this, if you're going to have you know sex, it enhances it. You've got to try it."
Trivia: One of the first records Wiley put out on a label was Nicole's Groove (under the guise of Phase One) on Relentless Records. They say things come full circle.
Bonus Fact: He's making some final changes to his second album, Second Phase. He doesn't expect it'll be out until next year.

Flo Dan
History: Flo Dan, also is PAUG, headed up and looked after much of the early Roll Deep business. A veteran in the scene and favourite at raves.
Check: 'That's Me' (Aim High), 'Scorpion' (Aim High).
Quote: "People need to understand that a lot of what is talked about is metaphorical. It's a real art form."
Trivia: Flo Dan has a girlfriend so isn't on any groupie shit.
Bonus Fact: He champions much of the Roll Deep lingo and finds it amusing that most of it is misinterpreted.

DJ Maximum
History: Recently left East Connection and has joined Roll Deep, filling the shoes of Danny Weed (who no longer really DJs) and ex-member Bionix who can be found with cousin Kano.
Check: For Maximums forthcoming mixtape
Quote: "My role in the crew seems to be beating everyone at Pro Evolution."
Trivia: Another nickname is Maxi Priest and his real name's James.

That's Another One Jacked

StatStrip, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Saw two 10 year olds wheel off a Moped today too. If you live on Hackney Road near the bike shop and it's yours then holler.

For The Diary

Saturday August 13th, Lady Sovereign will be performing a PA at Basement Jaxx's club night in Brixton. JAMM (formerly Bar Lorca), 261 Brixton Road, Brixton, SW9 6LH.

Kray Twinz

Intersting one. Received the Kray Twinz featuring Twista, Lethal B and Gappy Ranks 'What We Do'. Got immediately confused as started it up and hang on, they've jacked Low Deep's 'Straight Flush'. A couple of phone calls later and all is clear. Transpires that 'Straight Flush', the track which effectively broke Low Deep, was a remix of the original 'What We Do' instrumental. You can hear a difference that's for sure. As instrumentals go I prefer Low Deeps but that could be because it's THE one I know. Twista, Lethal and Suncycle's Gappy do a fine job on vocals and this is gonna be massive. Already had a bit of play stateside where it appears the Kray Twinz have some good links established. When this lands b-side is going to feature Lutoner Low Deep emceeing over his classic so even more reason to go and buy it. More on the Kray's to follow.

And Next For Roll Deep

Following in the paths of Kano and Sovereign, they're jetting off to America for some dates. Also word in that the next single will be double a-side with 'Shake A Leg' and 'Heat Up' battling it out. Like both tracks but 'Shake A Leg' got me from the moment I heard it. 'Heat Up' video (shot in black and white I'm told) should be on screens in next couple of weeks. 'Shake A Leg' video getting done this week or next. Hope they follow up success of 'The Ave' which has remained in the top 20 for three weeks. It says on the press release 50,000 albums are sold but that's not the same figure I have, so don't know what line you wanna take (it's the Southern one for me). Anyhow, release date is scheduled as 3rd October.

Tuesday, 9 August 2005

Who Wants One Of These?

sovsigned, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Piss off haterssssssss this one's for the fans dem. Before jetting off to record label meetings in the USA tomorrow, I got Sovereign to sign two copies of her new single 9 to 5 which is in shops now. There's two CD's, one with bare remixes including JME and The Ordinary Boys (who cares about the house ones anyway?) and the other, cheaper CD I expect, features b-side Tango. I'm going to give them away cause although being a writer often renders you bruck, I'm able to afford postage stamps so it seems only fair to share. Sheeeeeez and just spotted on the bedroom floor a batch of stickers and posters. Street team got raided boy! I don't know what kind of competition to do so just leave your name and a message if you want something and I'll pick winners at random on Friday. P.s. If you join VIP area of Sov's website there's video footage from the Wireless Festival.

Another Grime Wave

Seclusiasis & Vice Present Philadelphia's Only Grime Party, Thursday August 11th 10pm, Slit Jockey Records 001 Release Party
Grime.Dancehall.Hiphop.2step.Ghettotech. Special Guest: El Carnicero (direct from Indianapolis) Along with Resident DJ's Dev79 and Starkey Plus Host MC Micsouljah and Video by Brian Cook No Cover!/ 21+ only $3 PBR+Whiskey shot all night & more specials to keep it crunk Silk City - 5th & Spring Garden Sts. Philadelphia, PA U.S.A.,,

Get Down

getdown_aug, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Every Friday, GetdownBar Rumba, 36 Shaftesbury Ave, W1. Time:6pm -3.30am Free before 9pm £6 NUS/before 11pm £8 after DJ's: Sharma, Maurice, Whut and Blakey, alongside host Aphletik and K-Loc. Special performances from Sway, Lianhart, Blakey, G Child, and DJ Big Ted

Heads Up

heads_up_flyer.indd, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Midnight Madness

mmadness, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Ow! It's Lethal Da Bizzle!

