Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Space Hero Barbie, originally uploaded by WarzauWynn.

Yesterday I was down in the dumps until I received an email telling me the new i-D Soul book was back from the printers. It's my first piece in a real book, as in one with a serious cover and binding. Shit, their paper stock is even alot. So yes, buy i-D soul and make me feel better.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


i-D .Wink and Pout Cover, originally uploaded by oh1963wtsh.

Tonight I'm going to be making my TV debut as part of Bright Young Wonders, on Channel 4, showcases 15 new presenting voices as part of its Generation Next season, which supports and encourages new creative talent.

So, If you have three minutes to spare, then 7.55pm, Channel 4, that's me.

I'm rather nervous, so be nice.

Thanks to Rachel, James and Max at 11 for their hard work and ensuring there's not a double chin in sight.

I'm still available for weddings, christenings and divorce parties.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

In The Bag

Today I got a pressie, as modelled by one of LIVE's hot-shot new designers, Jelani. Check more inspirational work like this at And thanks to Elle for the bag. Love it.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Phone Home

I don't normally get excited by mobile phones. I was tempted to get the iPhone until Ethical Consumer advised me otherwise (check Ctrl.Alt.Shift issue 2, soon come, for more). Anyway, given mobile phone companies are bumping us even more with 18 month contracts (what do you mean you've run out of credit?), that means less upgrades, but on a positive note, perhaps this will stop our gluttony for all things gadget related. Given my phone had started freezing I opted for a spot of recycling - check this - you can get anything up to £125 for your old mobile. You can keep the money or donate half or all to charity. Not bad for a bit of junk that normally collects dust down the back of your bed. Anyway, having donated by old Sony, I've got my hands on the W980 and I'm bigging up the 8GB memory. With my new obsession for talk radio, it's also handy that this one, unlike my last, boasts the FM too. Who needs an iPod afterall?

Tinie Tempah - Tears

I'm really concerned that Tinie Tempah has some bizarre interest in car accidents. I saw a man come off his motorbike this morning, and although he escaped uninjured, can you believe no-one else stopped or helped? What kind of world are we living in? Are you really in that much of a rush you can't stop and lend a hand?

Tinie Tempah - Tears

Carnival Warmers

Love the design

It's Black Down There

My good friend Martin Clark aka Blackdown, journo and producer almighty, proudly unleashes his debut album alongside Dusk this week. Enjoy. And buy of course.

Keysound Video presents... Dusk + Blackdown: Margins Music.