Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Run the Road

Run the Road, originally uploaded by chantelle.

1st Jul 05 RUN THE ROAD @ Fabric: Roll Deep, Klashnekoff (live), Scratch Perverts, Lady Sovereign, Crazy Titch, JME, Semtex, Cameo, J33
Entrance 9:30pm - 5:00am Price £12 (£10 nus)
Advance tickets available from TICKETWEB

My Point Exactly

Hello, originally uploaded by chantelle.

He who every morning plans the transaction of the day and follows out that plan, carries a thread that will guide him through the maze of the most busy life. But where no plan is laid, where the disposal of time is surrendered merely to the chance of incidence, chaos will soon reign. Victor Hugo (1802 - 1885)

Wireless Highlights

Good to see Sovereign on Channel 4 performing Public Warning. Big track, for those that haven't heard this it's strictly hardcore. Some people might not be ready but watch it. The Mitchell Brothers seem to be improving too, riding the Sunship/Warrior Queen beat works for them more so than most things I've heard them do before. Also good that they denied wanting to grope young Sov.

Tuesday, 28 June 2005

Mack On

Thanks to The Mack we now have a video review blog going on. I've started contributing, forgive me If I'm at times slack but I'm juggling. Check here! Next stop I gotta get back to Tofuhut. They're gonna kick me!

Gotta Take Time Out

...To big up my Saturday night crew. T'was the J-Quirks b'day and him and Dan Westwood dropped some bombs on the Ditch. Shout to Taz whose booty shook more than mine, Epworth who came to the rescue on more than one occassion, Shotter for the double team windin', The Bull who nearly had a heart attack (forgive me)... but to those Essex boys who pushed it one step to far, next time it won't just be a face shouting up in your space. When will the male species realise it's not actually on to grope women up in the club? Ladies aren't having it any more, standard! And to the bouncer who watched and did nada, let's hope it's not your sister next time. Bitch.

Damn, Missed It

damn, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Monday, 27 June 2005

Rhythm Division Chart

1. Roll Deep - In At The Deep End Album Sampler (Relentless)
2. Wiley & Ruff Squad - Sidewinder/Tragedy (White)
3. Slew Dem Crew - Grime 2005 (White)
4. Parabeats feat Carmen Reece - You Got Me Dexplicit Rmx (Public Demand)
5. Roll Deep V's Ruff Squad - All Day Long (White)
6. Wizzbit - Grand Theft Auto/Time (Dumpvalve)
7. Roll Deep - The Avenue Refix (Relentless)
8. Riddler Records - The Riddler EP Vol 3 (Riddler Records)
9. Diesel feat Doctor and Riko - Come On (D Power)
10. JME - Don't Chat/Baraka/Calm Down (Check It)
Compiled by Sparky @ Rhythm Division, Roman Road, Bow E3. You can listen to audiio in this chart at

Back Home

Kano's debut album Home Sweet Home is out today. "With an album so lyrically lucid and sonically exciting, it seems that if anyone can do it, Kano can" 9/10 NME, "Post Dizzee Rascal, Kano is London's grime's superstar-in-waiting" UNCUT, "Defines UK music and moves it forward, this is a supremely confident debut" TOUCH. New footage of Kano, Demon and Ghetto murking Paris is up at Update... The midweek is looking good!

Sunday, 26 June 2005

RIP Richard Whiteley

The Legend, originally uploaded by chantelle.

For the last month I've been hoping to track down Richard Whiteley to review the Countdown Riddim for my Touch page, a grime banger currently blowing up Channel U which samples the famous Countdown theme tune. It's with great sadness that I just heard on the news that our trusty Countdown TV presenter has passed away after a long illness. He'd been hosting alongside Carol 'brains' Vorderman for over 20 years, and thanks to my grandma's gentle persuasion (call if force if you prefer) I used to have to watch the show everyday. As many students will recall, it's a staple part of the daytime diet. I doubt Mr Whiteley ever got to hear the Riddim, I know not whether he'd even be amused but it's here to stay - even if Countdown becomes no more.

