Saturday, 30 September 2006

Log On

Words: Chantelle Fiddy

He's the latest edition to the Kiss100 family tree and resident at 333's Straight Outta Bethal. Meet and greet the one like DJ Logan Sama...

People love to hate Logan Sama: Agree or disagree?
LS: I can't think of more than about 3 people. So I would disagree. The address of Kiss100 is on the website and I do a live show. No one's been waiting outside so far.

Before grime I was...
LS: Wondering why Garridge wasn't as good as the stuff I was enjoying between 96 and 2000 anymore, and what to do with all these Roll Deep tunes that weren't even close to 138bpm.... and then it all clicked one day.

You're resident at Straight Outta Bethnal, describe a Logan Sama set
LS: Mobbish served with a side order of oneaway.

Favourite tunes at moment?
LS: My dubs are like my children, I couldn't pick a favourite over the others. I am secretly proud of the response a few of them are getting over the others though.

Most memorable DJing experience (funny would be good)?
LS: Technically I had finished my set, but it was all one big booking anyway... but standing on a giant gazebo in a park on a cold night in Belgium with Skepta, JSD and a Plast(ered)ician working his way through his second litre of Vodka, while Jammer got a disgusting reload spitting Murkleman bars over Smack My Bitch Up. Surreal yet it all made perfect sense somehow.

What are you working on?
LS: Crushing all those who oppose me.

Last book you read?
LS: Last week I read a history of Vlad Tepes, Gates of Fire which describes the battle of Thermypolae and I re-read the Watchmen hardback graphic novel, which I make a point of doing every few months.

If you had to write a personal ad, what would it be?
LS: Is that where you use all those acronyms like GSH? And people blame the internet and text messaging for the death of the written English language? I ell-oh-ell in their general direction.

Do you think Shoreditch is full of pricks?
LS: Only on the 4th Friday of every month.

To piss off Logan Sama you should...
LS: I would say tell people not to give me tunes, but that ire wore off and now it is more amusing than anything. So probably it would have to be people who don't bathe properly before they come to a rave, that always bothers me these days. There's no need. I'm asthmatic, so the last thing I need to be tasting when I am trying to gasp for air in a skunk smoke filled club is sweaty pits.

Who gets more groupies, MC's or DJ's?
LS: MCs. DJs don't actually get booked enough to get groupies.

Has a ladyboy every tried it on with you when you've been abroad? What
would you do?
LS: Pause

What's coming up
LS: Ripperman - Rubble EP and Wiley - Gangsterz are both out now on my Adamantium Music imprint in conjunction with their respective labels. Scorcher - Chance Us and Skepta - Autopsy will be out in April. Narstie & Solo - Brushman is coming out in May. My mixtape will finally come out in April now that the studio I recorded half the tunes in is back up and running. And I am going to be doing some CD releases with Skepta, Wiley, Scorcher and Ruff Sqwad. And for all you holiday goers I am doing the first ever 100% new Grime compilation CD for you to take to wherever it is you are flying to get drunk and collect STDs like Pokemon cards this summer. So not much from me really.

Where can we hear you?
LS: On Kiss 100 doing the world's only 100% Grime radio show every Monday night 11pm GMT on FM radio in London, DAB, Freeview and Sky Digital Nationwide, and online worldwide at,

For more info check out or

Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Tuesday, 26 September 2006

JME Does Fashion Week

unknown, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Yep Boy Better Know are moving... the T-shirt business is healthy. JME joined up with Carri 'Cassette Playa' Mundane who's a massive BBK fan and modelled some of her new collection.

Mundane has worked with M.I.A, the British female rapper nearly banned from America for thought crime and New Rave banner wavers the Klaxons. Both have been dressed by and had videos styled by Carri Mundane. She is also Contributing Fashion Editor of SuperSuper, i-D stylist / contributor and recently collaborated with Nicola Formichetti for Dazed & Confused. Our boy Reardon, the i-D don says "Cassette Playa is Nando's, it's grime, it's dang, it's nang, it's day realness, it's major brappage. Fo' sheezy, Cassette Playa delivers both mental and physical vitality while supporting the immune system. It just, you know, feels MODERN." That's so word.

