Monday, 30 January 2006

Giveaway Time

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Those nice guys at Slit Jockey have given me five copies of their new mixtape to give away. If you want a copy simply leave a comment on here telling me why you deserve it or drop me an email. Easy.
The mix CD is also available now at for $5 plus shipping. The first release a 7" between Dev79 and Starkey is available, too as well as digital downloads of both releases. As for the mix CD, here's the lowdown... "Slit Jockey Records was founded by Gair Marking aka Dev79, PJ Geissinger aka Starkey, and Aaron Berg aka El Carnicero. Dev79 and Starkey are part of the Seclusiasis crew in Philadelphia, and have been hosting the monthly Grime party “Get In” since September 2004. With this new label they plan to explore the Grime genre from US producers’ point of view, utilizing both UK and internatinal MC‘s and vocalists. Slit Jockey will be releasing limited pressing white label vinyl singles and mixcds.

The labels latest release is the Slit Jockey Mixtape Volume One, which to many is the first true representation of Stateside Grime in the form of a DJ Mix CD, and in many ways is also a compilation of some the best international talent in the current grime game. This CD clocks in at over an hour of music, spanning 33 tracks that are primarily rare and many never before heard, including exclusives and dubplate tracks from Kano, Riko of Roll Deep, Ghetto (formerly of Nasty Crew), Vex'd, Drop the Lime, and many more. This first edition in the Slit Jockey Mixtape series was selected and mixed by Dev79, who brings his upfront and urgent style to the table with a frenzied array of raw and gritty mixes. Special attention was paid to running a wide gamut of styles, with almost every subdivision of grime related sounds being represented here; there's something fresh for all listeners to hear."

Slit Jockey Mixtape Volume One Mixed by Dev79
01.dev79 - from the get (vip) - exclusive
02.slew dem f/ wiley - grime - slew dem
03.starkey f/ kano - leak riddim - exclusive
04.starkey f/ ghetto - leak riddim - exclusive
05.ruff sqwad - ur love feels - white
06.tubby t f/ bruza & shizzle - ready she ready (terror danjah mix) - 51st state
07.el carnicero f/ micsouljah - focus riddim - exclusive
wiley - firefly (bass mix) - white
08.s.a.s. f/ jim jones - dutty clap - diplomats
09.mayhem crew - thunder - white
10.starkey f/ sniper e - revolve riddim - exclusive
11.stacs of stamina f/ earz - roll - werk
12.dev79 f/ lix - bubblegunk riddim - exclusive
13.lady fury - nang - dubplate
14.monkey steak - dirty madge - dubplate
15.dev79 f/ riko - snapper riddim - exclusive
16.2 twisted crew f/ animate & h2o - smoke - white
17.pitbull - ole ole (forward) - dubplate
18.lethal b & fire camp - forward 2 - dxp/lethal bizzle
19.nasty crew - nasty bonanza - heatseeker
20.wiley f/ kano - fire hydrant - exclusive
21.drop the lime - oceans - dubplate
22.drop the lime - glassy eyes (starkey revision) - dubplate
23.lil wayne - go dj (paul devro grime mix) - dubplate
24.vex'd - 3rd choice - dubplate
25.el carnicero f/ riko - mosquito riddim - exclusive
26.ts heritage - grim - dubplate
27.crime mob - knuck if you buck (dev79 clean south mix) - exclusive
28.dev79 f/ ghetto - clean south riddim - exclusive
29.dev79 f/ ghetto - gully ish riddim - exclusive
30.statik f/ the all stars - charge (remix) - allstarr
31.el carnicero f/ sneakz - north side ting - exclusive
32.stumble - oh i think they like morgue tees (vip) - exclusive
33.starkey f/ zilla - less than paper (remix) - exclusive

Now that's how you put the work in.

Watford Weather

eskimofront1, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Eskimo Dance Is Back

eskimoback, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Live Returns

live-300106, originally uploaded by chantelle.

If you can get down to this then do. I've got to give an extra mention to The Thirst, an all male band hailing from Brixton who are yet to release anything. I've only seen then perform once are Cargo but had me hooked and been listening to the CD ever since.

