Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Hadouken! - Liquid Lives

Not as good as their previous release but still rowdy enough

World Of Grime?

Liberty St. in Ann Arbor, originally uploaded by AvarusMentis.

Some people messaged me about the blog name change a while back then today, someone mentioned that it had been bought up on RWD forum. If you're actually interested, it's not that I don't like or write about grime anymore, it's just with less time to blog and a more varied work load, it no longer suited the content. Gone are the days when every mag and their mum wanted to feature grime artists - you will, however, catch my Wiley piece in the new issue of Tank Magazine. And my blog was initially designed as a place to put my published work and any ramblings that didn't suit the print domain. Nowadays, life is a bit different. Gone are the days of working as a freelance recluse. As well as working with a record label two days a week, I now mentor young people on LIVE magazine in Brixton two days a week and still have to juggle blogging, my London Paper column, work for Mixmag, Blues & Soul, and whoever else may be on the books at said time. I'm also a firm believer in trying to avoid writing about stuff I don't like. And no one can tell me they like everything in grime or any other genre for that matter. If it warrants it, I'll pitch it. If It's worthy, you'll read it. But I can't deny that although I'm still stressing, it's a more personal work related stress than before, when my life was governed by what grime was, or wasn't, coming out. Unfortunately, there comes a time in everyone's life where making real money is more important than what you like doing. Before you say an artist has sold out, bare that in mind.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007


Watch Wiley's new video, like the first he's made in a decade or something here. You'd expect it to go into Bow E3 on the switch, but, err, it doesn't.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

R Kelly- Zoo

If these aren't the funniest lyrics R Kelly's ever written then boyyyyyyyyyyyyy...


Friday, 25 May 2007

N Dubz vs NAA

Plan B - Cast A Light

Obviously this isn't the actual video but this is my favourite song taken from the Plan B mixtape Paint It Blacker. He performs at 93 Feet East next week alongside Boy Better Know...

Kano - Me and My Mic (Live) (Ft. Kate Nash)

This was first time track had been performed, sounds not the best in parts but you get the idea. Kate Nash had been performing her own gig in Bristol and ran in just in time to join Kano. We even swapped shoes for health and safety reasons. Bloody good job.

Introducing... Adaggio

Introducing… Adaggio
Twenty four year old street violinist Adaggio, who can be found playing along to your favourite instrumentals, is coming to a club near you as Blues & Soul found out…

Q: Who are you, why are you here?
A: I’m Adaggio, I’m a solo street violinist, I specialise in urban orientated strings, I compose my own music, aswell as lending my strings to other artists and producers when they want that Adaggio sound.

Q: Why the street violinist?
A: Cause thats just what I am – my persona is street, my style is street, I play street, so why not call myself the street violinist? What other violinist have you seen with goldteeth?

Q: How did you get this to this point?
A: I started off with free lessons at primary school then joined the Hackney Youth Orchestra. We used to do classical repertoire but also cover modern pop songs like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. It was quite a ghetto orchestra come to think of it! I studies privately after secondary school. My professor Phillipa taught me a lot – I was 16, quite rebellious, she kept me focused and was always there to listen to me. I started experimenting with hip hop, R&B, garage and that soon after.

Q: Best experience to date?
A: Playing in the GLA Centre with the Reggae Philharmonic and Chaka Demus & Pliers or playing with The Game on Top of the Pops.

Q: How does what you do in your own time vary to what you do in the club?
A: Well in my own time I’ll play through some classical music just to keep on top of my game, aswell as praticing scales 24/7 - as a violinist thats very important. I also like to do a thing where i put on any random instrumental and just fresstyle to it, I love improvisation. In the club I lke to keep it fun and play over well known Instrumentals aswell as my own material!

Q: What’s forthcoming?
A: My signle, it’s going to be fire! I’m doing a three day workshop with Nitin Sawhney, one of my inspirations, which I can’t wait for. Also watch out for my strings on alot of peoples material. I’m doing a couple of shows in ibiza in the summer, I’m also in Dubai this month doing a performance.

Check for music and forthcoming bookings.

A version of this appeared in Blues & Soul

London Paper 25

A bank holiday means, of course, an additional day of rehabilitation, so there are no excuses not to go all out this weekend.

