Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Kelis - Acapella

Check out the Rankin/ Christ Cotham tribal inspired video in full.
Already #1 in the UK and US club charts this David Guetta produced track is set for massive things...

MaEaR - I Am The Raver

Produced by the man like Lewi White www.iamtheraver.com

Bomma B When i look at you freestyle


Monday, 29 March 2010

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Glastonbury: Andreya Triana - Far Closer

Another one for the Andreya fans...

Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong (Flying Lotus Preview Edit)

Met Andreya at MyChoons event and she's serious, serious... debut on Ninja Tunes out sooooon

Primary 1 - The Blues ft.Nina Persson

http://www.primary1music.com/ freeeeee download

Boy Racers of Jeddah - Tropic of Cancer - BBC Two

WHIPPPPPING! If you've seen the whippage and driving in the UAE then you'll getttttitttt

SB.TV - Ed Sheeran [Cover Song - Nizlopi - All My Life] (Acoustic)

Monday, 22 March 2010

DJ Target FREE Mixtape Download

To celebrate the release of Ctrl.Alt.Shift Magazine with selected issues of the new Dazed & Confused Magazine we've upped this free mixtape download for you, courtesy of 1Xtra/ Roll Deep's DJ Target. Congrats on the promotion too fam...

III Blue - Blu Magic (Target Dubplate)
Majestic MC feat. Boy Better Know - In The VIP Remix
Funky Stepz - Loca Moca
Swindle ft. Nadia Suliman - No More (Target special)
Manga ft. Lady chann - Me Nar Like You
Kate Bond - New Man (Target special)
Scratchy - Do Your Nut In
Maxsta - East London Is Back
Lioness - Where's My Sister
Scorcher - Dark Knight

Click HERE to Download Now

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

sunday girl - four floors (sketch iz dead dubsteb remix)

Gwan Woolf boy

It's Barbie Bitch!

If you STILL don't know about Miss Minaj then get to know cause the likes of Beyonce, Mariah and co are all over her ass DOWNLOAD THAT HERE

And while you're about, if you want to vote for my blog over at Company Magazine, it literally takes two seconds.

Rusko - Woo Boost

The full single release – including remixes by Subskrpt, Douster and Borgore – comes out on 12th April. Rusko’s long-awaited debut album, O.M.G!, is now finished and set for a May release on Mad Decent. The record features Amber Coffman, Rod Azlan, Redlight, Ben Westbeech, Gucci Mane and Crookers.

The UK tour dates are as follows...

14th – Fabric - London, UK
14th – Thekla – Bristol, UK
15th – Nuits Botanique – Brussels, Belgium
19th – Audio – Brighton, UK
20th – Pad – Bedford, UK
21st – Vega – Copenhagen, Denmark
22nd – Bates Mill – Huddersfield, UK
22nd – The Pad – Preston, UK
24th – Cabaret Voltaire – Edinburgh, UK
27th – Clwb Ifor Bach – Cardiff, UK
28th – Hush Hush – Aberdeen, UK
29th – The Plug – Sheffield, UK
30th – Evolution – Newcastle, UK
30th – Bugged Out – London, UK

Jail Tales - Fem Fel's Bars - BBC Three

Oi Buck, Buck, safe I mean Fem, yo Fem yeashhhhhhhhhsss ahaha

Jail Tales - Nolay's Bars - BBC Three

Jail Tales - Maverick Sabre: These Walls - BBC Three

Writings On The Wall - United Underground 2 (pre event)

Friday, 12 March 2010

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Thirst - There She Goes

Having just got back from Chile, safe and sound, the boys are unveiling some new acoustic recordings. More on what went on in Chile soon...

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Breakage feat Donaeo - Speechless

Out 22nd March!