"The 61-year-old presenter from West Yorkshire fell ill back in May and was rushed to hospital in Bradford. He had been said to be "recovering slowly". Whiteley, who fronted the show with Carol Vorderman since 1982, is still on screen as the show is pre-recorded. Ms Vorderman's agent, John Miles, confirmed Whiteley had died. Last November Whiteley was honoured with an OBE from the Queen, who is said to be a fan of the show, as was the late Queen Mother." From BBC News. Check for more.

Saturday, 25 June 2005

Sov Does America

Sov Does America, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Lady Sovereign is playing her first US gigs in July. 8th July Sonotheque, Chicago
13th July The Knitting Factory, New York These dates are likely to sell out so make sure you get your tickets early. Send me a full report! You can also hear the JME remix of her track 9-5 on the website

I'm Trying

"How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live" Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)

Friday, 24 June 2005

Lil Pop Bitch

Lil Pop Bitch, originally uploaded by chantelle.

It's summer so treat the kids


G-Hop-Presents, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Wednesday, 22 June 2005


iPorn, originally uploaded by chantelle.

New Connects

More2DaFloor Part 3 is here... these links don't take 7 hours like before. Part 1 Part 2

B.I.G. Crew Live In Action

San Francisco's first all UK Grime Crew spinning live at "Who The Cap Fit" June 11th 2005. DJs include Megatron, Subtek and The One with MCs Child, Audio Angel, Karl Cutta and MC Duh (loving the name). It takes about 5 minutes to load so be patient. Plays for sure!

Grime Time

Grime Time, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Dubsteppin' In Brooklyn

Dubsteppin' In Brooklyn, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Tuesday, 21 June 2005

Targets Mixtape Rules

Targets Mixtape Rules, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Don’t make it too short, do at least 60 minutes worth.
Keep it fresh, you don’t want stuff that’s on other peoples mixtapes or are out already.
A good title helps but people aren’t going to just buy it for the name. The music will build up the name more than anything else.
Musically, do what you want. If you’re only into one type of music do that, but if like me you’re not there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be eclectic.
The order tracks go in is important. You have to make sure it’s an interesting journey.
If you are pushing yourself as a DJ then mix it but if you’re not then just make sure the transition is smooth.
Good artwork helps but the box is just as important.
Don’t make it too expensive, it’s for the streets, no Harrods prices.

Grab the Aim High Series for example!

Old But Worthy

Shots are fired at Bill stars. By Alexa Baracaia Media Correspondent, Evening Standard, 27 May 2005
Stars of The Bill were forced to dive for cover when shots were fired at them while they were filming. Real-life police were called in to protect their TV counterparts after the incident on a council estate in south London. A member of the crew was hit in the hand by an airgun pellet, but his glove saved him from injury. It is believed that two youths may have fired from nearby flats before fleeing the area. A show insider told The Sun: "There was a loud crack that sent everyone diving for cover. It definitely sounded like a real bullet." Scotland Yard confirmed they had attended a shooting in Hermes Way, Wallington, on Thursday afternoon last week. Police remained on the set of the ITV1 show for the rest of the day's filming.

Collins! Collins!

Congratulations to Hattie 'Slappy' Collins, or Penny as Titch calls her (for what reason no one including the Crazy T knows), who it's been announced will take over as editor of RWD Magazine following Mason's departure. Her first issue will be the Sept edition out in August, and she'll join the team in the office as of next week. Of course wishing her the best of luck although I have no doubt in my mind she'll do a great job. Word.