New Roll Deep Dates

Just found out that Grimey Vol.1, the DMC comp is going to have a limited edition version with a bonus DVD including videos to the mix CD, intros and commentary from Roll Deep, live performance and exclusive tour footage. Release date is still scheduled for 27th February. Some new live dates in for Feb. 11th Stengade 30, Copenhagen, 17th Barfly, Camden, London, 18th Club 200, Penzance, 23rd Warick University, 25th Leeds University, March J2K Show @ Sratford Circus, April look out for a headline UK tour stopping off in London, Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, Liverpool, Manachester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Ipswich and Norwich. Roll Deep will be doing a session for Radio 1 on 13th February and Xfm get the Roll Deep mixing duties on the 4th March.

DJ Lioness Playlist

JME - 96 Bars Of Revenge [Boy Better Know]
R Biz - Snappy [Committee]
Slicks & Shifty - Oldskool [Ruff Sqwad]
Faction G & Triple Threat - Swear Down [Committee]
Triple Threat - Triple Threat [Aftershock]
Fire Camp - Forward 2 (instrumental) [White]
Blackjack - Arcade [On Another Level]
Brothers Grim - More Than Music [Dub]
Flirta D - In The Club [So Low Key]
Dogzilla - Story Teller [OT]
Stormar - Me, Myself, My Life [Dub]
Knuckles - Lewi Times Freestyle [Dub]
Monkey - Lewi Times Freestyle [Dub]
Skary - Lewi Times Freestyle [Dub]
Big Mighty - Rocker Freestyle [So Low Key]
Kano Feat. Klashneckoff - Sometimes Remix [679]
L Man - They Dont Wanna War [Dub]
Newham Generals - We Are Generals [Dub]
Hyper Fenn, Marcie Phonix & Skepta - Best Friends [Dub]
Ne-Yo Feat. Doctor - So Sick Remix [Def Jam]
Essentials & Neckle Camp - Untitled [Dub]
DCoy - Roadrunner [Dub]
DaVinChe - Sometimes [Paperchase]
Dogzilla, Kozy & Devlin - Untitled [OT]
Stormin - Dojo Freestyle [Dub]
Stormin - Bareface Freestyle [Dub]
Brazen - Roll On Him [Dub]
Ghetto - Skinny Sort [2000 & Life Mixtape]
Alpha - Im A Champion [Dub]
Devlin - Untitled [OT]
Jammer - Shangooly (Lewi White Remix) [Dub]
77 Klash & Jah Dan - Brooklyn [Dub]
Mr.Slash - Breddin Like [A.R.M.Y]
Bearman & Bruza - Keep It Bangin [Mastermind]
Stormar - Trim Beat Freestyle [Dub]
P Money - My Soldiers [Dub]
Hector (Regal Players) - Me, Myself & I [Frog]
Tormar - Voodoo People [Dub]
Narstie, L Man & Jammer - Triumph [Dub]
Scandalous Unlimited - My Life VIP (instrumental) [True Tiger]

Friday, 27 January 2006

Our Youth?

dvd_93, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Hard to believe but according to Popbitch get ready to be Seagulled. "Happy Slapping is so 2005. To be too cool for school these days you have to do the Seagull. In schools all over London, apparently, break-times are seeing boys running into the bogs to masturbate furiously, collect their jizz in the palms of their hands, then go out and find a younger kid.... then slap them in the face while shouting SEAGULL!". Now if we're to believe this, could this follow in the steps of Happy Slapping and spill out onto the streets, the tube, in the office? Learn from Hitchcock.

You Only Have One Neck

Barbie, originally uploaded by maych.

Say no to love bites

Thursday, 26 January 2006

Back In Bethnal

Kronik, originally uploaded by hattiec2.