Saturday, 23 September 2006

Did you know

Skipper., originally uploaded by Johanni.

Barbie's full name is Barbie Millicent Roberts?
This however is Skipper with her picture of Jack Nicholson.

Dubstep Doc

Few months old but worth viewing if you haven't.

Pitchfork Column

images, originally uploaded by chantelle.

As Martin Clark was on his hols, Nick 'Gutter' Edwards and myself stepped in to cover his Pitchfork column. You can read it on their website now

The London Paper 2

londonclubs2, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Here's the second London Paper clubs column, I've copied and pasted text below but you can also check it out at their new website here

To 'brap' or 'zoop, zoop. zoop'?
There’s a certain art to both heckling the DJ and showing your appreciation. But for the conscientious clubber, should you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, it can prove tricky knowing what action to take. Five years ago, if a tune came on that made you want to kiss the air or worse case scenario, the drunken fool dancing on your toe, you could get away with crossing that fine line between worship and celebration by raising your hands hallelujah-style to the ceiling. Alternatively you punched the air or shouted ‘bo!’ in Craig David style. However, should said DJ drop a clanger, depending on which part of London you were clubbing in, you’d consider either throwing a bottle in the direction of the decks, chanting‘off!’ or shouting ‘do you do weddings?’Yet the skill of expression in the strobe lighted room has grown far more complex. One clubbers sign of appreciation is now ‘get the hell out of here’ to another. Take for example the ‘gun finger’. Inspired by Jamaican dancehall events where they preferred to fire actual bullets into the air when a song excited them, it’s generally used by the youth and those who attend urban orientated event. It involves pointing your thumb up, while extending your index and middle finger toward the ceiling in a gun-like stance. Use this on Saturday at Fabric, where M-NUS, Richie Hawtin, Heartthrob and Andrew Weatherall feature on the line-up, you’ll probably be alone and considered a high security risk. Here it’s best advised you stick to more traditional cheering and jeering. However, should you head to the UK’s leading battle ground, hip hop night the Jump Off, on Monday 25th at Mean Fiddler, you’ll also have stumbled upon the launch party for new Brit flick, Life & Lyrics. If you don’t shout ‘brap!’, which has replaced ‘bo!’ or adopt a gun finger stance then it will be assumed that you’re giving the contestants, who challenge each other 8 Mile-style in rap contests and dance-offs, ‘air’. Giving ‘air’ involves doing not a lot; just stand still, stare at the DJ or MC, raise an eyebrow for added effect, pull a ‘screwface’ (otherwise known as a scowl) or for the ultimate in airing procedure - leave the room. If you’re eager to test the waters then a safe bet for your new found signals should be cult dubstep and grime night FWD, who celebrate their 5th Birthday tonight at Plastic People, Shoreditch. Boasting pirate radio favourites D1, Slimzee, Geeneus, Hatcha, Youngsta and MC Crazy D among others, it’s unlikely you’ll need to do anything other than show love. Should you want to be really cutting edge, when you hear a track you really like try shouting ‘zoop, zoop, zoop!’ while bopping your head like a battery hen. Thankfully, dancing like your dad hasn’t gone out of fashion yet.

Words: Chantelle Fiddy

It Was Alot

928ec1b3-1, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Samurai started off the night with the R&B/ hip hop selection while the club filled up. Next up was Plastician with a firing old skool garage set which got the one finger skank going. Chewy killed it with the funky house selection, playing big tune after big tune. I filmed some of it but the bass is so distorted it will wreck your speaker. Frisco got so excited that he ran for a reload and dashed a brandy and coke in my ear. I was soaked but I got him back when I threw the beer mat I used to mop myself up. It landed on his shoulder and Danny Walker managed to capture the moment of bewilderment perfectly. Pic soon come. The grime selection, courtesy of Jammer's DJ Snatcher came last. Naturally every man sprayed given it was Skepta's b'day. He was so lean that the hypement was off the scale, a lot of slurred lyrics followed which simply added to the good vibes in the dance. Mr and Mrs Adenuga also joined in the show and seemed to be enjoying as much as their sons. With so many Boy Better Know T's in the place, it was hard to know who was family tree but the event was nothing but smiley faces. Big up the dancing crew down the front who even mustered a reload for their get low selection. Dunno what 'that dance' is called, but it's the new one. Trust me.