Monday, 20 June 2005

Lioness Playlist 3

Ivan-O - Say What I Like [BLine]
Skepta - Private Caller [Mastabeatz]
JME - Dont Chat [Check It]
T-Star - Bounds (Instrumental) [Snakebite]
Faction G - One Step Ahead
Shola Ama - With U [Aftershock]
Doctor - Never Wanna Say
D Power ft Doctor & Riko - Come On [D Power]
Flirta D - Warp Speed [White]
Flirta D - Noises
Hector (Regal Players) - Rude Boy [Frog]
Hector (Regal Players) - Paper, Cash, Cheese, Wong [Frog]
Wiley - Merkle Man [White]
Jammer - Murcul Man Outburst [Jah Mek The World]
Jammer - Fire Hydrant [Jah Mek The World]
Footsie - War In Here [Neckle]
Kano - Watcher
Kano ft D DOuble E & Demon - Reload It [679]
G Double E - Harmony
Purple - Help M, Help You
Vix & Trix - Good From Far
Tinchy Stryder & Dirrty Danger - Freestyle
Essentials - Freestyle
Lethal B & Fumin - Freestyle
Moet - Dirty Girls (Instrumental)
Wonder - Step [Dumpvalve]
Jon E Cash - Battle [Black Ops]
Macabre Unit - Crusher [BLine]
Jammer & Footsie - Hooks (Instrumental) [White]
DaVinChe - Frontline [FL]
T Star - Biryani [Snakebite]
Slash - Concerto
J Sweet - Kerb [White]
Jon E Cash - Hoods Up [Black Ops]
Wiley - Firefly [White]
Footsie - Prangman (Instrumental) [Braindead]
Mark One - Marksman
Agent X - Killahertz (ALias Remix) [Heetseeker]
Alias - Warriors [White]
Dizzee Rascal - Hoe 4 [White]
Bigga & Lewi White - Chiney Chin Riddim [Neckle]
Macabre Unit - Bubble (Mark One Remix) [Twisted Beatz]
FT (Imp Batch) Ft Jai Box - Why Do You Have 2 Be

From Record Of The Day

Artist: Roll Deep, The Ave Released: 18 July
We say: Dizzee Rascal used to be part of Roll Deep and Wiley still is (he produced The Avenue). Their album just charted at #50 without the aid of a single. Thanks to Steve Owen of HMV for tipping us off about it. The Avenue contains a hefty sample of Heartache Avenue by The Maisonettes, a record from Christmas 1982 that sounds like it was from Christmas 1957, with added raps. Finally someone in UK hip hop has worked out how to make a credible crossover hit. We heard this twice in quick succession on Radio 1 and it sounded so good, we became convinced it could be #1 record.

More 2 Da Floor Part 3

me&rossib1, originally uploaded by chantelle.

I love Rossi B & Luca, not just because the former has been a great friend to me in the last four or so years but because they're great DJ's - the old skool way. The third installment of their mix series for your listening pleasure is now available over at

3: INTRO # 1
42: SCANDALOUS UNLIMITED - NOTHING ELSE MATTERS n.b I've just been told this download is a nightmare due to filesize so when the new links get's uploaded, I will of course share it

Friday, 17 June 2005

Magic Stick

Dynamo3, originally uploaded by chantelle.

“You see that guy, I was scared to stand next to him. When I met him I was like who is he? Why did God send him to mess up my head like this?” And Roll Deep Crew’s Wiley isn’t the only one getting the fear. The grime scene are on the whole seem to be packing their load over nineteen-year old Bradford street magician Dynamo, especially now he’s joined the Magic Circle.

“I’m quite confused” producer and MC Jammer told NME. “I don’t believe in magic but I saw him pull a lit cigarette through a coin backstage at the Lil Jon party and that shit was real.” So was the £80 tip Lil Jon gave him. “Midgets have special powers, I told you. He even body pops his way through it all” adds the less phased but equally freaky Lady Sovereign.

Dynamo isn’t totally down with the bling brigade though. “If I could throw my own party it’d be with people like Sway, The Streets, Roll Deep, Dizzee, Kano and MC’s off Run The Road. It was crazy coming to London and meeting people like Wiley cause they’re a big thing to me.”

Honing his skills outside night clubs such as The Jump Off, Ministry of Sound’s Smoove and any grime rave that actually happens, Dynamo turns tricks on gangsters, wannabe’s and celebrities. He’s already psyched out Busta Rhymes, Pharrell, Avid Merrion (“who thinks I’m Damien The Omen) and Prince Charles.