You could happily spend your whole weekend at the Hearn Street Car Park off Curtain Road in Old Street. This uber-cool spot has hosted DJ elite such as Sasha and Mylo, who have made one-off returns to their warehouse roots. Tomorrow, it’s the Wet Your Trailer Warehouse Party, a spleen-rupturing electro rock and rave with DJs Hannah Holland, Mikki Most, Mr Cormac and Rich Nxt. Entry is only £6 and you can stick around till 4am.

If you’ve got the stamina, return­ on Saturday for ­another Warehouse Party courtesy of Germany’s ­Kompakt Records, purveyors of cutting edge techno and electronica. Headliners the Whignomy Brothers will play alongside DJ Koze (hip hop DJ champion), Oxia and Shane Watcha. It runs until 6am, and it’s only a tenner.

Should you still be up for it on Sunday, there are two worthy options. Thugs & Hugs 2 at The Legion in Old Street puts on an urban affair with hip hop, Baltimore club, Miami Bass, crunksteppin’ electro, and riddim ‘n’ bounce. DJs include Bo Bliz from Philadelphia­, Smutlee, Zombiediscosquad, Patchwork Pirates­, DJ Gigolo “The Mixx” Knight – and it’s free.

For afters, seek out Hub, a secretive East End venue in Goulston Street with two rooms, a floor-shaking 20k Turbosound system and an all-night licence. Nodisko’s Bank Holiday F***-UP features appearances from Berlin’s Gomma Records, kings of wonky avant-dance Munk, Rodion, Skull Juice and one of my current favourites, Daft Punk’s tour DJ, Kavinsky.

Down south, tonight, at the refurbished Plan B in Brixton, heats begin for the DMC World Championships­. Expect turntablism at its finest­, including from last year’s winner, DJ Netik.

Or check out Ministry of Sound tomorrow, when Leeds-based Kissdafunk hit London for an Ibiza send-off and album launch party. Radio­ 1’s Trophy Twins and Rob Tissera will be alongside Moby and Faithless producer, and electro-house DJ, Sharam Jey, while Stereo Sushi will be hosting the bar – while the rest of us prop it up.

A version of this article appeared in The London Paper.

Happy Birthday Skullz

Kate Nash Foundations

So true

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Introducing… N-Type

Q: So who are you and why are you here?
A: Hello my names N-Type! No I'm not a type of car, a computer game or mates with R2 D2, Im a DJ, producer and label owner from Surrey.

Q: How would you describe a typical N-Type set?
A: Hype! Pure energy! I vibe off the crowd! I like to be spontaneous and creative. Not one of my sets is the same. I like to take people on a journey and work with the crowd. I build up the tension then hit them with straight bangers, maybe drop in some new exclusives, see how they like it then hit them with an anthem or two and tear down the dance with bangers again! Its all about getting on ya dancing shoe no time for rest. Lets have it!

Q: Three saviour tunes you always have in the bag?
A: Any Benga, Coki, Caspa, Skream and Kromestar tunes will hype up a rave. ‘Flames’ by Benga, ‘Burning’ by Coki, ‘Way of the Dub Rmx’ Caspa, Skream ‘Make Me’… That's four, I know.

Q: Best dance ever played and why?
A: The best dance I’ve played at would have to be a toss up between FWD>> and DMZ! Ever since Velvet Rooms, back in the day, I have wanted to play at FWD>> I was so happy to be playing there! The vibes were amazing! Going back 2 back with Hatcha there was cool too… And Oh. My. God. DMZ was nuts. I did one of my best mixed sets ever at DMZ up in the Brixton Mass! The crowd were goin' nutty and I was getting loads of rewinds! That was one of the happiest days of my DJ career.

Q: Most memorable set for all the wrong reasons?
Three spring to mind... But I’ll tell you about Imperial Gardens when I was 17. Some garage raves and venues were getting trouble and this rave was DIRT! People were getting jacked in the dance and the vibe was dark. We were playing garage in this shack of a third room, we got some super gear from my mate and got off our faces. We became nervous wrecks, sweating it up with this monitor speaker of doom that we couldn't turn down cos the mixer was broken. It was so load in my ear was practically eating my eardrum and making my soul shudder!