Company Magazine Bloggers Special

Company Magazine have dedicated their April issue to bloggers - I was given the humble task of taking over the music reviews (dun know the myspace) which I've kindly been able to upload for your perusal (click on the images to enlarge). As of March 12th, Company will be having a vote to find out which of the blogs they've featured is the readers' favourite. Should I win I promise to share the bag of beauty goodies - in fact I'll give them away on here a. cause I'm nice like that b. no amount of beauty products can save me... Enjoy x


Sunday, 7 March 2010

Chantelle Fiddy v Twitter


While clashing Bigz, everyone wanted to get involved and take a pop at Chantelle Fiddy’s mum. RWD reveal the ultimate mum jokes courtesy of Twitter…

Chantelle Fiddy Yo mama so stupid she got stabbed in a shoot out

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy your mama so fat she carries pictures of food in her purse

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy your mums got more rolls than a bakery

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy ur mumz so fat shes on both sides of da fam

Chantelle Fiddy @jj_dj "your mum's so stupid, she'd trip over a cordless phone!"

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy ur mumz soo fat , then when she jumped for joy....SHE GOT STUCK !

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj Your mum's so fat, when i swerved to avoid her in the street i ran out of petrol

iam_Ayo @ChantelleFiddy Your Mums got 3 teeth, 1 in her mouth & 2 in her pocket.

S_Kalibre @ChantelleFiddy don't get me started... Ya mum so old, jesus was in her school class photo.

ChantelleFiddy @Hojeans Your mum's so ugly even Rice Krispies won't talk to her

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy i heard ur mum went to her wedding wearing shin pads and a motor bike helmet

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj Your mum's so fat she got hit by a parked car

MoeshTing @ChantelleFiddy ur mums do dumb she locked herself in the toilet and pissed herself

iam_Ayo @ChantelleFiddy Your Mum's hair is so short, when she gets cane-rolls they look like stitches.

ChantelleFiddy @iam_Ayo Your mums hair is so thin, she uses rice to curl it

S_Kalibre @ChantelleFiddy ya mum plays football bare feet with a medicine ball.

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy ur mumz yard so dirty you have to wipe ur feet b4 u leave, the street sweeper goes sick on her if not

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj Your mum's like a hoover....She sucks, blows and gets laid in the closet

semothyjones @ChantelleFiddy @BigzFlygerian Jeremy Kyle sat on the step and told your mum to sort it out.

iam_Ayo @ChantelleFiddy @MOESH_BBK Your Mums is like a piece of wood hard to hammer, but easy to nail

ChantelleFiddy @iam_Ayo your mum is so fat that when i jumped on her stomach i hi-fived jesus

S_Kalibre @ChantelleFiddy ya mums ears look like rashons of uncooked bacon

Hojeans @ChantelleFiddy Your mum's so ugly even Steven Hawking managed to run away

iam_Ayo @ChantelleFiddy your mum's so short she models for trophies

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj Your mum's so fat she uses a mattress as a tampon

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy ur mums nose is so big she has to wear a neck support

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj Your mum's so dumb she takes a ruler to bed to see how long she sleeps

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy ur mums so hairy she baths with shampoo

ChantelleFiddy oi @maximumbbk @jj_dj your mum's so short she does backflips under the bed.

natts @ChantelleFiddy yo mama so fat she wore a Malcolm X jacket and a helicopter tried to land on her

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy your mum so fat when she stepped on the scales it said, to be continued

ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin your mum doesn't even remember giving birth to you she was so high on super tennants

S_Kalibre @ChantelleFiddy ya mum wears a pirate eye patch with an anchor tattooed on her arm.

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy your mum is so fat they use her for the marathon. Everyone jogs around her

ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin Your mum is so fat she can seat a family of six

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy ur mums soo nasty i called her to say hello and got an ear infection

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj Your mum is so fat she walked by the tv and i missed three episodes of Eastenders

askyahgurrrl @ChantelleFiddy your mums so poor she eats Corn Flakes with a fork to save the milk.

medina_e @chantellefiddy yo mama so fat that even god couldn't lift her spirt...

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy your mum so fat, she could be the eighth continent

S_Kalibre @ChantelleFiddy ya mums armpits are so hairy. When she flex her muscles it look like she got two gorillas in headlocks.