“I’ve come from performing on council estates and ended up on Royal estates. How may times do you have Camilla Parker Bowls chasing after you shouting “Dynamo! You’ve got to come and see the kids”? I’ve even met David Blaine and did some stuff he’d never seen before. He was saying “Maan this kid knows what he’s doing.”

While Dynamo continues his battle with Chron’s disease his television series and DVD project are well underway while the likes of Wiley are desperate to get him all up in the video.

“I don’t know whether he could sit in a box like Blaine, but who cares. His magic’s real not like what you see on TV. Actually, I want him on my next album cover too… but I guess I’m going to have to join the queue.”

Dynamo’s Underground Magic DVD hits road soon.

Words: Chantelle Fiddy
A version of this article appeared in NME, May 2005.

This Time Last Year

I just came across some old Blues and Soul work. Time goes so quickly. In July's column last year Sidewinder's Awards voting was underway, i wondered why so many people were still giving Sovereign shit and not seeing the appeal. Not so many haters now. Riko had announced joining Roll Deep which seemed to signal any chance of the Pay As U Go revival really happening, dead in the water (still love the album to the bone, hope it will see light of day in some shape or form one day). Ministry of Sound had just launched their Smoove Live event.

And here's Terror Danjah's Chart.
1. Terror Danjah & Shola Ama - With U (After Shock)
2. Valentine feat 2 Nice - Untitled (After Shock)
3. Davinche feat Katie and Kano - Leave Me Alone (Paperchase Recordings)
4. P Jam - Real Rmx (Dice Recordings)
5. Big ED - Davinche's Frontline Rmx (FL Records)
6. Roll Deep - Heat Up (Roll Deep)
7. Terror Danjah - Industry Standard EP 2 (After Shock)
8. Footsie & D Double E - Prang Man (Brain Dead)
9. Black Ops - Reverse (Black Ops Recs)
10. D.O.K. - The Shock Anthem (After Shock)

And Rhythm Division too.
1. Lethal B – Forward Riddim (white)
2. Alias – Gladiator 2 (white)
3. Misty Dubs – Outta Love (white)
4. Delinquent – R U Ready (Spoilt Rotten Recordings)
5. DJ Marsta – Gridlock Rmx/Deadlock (white)
6. R Kelly – Happy People Rmx (white)
7. DJ Mexx – DTM Vip (white)
8. 3 Of A Kind – Baby Cakes (Relentless Promo)
9. Davinche feat KT & Kano – Leave Me Alone (Paperchase)
10. Statik – Charge VIP (Highly Flammable)

Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Durrty Goodz

Durrty Goodz, originally uploaded by chantelle.

There I was, minding my own business, desperately seeking mouse poison for our latest house pet Mickey when I bumped into Doogz (sorry Goodz). Aside from buying food he's busy in the studio putting the finishing touches to his debut album due for release on Polydor. If you haven't yet got hold of a copy of his Durrty Whirl mixtape sampler then do... he's in his own world.

Don't Try Chat Him Up

derek, originally uploaded by chantelle.

He's mute.

Tuesday, 14 June 2005

Introducing JME

Meet MC and producer JME, Roll Deep’s newest member, brother of Skepta and remixer of Lady Sovereign’s next single ’9-5’. After the hype surrounding his debut release Serious, this twenty year old student is bringing some sense to the madness and is definitely one to watch…

What does JME stand for?
Jme actually doesnt stand for anything, yep, nothing. I didnt want to make up an MC name because its hard to make up a name that you will stick with and won’t jepordise your carreer at some point or have a change of heart about so I stuck with the name mummy gave me - JME shortened from Jamie. I might actually make up something; Jack Man Everyday, Just Merk Everything, Jump Man Ediot.

When did you start producing/MCing?
I started producing as soon as i could. I didnt note down the date though.... I was about13 or 14 or younger on ringtones, then Mario Paint then came Game Boy camera then Music 2000 then Fruityloops. Till now I will produce on anything anywhere. Mcing was a joke at first, i remixed everyones lyrics then we made the Meridian Crew, me, Dan and Bossman Birdie that’s when I started to take it serious, serious.