Kronik is one dude who will blaze more than you, remember that. Big up Collins on this pic, check her blog for more and you even get bonus joke captions (what were you smoking?). So Straight Outta Bethnal last Friday, quick time sekkle, was a rather mad one, firstly no trouble to report just good vibes. Once again I didn't get to see much but upstairs Samurai, Matchstick and Crackin Skullz were definitely getting reloads on a selection as random as Chaka Khan to Kris Kros. Hands in the air, what we like to see. Downstairs in the basement it was suitably rowdy and kinda out of control Forget Grimdy, we got more rock than (bread) rolls. Generally the reviews/feedback I've had have been positive and the club gotta be pleased cause we've been promoted to the 4th Friday of the month (pay day baby!). Some people have suggested they'd rather have what's on the tin so to speak, while that is true it's also the nature of a grime event and to an an extent, the beauty of it. Wiley might not have performed loads of new material, but he turned up, so shut your mouth! As for the 20+ MC's who got on the mic who weren't booked, If I'd had another pair of hands perhaps it could have been dealt with before the stage looked like Sainsburys on a Saturday morning. There's nothing worse than a swag MC hogging the mic and the wrist band action simply didn't work, so next time the plan is to keep the sets as close to the plan as possible, even if that means me learning marital arts. If you're not booked you're not going on (shout to All In One, the only MC not booked who asked if he could go on mic, rate the guy). It's a double sided sword though, at the end of the day you gotta give these guys a chance cause that's how talent grows and you find the next one to blow. Are you really gonna complain when the likes of Flow Dan, Fuda Guy, Kronik, Scorcher, Dollar and that wanna give you a bar for nothing? Perhaps an idea that will work is to open it up for the last hour for a power showering. Apologies though for the non-show of Bossman, turned out he's on curfew for next few months so once he's off the hook, you'll have his face all up in the dance. From what I can gather, Bearman, Pres T, Skepta (in the much talked about bowler hat), Jammer, Wiley, Fender and the rest did give it some welly mate. Target, Logan, Maximum, Skepta and Jammer are also up for Duke Of Edinburgh Awards for deck activity, so thanks to everyone who performed and all that came to the event. Quick note to the people that kept holding me up on the door - people need to understand that if they want nights to happen, a fiver's not really going to go amiss. I still pay to go out, buy records I already have MP3's of and never expect freeness. Point really getting at is don't turn up and beg guestlist, the list gets submitted way in advance, we're not going all deli counter on the night and artists need to be paid. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, listennnnnn...

Tonight In NYC!

Shotgun_Wedding, originally uploaded by hattie collins.

Sama's Sessions

"Lock in this Thursday night 2am to hear a run down of tracks from JME's "Shh Hut Yuh Muh Edition 1" mix cd which is out this weekend in all good stores. Aftershock will be passing by the show for a chat about their various mixtape projects and the forthcoming independant Aftershock album. Also look out for new tracks from Nasty Crew, Wiley, Mastermind Troopers and more. Keep your ears open for a big announcement on the show as well." Congratulations in advance Logan.

Logan Sama's Top 10 Dubs blowing up soon...
Geeneus ft. Dogzilla & Devlin - Where's All The Beer? (Nu era)
Kano - Signs In Life (679)
Slix & Guests - No Bass Riddim Versions (Ruff Sqwad)
Wiley & Vybz Kartel - Eski Boy Oneaway (Strictly Dub... of course)
JME & Skepta - Don't Get Rude (Boy Better Know)
Blazer ft. Shizzle, Napper, Bearman & Doctor - Swingers (Mastermind)
Ghetto ft. Scorcher - Skinny Sort Remix (Dub)
Scorcher - Chance Us (CB)
Wiley - Gangsters (Wileykat)
Terror Danjah ft. Sadie & Wiley - The One (Aftershock)
Make sure you go out and pick up the "Logan Sama Presents: The Business"
mixtape in all good independant stores soon. Hear Logan Sama on Kiss100 FM, Thursdays, 2-4am. Enquiries:

Looking Out In 06

If you haven't yet heard Bearmans debut, 'Drinkin Bear', get on the Mastermind Trooperz website now. If you thought grime was all about shotting crack and murking people's mums, you've got it twisted. Bearman, so named because, well, he looks like a Bear, drew on the novelty factor and took his boys down the pub to bring comedy back to the streets. Follow up 'Brown Bear Picnic', a remake of 'Teddybears Picnic' is the first installment in his nursery grhymes series. Plans for 2006 naturally include a mixtape and album.

2005 was a good year for Meridian Crew brothers Skepta & JME. Joining forces with Roll Deep, parring alongside Wiley they quickly rose to underground prominence. As we enter the 06, it's all about Meridian Crew's 2nd coming as well as solo projects from both. JME's mixalbum (as he calls it), 'Shh Hut Yuh Muh', his all good independents this month with album 'Public Service Announcement' to follow. Skepta's debut, 'More Than Grime' is also nearing completion and a video for 'Go On Then' hits Channel U soon. If you're looking for love on Valentines, be sure to nab a copy of 'Single' too.

As Nasty Jack will tell you himself, he only seems to have garnered love since 'In Da Place' hit screens and his Wiley diss 'Superstar' began circulating the web. But there's more to come. Once signed to Jive (2002), under the same management as Ms Dynamite, Nasty Jack has been making the transition from jungle to grime and is now a firm favourite in the new NASTY Crew line-up. Although the groups album is going to be first to drop, keep watching the white labels.

