Friday, 23 December 2005

Hype Ting

Jumping Ship

It's that family tree time of year again (that's not to say the rest of the year shouldn't be about them), so I'm off like the milk to stuff my face (even more) and catch up on some needed sleep. Merry Christmas to all and thanks to those have shown their appreciation and support. It makes it all seem worthwhile even when you can't afford to buy a pre-stuffed turkey... which reminds me, I've not seen one bit of mistletoe this year. Is it just me or is there a shortage? Keep checking Blackdown aka Martin Clarks blog for the end of year reviews. Mine will be up at some point. Blessle and one.

Rinse Sessions

Rinse Sessions, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Damn I'll be away...

Grimey Awards Returns

affiche22, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Flyer went to print before Doctor was unable to attend so be expecting Bearman and a special guest instead... If the last one's anything to go by it's gonna be off the scale and the perfect NYE warm up. Big up Gaspard, Roman, Elisa and all the Paris crew.

Tuesday, 20 December 2005

Bet That Tickles Barbie

Ride Em Pardner Barbie, originally uploaded by Mlle Livre.

Come 2006 I think you should look at how you are carrying yourself... do you want the shock by electric lighting or internal injury from tinsel? This is simply unacceptable behaviour from a woman of your callibre.

Monday, 19 December 2005

The Year In Tunes

Some I've really enjoyed: Lil Jon, Bone Crusher, Busta Rhymes & Dizzee Rascal 'Forward Riddim' (white), Roll Deep 'When I'm Ere' (Relentless), Kano 'Mic Check Remix', Regal Players 'Rude Boy' (Frog), Lethal B 'Forward 2' (white), Low Deep 'Eyes On Me EP' (Colourful State), Lady Sovereign 'Hoodie Remix', Skepta 'Single', JME 'Serious', Jammer 'Murkleman', Trim & Scratch 'Trim & Scatch', Low Deep, Kano, Doctor, Seac, Ghetto and Demon 'Get Set' (Run The Road), Big Seac 'Nah, Nah' (Run The Road), Sway 'Up Your Speed Remix (Dcypha), Bearman 'Drinking Bear' (Mastermind), Skream 'Midnight Request Line' (Tempa), NASTY 'Run 4 Cover (ARMY), Kray Twinz feat Lethal, Twista & Gappy Ranks 'What We Do' (Krazygroove), Chase & Status feat. Roll Deep 'Top Shotta', Kano 'Nobody Don't Dance No More Remix' (679), Plan B 'No Good' (Pet Cemetery), Danny C 'Magic' (white), Remerdee 'State Your Name' (white), J Sweet 'Kerb' (white), Crazy Titch & J2K 'Stop' (Middlerow), Booty Bouncers 'Fame & Money' (Rat), Doctor feat. Riko 'Come On' (white), Nikki S & Nyke 'Ska Riddim' (white), Virgo 'Down' (ARMY), Rossi B & Luca 'Mugged Off' (ARMY), SLK 'Hype, Hype' (Smoove), Footsie & Dee 'Prangman' (Braindead), Titch 'Singalong' (In Da Hood), Skepta 'Private Caller 2005' (white), Mitchell Brothers 'Routine Check' (The Beats), Flirta D 'Warp Speed' (white), Terror Danjah 'Piano Madness' (white), Macabre Unit 'Unit Jam' (B Line), Plan B 'Kidz' (Pet Cemetery), Wiley & Ruff Sqwad 'Sidewinder' (white), Slew Dem 'Grime' (white), Various 'Count Down Riddim' (white), Alias 'Warriors', Young Dot 'Young Dot EP' (white), Various 'Don't Trigger EP' (Gut Records)

Parring With The Drunkards

chan zezi & b, originally uploaded by chantelle.