ChantelleFiddy @S_Kalibre your mum's so dumb she stole a free sample

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy your mum deep fried her toothpaste


ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj your mum's had more pricks than a dartboard

S_Kalibre @ChantelleFiddy ya mums so dumb it took her an hour to cook boil in the bag minute rice.

MervinMartin @jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy your mums so fat she's once, twice, three times a lady

jj_dj@ChantelleFiddy your mum has seen more dicks then a urinal in a gay bar

S_Kalibre @ChantelleFiddy ya mums so fat when she goes to the restaurant she don't ask for a menu. She asks for an estimate.

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy ur mum goes to work wearing a string vest, a size 8 new era cap and wellies still

StaceyTatiyanah Your mum is so stupid, she puts lipstick on her forehead to make-up her mind! Eat that hahaha @ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj when I throw stones at ur mum ripples appear

iam_Ayo @ChantelleFiddy your mum so fat I took a picture of her last christmas and its still printing

ChantelleFiddy @iam_Ayo your dad picked your mum up from the pound

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy i heard ur mum was the founder of scare dem

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy @BigzFlygerian @jj_dj Your mum was in total recall, with three tits

DJSHOK @ChantelleFiddy ur mums so dumb, she bought a carton of orange juice & stared at it for hours, because it said "Concentrate"

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj your mum so dumb she thought Maxwell D was a battery

DJSHOK @ChantelleFiddy I swear I saw your mum clashing Flirta D in Netto's carpark in Brixton ...

ChantelleFiddy @DJSHOK I saw your mum wheeling up a tune for Double O

ChantelleFiddy @DJSHOK your mum's so ghetto she washes paper plates

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj @mervinmartin last time i saw your mum naked she had an erection

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj Your mama got so much hair on her chest that her Breasts remind me of Coconuts

ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin your mum's so dumb she thought Sherlock Holmes was an estate

jj_dj @MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy ur mum so dumb she dressed up in her church garmz for lord of the mics

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj your mum collects maintenance money from Slimzee

ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin @jj_dj when your mum has sex the RSPCA turn up

ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin Your mum's so fat the last time she saw 90210 was on the scales

MervinMartin @jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy your mum so dumb she thought prostate was a place

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj your mum's like a mosquito - you have to slap her to stop her sucking

ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin @jj_dj your mum's so fat she shoved a battery up her ass and yelled "I got the Power!".

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy na ur mumz serious tho , she just bb'd me a pic of her new tattoo she got I LOVE GRIME on her neck

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj your mum's in the Roll Deep When i'm Ere video... you should recognise her - she's so fat her nipple's have orbits

MervinMartin @jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy your mum so dumb she went to the shop and order a ragga muffin thinking its food

ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin Your mum's like a jammed door - after a couple of bangs she tends to loosen up.

MervinMartin @jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy your mum is a trending topic in the ends

ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin your mum's so fat, that when you were born, they had to send out a search party to find you

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj your mum's Jammer's body double

jj_dj @ChantelleFiddy @MervinMartin ur mumz got a shape up and na nike tick on the back of her head

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj I didn’t want to go there but… your mum's like a shotgun - five cocks and shes loaded

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj people keeping asking your mum for autographs thinking she's @rolldeepmanga

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj your mum's so dumb she still can't remember which hole westwood put it in...who's your daddy?

iam_Ayo @ChantelleFiddy @BigzFlygerian the last time I saw a face like your mums I fed it a banana.

MervinMartin @ChantelleFiddy you mum had a c section and ended up looking like seal

ChantelleFiddy @Brazen_Rolldeep your mum's so poor, she went on who wants to be a millionaire just to phone a friend

ChantelleFiddy @jj_dj your mum's so dumb she rang Wiley and asked him to put you in B List

Archie Mitchell - Ruinz Ason (Dedication to Archie Mitchell)


SB.TV Female 64 - Baby Blue

SB.TV F64 - Chiddy [Chiddy Bang]

Friday, 5 March 2010


Download the new mixtape at www.gfrsh.com - serious stuff.