Some of the rest...
SKREAM: More synonimous with dubstep, Skream firmly made his mark in 2005 with one of the years best tracks, 'Midnight Request Line'. With many a heater lined up for release, the names going to be spreading like margarine.
SCORCHER: North Londoner Scorcher, a member of Cold Blooded Crew is another MC creeping from the sewers to the underground with some reload worthy bars working their way onto the pirate airwaves.
ROSSI B & LUCA: They've made their name on the DJ circuit but 2005 saw them push many-an-anthem through the ARMY label and as production duo, they've become a force to be reckoned with.
DJ MAXIMUM: A late edition into the Roll Deep Crew, Maximum continues to up his DJ game both in terms of selection and technique. It also helps that he's a bloody nice bloke. Book him now.
YOUNG.DOT: The Young.Dot EP, the Essentials protogee's first release, went straight to the top of most shop charts which is no mean feat. Now out to prove he's got more hits strapped under his shirt, keep your ears open.
MIKEY J: Responsible for much of Kano's Home Sweet Home album and now getting called in by the big labels to save tracks (ok, do remixes), he can sing too.
DEVILMAN: Brummie MC joins with Aftershock. Watch this space for full interview and low down.

Blackdown's top 10 new dubstep production talent to watch for in 2006...
1. Burial (Hyperdub)
2. L Wiz (Dub Police)
3. Pinch (Tectonic/Planet Mu)
4. Random Trio & Omen (Random Trio productions)
5. Caspa (Dub Police)
6. Appleblim (Skull Disco)
7. 23Hz + Numaestro (unsigned)
8. Moldy (unsigned)
9. N Type (Terrain)
10. spot unreserved ... bring on the fresh new talent!

Clark Magazine

92-93, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Thanks to Fabrice for sending this over. Obviously you can't read it and even if this was hi-res, you'd need to be fluent in the French department. Clark have done a grime special (scarily titled 'Yardie Invasion', but maybe I'm missing something in the translation). There's features on Wiley, Paris' DJ Shone, Lethal Bizzle and others including myself. I'm flattered but definitely feels odd been on the other side so to speak. Have no idea what it says, I could be promoting an article that describes me as the big wastewoman this side of the Eiffel Tower but I don't care. The picture looks alright still.

San Fran Style

BIG Crew are doing it way big
So the lowdown on movements in San Fransico. Grime City is looking for a permanent venue but until then, they won't be stopped. The first party in 2 months had guest MC Axiom representing on the mic. I'm late on this but forgive me, please! The B.I.G. Crew has been stocking up on the sick new grime & dubstep choons over the holidays and now it is time to let them loose on the bass deprived populace. If you've been tuning in to Grimewave FM every Friday, then you've had a taste of the madness. Megatron also added, "me and The One along with MC Child played a huge party opening for Moving Fusion at 1015 Folsom, one of the largest clubs in San Francisco and has the craziest bass bins I've heard. Made my eardrums rattle while I was trying to mix for realz. Anyway for more on that check out www.Groundscore.Net/board which has reviews of the event as well as the latest news about the Bay Area DnB and underground scenes on the forums....Grimewave-FM has also been taking off at and also on the FM Dial at 93.7FM in San Francisco. There are weekly archives of the show located at and people can even set it up as a podcast by following the instructions on the website. We do the show live every Friday night from 9pm to 11pm (Sat. morning at 5am to 7pm for you guys). There are contests for CD and Ticket giveaways and all kinds of crazy antics as well as special guests. More Grime City events to be announced soon!"

Belated Returns

I meant to give Heatwave the bumps last week but got all tied up in receipts and that. They celebrated their 1st Birthday had Jamaica meets Puerto Rico uptown in East London with dancehall/bashment, reggaeton, R'n'B, soca, Latin hip hop, reggae & jungle with an exclusive bashment/ragga set from Riko & Gift. Watch out for the next event...