The Touch & UK Street Sounds party earlier in the month was another drunken affair, Cargo getting taken over by a number of your favourite homegrown artists. A gang of us moved onto Forward for some ear drum rupturing flavour courtesy of Plasticman and Tubby (we missed Wonder). The Newham Generals smacked it for a quick 15 before Jammer, Fuda Guy and Skepta took over the murkin duties. But Skepta's not murking anymore (listen back to Logan's show if you haven't already, power shower shangooli hour). I don't know what's happened to me but I've really got into drinking again. That night was a mistake though. Brandy and cokes with no food before hand is not a good look... Thankfully I had my pictures taken for Clark Magazine before my eyes started to cross... Well I think I did.

All Ears

Ear em..., originally uploaded by hattiec2.

His mixtape, A Breath Of Fresh Ear, just got nominated album of the month in RWD so be sure to look out for it when it drops soon.

Hoodlam Exposed

DSCF4695, originally uploaded by chantelle.

A shot of Sambucca and a Mojito later, Hoddlam was gone like December...

Draw For The Pollution

, originally uploaded by hattiec2.

Late posting on this one but this is an amazing shot Miss Collins took the afternoon the smoke clouds loomed over our block following that big fire near Hemel Hempstead. Was passing through Liverpool Street McD's the following day for a portion of lard, I mean a milkshake, and noticed the staff were stressed. Transpired burger stocks were running low. They get all their produce from near the burnt down industrial park so they were having to borrow food from other London stores. My remarkable interest in their misfortune paid off, the manager gave me three After Eights for my journey. Tip of the day: appear interested even when you're not. Bloody nice bloke.

Monday, 12 December 2005

Panties Ahoy!

Kayla y Linda, originally uploaded by Ivul Master Main.

Dubplate Drama Exposed

No doubt most of you reading this will have watched an episode or more of Dubplate Drama. It's had some great press and feedback but on the flip, as one would expect, it's raised some questions. I got into an email conversation with main man Luke Hyams who kindly broke some points down and has since given me permission to post the evidence up here...
CF: I'm enjoying the show but I do feel some of characters are OTT and there's few stereotypes been played out but at same time I understand perhaps this has to be done in order to make the show work and give it the dramatic element.
LH: Stereotyping is a problem that comes about when creating characters that are amalgams of many different real people. Its also a challenge when we are trying to make the characters acsessable to a nationwide audience and also to get it past Channel 4 etc. Who do you think is ott?

CF: Radio station managers in my experience have always been reasonably professional, I thought the portrayal of the pirate was bad and it's things like this that annoy those involved in the scene as they're constantly battling such stereotypes.
LH: As established in episode 2, Prangers, the white station manager has recently returned from a stretch and has taken control of the station back from the professional manager (sideshow) who was looking after it. He is quite messed up in the head and is trying to pick up his life where he left off five years ago, although by episode 5 he has lost control and smashed the turntables and by ep6 he has ended up kidnapping the rival station manager.

CF: My bad, I either a. forgot b. totally missed the whole situation with Prangers been a nutcase. Hadn't realised that's why he was acting as he was. In that context it makes sense... At least we get to see a flipside with a pirate station being run professionally.
LH: It is just too short to pick up on these things in the 15min format but its all we could afford to make on the money we managed to scrounge.

CF: Ok, the way some of MC's were put across... the way Titch and J2K were to Shystie, see why you needed to do this but at the same time it's unlikely this would happen. In real life they would have given her the chance I'd imagine and felt it gave MC's negative image.
LH: The reason why they reacted like they did is because she jumped on uninvited and they were very territorial about their show. Ok, perhaps they are negative representations of emccee's, but then at the same time we have many positive examples of mc's like doogz marcy hypa etc who did give her a chance in ep2.

CF: Ok I get you. I felt they would have perhaps challenged her to spit in the first place expecting her to be shit rather than not give her the mic.
LH: I just felt it was more 8-mile cheesey if she took the mic and tried like it would be a life changing moment. I stress again for her to take it makes it more of a liberty. Also I thought the bit of crazy titch drinking ash was a good moment which I've seen happen in stations twice.

CF: What about the club bouncers going straight up and attacking that guy for smoking a zoot in the club? Again just from my experience it wouldn't happen like that. Played up to typical bouncer stereotype.
LH: This is a symptom of me writing episodes that were too long for the time slot and then having to cut out key parts. There are bits missing where the bouncer tells him a couple of times to stop blazing and he blatantly ignores him. I can see how this is a problem. Did I mention I hate bouncers?