Duppy Remix by sum real Goons

Grime karaoke is the way forward. Don't be shy, post your clips!

Thursday, 21 September 2006

Wifey Riddim - Tinie Tempah

This is the tune like all teenage girls love. I like the ending.

Monday, 18 September 2006

Boozehound Barbie

New From Mattel: BOOZEHOUND BARBIE!, originally uploaded by Cade.

Yesterday was my 26th Birthday. I'm pleased to announce I broke my own toilet hugging record. Here's a brief account of all the toilets I hugged yesterday (and a few bags for good luck)
Toilet 1 = Quite a good location and with suitable surrounding floor space, I was able to lie down on the cold floor inbetween hugging sessions.
Toilet 2 = The door wouldn't shut but I was past caring and didn't want to revert to carrier bag on the street malarki. I could still smell bleach but there was an off putting yellow mark on the toilet seat which made me heave moreso.
Bag 1 = See through. Bad idea. Everyone could see the contents. Someone remarked it looked like I was carrying a piss bag. Look at the face. Bothered? Nah it was fucked.
Toilet 3 = This was very homely albeit not in my home. There wasn't a lot of room to move about and I was concerned with the levels of sound proofing but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.
Bag 2 = Much stronger plastic, could hold more but thankfully I found toilet number 4.
Toilet 4 = Disabled toilets are good for stop breaks but bad on the echo.
Toilet 5 = The worst. The smell was like a rotten flangita. This meant I rid my system of everything and nothing. Some woman gave me a screwface as I came out shaking and sweating. I was so like whatever

Over the duration of my B'day I only managed to stomach a bottle of lucozade at 11pm in the evening. I am very ashamed of my actions. Binge drinking is not big nor is it clever. I didn't get to eat a special lunch or dinner and there was no chance of having my cake and eating it. The only good news is I was worried I'd gone over my Weight Watcher points with the amount of alcohol consumed on Friday and Saturday, the aftermath meant that not only did I rid myself of some of these, I endured a point free day yesterday. Today has been pretty similar with only two pieces of toast consumed. I also have a cold to boot. In short I feel like a piece of turd, stuck in a u-bend, getting flushed time and time again. You will however be happy to know that among my presents were a Barbie and Ken which means I'll soon be able to start making my own series on the blog. Oh the joy.

Weird Al - White And Nerdy

Boy Better Know. Thanks to Randy Morris for this one!

Wednesday, 13 September 2006


I love Amy Winehouse

Tuesday, 12 September 2006

Swinging For London


Current Pull Ups

dancing barbie, originally uploaded by chantelle.

And that's got nothing to do with Huggies.

Skream - Summer Dreams
Newham Generals Mixtape
Wiley - Tunnel Vision Vol. 1
Skream - Tortured Soul
Justin Timberlake & TI - My Love
NY & Purple - Fire
Skream - Check It feat Warrior Queen
Terminator - Beef With T
Mary Anne Hobbs - Warrior Dubz
Epicman & Plan B - Pass That
Bigz & guests - Spit Your Game
Kano & Vybz Cartel - Buss It Up

What are you cocking back to, that's the bloody question?