Dubstep Awards

No doubt sick of the RWD message boards obsession with grime and all things garage related, is the new home for those wishing to discuss their music of choice with an ounce more intelligence. The users have also taken it upon themselves to vote in the first dubstep awards and the results are as follows;
Best Producer: Skream, Vex'd, Digital Mytikz
Best Release: Vex'd - Degenerate, Skream - Midnight Request Line/I, Digital Mytikz - Neverland
Best Tune: Skream - Midnight Request Line, Mala - Neverland, Coki - Haunted
Best Newcomer: Boxcutter, D1, Burial
Best Label: DMZ, Hotflush, Hyperdub
Best DJ: Plasticman, Youngsta, Hatcha
Best Blog: Gutterbreakz, Blackdown, Dubstep
Best Mix: Skreammixaugo5, Paul Rose - Dubstepbreaks Feb 05, Hatcha - Practice Hours
Best Radio Show: Kode9 (Rinse), Distance (Rinse), N-Type (Rinse)
Best MC: Crazy D, Skepta, SGT Pokes, Task
Best Shop: Boomkat, Juno, Blackmarket
Best Party: DMZ, FWD, Subloaded
For more info and to join in discussions visit

Boy Better Know

Check the article in next weeks Voice newspaper but here's a little bit of info while you're waiting for Shuut Yur Mout or however it's spelt. Heard it and sounding big. Particularly liked AWOH, Shutup And Dance (over a tidy Plasticman beat) and Subbuteo. As to what it means, even Jamie doesn't know so random suggestions welcome.
CF: It's a mix album you're releasing right? Explain?
JME: It’s like a mixtape, but 99% of the tunes on there are actually produced by us and vocals by us, so it’s not like your average mixtape. It consists of real good songs that are album worthy, but I just want to spread the sound for now.
CF:What's on there, all new stuff?
JME: Everything on there is new, the only song you will be familiar with is Serious Remix. Everything else is fresh off the hard
hard drive.
CF: Fave tracks on the mix album?
JME: My favourite tune in the whole world right now is AWOH. It’s on there. Comical and bouncy, it’s a HIT.
CF: Any regrets in your career so far?
JME: Erm... for there to be regrets in my career, there would have to be regrets in my life. I live this.
CF: What's happening with the actual album?
JME: Boy Better Know I have too much music, so i’m saving the absolute best for my album. But its here, its timeless. Boy Better Know I will be releasing it properly after I have sold all my mixtapes, Boy Better Know there’s a series waiting to hit the streets. Boy Better Know.
CF: Roll Deep or Meridian - what's the future hold?
JME: Meridian is for life, there’s nothing you can do about it, Roll deep is a group of extremely talented individuals there’s nothing you can do about it. Everybody knows. Boy Better Know.

Grimey Vol.1

Roll Deep Presents Grimey Vol.1 is released soon on DMC's, I also got a last minute shout to do sleeve notes so big up Laub on that one. The launch party is next Thursday, but you know the drill... if your names not down you're not coming in. Word.

Feel The Rhythm

1. Virgo feat. NASTY Crew & Guests - The Monster EP (ARMY)
2. Kano - Nobody Don't Dance No More Remix (679)
3. Bruza - Doin Me/So Real (Aftershock)
4. Slew Dem Productions Presents Spooky - Joyride (Slew Dem Productions)
5. Dreem Teem - The Theme (Remixes) (Stereohype)
6. D.P.M - Slow V.I.P (DPM)
7. Ruff Sqwad - Xtra EP (White)
8. Jam & Face Feat. Aspira - Mr Right (Solo Recordings)
9. Mr Keyz AKA Skream - Mr Keyz EP Vol. 1 (Southside)
10. Young Dot - The Young.Dot EP (White)
Compiled by Sparkie @ Rhythm Division, 391 Roman Road, Bow E3. 020 8981 2203. All audio can be heard at

Go Green

If you look here then you can read my Kray Twinz Green Light Feature
which appeared recently in RWD. The Touch piece is here too
and dare I forget the Blues & Soul Q&A

Kano Tour Dates

4th Feb London – Astoria, March 8th Sheffield Leadmill, 9th Edinburgh Venue, 11th Liverpool Academy, 12th Oxford Zodiac, 14th Leicester – University, 16th Cambridge – Junction, 17th Exeter Vibraphonic Festival @ Lemon Grove, 18th Bournemouth – Old Firestation.