CF: Ha ha. I don't hate all bouncers but there are a lot of arseholes, agreed. Again, it's logical when you break it down re: bits missing etc... You gotta come to the clubs I go to, you're more likely to be smoking than drinking ha ha.
LH: I have been thrown out of clubs as many times as I have left willingly. I guess i'm getting kicked out of the wrong places. The thing with this also is that we managed to get a little contribution from government charity talk to Frank who made it so we had to have a little advisory tale about drugs. The idea was to show a couple of reasons why weed was impairing that character's life which was meant to lead onto an interesting story about cannabis psychosis which we didn't have time for in the end but may try and do next time. A worrying amount of my friends have ended up in mental homes from blazing too much and although I smoke everyday I do think it would be good to show that it can affect people who have fragile mind states already in a bad way.

CF: The way the boy disrespected his baby mums. Most guys I've come into contact, even if they don't like their baby mum they would never allow her to be pushed around like that by a bouncer, it's the mother of his child afterall.
LH: Again there is more to this that didn't make it into the show but really this was my way of showing another side of this boy's (redhand) character and a way to hint to the audience about what was to come with him being not as much of a mr. Nice guy as he is showing shystie's character he is. And then also you have to agree that they are not suited and really just had a liason of convenience so he could get her lawyer dad to help him to bust a case.

CF: I just thought he was an arsehole after this so yeah. However didn't think it was 100% clear he used her just to bust case, I thought he just didn't like her for whatever reason (primarily because she was a stuck up cow who fell back on her dads money).
LH: This is another one of those stories which is only really meant to become clear in the last episode. Glad you were put off him.

CF: I thought the clash between Shystie and Envy was really weak. For one the music switched to hip hop and lyrics aside, it didn't have the energy a clash normally has. They would have probably both got booed off for that in a club.
LH: We needed to show that people are open to mixing up the styles a bit between grime hip hop garage etc.

CF: Why?
LH: They felt more comfortable doing it on hip hop, what can I say? Because when I was young I loved gangsta rap then jungle then drum and bass then garage then grime then g-hop (whatever that is) and now I also like pan pipe moods, chromeo and the smiths. My points are two fold... 1. Although you seem to be living a life of grime you do like hip-hop etc
and do rave to it from time to time. I am a big fan of uk rap and think it is important that some of that flavour is reflected in a show about the underground uk scene. 2. In my opinion, Grime has been built with inspiration from all of the above forms of music so for that reason I wanted to have some hip hop in there to show that the two forms can co-exist in a rave.

CF: Ok, now I'm surprised... They would rather have done it on hip hop!
LH: Its slower so the idea is that non-heads can hear the lyrics easier and
catch joke (or not) from the rhymes. Also what you're saying about the energy, we made this show for a secret low budget figure and had to rely on extras we could draw in during the day for free on a school day. Ideally I would have liked to have more people in the audience.

CF: I Understand that, it wasn't the extra's it was the actual vibe of the clash. Watch some rave/club footage i.e. Skepta V's Flirta D @ Sidewinder and you'll see what I mean. At the same time I realise you were working with what you had and it's not a Sidewinder.
LH: In retrospect we should've clashed on grime because the atmosphere would've been a lot wilder and more hype. Why does everyone wanna clash Flirta all the time?

CF: Boy, good question, maybe cause he's funny. People want more humour these days.
LH: As for the actual clash... I'll get you to come and clash them both in pt 2
CF: You don't know about my flow (actually, what am I saying... I don't have one)
LH: Wait til I clash you on karoke...

CF: I've never actually done karoke before although I do a mean So Solid '21 Seconds' at Christenings. Anyway, back to the show. The guy in the studio who was trying to get Redhand to do a job for him was overly aggressive, there's been a few moments of aggression like this and although perhaps this stuff does go on, it didn't ring true to the scene/people I deal with in it. I just couldn't imagine that happening. And if this guy was who he is being portrayed to be he would surely have had something to say and come across like a bit of a bad man, you know stood up to the guy?
LH: I had written a very sombre intimidation scene between a character who wanted something done and a character who couldn't say no for various reasons and no this didn't really come across.

