Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Plan B - Fiddy Interview Part 2

Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Touring With Sov

My first radio documentary gets aired on 1Xtra at 2pm tomorrow (I think). You can also check it here Massive shout to James Miller and all who made it possible.

Saturday, 25 November 2006

Bearman - Bear Necessities

Thursday, 23 November 2006

London Paper 6

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On The Scene
Words: Chantelle Fiddy


Sat on a Northern line train last week, a suited and booted man was overheard telling a colleague he was going out for a night of dubstep which “has like these deep, bass lines. Mate, they can give you an upset stomach...”

And that’s one of the unique qualities dubstep as an underground scene has to offer; the more recently acquired clientel don’t always have a bloody clue, (well that or they have weak stomach’s), but they sure as hell love the music. If you’re a regular reader of the Sunday papers, style magazines or the music press, then chances are you’ve already come across a mention of dubstep the current genre creeping up the hot lists. Perhaps you’ve already been enlightened. But unlike a lot of buzz words and trends, dubstep isn’t actually anything new, nor is it a passing fad.

Undoubtedly the club night synonomous with the birth and growth of dubstep is FWD which, as you may recall from these very pages, are now in their fifth year of business. Back in the early days at the Velvet Rooms, Charring Cross, when grime wasn’t called grime and dubstep wasn’t called dubstep, Ms Dynamite was the resident mic hogger and DJ’s included Zed Bias and Oris Jay. The crowd were dedicated street music producers, independent record label types, wannabe MC’s and any one else who had dusted UK garage off their shoulder in favour of something gritty and edgey. FWD’s unique selling point was that, musically, anything went. The best in street beats, It was where DJ’s and producers alike went to showcase their latest tracks, many of which were fresh out of the studio that evening. While elements of FWD have changed over the years, it’s now found at Plastic People on Curtain Road for one, this freshness remains imperative to the winning formula.

Tonight, DJ Wonder, responsible for the Dizzee Rascal ‘Respect Me’ track and ‘What’, amongst other underground greats, is the latest in a line of producers having his album launch at FWD. Also on the bill are Benga, Geeneus and D1. Due to the limited space, if you want to guarantee entry and aren’t on a long arse wait outside, go early. An alternative for you tonight, a slighty harder one at that, running from 10pm-6am, is Yardcore at it’s new venue Jacks, Crucifix Lane, London Bridge. Supplying the dupstep, breaks, jungle, breakcore, electronica, acid, hardcore, gabba, dancehall and beats ‘n’ pieces will be Tech Itch (playing his first dubstep set), Milanese, SI Begg, PCM, Warlock, Luke Envoy and MC Mash Clan.

If you’re one of those really organised clubbers put November 24th in your diary, Hospitality At Heaven have roped FWD into Room Three. Doing the honours are Youngstar, N Type, Hatcha, Headhunter, Crazy D and more. Room One and Two on the D&B tip sees High Contrast, Andy C, London Elekricity, Doc Scott, Marcus Intalex and MC GQ.

On a final note, may I reassure you that any sightings of dubstep revellers throwing up are yet to be confirmed.

Monday, 20 November 2006

Essentials The Return!

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Yep, it's official. South London based crew Essentials have got back together. The new line up features Bigrem (formerly known as Remerdee), Jendor, Dott (who's not young anymore, obviously) and DJ Bossman. "We started having problems, politics, arguments and that in August 2005. I also had personal issues going on too. The break up was a long process... but we all wanted to do our own thing for a while. Some people didn't even want to MC anymore. You could call it a re-evaluation period." Rem explained. "Since we broke up fans have been on us, asking why we had to split up. The crew was kind of the backbone to the south scene, so I called up the guys recently to see who was serious and wanted to do business, not just take it for a joke. We have a plan now and we're all moving in the same direction." The new track, So Much Better, produced by Virgo and featuring Snipekeedo, will get an airing on Logan Sama's Kiss 100 show tonight if you're locked. And it's set to get a release soon on Essentials new label, Hazzardous, with a remix from DaVinChe. As for the video, that's already in the bag and will drop on Channel U and MTV Base in the not so distant future. So keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Saturday, 18 November 2006

Plan B - Fiddy Interview Part 1

Friday, 17 November 2006

the exteneded war report @ dirty canvas

September time, big up FIP

Thursday, 16 November 2006

N Dubz I Swear

Apologies but this is the only version of the video I could find on youtube. I don't care what anyone says, this tune is masssssssssive. Styling aside, If they sort out their promo campaign who knows what could happen.