Get Your Vote On

Both Kano and Dizzee have been nominated for Best Urban at this years Brit Awards, the competition? Craig David, Lemar and Ms Dynamite. How Kano didn't get nominated in more categories, I can't quite work out. Anyway, voting closes for this category on Sunday 29th January, to vote: Text MTV (name of artist) to 87103 or go to

Happy 1st B'day WWWhut!

ttc side email size, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Big up Jamie and have one on me this Saturday


Following the grime internet crew taking to blogging like fish to the fryer, it seems they've now gone mad. Turns out myspace are about to launch UK version too, as reported by CMU Daily. "Fox Interactive Media have announced that they are planning to launch a focused UK version of MySpace within the next thirty days, and are planning, not surprisingly, for the initial focus to be on the music section. The site, which, as you all surely know, allows users to blog and network, has around 50 million registered users, 32 million of whom are said to be actively using the site, and most of whom fall into that holy-grail of advertising reach, the 16 - 34 age bracket. FIM president announced the move at a meeting of the National Association of Television Programme Executives in Las Vegas. He described the success of the two year old site as "not something you can compare to anything in the history of the internet", and told the BBC news website: "Clearly the first
place to go is music, so we will tap into the music scene. We're already working in the US with CD:UK which is coming over to the US, to be called CD:USA, and we're going to integrate bands from MySpace into that programme. We hope when we go back to the UK to tap into how successful that show is. Hopefully they'll want to market through MySpace and we'll tap into the local events scene, parties, clubs, artists, film makers, television producers, so I think it's going to grow pretty rapidly."

If you've got one and have been missed off leave it here and don't forget to add it to the thread over at

It Iz What It Iz

Blemish is one of those really safe guys who you just have to support, so here it goes. He's about to drop his fifth mixtape ‘IT IZ WHAT IT IZ.’ Production comes from Postman, responsible for the sounds of Shystie and Skillz, who has produced such UK talent as Lemar, Jamelia and Big Brovaz. Collaborations includes ‘End of Dayz’ featuring an amalgamation of artists such as Ghetto, Storming, Mike GLC, Rodney P, Taz, Asher D, and Bruza all on one track. ‘360 Degrees’ sees Blemish collaborate with the talented singer/songwriter Danielle Senior, also guest vocalist for Shystie’s ‘One Wish’ and Neeko’s ‘For My Son.’ Finally, ‘U Got Me’ is blessed by the up and coming ragga artist Mr. Midas. For more information on Blemish Blackstorm and where to purchase your copy of the mixtape please contact:,

This Blog....

Is getting murked tonight. Watch for updates soon come. Girls busy. Tax man is getting lucky.

Friday, 20 January 2006

Straight Outta Bethnal

sobbackweb, originally uploaded by chantelle.

The second installment is upon us!

Thursday, 19 January 2006

Fresh Like Pampers

BACKTRAYcopy, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Don't Be Cheeky

PAGE1copy, originally uploaded by chantelle.

In shops end of next week RRP: £6.99. He might as well have called it Dubs but lets not get cocky.

Monday, 16 January 2006

Dawn Is Coming

Happy is the man who has broken the chains which hurt the mind, and has given up worrying once and for all. Ovid (43 BC - 17 AD)

How's Your Aim?

TARGETAimHigh(lores), originally uploaded by chantelle.

Target presents Aim High Vol 3, should be available from later on this week.

Sunday, 15 January 2006

George Better Work It

Forget the Big Brother house. Your constituency needs you. George get back to work
(Well...he is supposed to be our MP)

Tuesday, 10 January 2006

As Serious As Ever

CdBookletOutercopy, originally uploaded by chantelle.

JME's Mixalbum

CdInlaycopy, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Learn the lingo, it's 06 people. You'll be able to purchase this in Feb.

Stryder, Stryder...

tinchy stryder, originally uploaded by chantelle.

He may look young enough to be Wiley’s love child, but in grime terms, Tinchy Stryder is nearing veteran status. Dip into the Sidewinder DVD archives, and you’ll find classic footage of Dizzee Rascal and newcomer MC Tinchy Stryder, holding the stage, mic and audience to ransom. Back in the early 00’s rumour had it dinky Stryder, with his trademark lyric ‘let me see the gun finger’, was only 12 years old. Not true. But his Oil of Olay (shower) face has continued to serve him well.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, people still think I’m a kid but really I turned nineteen the other week… I’m driving a Rover now.” Stryder states, nonchalantly. Standing at a respectable ( and estimated) 5ft 5, you can be forgiven for pondering, however briefly, Stryders ability to see over the wheel, or the rate at which the feds might be routinely checking him given his Home Alone meets Different Strokes cheeky-charm. “I got tints innit so man can’t see in.” Stop and search procedures aside, he doesn’t care for smoking so at least there’s no worrying about getting asked i.d for fags.