CF: That's what I imagined would happen
LH: Win some lose some. Normally I'd have rehearsals to sense this type of thing out but no luck with the schedule. The Redhand character (the one who is being intimidated) just couldn't say no to Rudy because his whole life has been provided by Rudy and his family. Plus, he is very concerned that Rudy is a bit of a psycho who will harm him without thinking twice. I think really what is meant to be is a journey through the underground scene and the underworld that infiltrates some sectors of it.

CF: I hear that and I realise that. I think sometimes I just wish more of the positive side of the scene were displayed more often because it's a constant battle in the media and society on the whole to dispel certain stereotypes. But it's not all one sides. There is an underworld at work and that can't be ignored.
LH: The idea of the series is to show a girl trying to get into a masoganistic scene and her trying to navigate the snakes and find the ladders. I know what your saying about the constant battle to make the scene not look grim. People like the Daily Mail and The Standard are just never going to let it grow. They will always just attack it negatively. I wanted to create a good drama that showed an innocent positive person on a journey that would see her reject the wrong sides of the scene at the end as she realises she must hustle for herself to get anywhere rather than to listen to the various brers who are trying to show her a path. I think the mission for the second bigger better series is going to be to make it much more positive while trying to draw from what has happened in the above events to make a story that repells the negativity surrounding the scene.

CF: I'm sure it's going to continue to grow in quality and popularity. Don't get it twisted, there's a lot of things I like about it. I think the concept is amazing and I like the fact you've incorporated real members of the scene to play themselves and it's not made up of actors. It's obviously great exposure for the music too and no doubt it's a platform for a lot of people to step onto. Keeping the story's short while sometimes you want more, at least you're going to come back and watch the next episode to find out what happens. At no point are you left bored. I think it would be great if you were given more time/money to really develop the characters. I'd love to see you get into the real social contexts of things, educate the people out there who are alien to this world and all that comes with it. I'm trying to recall which has been my favourite episode but can't decide... I'm a fan!
LH: Amen!

You can watch Dubplate Drama so often that I can't even list it. Check out for MP3's, past episodes and all the info you could ever want. Thanks again to Luke for granting me permissssssssion. We're British and we complain too much, don't deny it. Dubplate Drama may have room for improvement, but what doesn't? Keep things moving forward.

Blackdowns End Of Year Review

Martin Clark aka Blackdown has drawn for the contacts for his end of year review. Every day he'll be uploading a piece of commentary, up so far are reflections, opinions and highlights from Logan Sama, Hattie Collins, Woebot and Vex'd. I've submitted mine too, so soon come and watch for the other surprises. for all your blogging needs...

Love Music

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Hate Racism

back, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Friday, 9 December 2005