Q: How will your mix for the Dubstep Allstars compilation differ from those in the past?
A: I don't want people to compare my mix to the others in the series as I believe the point of Dubstep Allstars is to be unique and show people a slice of your personality as a DJ. A noticeable difference is there are quite a lot of tunes on this helping but this is down to the style of my mixing. I wanted my mix to give off the energy I create in a rave but at the same time give certain tracks enough time to breathe. I
have always believed if you leave tracks in to long in a rave, they become boring and people start to stand around plus you loose impact of the next tune. There has to be a balance in short impact mixing and longer more technical mixing that's why I try to combine both. Dubstep Allstars 5 is a good representation of me as a DJ and the current selection of producers and riddims that are smashing dance-floors around the world.

Check for bookings or listen to N-Type over at or every Sunday, 11-1 am on

A version of this appeared in Blues & Soul

London Paper 24

If you’ve had enough of everything New Rave, emo and funky house then here’s something new for your weekend. Men’s mag and style journalists Alex Rayner and Justin Quirk have started the yacht rock revival. Lost? Then think 80s Balearic which, according to Quirk, “taps into a really interesting period in music that not many other people are covering”.

It’s also tipped as the next thing in the world of fashion, and they’re encouraging the clientele to look the part, so delve into the depths of your wardrobe and get your Wham! T-shirt on. We’re talking white jeans, straw hats, espadrilles, bikinis and enormous sunglasses. Rumour has it Quirk might even don a pair of Speedos. The launch of Magnum presents The Balearic Lounge takes place at the aptly chosen Champagne Bar at the Great Eastern Hotel in Shoreditch this Saturday.

Not a fan of the 80s linen look? Well, the people behind Platform 12 at Canvas, Kings Cross are also trying something new this Saturday but there won’t be a pair of loafers in sight. Usually known for their love of breaks and beats, they are trying their hand at billing live bands.

Taking the headline spot are electropop stars Cicada – think Tiga, New Order, Blondie and Daft Punk rolled into one – who, following an international tour, are returning for festival season. Also taking centre stage is superstar DJ Mason (behind the chart smash ‘Exceeder’), Kid Kenobi, A-Skillz, beat boxer Faith SFX and residents Clive Morley, Ladykilla and m1¢®ØLõV® (Microlovr). Early bird tickets are only £10 but it’s £16.50 on the door so hit up to save money.

But if you want to get really down and dirty on Friday instead, then look no further than Fabric Live in Farringdon. Consistent in their line-ups, this is a club night that helps you feel younger thanks to the many sweaty students who dance till they drop, quite literally, on one of the many stairways. If I’m still not selling it to you, then how does the Chemical Brothers, LCD Soundsystem, Justice, The Teenagers, Crystal Castles, Filthy Dukes on one line-up sound? Mind you, I’d go just to check out the anti-bling stylings of The Elektrons (pictured) aka turntable alchemists Justin and Luke Unabomber.

Having built up their credentials on the basement ethos of their Manchester club, Electric Chair, they’re now on the verge of releasing their debut album, Red Light, Don’t Stop. Expect an insanely good mix ranging from soul to ghetto funk. But for the £20 entry fee, you’d hope so.

A version of this article appeared in The London Paper

Friday, 11 May 2007

London Paper 23

Fiddlers on the dancefloor by Chantelle Fiddy. Thursday, May 10 2007
If you thought caged dancers, b-boys or percussionists are as experimental as things get in a club then think again. Adaggio ( the street violinist is bringing classical music with a modern twist to the stage. At a recent club performance he put bow to string over Ne-Yo’s Sexy Love and Alicia Keys, If I Ain’t Got You while the clearly satisfied crowd formed an out-of-tune choir. Elsewhere, he’s taken on the more rowdy grime ravers and played along to anthems such as Jammer’s Murkleman, Skepta’s Duppy and Lethal B’s Pow. Born and bred in east London, Adaggio specialises in urban-orientated strings and thanks the ­violin for stopping himgoing down a different path in life. “I had to call myself the street violinist, that’s what I am. What other violinist have you seen with gold teeth?” he laughs. While influences include the likes of Nigel Kennedy, Vanessa Mae, Bartok and co, it was after completing his grades that he began experimenting with hip hop and R&B and garage. And despite being 24, he’s already played alongside Macy Gray, Estelle, The Game, Daniel Bedingfield, Maxi Priest and Chaka Demus and Pliers. “In my own time I’ll play some classical music, just to keep on top of my game, but I like to do random instrumentals and just freestyle. In the club I keep it fun,” he says.
As well as work lined up with Nitin Sawhney, a forthcoming single and sessions with beatboxer Faith SFX, Adaggio has got bookings this summer in Ibiza and Dubai. This weekend, you can catch him at Mindie’s first birthday party ( at 93 Feet East, Brick Lane. The event is run by the all-female promotion team, Kemikal, Linatron and Hancaban, collectively known as the Mindie Hussies. With the emphasis firmly on good live acts, expect enthusiastic, friendly, cool drunken fun, art and live graffiti. “Our most memorable event was when we launched at the Purple Turtle in Camden,” Kemikal said. “We didn’t expect such a great turn out in such a Heavy Metal biased venue. We got metal heads bopping to hip hop and hip-hop heads bopping to rock.” Friday promises to be extra special with cake thrown into the mix. Tinashe, The Gods, Albion Free State, Ghetto P and Magic 8 also perform live. On the decks will be the Very Verys, Flash & Drama, Elplate, Rattus Rattus to name but a few.
Free before 9pm, it’s only £5 after, so if the bank holiday wiped out your wallet there’s still room to manoeuvre.