Scribing lyrics and building hits with his east London based Ruff Squad family. Tinchy and co have been rising to prominence in underground circles since 2002. Playground anthems like ‘Tings In Boots’, mistaken by many as a reference to ladies in fuck me knee-highs (more romantically it related to stashing weapons), ‘Anna’, ‘Down’ (not going south on girls either, come on that’s just like soooo wrong), and the mixtape series Guns & Roses. Despite other talent in the crew, namely producers Rapid and Slicks, it’s Stryder that’s become the synonymous member, partially thanks, yet again, to Eski Godfather Wiley pulling him through the trenches. Cameo’s on remixes such as Mike Skinner’s ‘Fit But U Know It’ and Brucker & Sinden’s remix of Sovereign’s ‘Hoodie’, haven’t gone unnoticed by the trend spotter muso’s either.

“I think ‘Underground’ is the best thing I’ve done, I can listen to it anytime, anywhere. Actually thinking about it the only thing I can never listen to is rock. Everything else is getting downloaded though.”

When not getting his Limewire on or flicking through Max Power at his local newsagents, Tinchy can be found looking for management, juggling overseas bookings, the next stop being Sweden, and putting the finishing touches to Guns & Roses 2 (which he promises will boast more original UK production than the debut).

“Yeah, It’s mostly Ruff Squad beats, more like an album. But it’s not an album. That will come next year. I can’t tell you what we sound like cause I don’t know. We’re unique and I’m well… unique.”

Guns & Roses Vol.2 is out in all good independent stores early 2006. A version of this article appeared in i-D Magazine, Dec 2005. Words: Chantelle Fiddy. Thanks to Zezi on the picture front. Check out Tim & Barry's in the mag.

Shake Rattle & Roll

Shake shake shake, originally uploaded by nickledndimed.

Check my reviews and listen to audio from True Tiger, DaVinChe, Kano, Razor X and Stacs of Stamina over at Also on shelves is Touch Magazine featuring more of my mixtape and underground reviews. Switching it up a bit you'll also be read to my Pharrell Williams cover feature too. He was most disapointed to hear Sovereign had murked his ex-label mate Jentina but he wouldn't critique the grime selection I took to Miami with me ... walked off with the CD's though.

2005: A Year Inside Grime

I wrote this as part of Blackdowns end of year review, which boasted a great deal of interesting reading material from the likes of Simon Reynolds, Hattie Collisn, Sarah Bentley, Klute, Burial, Logan et al over the festive season... What you're about to read provoked some response on RWD forums which I've not had time to respond to until now so watch this space, i'm going to draw out some of those comments and give some additional Fiddy pence worth...

"In a nutshell, the beginning of the year was an especially exciting opener for the scene what with Kano, Roll Deep and Lethal B embarking on album projects which would garner both them and those in the sidelines greater exposure to a bigger audience. Then there was the success of tracks like 'Pow' and SLK's 'Hype, Hype'. But as the year closes, my lingering feeling on the 05 is that it's a year that's had it's many highlights marred by frustration..."

"Top of the list is not being able to blog or write about everything that goes on (be it jackings, GBH, guns, gossip, truth). At times it's due to the legals, at times through fear of retribution and because quite frankly, right here, right now it's not what I'm about. Let us not forget that blogging too has it's pitfalls (in the words of D Double 'you wanna jack my written?')."

"Exposing certain goings on in the scene would perhaps give those that follow with a close eye a greater insight into the reality of the social context we're often up against but it would also leave perhaps too much room for misinterpretation and/or speculation. Regardless, it's also time to stop making excuses for certain lazy artists and the waste entourages/managers/teams that surround them who will use any excuse to defend their business (or lack of it)."

"Take responsibility. Writing one new bar a month does not mean you're doing something with your life. If you've got to do a day job to fund your mixtape, do it. Be real to yourself and don't fall prey to the imagery and messages surrounding you. Likewise, worry about the press, free clothes and general blagging when you've got something that's actually worth talking about. Be ready to follow your word through. It's time to forget managers and what your boys tell you. Know your business, read the books, go to the free seminars and ultimately don't hate when someone less talented than you is getting props because their game plan is tighter. Respect where respect is due and this is a business we're in. Ultimately you've got to love the music, but you've got to love the game too. You get back what you put in. We don't want to be compared to the Americans but look at the work ethic and it's obvious that as it stands, we're simply not cutting it."