Save Yourself

murkle, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Murkle Man! Forget Bananaman, He Man, Spiderman, hell even the Isle of Man, because the latest super-hero to be unearthed is the east London Murkle Man. Ex-Nasty Crew producer-turned-MC (but lifelong Rasta) Jammer might not be able to fly to save your fat-assed girl from the wreck of a burning cockpit, but he’s sure as hell trying to save grime. “Everyone wants to kill each other, listen to their songs. It’s depressing. I wanted to have some fun me and my boys, we’re fun guys... When Murkleman drops – whether it’s on radio, Channel U, whatever, people just start jumping.” He hype's it not. We're talking the big boob swinging, black eye inflicting sort of devastation. The only thing stopping a club ban a la Lethal B ‘Pow!’, is that there’s hardly any club nights left for it to get played at. Shoppers and local residents didn’t know quite what had landed when Jammer aka Super Dread (a nickname acquired after drop-kicking a hotel room door in Germany), and his Jahmek The World record label co-d’s hit the streets of Leytonstone to shoot his debut video. Armed with a soiree of ladies, the mini murkle motor and a one-away custom made outfit which could make it’s away onto Ebay if a clued up record label doesn’t bite the bullet soon, he claims to be no joker when it comes to business. “I’m not kidding” Jammer assures himself, perhaps more than anyone, “If the tune blows up anymore watch me start the bidding war. The demand for Murkle Kids could be massive.” As to what Murkle actually means, it’s still open to interpretation. “If somethings murkle it’s like the best, like if you’ve murked someone (in a clash) you’re like the murkle.” Get it? Whether you do or don’t is besides the point, you need this record in your life like most of Jammer’s back catalogue. Previous anthems include the bassline frenzy, ‘Feedback’, Nasty classic ‘Take You Out’, and one of grime’s standout moments ‘Destruction VIP’ featuring Wiley, D Double E, Kano and Durrty Goodz. Continuing to churn out heaters, be it cameos on tracks like Mizz Beats ‘Saw It Comin’ which features on Run The Road 2 or Lady Sovereign’s ‘Hoodie Remix’, production for his protégée Ears or remix projects, he’s keeping the beats banging. “I went through a bad patch but I’m back now. I can feel it. Straight nekkling, I'm the Murkle Man." Words: Chantelle Fiddy Photography: Tim & Barry. A version of this article appears in i-D magazine.

Who's Your Daddy, Milkymans?

Nikki S & Nyke aka the Milkymans performing all their UK smashes including 'Hey Nikki', 'Bad-Da-Bar', 'Ska', 'Southside' and others, Saturday 10th December 2005 @ Purple E3, Mile End. Info: TEXT 'milkymans concert' to 83211. You can also listen back to the boys on Logans Kiss show scroll down the list and click Logan Sama

New i-D

Out now. Check out my Tinchy Stryder... if you want piece.

Dubplate Pressssssure

CRW_6581, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Ignore some of the dodgy acting and stereotypes, we gotta give this programme room to grow. On this weeks Dubplate Drama, Ms. Dynamite spitting on grime and Nolay and Skinnyman rinsing on a pub karaoke machine. Where to watch it?

Lil Dereks Doin Ok

Watch Sway's new video for Little Derek WMV
or Mov

Thursday, 8 December 2005

It's A Sick Place

Buenos recuerdos, originally uploaded by Pin Pon.

But we still gotta live here

Mizz Beats Style Guide

Define your style?
Take a bit of Japan and retro, chuck in some Topshop and then I'll add some Mizz Beats originality like my Barbie watches to finish off.

Are you a style leader or follower?
A leader always, I don't feel right blending in, in fact I hate it. I love to create.

What brand can't you live without?
Superlovers, Stella McCartney, Religion, Roberto Vianni... for jeans I like Diesel, Levi's, Guess and Lipsy. On the days when i just wanna chill i'd wear sports brands like adidas. I don't really go for the obvious clothing ranges, I like one-aways so as long as it's unusual I'd buy it!

Biggest crime to fashion ever committed?
When I was like 8 or 9 around the mid-90's there was a silver puffer jacket craze and well, I had one!

High street or Bond Street?
Both... it depends on what either have to offer.

Who's the most stylish person known to mankind?
Gwen Steffani or Andre 3000. I like the skater boy look too, it's kinda cute, I'd say Pharrell and Kanye made the preppy look popular again and i'm feeling that. Kano always dresses well too but M.I.A's really doing it at the moment, she always looks cool.

Which famous person would you like to restyle?
Everyone has their own style and beauty is in the eye of the beholder - it's all about what works for the individual. As long as you have confidence you can carry off any style of clothing.

How much is the most you've spent on one piece?
I have a baby blue sheep skin coat that was given to me by a member of the family, I won't tell you how much it's worth though!

What would you never ever wear?
Padded bra's.

Fashion tip?
To look good you must feel good, and to feel good you must love yourself

Grooming tip?
Always moisturise, always wash your hair and get the ends cut regularly.