What are you working on right now?
My pecs, my coursework, and my album. I’m in no rush to complete my album, as everyones doing one as if its easy. I’m going to make sure that everybody that listens to our music says "JME’s album is heavy starr" coz i am putting only the best of my music on there and if thats not good enough then i dont know what is.

Ultimate collobaration?
I have alot of ideas on who would go well together on a track but the problem with our scene is that we dont communicate well enough half the mcs you see on collaboration tracks do not know each other so dream combos might never happen.

Who you feeling (and I mean musically not touching up)?
I’m feeling anyone who makes me forget what music I’m listening to, who is real,
someone whose style is not just different, but unique and they’re not scared to explore music, you know not just stick to the same sheet.

Is Meridian still going?
Meridian is in the blood.

What's going on with Bossman?
Bossman has been charged and will be released early October. His career decisions are still not clear in my head from when I visited him but I hope he sticks with the music as he is as talented if not more talented than me. I’ve known him longer than anyone else other than Skepta of course, and I know that he has what it takes to be one of the best.

And how come you and Skepta have joined Roll Deep?
Joining Roll Deep will help Roll Deep and it will help us in the same way. We haven’t left Meridian. Never. Please dont get it twisup. But joining Roll Deep made me stronger and smarter, a new phase is always good, it encourages you to write and think more and seeing as Meridian had to be put on hold for a while
joining Roll Deep has kept my name on fire while we were goin’ through some intense shit. But Rolldeep have helped me a lot more than some people that are closer to me so they are family now.

JME – Baraka is out now on white label. Promo’s of his Lady Sovereign 9-5 remix landing now.
A version of this appeared in B&S.

Monday, 13 June 2005

No Lay, Baby Chann & Co

Audio is up over at Scandalbag from their Ladies Night at Rhythm Factory... includes No Lay and Chann riding the Chrome Riddim.
Hear Here


Live, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Win Win Win

Don't Say You Were Not Told... You Must Be A Member On The Forum To Take Part... We are currently running a massive competition on the Urban Music Forum... You need to check the following link for more info: We are giving away the following to the lucky winner:
Lord Of The Mic DVD Signed By Directors Ratty & Capo
Lifetime VIP Membership
Signed Copy Of Donae'o United Record
Lord Of The Decks 3 Double DVD & CD Signed By Directors Ratty & Capo
Signed Copy Of Akala - The War Mixtape
Heat In The Street - Volume 2
Official Kano Signed T-Shirt
Signed Copy Of The Remember Me Kano Record
Signed Copy Of The Remember Me Kano CD
Signed Copy Of Lady Sovereign's Bitchin EP Record
Signed Copy Of Lady Sovereign's Next Single Advance Promo

Friday, 10 June 2005

Quick Ting

Excuse the slackness that's set to follow but this is a one minute man post. Massive shout out to Ratty and Capo, especially the latter who kindly dropped me Lord Of The Decks 3 at midnight... we're talking hot off the mofo press. Of course I couldn't wait to view it so it was supplies at the ready. Getting to the point... they're setting the pace with this one. From the editing to the filming itself, the interview... just everything is on a new level. I'll even forgive them for taking so bloody long with it. So basic run down is this; CD hosted by D Double E, bare exclusives, 29 tracks featuring well everyone you'd expect from Skepta to Jammer, Akala to Wiley you know how they does! This time around there's 2 DVD's, featuring really on point interviews with Dizzee, Mike Skinnner, Unorthodox, Klashnekoff... we're talking 29 chapters on DVD 1 alone. There's also live footage from i-D Live @ Cargo, other live footage, videos... DVD 2 is more of the same including Mr Wong, Sov, Titch, Goodz, Plasticman etc...rounded off with a Hotheadz outing to Germany for a rave (Capo, Ratty, Lethal, Kano, Dee, Target, Jammer) - and this is as close to having a weekend away with the lads as you're likely to get. I gotta run so basically buy it. More on this another time.