His debut solo album 'Against All Oddz' hit record shops yesterday. Good luck to him and J-DID on the venture. Watch out for the feature and dirty dozen in forthcoming issues of B&S.

Monday, 8 August 2005

Man Up Special

Live-Eflyer-08-08-05, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Hey Girlfriend

Our lives are complete, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Big Brother baby doll Kemal was looking as beautiful as he did on the screen. Call me sad but I love Kemal. He popped into i-D and The Cocks party where Best Fwend and Lady Sov (who had a top article by Dan Cairns in the Sunday Times Culture today) were among others performing. It was hot, sweaty and way too crowded. When you advertise a party using the words I Love Cock what do you expect? After a few vanilla vodkas (still the new lick, trust me) it was off to The Legion for a few more. Target popped in for a brandy and coke and to show off his fresh tan - trust me I'm looking standardly white again. Bring back the glow. *Additional BB gossip... spoke to Kemal and Science on the subject and both want Eugene to win. There you have it.*

Saturday, 6 August 2005

Run 4 Cover

It's become obvious that Marley's 'Jam Rock' is going to be THE carnival tune this year. I heard it around the same time as Buju Banton's 'Magic City' (which I preferred) but moving with the times and all that, Rossi B and Luca have jacked the Jam Rock riddim and added some grime niceness. Nasty have vocalled it and the result is 'Run 4 Cover'. I'd love to hear more different UK MC's jump on this riddim, it's bound to only be a matter of time so watch this space.

Very Flattering

bigsmokeillustration, originally uploaded by chantelle.

The relaunched Big Smoke is here. Big up Jake at Response for excellent work on photography and of course Harry for his determination and getting the magazine back out. Also taking time out to thank Dharma 77 who illustrated the contributors. I love the way you've maniupulated my figure, If I had curves like this I'd be more than a woman. Jessica Rabbit eat your heart out.

Friday, 5 August 2005

Last Night An MC Saved My Life

Well, kind of. Without wanting to worry my ma or pa too much, had an adventure of the not nice sort on the way back from Forward @ Plastic People. On the short trip to yard a man on a bike decided he'd keep me company. Whether he was following me or not I cannot say but he wasn't leaving my side despite my crossing the road and making it clear I didn't want to conversate. My plan was to head into the kebab shop and get my Turkish boy dem on the case (they're a dependable bunch) but low and behold Skepta and Jammers cousin (what a joker, sorry I've forgotten your name) pulled up alongside. Knights in a shiny red car. Big up Skepta and co cause they didn't get rowdy (as many a man would have) but managed to get rid of the guy who seemed to be getting worked up at their arrival, their questioning of his motives and why he wouldn't just go. Relaying the tale to Mr Miller this morning he told me to be careful out there which brings me to the point, how do we legally protect ourselves. How many women remember to pack their rape alarm on a daily basis? If someone gave me pepper spray, rags I'd carry. Women feeling in danger is no new thing but I'd hate to think I'm going to have to start going out with a hemet on my head and bin bag clothes to avoid being disrespected or worse getting put in a dark place. It's an age old debate but how big a part in such incidents does our dress sense play? Thanks again Skepta.

i-D Live Love The Cock

i-d_cock, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Don't we all

Wednesday, 3 August 2005

When's A Skirt Too Short?

skirt, originally uploaded by chantelle.

It's a serious question. What lies within the realms of decency? Pay attention to the accompanying picture and you'll note a zip, would it be appropriate to go out with both zips undone or is that the kinda thing that will get you dragged under a bush? Regardless, big up Ian for the discout at Connections in waste, I mean west London (*note MC's who wanna use this, copyright Ryan). Boob tube and visor also looking tidy... you saw me coming didn't you. Check his shop if you're in Hammersmith anyway.

The New Artwork

RTR_CD_LP_PROMO, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Reactions to first release, Low Deep 'Get Set' are strong. Just been told said track will also now be included as a b-side on Kano's next single 'Nite, Nite'. They're just back from Spain where they filmed the video and it's meant to be a cracker so keep your eyes on the box for that one. I'm hoping for lot's of topless buffers, forget what you lot want.

Tuesday, 2 August 2005

Eskimo Dance Returns

October 29th @ Empire, Milton Keynes. Flyers back soon.

How Real Are You?

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We haven't had one of these in a while have we...

Legs Crossed

DCP10603, originally uploaded by chantelle.

For the Run The Road 2 DVD by Troy Miller. It's going to be a bonus with the album when it hits shops September 5th. More soon. Listen out for the Low Deep 'Get Set' feat. Kano, Demon, Ghetto, Seac and Doctor and JME 'Serious' Run The Road remix out on vinyl in couple of weeks I think.