Monday, 30 March 2009

Donaeo - Love To Happen

Donaeo has toooooo many sound effects and ad libs. It's the in ting. Thanks to Wretch for the heads up on this one...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Streets - Blinded By The Lights

Ok, just for that the video had to go up for all the young uns...

The Streets - Blinded By The Lights (Unknown Dubstep Bootleg Remix)

I would like to own this. The video to the original is still one of the vest music videos ever made in my opinion. Check Markle getting a shout out on air. Whatever.

NEW Shifty Trailer

Gotta big up my boy Riz. Big film. Go see it - out April 24th. As for their viral campaign, if you haven't been caught out yet, you will be soon... those in the know, know.

Fiddy Meets Shystie for Dubplate 3

So, I've been involved in series 3 of Dubplate Drama. Having assisted on the music front, I was on set last week to record some bits with Dappy and D-Brain but also managed to catch up with Shystie and Tulisa.

Ruff Sqwad - I Wanna Let You Know

Not sure about everyone on this auto tune stuff but like this still.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Diddy Does Dance

The April issue of Mixmag has an exclusive interview with Sean ‘P Diddy’ Coombs. In it, the Bad Boy Records supremo talks about his new album, his background as a dancer in the New York house music scene of the 1980s and his friendship with dance music stars like Felix Da Housecat.

Diddy also repeats his recent criticism of some contemporary hip hop DJs:

“They come up in a generation where people are DJing for money so they
copied who they saw getting the most money, copying their style and copying
their play-list, copying what they hear on the radio.”

He describes the new sound he is exploring on his next record ‘Last Train To

“On this album, I’m using names that you know – Pharrell, Tricky, Rodney
Jerkins and T-Pain - and I’m pushing them to a certain level of greatness.
I’m motherfuckin’ Rick James on this album. I’m talking about love – sex-
pain – heartache and some other stuff I can’t mention yet. It’s the dark and
the light side.”

And how many hours he sleeps a night

“ It used to be four but I had to push it to six because I wanted to make
sure I had mental clarity. It’s hard for me to sleep more. Last night I was
trying to sleep but my brain wouldn’t shut down. I have Ambien [a
prescription sleeping tablet], or I try and run and wear myself out.”

The cover of the April issue features Diddy and Felix Da Housecat. The two
will be teaming up again for Mixmag’s party with P Diddy at the Miami Winter
Music Conference in Miami, at nightclub Cameo on 27th March.

Visit Mixmag yourself.

A Small Chronic Break...

For my man Snoop Dogg. He's teamed up with Chase & Status and the result, Snoop Dogg Millionaire, feat. Tanvi Shah. It's KILLING IT, and my stereo, right now. You can't chat to Snoop. I got the whole world sippin on gin and juice. Aighhhht. To celebrate this dubstep/ hip hop fusion I've listened to Doggystyle album twice this morning. Without a doubt, one of my favourite albums EVER. I could fill up a whole blog with my fave Snoop quotes so let me rest up now.

Tribal Skank

I still haven't mastered it but don't watch that... the tune goes off in the club...

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Friday, 6 March 2009

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Painting The Town

The Ting Tings know how to party.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Blackstars New Sway Video

I need a holiday bruv!

Meet TheBathroom Girl

She likes singing in her bathroom.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Flash Mobs At A Tesco Near You!

There are flash mobs taking place across the country tomorrow, as a result of Tesco's refusing to stop selling non-fair trade bananas.

Read this article from Earth First:

Banana flashmob at Leeds Tesco in protest of Tesco refusing to stock only Fairtrade bananas.

Ctrl.Alt.Shift, a movement of young agitators, is demanding that Tesco ban the sale of non-Fairtrade bananas for good. At 1pm on March 3rd 2009, Protestors will stage a flashmob protest at Tesco Metro in Leeds city centre. Using Fairtrade bananas as dummy phones, the protestors will hold loud phone conversations about the poor ethical standards that Tesco maintains. A viral video and social network campaign will run over the internet in the run up to the event.

Over the last five years, British supermarkets have engaged in banana price wars, matching each other’s price cuts to such a low level that it is now impossible for many plantation workers to earn a living - or even a legal minimum – wage.

Hannah Martin who is part of Ctrl.Alt.Shift and helped organise the Leeds flashmob said ‘It’s a scandal that a company as powerful as Tesco refuse to fully support an organisation as significant as Fairtrade, Ctrl.Alt.Shift want to show Tesco we wont sit back and let this continue’.

In 2007, both Sainsbury’s and Waitrose agreed to sell Fairtrade-only bananas. But Tesco refuse to follow suit. As the nation’s largest retailer, it is Tesco’s duty to support Fairtrade practices within the World’s supply chains. As a result, many plantation workers are still paid less than $2 per day.


VICE Launch

Check pictures from the VICE & Ctrl.Alt.Shift photography exhibition. Rizwan Ahmed, Example, Semothy Jones, The Crown Prince, Queenie, Banders, Luckers, Sian, Rahul Verma, Camelia Muldermans, Don't Panic and the VICE photography mentors all representing. Click here anyway. Video soon come.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Cockney Flute Rusko Remix

T.I. Ft. Justin Timberlake - Dead And Gone

A Talk with Dave and RizMC

I love Riz Ahmed and all I can say it wait for Shifty, the movie, which comes out in April.