'Hold it Down' Fireworkz

Monday, 11 September 2006

Dirty Canvas

PICT0242, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Whoever would have thought it, a grime night at the ICA. Dirty Canvas took over the bar for the first time and as you can see from James' pic, (he writes for Hooker mag, check his forthcoming review too), it was ramo in the main room. Well it was the only room, but you get the point. Collins started off on the cd decks, we forgot to wear our one off Kesh designs which state 'we don't mix', but as per usual I was just keeping her company shouting things like 'what's this tune' or 'yeah, Kano next'. Every little helps I guess. It was a no show from Cameo so Magic was up next with a little help from Purple and G Double. Seemed to have come along a bit since I last heard them. Following that Plastician licked down the dance with his garage selection. He really exemplifies the difference between a dj and a DJ. His selection was firing, tight mixing and not a bead of sweat! How this was possible I do not know. That was the main downer - no air con. As you can see in this pic, sweat patches doesn't even come close to what was going down perspiration wise. I was wedged by the back door next to the decks most of the night, incase the engineer needed to be called. It also turned out to be the perfect excuse to nip out the back and actually breathe for a minute. You couldn't even bust a good gun finger for fear a. you might knock someone out it was that rammed b. you'd deodrant wasn't as effective as you'd hoped. Anyone who'd remained dry soon got dripping once Boy Better Know landed. Skepta and JME were joined by Jammer and his DJ who'd come straight from Westwood's show. The murkle man got a lot of reloads, as did Skippy and Jamie but the swinging dreads had the youngers towards the front (and the man from Holland) going nuts. Ruff Sqwad arrived late so did a 20 min slot which was good but my energy was getting low. I had to go and wring my dress out. Why I chose to wear jeans underneath instead of shorts i don't know. Blame Collins. She said it might look weird with shorts. I looked ever bloody weirder with my hair stuck to my face and jeans half rolled up. I thought I might have lost some weight but the scales suggest not. I shouldn't have wasted my time crimping either, not only did it wilt in the heat but during my DIY salon session, I stood on the crimper and burnt my toe. It's killy off killy to look at mate. Oh well, you can't have everything. Overall a great night, met a lot of myspacers and blog readers, always great to put a face to a name. No trouble either. Bar staff were cool as were the sound guys. One other gripe though, or take it as a final thought... I know it's great capturing moments but am I the only one who's had enough of getting a camera shoved in their face everytime they go out? The front circle around the decks, as you can also see, was all bright lights and flashes. I kept having to bury my head in Zezi's new hair-do to avoid appearing on whatever waste DVD/picture that's being shot. I don't know whether that makes me vain but it's more about killing the moment. Give us some privacy and let's feel like we're in a party. Where did 'what happens at the rave, stays at the rave' go? Or did it never exist?

Sunday, 10 September 2006

Rappers Smile Too!

chanchamweb, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Chanillionaire met Chamillionaire for the next issue of Dummy. If you care about whether he takes his grills out to go down on a girl and that kind of stuff, wait for it. Big up Chamillionaire anyway, he was very smiley and looking forward to hearing the verse he laid down on Sway's 'Up Your Speed'.

The London Paper

londonpaper1, originally uploaded by chantelle.

So this is my first column which ran in The London Paper on Friday. Thanks to the people who messaged me saying they'd seen it. The beauty of freeness! It's going to be every fortnight but look out for other randomness in their. (N.b. If you can't read it on the page, click on the image and chose all sizes when you get on to flickr. The large one should do nicely).

Newham Generals

A version of this article appears in Dummy Magazine
Words: Chantelle Fiddy

“…I represent E7 which is in Newham/Any MC wanna test gonna do ‘em/whether it’s inside or outside Newham/Bet you any money I’ll go straight through ‘em…” echo’s D Double E, one third of the Newham Generals, on the mic at club night Forward, reputed for it’s dedication to a grime and dubstep inspired generation. Unlike many grime crews, the three soldier strong Newham Generals (alongside their DJ Tubby), boast not only a small, extremely tight unit, but one that flits easily between the various electronic genres that have taken hold of the underground scene in London, their diverse fanbase growing rapidly as a result. In fact it’s unlikely you’ll find an MC or producer that doesn’t respect, rate or take inspiration from Footsie, Monkey or D Double E, and no doubt why Dizzee Rascal has signed them up to his Dirtee Stank label. “It just kinda happened,” Footsie explains. “We all knew Dizzee from back in the day and we’d rather be with someone who’s doing It and is in touch with what’s going on than hold out for something unrealistic… we’ve actually got a shot (to be heard) this way.” Childhood friends, the three early-twenty-somethings (all funnily enough residing in the borough of Newham), had found earlier street fame with Nasty Crew, the ultimate team that at it’s peak also boasted Kano, Jammer and Ghetto. Leaving to form the Generals late in 2003, they’ve been developing their sound since, each member bringing their own unique style to the table, be it lyrically or at the mixing desk, (Footsie once compairng their individual skills to ‘different types of good weed’). Having completed a tour with Dizzee already, the priority now is putting the finishing touches to their debut album, Generally Speaking, which the Newhams promise will be a self-produced, strictly gritty affair. Then there’s the (delayed) mixtape, Welcome To Newham Vol.1 which is due out any time soon. “We’re not rushing just trust us”, says D Double, a mic legend if ever there was one (check Birds In The Sky and Signal for evidence), speaking on the release that been due since last year. “We’ve been putting the work in for years and we’re not about to stop now. We don’t watch other people, just know we’re raw and ready.”