"While people continue to expect big deals and success to be delivered on a plate, the scene will remain where it is at the end of 05: stunted. Don't get me wrong, musically it's still as exciting as ever but MC's are going to have to up their game now. Shit's getting boring. Come different. Come original. Tell us what's really going on and please, isn't it time more people took responsibility for the messages getting putting out there? There's no time for excuses, there's a generation listening and waiting in the wings (hopefully not Pentonville or Brixton). Don't underestimate your power."

"Likewise, we have to look at the 'fans'. Yeah, those of you who go to raves and have them locked off because you haven't grown bigger than your shoe size or the length of your penis. You've left the school playground behind, this is life and some of you idiots also happen to be 'artists'. Now you wonder why it's only the Shoreditch massive laying on the parties? We're the only ones who can get venues! Then we have the 'supporters', begging, downloading and bootlegging. Know the reality of what you're doing - you're aiding and abetting in the impeding of a scene that's financially struggling. If people aren't eating, people aren't making. Kano's album may have sold 70,000 but I'm betting near on a few hundred thousand own that."

"Finally let us not be weighed down by the fruitlessness of segregating the likes of Sway from Wiley, Klashnekoff from Jammer... Play and listen to what you want, but don't let your opinion of a genre and all that comes with it hamper what the UK's building. We've got to work together if we want to build a successful industry. Let's stand up, build the foundations and with no excuses. 2006, let's own it!"

Fiddy's top moments and tunes of the '05


Kano “Home Sweet Home”
Various “Run The Road 2”
Bossman's “Street Anthems”
Logan Sama “Sidewinder Bonus CD”
”Aim High 2”
”Practice Hours”
”Risky Roadz”


Roll Deep “When I'm Ere”
Low Deep “Straight Flush/Cheeky Violin”
Lady Sovereign “Hoodie Remix”
Skepta “Duppy”
JME “Serious”
Jammer “Murkleman”
Sway “Up Your Speed Remix”
Skream “Midnight Request Line”
NASTY “Run 4 Cover”
Plan B “Sick 2 Def/Young Girl”
SLK “Hype, Hype (DJ Wonder remix)”
Wiley & Ruff Sqwad “Sidewinder”
Slew Dem “Grime”


Grimey Awards @ Rex, Paris with Maximum, Wiley, Skepta & JME
i-D Live @ Cargo, London
Straight Outta Bethnal @ 333, London
Run The Road @ Fabric, London
FWD @ Plastic People, London (especially Ms Dynamites show and the various MC cameo's)

Behind Bars

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There's always a double meaning. Listen to it again.

News Worthy

in the Independent Media section today.

January 20th It's On

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Friday, 6 January 2006

New i-D In Stores

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Soon... But I nabbed a copy from the offices today. Bit cheeky to be blogging this now given it's not on the shelf til next week but sure they'll understand. A massive thanks to Dave Stelfox on text, Jeremy for allowing it and of course all the i-D team, especially Ben Reardon and the art master Langley, who have relentlessly supported me in what I do and given me the freedom of many a page to write about whatever I might be loving at the time... Stick a groupie in your arse and sit on it. N.b If you want to actually read the article, click on the image, go to all sizes and view the large option. We're doing it well big. As for the top 10, in hindsight not sure if it's strictly legit but you know...

Havin It!

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Shout to Sam White on photography. Big girl in the game (although not literally speaking, cause she's a rather cute lil thing)...

Thursday, 5 January 2006

Exclusive Kano Gig!

It's just been confirmed that Kano will be doing a 4 Music Show to be aired on Channel 4 soon. If you fancy seeing Kano play an exclusive set for Carling New Kings on the 12th January at Carling Academy Islington in London just email your name, age, telephone number and post code along with the answer to the following question to, and you’ll be in with a chance of winning one of 40 pairs of tickets to this super hot show. Q In 2005, Kano picked up a MOBO Award. Was it for…?
a. Best newcomer b. Best album c. Best hairdo. They'll also be special guests including Klashnekoff, Leo The Lion and Ghetto joining him on the night...

Back In Effect

According to The Daily Star & as reported here by CMU Daily, Arctic Monkeys are considering commissioning some hip hop remixes of songs from their debut LP. A source told the paper:"The lads are all massive hip hop heads. They're always blasting out Dre and The Neptunes in their dressing room. They're in talks with a number of producers with a view to releasing some hip hop mixes." Jammer?