A version of this article appeared in The London Paper

Dizzee On Jools

Friday 11th May - Later With Jools Holland - 23.35 BBC2. According to PR blurb, he performs Excuse Me Please exclusive - as never before or will ever be seen again. Features Winston Blissett of Massive Attack on bass and Dave Hirscheimer AKA Satan from UK metal band Fuckshovel on drums.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007


If you've got 10 minutes then check out Cubs starring Ashley Walters. A short film the synoposis reads as follows; They ride bikes instead of horses, hurdle garden walls, instead of hedges, and use Staffordshire Bull Terriers instead of Beagles. Ben is desperate to be part of this older gang – but initiation comes at a price. There's also a video interview available with director Tom Harper, who's only 27, and gave an insightful Q&A session at Beautiful South about an hour ago. Like him, you might notice some similarities between Cubs and the new Dizzee Rascal video, Sirens. Not that we're suggesting anything. Also look out for the TPC (Toilet Paper Crew) film coming soon from the LIVE crew which received a lot of laughs on it's preview. Well done to Gareth, Tony, Danielle and Mario. They're up for weddings, funerals and the rest.

Dizzee Rascal - Sirens

Monday, 7 May 2007

21 Morphs To Go

I'm Still Watching

Barbie - Macro
Originally uploaded by dolce gerhard.

London Paper 22

Originally uploaded by chantelle.
Chantelle Fiddy

Last week the talk was all about Hed Kandi as they brightly go where no other music brand has – getting their own Ibiza-bound Boeing 757. A joint venture between the the uber-cool Ministry of Sound-owned house label and Monarch Airways, the Hed Kandi themed plane turned heads at London Luton Airport on it’s launch last Friday. Guests onboard the flight to the Isle of White and back - without getting off mind you - were treated to champagne, blazing dance beats, a massage and the knowledge that the plane they were flying on had been finished that very afternoon. Thankfully it was a safe landing. With 165,000 seats going up for sale on and with prices starting at £38.99, they’ll be more flights and excuses than ever before to holiday on the hedonistic summer island. Hed Kandi’s Ibiza season kicks off on 16th June this year at El Divino so get booking now.

Also making the most of holiday season, Defected are making a long-awaited return to their Ministry of Sound roots. Having first emerged out of the Ministry mayhem back in 2001, Defected continued a long residency their until 2004. Having spent time taking over the international clubbing scene, they’re back to look after the capital with four events planned their this year. The first one takes place on Saturday 5th May celebrating the album launch of Dennis Ferrer In The House. If you didn’t know, Ferrer is widely regarded as one of dance music's more innovative producers and was behind remixes of Fish Go Deep’s ‘Cure & The Cause and Blaze’s ‘Most Precious Love’ with his own album, The World As I See It getting a release earlier this year. Speaking from his New York home he told us to expect lots of soulful vocals this weekend. “It’s a great club, big and loud, just how I like it. One of my most memorable experiences ever in London was when Kerri Chandler and I played Ministry of Sound back in the day. We had a lot to drink actually.” Despite his experience don’t expect Ferrer to be complacent behind the decks. “I get nervous everytime I play. We’ve all had nightmare experiences – CDs skipping, computers crashing…” And if you’ve ever wondered how DJs have adapted from playing vinyl to performing whole sets with a laptop, then look no further. “It’s eventful and it’s not fun sometimes but I use laptops controlled by CDJs. Times change and everything happens in cycles, you have to be willing to move with the times. It’s the way of the world now.” Where the new compilation is concerned, Ferrer says if you like his set you’re going to get down to the hand picked CD too. If you’re looking to offer a helping hand in settling Ferrer’s pre-set nerves, then be advised, he’s on the gin and tonic. With Junior Junior Jack & Kid Crème, Pasta Boys, Simon Dunmore, Copyright and Shovell also on the line-up, live for the moment and take your savings with you.