New Reviews On F Mag

Pop over to F
where my new reviews are up; Plan B - Live At The Pet Cemetery EP (check the Hadouken remix, ones to watch), DVA Presents Voice Of Grime Vol.1 (love the Sadie track on here), Wonder Welcome To Wonderland (It's still the Gods Gift dub doing it), Bigz - A New Big-inning (Spit Your Game is on some Dipset shit) and Ruff Sqwad - Guns & Roses 2 (Xtra is still blowing up the dances). Whatever your musical preference, there's a load more to get your ears flapping.

Dirty Canvas

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This Saturday with D Double E and Frisco. I only just found out. or what.

Welcome To Wonderland

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Tomorrow night Wonder will be launching his album at FWD. I'll be there cause it's the birthday of one of my bosses, Markle Man (not to be confused with Murkle). I did get Jammer to do Markle a drop though.
What more could a man want for his birthday? It's just a shame my job isn't the sort that involves promotion. Happy Birthday anyway. And you can check out some words on and tracks from the album over at

Goodz With Goods?

Bored of talking about Crazy Titch, attention's switching to Goodz and what his next moves going to be. With his Polydor contact apparently in the bin bag, the plan a few months back was that it was going to get a release on an independent label. I'm not sure whether this label sat on it in the hope that Goodz would get out and actually be able to do some promotion. Maybe they weren't sure what to do with it, after all Goodz has been away for some time. I've heard the album and I've got to say it's good. On a commercial level, I'm not entirely sure how it would have worked, but then I also don't know if what I've heard is the entire product - was the album even finished? It's also worth considering whether all the lyrics will stand up now, after all, they're going to be a couple of years old now and the situation's changed somewhat. Whatever happens to the old material and where ever Goodz does from here on in, hopefully he holds it up and can use this incident to educate the people. After all real's his middle name isn't it?

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

I Write Bars Till The Milkman Comes

Nah not me but Kano. 'I Write Bars Till The Milkman Comes' is a new freestyle, production by Mikey J. Logan's going to be playing it Monday I believe on Kiss 100, but it will be available as a free download this time next week over at Hopefully they'll be a series of these leading up to the 2nd album coming early spring 2007.

Monday, 6 November 2006

Shh Hut Yuh Muh Part 10

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Shameless RWD

shamelessrwd, originally uploaded by chantelle.

“Fucking, X Factor singing, R&B, half German, wannabe… I’m trying to find Plan B cause I’ve heard that he can rap and that/Allow the sound clashes, all the long talk and the battle raps…” And that’s just the beginning of Shameless’ venomous lyrics which appear on ‘Pass That’, one of the current rap tracks heating up the roads, pavements and alleyways. “He’s only hating cause I’m signed and he ain’t, jealous prick/he says I sold out quick, but he’s only underground cause he’s shit…” Plan B later retorts. But this is no 8 mile attempt to create some hype, it’s a collaboration they laid down following the funeral of a mutual friend, which now features on DJ MK’s album, Above Board.

While the two rappers, who met during their school days, will naturally be deemed rivals, they have little in common bar the predictable likelihood they’ll be compared to Eminem, and influences which range from The Clash to Tupac and Skibba D. “Where I’ve grown up is a hot pot of talent. I play guitar and piano too but my main focus has been the rap, I’ve never wanted anyone to think I can’t rap because I’m some white guy who might go to work listening to Nirvana but bumping Biggie on the way home”, explains Shameless from the studio where he’s laying down more tracks for his debut album, due out early 2007.

East London born and bred, 25 year old Shameless started out initially in punk bands as well as hitting the mic jungle style in his teens, which goes some way in explaining the snappy flow. His recent freestyle, (accompanied by a video), over the Arctic Monkeys ‘When The Sun Goes Down’, generated media attention from Hip Hop Connection to NME. With only a few releases to date, the main attractions being ‘U Never Know’, ‘Concrete Waves’, ‘A Shameless Introduction’ and ‘Bless’, the buzz has slowly but surely building for the next round of proverbials.