A version of this appeared in RWD Magazine

Bash One Out

Love Music Hate Racism, Thursday 15 December 2005, 9pm-2am, Love Music Hate Racism End of Year Party @ Herbal
10-14 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London E2 £5 adv / before 10.30 / NUS £7 after 10.30, Advance tickets available from herbal@lovemusichateracismcom. Love Music Hate Racism is bringing together a stunning showcase of the best of multicultural London for its end of year party. Indie will meet grime, bashment will mingle with punk, while hip-hop mixes it up with ska – as exciting new talents join music veterans to say they “Love Music, Hate Racism”. 2005 was a great year for loving music and hating racism: 40,000 came to Trafalgar Square on 1 May to see Pete Doherty, Estelle, Skitz & Rodney P, and more say, “Don’t Vote BNP”. Babyshambles and Kano rocked our Saturday night in the LeftField at Glastonbury. Hard-Fi, Roll Deep and The Beat smashed it at the Scala to launch a LMHR / Rock Against Racism film. And Ms Dynamite topped a Love Music Hate Racism bill to commemorate the life of Anthony Walker in Liverpool in October. PLUS! In Manchester, THIS SUNDAY (11th Dec), legendary Hacienda DJ Dave Haslam heads a strong and diverse DJ line-up for our northern end-of-year bash. FULL LONDON LINE-UP: Jerry Dammers, Metro Riots (acoustic), Crash Convention (acoustic), Lisa Moorish (Kill City), The Ducks, special indie guest DJs, Heartless Crew, Rodney P, Nicky Blackmarket, DJ Swerve, Da Ill Kidz, Excalibah and live PA's from Akala, Reveal and Loki, Bashy, Baby Blue, Pariz-1.Love Music Hate Racism aims to use the positive energy of the music scene to fight back against the racism pushed by Nazi organisations like the British National Party, National Front and Combat 18.

EZ Pulls Finger Out Of Ass

And launches new website over at Features include a new biography, audio pages which will have special Ez mixes specifically for the site, live recordings from various events and audio of EZ’s old Kiss & Freek FM shows, a photo gallery. More to follow we're told.


There are three tracks from Beats & Bars now available to download from Head for the music section. Also it's now confirmed that the next official release will be end of Feb, a double a side featuring Brown Eyes and Signs In Life. Videos will accompany both. The B side is a remix of Sometimes featuring Klashnekoff. Murkery trust me.

Wednesday, 7 December 2005

Soon Land

ph2front, originally uploaded by chantelle.

G Hop On Wedneday

Wed, 7 Dec, MOJO presents G-Hop @ Opium, 1a Dean St. W1. Fresh from hosting Fusion's 'Greatest Show' party and throwing down with Afrika Bambaataa; MOJO is back in the building with G-Hop. The groundbreaking monthly promises to mix up everything from Mobb to Roll Deep, Kanye to Kano, Neptunes to Nolay. On the decks this week is special guest Wonder. The prolific producer/DJ takes a break from crafting sonic assaults for Dizzee to draw fire alongside Indelible chief-rockers DJ Dough and Porge 1. Last month J2K and Ghetto moved the crowd while verbal percussionist Lianhart stunned the masses. Secure a place on the guest list or risk missing out on what promises to be a big night. Time: 9pm-3am. Tax: £5 before 11pm/£10 after. It all takes place this Wednesday (7 Dec) at Opium, 1a Dean St, Soho, W1. For table bookings and guest list email or text MOJO followed by your names to 83211.

Pink Street

pink topless chick with gun, originally uploaded by ::enrapture::.

Tuesday, 6 December 2005

Bet U Didn't Know

I can wine that low... nah but serious Plan B showed Cargo what time it is. Working through tracks including the new 'Mama Loves A Crackhead', 'Sick 2 Def', 'Dead And Buried', 'Kidz', 'Broke' (I think that's what it's called) and more he convinced the doubters and pleased the fans. Don't forget there are four free downloads available at Big up Stanza and the True Tiger family tree inside, Bianca, Collins, all 679 crew, Paul Epworth and the dancers who were surely on more than alcohol?!