Visit for details on how to win flights to Ibiza...

A version of this article appeared in The London Paper

London Paper 21

Originally uploaded by chantelle.
Chantelle Fiddy: On The Scene

Now, Herbal in Shoreditch isn’t exactly one of London’s secret hot spots, nor is it a guilty pleasure. Located on Kingsland Road, outside of the hustle and bustle of Hoxton Square, it’s been attracting passing trade and regulars for a number of years. But the growing number of neighbouring bars and clubs such as Dream Bars Jaguar Shoes and Catch, have, however, led this section of Kingsland Road to become it’s own mini party zone and given Herbal a second wind. The
casual dress code, warehouse atmosphere and line-ups that you’d often expect to find in a superclub still make it worth the 10 minute walk from Old Street or Liverpool Street tube station. And this weekend is no exception.

Drum and bass legend Goldie makes an appearance on Friday at the monthly institution that is Metalheadz. With a new album due out at the end of April, expect to hear a banging selection of fresh cuts. Making it even more memorable, Goldie will play alongside one of his main studio mentors, Doc Scott and Heist, who worked with him on the last LP.

Also causing a buzz is Nodisko who will take over Herbal on Saturday for the second time. Nodisko (named after an early Depeche Mode track), which first appeared as a minor blip on clublands radar in November 2003, is the brain child of DJ/promoters Zak Frost and Magic Jase. The duo have gone on to establish Nodisko as one of the capitals most forward-thinking and downright daring discos. What started as a debauched, low-key way to end the weekend, championing Italo-disco, electro-house, quirky German techno and modern Balearic long before the pack caught up, quickly became an institution. “Our following is pretty varied, actually, which reflects the music policy.” Says Magic Jase. “We get a lot of Europeans-in-London, more clued-up party people who are into their underground music and spend as much of their weekends as possible throwing shapes in strobe-lit basements and more recently we've been getting a lot of the young club kids who've been making going out in the East End so dangerous and exciting again.”

Pulling out all the stops, Nodisko have managed to secure Claudio Coccoluto for a rare set - his first visit to the UK in a year and the first time he’s played a club the size of Herbal in a decade. “He's a bit of a hero of ours actually - he started championing this new, heavily electronic house music sound about 6 years ago, when like us he started getting bored of all that dull Latin, tribal and prog-house that was making clubbing such a big yawn. He's been DJing for almost 20 years and is technically amazing - and although he's not written about very often he's up there with the likes of Laurent Garnier and Richie Hawtin as one of the biggest and most talented international names. And he's a really nice guy, which makes a change." If you too like nice guys then check out for more.

A version of this article appeared in The London Paper

London Paper 20

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On The Scene
Chantelle Fiddy


Laughing gas, otherwise known as Nitrous Oxide (NO2) when used in the medical profession and by caters to whip cream, is no new fad. But thanks to the new rave culture that’s gripping the UK, it’s easier than ever to get yourself a hit of the giggles. As well as been readily available at street markets, a number of venues have also been making the most of the resurgence. But it’s not all laughs. While the majority of people enjoy playing the fool for five minutes, there have been reports of clubbers suffering from heart palpitations and fainting then there’s the reported risks of longterm damage to the nervous system. There does, however, appear to be a lack of confusion over the legality. While the majority of people view it in the same class as poppers, readily available over the counter of sex shops, LACORS (the Local Authorities Co-ordinators of Regulatory Services) are spreading the word that ‘anyone who supplies NO2 for the purpose of inhalation without being a registered pharmacist’ is breaking the law and can be charged under the Medicines Act. However, it isn’t illegal to inhale the gas or possess it - unless you’re doing so with the intent to supply.