All i'm gonna say is this, "Ace, is it beef?" I just tried to follow him on Twitter and it said he's blocked me from following him. Parred. Like majorly. We're blog buddies and I thought we were totally down but maybe he got upset cause I labelled a picture of Mistajam as him. I haven't got any lyrics for Ace but I'm gonna get to the bottom of this.

Credit Munch

This isn't just another mixtape. This is actually worth downloading. Since parting company from The Beats label, which no longer exists, Example has been getting his dance game on, working with Herve, MJ Cole, Chase & Status, A1 Bassline... the list goes on. As a warm up for the single which drops in April (on Ministry) and the new line of T-shirts, he's put together a mixtape for ya'll which can be downloaded for free over on his myspace.

Tracklisting as follows:

Example presents: The Credit Munch – Mixed by DJ Wire

Room 1: Electro-House

1. ‘DJ Wire’s Space Odyssey Intro’
2. ‘I Don’t Want To’ (Jack Beats Remix)
3. ‘Pink Notes’ (produced by Chase & Status) >> Mason ‘Exceeder’
4. ‘Not From France’ (produced by Don Diablo) >> Justice Vs. Simian ‘We Are Your Friends’
5. ‘Cheaper Thrills’ (HervĂ© Bootleg)
6. ‘Baby Do You Want Me?’ Beatseeker feat. Example
7. ‘Last Night’ (Diddy - Chew Fu Remix – Example Bootleg) >> Crystal Waters ‘Gypsy Woman’
8. ‘Girl Can’t Dance’ (Don Diablo Remix) >> Booka Shade ‘Body Language’

Room 2: Dirty Ravers

1. ‘Its Not Ova’ A1 Bassline feat. Example
2. ‘So Many Roads’ (HervĂ© Remix)
3. ‘Don’t Be Shy’ Devils Gun feat. Example >> Underworld ‘Born Slippy’
4. ‘Dirtyface’ (Bart BMore Bootleg) >> Simian Mobile Disco ‘Hustler’
5. ‘We Came, We Saw, We Killed The Crowd’ (Don Diablo ‘Hooligans’ Bootleg) >> Prodigy ‘Smack My Bitch Up’
6. ‘Bodyrockin’ (produced by Don Diablo) Vs. Example ‘Posh Birds’

Room 3: Garage/Dubstep/D’n’B

1. MJ Cole ‘Lifesaver’ Vs. Example ‘Loud!’
2. ‘Drop The Pressure’ (Project Bassline Bootleg)
3. ‘Something In The Water’ (produced by MJ Cole)
4. 'Pirate FM' (Interlude)
5. UK Garage/Dubstep Mashup – Colours ‘What U Do’ >> Jammin ‘Kinda Funky’ >> DJ Narrows ‘Saved Soul’ >> DJ Wire ‘Believe Me’ >> DJ Shorty ‘Friction’ >> Rusko ‘Mr Chips’ >> DJ Wire ‘This Is Not The Fire - Dubstep Remix’ >> TC ‘Where’s My Money – Caspa Remix’ >> Lily Allen ‘The Fear’ (The Count Saves Lilly From The Fear Remix)
6. ‘You Can’t Rap’ Vs. Subfocus ‘Timewarp’
7. ‘Girl Can’t Dance (Chase & Status Remix) >> Lomax - "Artisan VIP" >> TC - "Game Over"


Click HERE for yours.

Kidbass ft Sincere- Goodgirls Love Rudeboys

Good look for Sincere

The Qemists feat Jenna G - On The Run

Really like this, but I love off Jenna G all the time.

Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl (Rusko Chapstick Mix) - Dubplate [Essential Mix]

Migraine Skank(s)

Yes there's more than one.

Here's a good attempt of the JME version...

But the new in ting is right here...

I prefer this on a night out...

Rusko - Cockney Thug (Caspa Remix) EXPLICIT

Ok so if the last tune I uploaded was dirty then anyone with a sensitive disposition should turn the volume down immediately. No Mr Muscle can clean this. Have to admit I prefer the original though.

Kid Cudi - Day N Nite (Rusko's Big Trombone Remix)

Nastier than two fat women wrestling over the last bag of frozen chips in Iceland.

N-Dubz Wouldn\t You

I bumped into Tulisa in the toilets at Plan B Brixton. Nice surprise, along with the toilet attendant having a bottle of Chanel Allure which I was repping that night. Her looked as enviable as normal but what made me happier was when she told me 'Wouldn't You' was probably going to be the next single. Probably my favourite on the album along with 'Love For My Slums'... thinking about it, I like all of the album bar 'Sex' which just doesn't fit for me. In fact, it made me feel like a paedo cause Dappy looks about 15 despite being a big man. Nothing but love for the Dubz still. So very glad that after the hardship they've endured - both persoanlly and in the industry - the music is doing the talking.

Sunglasses At Night

Norah's fave tune of the moment - this one you. Out for download on 16th March. Good job he didn't dress like Tiga or Corey Hart for that matter.

Banksy On It

Gillet Square Banksy, originally uploaded by vandalog.

UKStreet Art just alerted me to this on Twitter (*admittedly Collins, it does have it's uses) - a new Banksy down in Dalston. Check out more pics on vandalog's flickr showreel. Liking it still. But I can't bring myself to buy his book. Should I?