Thursday, 9 June 2005

Harvey And The Law

Back to the pop courts - 'having fights with police men' division - So Solid Crew member Harvey has been banned from driving for nine months, fined £815, and ordered to do 150 hours of community service for assaulting a Hertfordshire police officer who tried to stop him from using his mobile phone whilst driving. During the incident, which happened in Welwyn Garden City on 17 Jan, the Police Constable in question, Keith Harron was forced to use CS gas in order to restrain the So Solid man. District Judge Alistair Perkins said: "You are clearly a very talented person with a bright future ahead of you." But added that " the police officer is a public servant, he is entitled to look to the courts for protection and I intend to make sure that officer will get that protection." On leaving the court, and making reference to his past involvement in projects encouraging young people to be more law abiding, Harvey said: "I will get on with my community punishment and get back to reality. I have learned my lesson and it is a bad example to kids. You live and learn, everyone makes mistakes in life, I won't be the first celebrity to get into trouble. You can't make one rule for one and one for everyone else." From CMU Daily.

Wednesday, 8 June 2005

G Unot!

Shout out to Saj over at Touch Magazine. He's had a tattoo with my name done on his sack of love... and If I find out he's telling porkies I'm gonna tell everyone the alter ego he uses to slag people off in reviews. Ha.

Faster Baby, Faster

Faster Baby, Faster, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Getting around London in a car is long so I'm joining those who like it bare back. Giddy up boy!

East Seminar

The Panel:
Dan Stacey, 679 RECORDS / RUN THE ROAD compilation
Paul Jordan, BUG MUSIC
Host: Tony Nwachukwu, CDR / BURNT PROGRESS
The final session in this series of three seminars brings together another A list panel for an essential look at licensing in all its shapes and forms. Designed as a general guide for artists and labels who have previously based their income mainly on direct record sales, the discussion will cover:
- licensing to compilations, from TV advertised releases to mid-price
- synchronisation deals (placing music on TV, film, ads, etc)
- an insight into the way these areas select the music they use and the type
of deals they offer
- other ways of exploiting your catalogue and the value of back catalogue
As before, this will be mainly an open discussion session rather than a lecture by the panel so you can ask any relevant questions throughout theevening. Free drinks available on the night too. Hope you can make it along. For more info, e-mail Stratford Circus, Theatre Square, London E15 1BX, Tel. 0208 536 0630,Transport: Stratford station (Central / Jubilee / DLR / North London lines).

Hello, Hello

Big up Dog-z for hooking me up with a load of new bits, going to have a proper listen tomorrow. His track Hello is out this week on OT Recordings.

Tuesday, 7 June 2005

Mizz Beats

Mizz Beats, originally uploaded by chantelle.

With a serious lack of women sitting behind the mixing desk, Mizz Beats is hoping to inspire a generation…

Studio’s are testosterone battlegrounds yet it was always going to be a matter of time until we found our potential Missy. Cliché perhaps, but we’ve got a contender and armed with her fruity loops program, eighteen year old Mizz Beats is looking to master her destiny and make history.

While grime girlies Lady Sovereign and Maihem have been known to dabble in production, Mizz Beats is the first to drop bombs on vinyl.

Her name’s been spreading the streets of London like wild fire since her first heater on Nekkle Records, ‘Signal’, featuring the vocal talents of legendary MC D Double E. Future collaborations already in the bag include ‘They Never Saw It Coming’ with Wiley, JME, Footsie, Jammer and Ears and a bag of goodies for rapper Klashnekoff.

“A lot of people have been wondering why it’s taken me so long to get something out cause I’ve been building up for time but I had to wait and see where I was heading. I had to be ready.”

An only child, Mizz Beats, otherwise known as Iman Yanee (“I was named after the model but the name means faith and I’ve got that”) was born into a musical family; her grandad playing the piano and guitar while her four uncles were in a reggae band. Growing up in and around Leytonstone, east London, Iman got used to enjoying her alone time and It was soon after taking up piano lessons herself, and at only 12 years old, she found herself recording keyboard sequences onto a four-track. More heavily influenced by her parents jazz and soul collection than anything else the likes of Roy Ayers, Quincy Jones, The Neptunes and Missy Elliott have also sculpted her sound.