Of greater concern to the authorities is GHB (Gammahydroxybutrate), or liquid ecstasy as it’s sometimes called, a drug with sedative and anaesthetic effects. Although it’s only a Class C drug, GHB is reportedly dangerous because of the difficulty in knowing how much you’re taking given the fine line between getting a good buzz and collapsing. Use too much and you might feel disorientated, be sick, have spasms or numb muscles, and burn your mouth if it’s a potent bottle you’re sipping from. Nice. Mixing it with alcohol is also a bad combination to be avoided at all costs. There have been several deaths over the past few years with GHB also been implicated as a date rape drug. As someone who’s had their drink spiked in the past, that’s no joke let me tell you.

Another emerging drug to be reckoned with is DO9 (or DOI). Still pretty rare, It hit the news in January when three people became seriously ill after taking the relatively unknown substance at an illegal rave in Bedfordshire. Dance music forums soon became awash with horror stories of the drug which was being plugged as ‘really strong acid.’

One high the officials will be less concerned with is the Bestival Launch Party at The Bloomsbury Ballroom on Friday night. Live acts and DJs include Candi Payne, Natty, Rob Da Bank accompanied by UK Beatbox Champion MC Beardyman and Sound Systems Trojan and Sombrero. With two fancy dress themes – Flappers and pirates - you’re bound to get legitimate laugh too. Tickets are selling out fast but can be bought for £12.50 in advance or £15 on the door.

A version of this article appeared in The London Paper.

London Paper 19

Originally uploaded by chantelle.
On The Scene
Chantelle Fiddy

One of the hottest tickets to have is for the Blacktronica and Playstation present 110 Sessions (so named because that’s how few people will be allowed into the venue). Taking places at the 3Rooms, a secret bespoke pop-up venue in the east end created by Sony, it boasts a screening room, digital interactive area and a bar complete with widescreen LCDs, Playstation 3 consoles, PSPs, Cybershot digital cameras and Handycams. Having already created a buzz amongst those who were invited to test out the equipment (note, I wasn’t one of them), this Friday levels will be risen even higher with American super-producer Just Blaze being flown in. Once inside the club he’ll be recording a track, in front of the audience, with UK MCs Klashnekoff, Skepta and JME while graphic designer Brent Rollins records the experience. The aftermath will be available for all to see over at where you can also find out how to blag into future events on a first come, first served basis.

If you’re less of a chancer then Plastic Little are also here all the way from Philadelphia. Given they’re from the more quirky school of hip hop, you’ll find them wowing fashionistas at YoYo, Nottinghill Arts Club tonight, Fabric on Friday and Queenz Of Noize’s night at Plastic People on Monday. They describe their sound as being like ‘the song you were accidentally conceived to. Minus the outdated condom your dad kept in his wallet for 6 months because, lets face it, your pop is a loser. A no ass getting whimp. But you're cool though.’ Influences on the otherhand range from Bonnie Raitt and Sade to Disney and skeeting (which in non-rap terms means to ejaculate on someone… or something).

A less frightening, solely British, alternative is the re-launch of I’m Not In Love, a celebration of singledom now set to run at the Islington Academy on the second Friday of every month. The brainchild of BBC London Radio DJ Sean ‘Guilty Pleasures’ Rowley, it’s outgrown the Bloomsbury Bowling Alley, The Social and The Lock Tavern since it’s birth on Valentines day five years ago. Putting a new spin on the dating experience, among the entertainment are The Laundrettas, a 15 strong troupe of fifties housewives who ‘like to bring a little love and light into this depressed and cynical civilisation…’ With their Departure Lounge of Love expect to have your emotional baggage sorted. If you’re still not getting lucky, relationship counsellor Dr Oates is also on hand complete with his couch. While they can’t promise you’ll find a suitor, with a playlist that includes Wilson Phillips, Heart, Bonnie Tyler, George Michael, Spandau Ballet and Chicago, at least you won’t have to wait until the cab ride home for power ballads and love songs from the erection section.

A version of this article appeared in The London Paper

Friday, 4 May 2007

Ruff Sqwad - Xtra

Rocking Cassette Playa nicely

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Dirty Canvas

Last one at the ICA before they go elsewhere...

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

ASBOs Needed

Do you have an ASBO? Does anyone you know have an ASBO? Would you sell your gran to get an ASBO? A magazine called Young People Now is doing a feature on ASBOs and whether or not they work. If you have experience with ASBOs and want to be interviewed, please contact

I Want A Sugababe Doll