“It’s got to the point where I’ve decided to quit my job. I’ve been a shit daytime TV editor for years, I’ve grafted, but It’s not my passion. I’m going to make this music thing one way or another.”

‘Pass That’ is available on DJ MK ‘Above Board’ out now on Antidote.
‘When The Sun Goes Down freestyle’ can be downloaded from

Words: Chantelle Fiddy

A version of this article appears in the new issue of RWD

London Paper 5

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A couple of weeks ago, American rapper Rhymefest met up with Tory leader David Cameron to discuss the merits of hip hop lyricism. What transpired at the end of their discussion was that, unsurprisingly, Cameron was too busy to go clubbing that night with the Chicago MC. Rumours that a disappointed Rhymefest returned to his room at Westminster’s City Inn instead of going out himself are still to be confirmed, but if politicians want to get down with the people, what could be better than a bout of body popping at breaking down barriers? It also poses a bigger question, how many hotels in London actually boast in-house nightclubs? Beyond the M25, a number of towns make do with just that. The demure surroundings of hotels like the Coppid Beech in Bracknell are transformed at night, attracting many locals, singletons, divorcees and residential guests alike, into the smokey confines of the basement where they enjoy the commercial sounds of Essex favourites like Kiss 100’s DJ Jez Wellam. To the discerning clubber perhaps it’s not extremely appertising. But the convenience factor of being able to avoid the mission home, kebab shops and other drunken revellers while knowing you’re waking up in the morning to be served with a full English breakfast, actually justifies visiting a club that resembles the Conservative Club, minus the strobe lights and pop sounds of course, my grandparents used to hang out at. Prompted to investigate further, an internet search didn’t unearth much bar the offer of a corporate hen package, The Great Eastern in Shoreditch and Purple at The Chelsea Football Club Hotel. So is this a niche yet to be exploited in London?

Should Cameron get a window in the forseeable future, he’d surely approve of the Rollerdisco at Canvas, Kings Cross. As well as being popular with the younger generation (UK street stars spotted there regularly include Boy Better Know and Sway), it’s the perfect place to see your mates or work colleague drop hard on the floor. And while they flail, you get to laugh at them with little fear of reprisal - that is until you meet the same fate and go head over cheeks. Music wise, the DJ’s mix up the best in old and new disco, house, garage, hip hop and R&B. Costing £12.50 (including skate hire), it’s open on Thursdays and Fridays but it’s advisable to log onto and book in advance as it’s usually a sellout and rightly so.

If the above aren’t tempting enough then swinging to the left, Shanty House, a cultural musical merger, launches tonight, 7pm, at the Whitechapel Art Gallery. Featuring global urban music from Brazilian favelas to the Kwaito sounds of South Africa townships, desi, grime, dancehall and crunk, DJ Tetine and bloggers Woebot, Stelfox and Bun-U are guaranteed to keep it fresh. There’s also a film screening of Resistencia, a documentary about Columbian hip hop, and a Q&A with Director Tom Feiling. With an edutainment line-up like that, even Cameron needs to have a word with his PA.

Bearman's Debut Album

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Out end of November. You need this in your life if there's a remote possibility you have a sense of humour... the rock collabo is especially mosh worthy (I'm on that ting).

Plan B 2007 Tour

I'm there

Sunday, 5 November 2006

Fish Go Deep feat. Tracey K

Video to Cure & The Cause directed by Mighty Mo ('Pow') and styled by Richard Shoyemi. Big up both of you, younger generation moving in all directions. This is Out soon on Defected.

Friday, 3 November 2006

Roll Deep Badman

It's the new one from Roll Deep, part of new Trident initiative. Does the contract entail they have to stop chatting gun lyrics from here on in? We'll soon find out... Rules & Regulations Vol.1 is out end of the month. And I'm jet lagged.
Blah Blah

I've literally just walked in the door after being in New York and Philly, visiting our dear Lady Sovereign. Despitely barely sleeping since last Saturday night, I've had the pleasure of joining her on a couple of tour dates and boy oh boy, there were a few surprises. Details on the documentary soon come.