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As summer draws nearer, it's time to flush all the doo doo from your ends

Dublime Thursday

THURSDAY APRIL 27th RHYTHM & SOUND 45” Session ft. tikiman (basic channel/ first UK date for 1 year), DUB CARTEL SOUND SYSTEM, (Don Letts & Dan Donovan), DUBLIME SOUNDSYSTEM, SKREAM (Tempa/ FWD), DJ DISTANCE (Planet Mu / Rotten Funk), BAZRAH (Hyponik), DOWNSHIFTER (Tyke/ Hyponik) Venue: Neighbourhood Club, 12 Acklam Road, Ladbroke Grove, W10 5JU Cost: £10 on the door// Times: 8pm – 2am.

Streets Tour

For the American crew, The Streets will be joined by Lady Sovereign and has even managed to bag a spot on Letterman. Woah
6/07/06 Showbox Showroom & Lounge   Seattle, WA
6/08/06 Wonder Ballroom   Portland, OR
6/09/06 The Fillmore   San Francisco, CA
6/10/06 Henry Fonda Theatre    Los Angeles, CA
6/12/06 Jimmy Kimmel Live
6/14/06 Fox Theatre   Boulder, CO
6/16/06 La Zona Rosa   Austin, TX
6/18/06 Bonnaroo Music Festival   Manchester, TN
6/21/06 Avalon Ballroom   Boston, MA
6/22/06 Spectrum De Montreal  Montreal, QC
6/23/06 The Phoenix   Toronto, ON
6/24/06 Intonation Music Festival, Union Park Chicago, IL
6/27/06 Webster Hall  New York, NY
6/30/06 Late Night with David Letterman (air date)

For the UK massive, The Streets will be joined by Sway, Professor Green and maybe, just maybe, Example too
Thursday 28th April Apollo, Manchester 
Friday 28th April Academy, Glasgow 
Saturday 29th April Corn Exchange, Edinburgh 
Sunday 30th April – Music Hall, Aberdeen 
Tuesday 2nd May – Academy, Newcastle 
Wednesday 3rd May – Rock City, Nottingham 
Thursday 4th May – Colston Hall, Bristol
Saturday 6th May – University, Liverpool 
Sunday 7th May Carling Academy, Birmingham
Monday 8th May – Guild Hall, Southampton 
Wednesday 10th May – Great Hall, Exeter 
Thursday 11th Brixton Academy, London


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It's taken me a while to post about it, thanks to everyone who's been messaging about Straight Outta Bethnal (SOB), It's nice to think we've created a party that people want to come back to, but for the time being you're going to have to make do with the other shit (not necessarily descriptive of all events), on offer. Murkage from Ghetto et al aside, at the last SOB there was a small altercation in the basement after Fuda Guy splashed some water on a guy who didn't take kindly to getting wetted up (in the old skool sense). Anyway, it was broken up after a number of seconds and the matter quashed after we got all Kofi Anan and mediated/cleared out the wreckers. What people need to understand is that if you go to a night like this and trouble kicks off, chances are you're going to cost the promotion in some way, shape or form. Not to say it's fair, but it's the reality of putting on grime nights, clubs are scared and won't treat you in the same way as the aternative scenes. It was especially annoying this happened after I'd spent time before the event ensuring certain people didn't come through fear of a clash or worse, people who respected my wishes and were going to tear up SOB the following month. Swiiiinnnnggggggg. But message boards seemed to dwell on this incident, if at a house night someone get's bottled, for example, does this become the only thing worth discussing? In a sense we've got our own Heat Magazine interest in the life, times, motives and doings or the artists, something which like our obsession with Joran and Peter Ander, isn't entirely healthy or helping anyone or anything. Anyway, 333 had already been on my case that night due to the high levels of weed pollution, something as a promoter, there's little you can do to stop. Let me not get started on the over-busy stage, something that again is extremely hard to control when artists themselves don't respect the rules you're trying to put in place for both their own safety and the quality of performances. So the following week we go for our emergency meeting. It's agreed we can do another event if the underground acts are pretty much non-existent. Initially I wondered what the point was as that was at the core of the SOB formula, but at the same time I learnt a lesson from the last night; if you book certain people you're asking for it, not necessarily from them but the people who follow them. On the otherhand there are the 'underground' artists you can book who will guarantee you sing-a-longs and one big party. Those who attended the first couple of SOB's will know what I'm talking about. While we still had the vibes at the last one, the atmosphere was different and It didn't feel like the nite I wanted it to be. Succumbing to the powers that be, filming for the Duppy video aside, Mitchell Brothers and Virus Syndicate looked like the only way forward, until I got a phone call the following day, 333 deciding to pull it. Partly it can be assumed it was due to the weed and fear of the unknown i.e. our music, but it was more than that. Following the unfortunate murder of YGC's MC Slinger (also on March 24th but of no relation to the event), the Met phoned 333 asking for my number, in turn requesting information from myself and the performing acts. Being the only grime night and one that also happened the night of the crime, we seemed an obvious port of call to them because this was a 'grime murder'. Tell me, if someone into rock music is murdered, does it then become a rock murder? I'm baffled as to why it only seems to be crime related to black music or music of a more street form that gets tagged in this way. With the police sniffing round, you can't blame 333 for wanting out, likewise I understand they have a job to do and want to find the killer, if you're hitting a brick wall then you need to tap up info wherever you think possible. So despite hoardes of press support, six months of trouble free parties and a growing reputation, we're homeless. If and when we find another venue, rest assured you'll be the first to know.