“I don’t make one sound, I’m original and a musician first and foremost, I don’t want to pigeonhole anything. I am signed to Jammer’s label but my style is ‘I am music’.”

Now 18 she’s further honing her skills at college (“well It’s like college but it’s in a warehouse in Islington”), studying music technology and business, learning to play the guitar, penning tracks for girlfriends and doing her upmost to stay away from singing.

“I guess being a girl has actually made it easier because certain guys don’t see me as competition but there’s others who see it’s not about gender but the individual, my stuff will sound angrier and darker than theirs and they can’t work out how I do it.”

Words: Chantelle Fiddy
Mizz Beats feat. D Double E ‘Signal’ is out now on Nekkle Records. A version of this article appeared in i-D Magazine, May 2005.

Monday, 6 June 2005


Shame, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Mission Done

What a mission. Walked to Bethnal Green to bag the Roll Deep album but the swagness that is Woolworths didn't even have it. As I'd gone that far it was too late to turn back so no. 8 bus and next stop Liverpool Street where I had more luck with Virgin (man behind the counter gave me the eye too whoop whoop. This reminds me I had a lean thought about starting a blog strictly to report my sexual encounters until I realised it was a swag idea cause i'd so rarely have anything to report that the login would expire just like condom). So now I'm back home with a copy of In At The Deep End which includes a bonus DVD. The moral of the story is it's worth a trek to get this... according to manager David Laub only HMV, Virgin and someone else I've forgotten will be carrying it for the time being as it's a soft launch. So now you know, don't bother with shops that are only good for envelopes, toilet brushes and sweets i.e. Woolworths. Safe to the boys for the shout out, few names I expected to see that are missing but then again I hear artists only get like two minutes to pen that shit and it would be rude of me to digress further. Still not sure I get the artwork but who gives a rats arse? Not me.

Snow White Meets Brownie Part 2

snow white part2, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Sov wanted to recreate the picture we took a year or so ago after my trip to Miami but I didn't have time to get her back in my bed... we settled for the sofa instead. Catch a fresh Dirty Dozen in the next issue of Blues & Soul. Just to keep you in the know, Lady Sovereigns first official Island release will be 9-5, currently scheduled for August 1st. Remixes include an offering from JME as well as a work of art by The Ordinary Boys. I'll holler when promos arrive but in the meantime Sov and Medasyn have also done a remix of The Ordinary Boys new single so listen out for that one. Big like bottom.

Plan Beezy

planb, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Had the pleasure of finally seeing Plan B do the accoustic thing at Cargo the other night. Shockingly good stuff. Safe guy as well. Hear his mixtapes nearly done so bound to be a treat. Pyrotechnic have just uploaded a rather good interview too ( Also caught a couple of tracks by Son Of Dave. Not my normal cup of rosie but really feeling it. To my surprise I turned on Jools Holland this Friday gone and there the man was again. If KT Tunstall wore a suit, shaved off her hair, added a bit of beatboxing into the biz then you'd be somewhere near Son Of Dave... I think.

Smoove Live

FRIDAY 10th JUNE 2005, SMOOVE LIVE GOES ‘IN AT THE DEEP END’, ROLL DEEP EXCLUSIVE – 1st LIVE LONDON SHOWCASE Smoove Live returns with yet another exclusive performance on Friday 10th June. ROLL DEEP – The East London crew who brought you Dizzee Rascal and Wiley have finally stepped out of the shadows with a debut album of their own ‘In at the Deep End’ and on to the Smoove Live stage with their first ever live London showcase. With Flow Dan, Breeze, Riko, Trim, Brazen, Jet Le and Scratchy leading the charge on the mic; Carnage and Maximum on the decks and beats by Danny Weed, Target and Wiley, this 45 minute performance in the club’s main room will strike the new chime of grime that pulls in a variety of influences from house and hip hop to soul and salsa. Yes really! Big tracks including ‘Let it Out’ with its uplifting piano sampler, Bhangra Jam resonating ‘When I’m Ere; ‘Good Girl’ with it’s sophisticated Hip Hop overture and the salsa sampling ‘Shake a Leg’ will all be included on the running sheet, plus many more from the album that has been tagged as one of the most unique and inspiring UK soundtracks of 2005. Also playing on the night across the two main rooms will be Shortee Blitz, Masterstepz, Chippie, Davy Diamond and Swerve whilst the alternative edge of Soulful House features in the Baby Box.
Doors open at 10.30 till 5am Dress Code is strictly no trainers, hoods or caps £15 / £12 NUS SMOOVE LIVE, Ministry of Sound
103 Gaunt St, London, SE1 6DP.