Be In Dubplate Drama

Dubplate Drama Open A#3D701, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Saturday, 9 September 2006

One Question

R U Dumb?
Do You Know Him?

Rumours are yet to be confirmed, but word has it that this guy's been going on the 149, pretending he's JME, impressing young children and busking for his chip money. Would the real JME please stand up?
How to...

...get air. Followed by how to get a reload.

Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Dirty Canvas This Saturday

DIRTY CANVAS, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Apologies to the people who've emailed or messaged me on myspace who I'm yet to respond to. This isn't the return of Straight Outta Bethnal (SOB), but SOB are now working in conjunction with Dirty Canvas to push the underground sounds. Helping celebrate their move to the ICA will be Ruff Sqwad, Boy Better Know, DJ Cameo, Hattie Collins B2B Carmen Selektra, DJ Magic and more. Entry is only £6.50 or £5.50 with ICA membership, so it's value for money alright. I predict I'll be propping up the bar given the week I'm having... there's just too much work and too little time. Roll on Saturday!

U Can't Touch This!

Hammer Time

OH. MY. GOD. Yesterday I think I got sacked for the first time. Sacking isn't some new road slang for getting jacked, nor is it to do with the act of tea-bagging. Sacking still means losing your job. Ok, I haven't actually lost my job cause I got a whole bag of them ones, but a small slice of pie crumbled. I'm actually quite happy about this a. I'm on a diet. Eating too much pie is waste (and not good for the waist). b. the pay wasn't even touching what the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) deem acceptable c. I've got a new column with The London Paper
who were feeling the blog style,(check Friday's edition). d. I don't want to work with anyone who thinks they can call me and talk to me like I was spoken to yesterday, about something I posted on my blog

Basically people, I'm out of Touch.

The last time I left Touch was when it closed down in 2003. I think. It's hard to keep up cause it's been and gone as many times as it's had new editors. I joined a while into Simon Das' reign, doing mixtapes & underground reviews and features, something I've continued to do until today. Long story cut short like hotpants; Touch Magazine or Paul McKenzie
thinks I'm disloyal and it would seem beyond the realm of employment, for blogging that a recent article about them in the Guardian was inaccurate, wrongly claiming Touch were the only urban publication. What I wrote wasn't/isn't directed at Touch and certainly wasn't intended as offensive to them. This I pointed out. Should another journalist not be acknowledged for submitting a poorly researched story? Apparently not. I learnt yesterday there's no point trying to rationally discuss something with somebody who's quite possibly disillusioned. It generated a barrage of swearing, cursing and questionable remarks. Whether or not you're loyal to a brand/publication, you can't ignore the truth. It makes you look and sound bloody stupid. "I'll go on record and say it again and again..." Yo, cuz, facts remain facts. Go look up RWD, Blues & Soul, Hip Hop Connection, Echoes... Touch are not the only urban publication. I know it, you know it, Comag knows it (and the sales figures). So what, we're all liars? Work with the truth and the truth works with you. I've said it on here before, got a problem ring me and let's discuss it like adults. This isn't road. It's business.

As a result I will no longer be contributing to Touch. And anyone (editor or not), who thinks it's appropriate to tell a contributor of five years... 'bang heads with Hattie Collins and knock yourself out', before putting the phone down, doesn't warrant much more comment. Oh, but will I be getting commission for the advertiser I sent your way a couple of issues back? You can't Touch this, but should you care to find it, the new issue of Touch
is on shelves now.