Easyjet Yuh Muh

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Bricklane Bandits

A friend of mine warned me about the perils of walking down Brick Lane these days. "On Friday night on the way home from the Music Hall, my good friend Johnny was attacked by 10 little cunts who thought it was really clever to hit someone round the face with a padlock chain and padlock and steal his records. When the police arrived they told us that 10 mins earlier someone was stabbed 4 times for telling some cocks they were driving on the wrong side of the rd. Speaking to my friends yesterday there has been a series of unprovoked attacks as of late in the area." Talking of jacking and such, we nearly got ran up on by a bunch of yoots in a Camden pub the other week. They were only about 14 and seemed more interested in someone agreeing to suck their cocks ("would you speak to your mother like that?", I asked, the response "yes!"), than actually stealing the drinks and cigs off the table. Very kindly they pointed out that smoking kills, I found it in my heart to tell them that in fact that's why I light up. Who wants to live in a world or share a street with kids like them? Life is miserable, If I could afford it and had some form of air conditioning, I'd be a chainer. Naturally, I invited them to join me for a fag break and put an earlier end to their sorry existence. And a late addition to this posting, having forwared the Brick Lane info to Collins, she just rang me to inform me that on a jolly out in east London last night, she saw a dead body, around Mile End (I think) and came home to find our area sealed off due to another shooting. Part of Old Street also remains closed this morning, another incident possibly. No doubt she'll post about it later but we gotta ask, how we livin'?

Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Lifes A Bitch

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Then you wonder if you're one too

Get The Vid

Download the Plan B - Missin links video to your phone now. Text MV 13158 to 80160. Costs £2*. Just seen you can now pre-order the album, Who Needs Actions When You Got Words, on HMV, scheduled release date is 12th June and tracklisting reads 1. Sick 2 Def, 2. No Good, 3. I Don't Hate You, 4. Mama, 5. Young Girl, 6. Everyday, 7. Tuff Love, 8. Where You From?, 9. Kidz, 10. No More Eatin', 11. Missin' Links, 12. Who Needs Actions (my personal fave).

In Loving Memory of Smash Hits

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I'm going to risk getting sued and upload my hotdate with Calvin, S Club Juniors or whatever they were called. It's not real, so don't have me arrested. It's what they call role play. I did one with Lemar too but I didn't feel quite so shameful. Doing this to Calvin was like taking the kid from the pen, rattle and all... Smash Hits we miss you x

I Can’t believe we’re going Windsurfing in Barbados.. "I know, I’ve been to loads of places like Thailand, the Caribbean, America, Australia but I’ve never been to Barbados before. I’m going to get you something really nice when we’re there, maybe a necklace, something you’ll remember the date by."

Are you nervous? You sent me so many texts yesterday? "I sent loads, millions, but I wanted to make sure you definitely liked me and everything was going smoothly. I don’t overload my texts though did you notice? It makes you want a girl more if she plays a bit hard so I try and do the same. If you say things like ‘I love you, I’ll never leave you’, you lose interest after a while. I want to keep you on your toes a bit. I want you to want more from me."