Sunday, 5 June 2005

Lioness Playlist 2

JME - Serious [White]
JME - Don't Chat [Check It]
Lowdeep - Str8 Flush [Colourful State]
Purple - Help me, Help You
Terror Danjah - Piano Madness [Aftershock]
Purple - Another String
DPM ft Doctor - Wicked & Bad [White]
D-Power ft Doctor & Riko - Come On [D Power]
J-Sweet ft Doctor, Remerdee & Jendor - Bring It [White]
Doctor, Fresh & Ryder - something Wrong
Ryder - Slew Wasteman
Lethal B - Uh Oh (I'm Back) [V2]
Crazy Titch ft Keisha - Gully [White]
The Allance - Stop (DaVinChe Remix) [White]
Faction G - Freestyle
Baraka - Blue Portal [Check It]
Kano - Mic Check 1,2 (Instrumental Remix) [679]
Kano - Brown Eyes [679]
Kano - Signs In Life [679]
Kano ft Demon & Ghetto - Mic Check 1,2 (Remix) [679]
Tinchy Stryder - Undergroud [Ruff Sqwad]
Slicks & Tinchy Stryder - Guns & Roses [White]
Jammer - Freestyle
Roll Deep - Flying Away [Relentless]
Moet - Dirty Girls
Mariah Carey - We Belong [Island]
Jon E Cash - Hoods Up [Black Ops]
Terror Danjah - Nite Crawler 2 [FL]
Wiley - Firefly [White]
Wiley - Icepole (Remix) [White]
DaVinChe - Shut Down Shop (Instrumental) [Paperchase]
Fire Camp - No [White]
Agent X - Killahertz (Alias Remix) [Heatseeker]
Plasticman - Cha (Mark One Remix)
Macabre Unit - Crusher [B Line]
Bigga, Lewi White & Jammer - Phantom Riddim [Jah Mek The World]
Wiley - Colder (Remix) [White]
Slew Dem - Terrorist EP [White]
Nii-O - Descent [Breakbeat]
Jammer - Fire Hydrant [Jah Mek The World]
Wonder - Face [Dumpvalve]
Macabre Unit - Lift Off [Terrorhythm]
J-Sweet - Kerb [White]

Wednesday, 1 June 2005

Got A Minute

Go and check out Nice scratch work going on over Alias 'Warriors'. Also an old skool garage mix for download. He's the daddy. Big up Tha Megatron, B.I.G. Crew representing outta the USA!

Quote Of The Day

Air Pie, originally uploaded by chantelle.

"Can I have some custard with that air pie?" Logan Sama. Brap. Draw for the batty.

North West @ Large

North West, originally uploaded by chantelle.

A new DVD, North West @Large and the Best of West, drops soon. The dvd will be showcasing a wide variety of talent from both north west and west London, artists featured include Flirta D, SLK, Bashy, Purple, Renegade Boys, Nasty Jack, Musical Mob, Bronzy & Jakal plus more.The boxset contains 2 dvd's and a mixtape featuring unreleased tracks from Flirta D, SLK, Bashy w/Katie Pearl & Davinche, Donaeo, Purple, Hot Off The Block etc... The DVD has already been posted up on UK Recordshop in the dvd's section if you want to check out the preview.


Video dropping for Rudeboy soon on Channel U. Gully.