The Crazy Sagas

Ok, let's not beat around the bush. There's a lot of rumours circulating about Crazy Titch been involved in a murder case. For legal purposes, I can't get into this deep but when a statement is available, I'll post it. For now let us hope that the legal system works and justice is done, whatever the situation is. It's perhaps obvious to state this but let us remember that under these circumstances there are a lot of victims; the deceased, the accused, the families, the scene and perhaps more so, the fact that this is the state of affairs generally.

A Touch

You can read my Klashnekoff piece for Touch here
and also some more Lethal B action

Plan B Reminder

This evening at Cargo, Old St. Plan B live with support from Bullit, Paul Epworth and Scratch Perverts. Go to now to win tickets.

Monday, 5 December 2005

A New Look

842the_showdown, originally uploaded by jaquaw.

Go On Boys!

Nikki S & Nykes video's were at the no.1 & no.2 slot on the UKs 'U' Chart. No.1 (and still holding): Bad-Da-Bar
video selection no.595, No.2 (now at no.4): Ska Riddim..project 1 feat Solo, Ayac, Bashy, Marcy Phonix, Desperado, Bonesly, Doctor, Thug Chick, Flirter D & N.A.S.T.I video selection no.494. See for more details

Nobody Don't Dance No More

kano, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Saturday, 3 December 2005


02122005007, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Nah it's not Talapton coming to collect his dough, it's Danny Weed modelling (this will never ever happen again) the excluse Lady Sovereign sovereign. Yep my girls got her own rings. I don't wear none of that ish so it will be on the shelf next to my promotional Twista jam jar (the sweet shit got licked). Back to Talapton though, yep that guy tearing up Channel U with what I think is his debut track, Time 2 Blow. He’s already made it onto but as to who Talapton is, I ain’t got a clue but Time 2 Blow is dividing opinion. On a first listen to this track you wonder whether he’s a. joking b. a joke c. the human equivalent to Crazy Frog, but give the lyrics a listen and the guy’s chatting some sense. His style is unique, his song catchy and chances are, for whatever reason you won’t forget it in a hurry. That my friends is surely the foundation for a hit?

Eye Of The Tiger

Eye Of The Tiger - Tracklisting, originally uploaded by chantelle.

When you see the True Tiger stamp on a product you can always expect top quality and Eye Of The Tiger Vol. 1 proves no exception. Scandalous Unlimited and co. have pulled In talent across the board, from hot new vocalists like NY and Jai Box, to top boy MC’s such as Wiley, Virus Syndicate, Mighty Mo, Purple, Doctor, and Big Seac. Using a selection of both their own beats and ones you’ll be way more familiar with, this is how a mixtape should be. Essential. Hot tracks: WD25, Fire, Money Can’t Buy

At The Level

run_flyer_back, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Passin Thru: Deekline

Rat Records legend DJ Deekline lets us know what's tearing up his sets...
1. Ivory - Free The Beast (Rat Records)
2. DJ Assault - G String (Bounce)
3. Deekline & Wizard - All Your Love (Botchit)
4. Stanton Warriors - Pop The Cork (Dub)
5. Missy Elliot - Lose Control (Atlantic)
6. Pengilum Vs Freestylers - Fasten Your Seat Belt (Breakbeat Chaos)
7. Mr Dee - Thrown Some Dick At Those Hoe's (Electro Funk Records)
8. Sir Mix A Lot - I Like Big Butts (East West)
9. Deekline, Wizard & King Koop - The Pharoah (Dub)
10. Deekline - Outta Space VIP feat Top Cat (Rat Records)
Catch DJ Deekline playing out all around the world

Roll Out

Roll Deep may be re-evaluating their label situation as the Relentless deal draws to a close, despite shifting 60,000 plus albums, (official statement to follow) just don't think that's going to stop them sticking their fingers in as many pies as possible. The first of DMC's new grime compilations mixed by Maximum and Carnage and featuring freestyles from many of the crew favourites like Scratchy, Breeze & Trim, aims to bring together some of the scenes biggest hits from the last few years. Although it doesn't hit shelves til February/March next year, the exclusive on the tracklisting can be revealed; bangers include So Solid Crew 'Envy' (They Don’t Know – Vocal Mix), JME 'Serious', Maxwell D 'Serious', SLK 'Hype! Hype!' Geeneus & Wiley ft Roll Deep 'Wickedest Ting', Donae’s 'My Philosophy (Bouce)', Dizzee Rascal ' Luv U', Sticky Feat. Ms Dynamite 'Boo! (Original Dirty Mix)'. Kano 'Boys Love Boys', More Fire Crew 'Oi!', Roll Deep 'Roll Deep Regular', Trim 'Boogeyman', Tinchy Strider 'Underground', Wiley 'Wot U Call It?', Target 'Steamrolla (Feat Roll Deep Freestyle)' , Danny Weed 'Creeper (Feat Roll Deep Freestyle)' and Stush 'Dollar Signs'. Watch this space!

Get Your Rox Off

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Doing It Real Big

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Give me Klashnekoff to talk to over Pharrell any day. Read all about that one soon but for now I'm in focus mode.

Mixtapes are dropping like flies, but the DJ Skully presents Klashnekoff 'Focus Mode' looks set to be one of the few that actually stands the test of time... Twenty-something year old east Londoner Klashnekoff became the epitome of British hip hop when he released his debut album, 'The Sagas', in 2004. The media machine may be guilty of hyping one artist after another but with Klashnekoff there was no big marketing campaign or major label push, with sales exceeding the 20,000 mark, it was the people that had spoken. "I put energy into every track I do" Klash explains inbetween swapping digits with Biggz. "Listen to the Saga's, every tune is good in it's own right..."

If anything it's been hard for Klashnekoff to escape the bangers like 'Murda'. Touring the club circuit with his Terror Firma family aside, he's been mostly holed up in a Nottingham studio with Joe Buddha, creating his sophomore album, Lion Heart, due to land in 2006, an album which Klashnekoff cites as having "an angrier edge" to it. Then there's the mixtape currently heating up the streets. A 25 track excursion through his words past and present, from the re-working of classics like 'Black Rose' (over Bobby Valentino's 'Slow Down' beat) and 'Son Of Niya', to new freestyles like title track 'Focus Mode' and his popular 'Jamrock Takeover', the package is well, complete. "I've got something to say, when you interview me I'm not like 'yeah blud', it flows... No matter how big I get I'll never go like that. I'd have lost my core. Life is too short."

In his own words, it's his "sensitive, man of depth, articulate, intelligent to a point, conscious and switchy" approach to lyricism and life in general that have earned him the deserved respect. Although his stage name is often frowned upon, there's a valid argument to his gun moniker. "Malcolm X carried a Kalashnikov, it was a gun created to protect and I'd think 'what if a Klashnikov could tell a story?" And he's not wrong. He remains one of the few artists who garner love from rap fans across the board, grime to backpacker, young and old. His extremely real and personal take on issues including race, sex, music and politics never fail to impress. "If you listen to my music you can hear that, It's got aggi bits in it but it's in context. I'm not going to say it just for the sake of it, or to shock. Enough of these guys don't care about the bigger picture of being an artist, all they care about is road fame, it's a ghetto fabulous ting, then they'll go hate on someone like Dizzee, Lethal B or Kano. But these people inspire me, I told Lethal that the other day, on a real level. Whether you like the music or not you gotta respect the ethic."

Where the future is concerned, besides looking at acting options, Klashnekoff is equally frank. "I don't know. I see the scene imploding on itself cause of the shanking and murking going on, and certain man who want to come into this game and eat, as they say... We make music from the heart, to me hip hop or 'black' music is struggle of a people, story of the people that's been embraced by other cultures who can identify by it. The basis of it, the ethics, the code it's been lost... people aren't watching the Americans, people are watching their clothes, their game, their earnings but not how they got there. It's been lost and the future don't look bright to me. I don't look at the scene and think of myself, I just think I gotta do what I gotta do."

And you can guarantee whatever that might be, it's going to be damn good...

A version of this article appears in The Voice newspaper. Words: Chantelle Fiddy.