It worked, the last one you sent me was really sweet though... "Oh yes, looking forward to seeing you, you’re so hot you won’t need to bring your bikini top. I can be quite cheeky can’t I hahaha. You do look nice today, I don’t like tomboys. You’ve got really good xxxx, not too big like Jordan’s but well rounded... You’ve got great hair, great... xxxx

I could tell you were a bit shy, that’s why I asked for your number when I met you shopping on Oxford Street. What surprises have you got in store today?
"We’ll be in the sea for most of it but they’ll be lots of snogging. I’d love to snog you underwater, I did it once in a swimming pool though and nearly died."

It’s so beautiful here isn’t it?
"It is, lets go on a romantic walk to a lagoon, we can do it now as it’s getting dark and it will add to the moment."

I’d love to go horse riding through the sea... "Maybe we could do that another time, I’d have to think about it as I’m really not a big fan of horse riding. I much prefer wave riding or a trip to the jungle."

I’m really useless at this windsurfing lark... "But I still really like you. I can’t expect you to be good at everything."

Because we’re in the sea I haven’t been able to wear any make –up do you mind? "I don’t mind, I know a lot of girls don’t wear make up. Some girls look really pretty naturally, and I don’t like make up caked on. I do like a little bit of make up though normally."

Oh no, I’ve lost my bikini top!
"...stay there I’ll dive to the bottom of the ocean and get it for you."

I can’t believe we’re back on the plane already... "At least we can cuddle up, I like it when we can just watch TV together and be close. I guess I am quite a romantic aren’t I?"

Home sweet home. I think that’s your mum over there, are you going to introduce us?
"Of course. Mum this is my new girlfriend."

I can’t believe she said ‘go Calvin’... "My mums very supportive about that kind of thing, I can tell her if I snog someone. My dad gave me the pep talk though, ‘be careful son.’"

I thought you were going to start snogging me in front of her... "No, I had to take you around the corner to do that. All my mates were like check her out, she’s a good one."

Well I really had a really great time with you (Calvin goes in for another snog)... "We’ll keep in contact and hang out in town soon. They’ll be lots more snogging. We’ve got to be sensible, not too sensible but sensible."

Are you sure you had a good time? "Yes I did, and even If I didn’t I wouldn’t tell you because that wouldn’t be a very nice thing to do now would it?"


The 16 Bar Challenge

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Out This Week

Da2ndPhazePoster, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Sounding good to go

Tomorrow Night

You have a few options - Eskimo Dance in Watford, Forward at Plastic People or VICE Magazine, Modus Ent. & Family Tree present: 'Crack-Rock Steady' with an exclusive performance from Dancehall superstar BABY CHAM (performing 'Ghetto Story')
Support from Jammer A.K.A. The Murkle Man and Shizzle w/ DJs Vinyl Star & Prancehall Venue: The Old Blue Last, 38 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch. Whichever you select, behave.

Friday, 14 April 2006

New i-D Out

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MAY ISSUE ON SALE THURSDAY 13 APRIL. order your copy from supernature Joe Gordon-Levitt Giant Drag Candice Breitz Jil Sander Raf Simons Three 6 Mafia The Rogers Sisters The Like Jim Shaw Keyshia Cole Ne-Yo Nathan Fake Spank Rock Good Shoes Yeah Yeah Yeahs Daniel Johnston Floria Sigismondi Isabella Rossellini The Long Blondes

I've taken a break from the norm, you can read my pieces on The Noisettes and Suffrajets in the female bands feature.

Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Boys, Boys, Boys

Do you remember one of the best music videos ever made? Yes, Sabrina's 'Boys, Boys, Boys'. Sure it's floating on if you're in the dark. Alternatively check this fantastic rendition featuring all your fave MC's at

Message For Hyper

Plastician hasn't tried to bump you. He swears pon his lower region piercing that he posted your prize and that it's Her Maj's men that are responsible for the disappearance of the CD on route. Email me your address again and we'll attempt a re-issue. Hope you haven't lost too much sleep over it.

Can't Take Bad Man 4 A Plum

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Boy Better Know Skepta got the tat. More pics, well another one over at Despite reports of a tip off, Collins actually hangs around these spots hoping to catch something that's snap worthy... yesterday she got lucky. Go ask about where her Girl Better Know one is...

Sunday, 9 April 2006

Working Out With Skinner

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No he's not doing a fitness video although it could be a stroke of marketing genius, but Skinners taken his link with Reebok one step further and had these excluse trainers done to celebrate the launch of his 3rd album, The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Livin. You can't buy these but to win a pair log onto or check later in the week cause word on the road is they've got a pair to dish out too. As for the album itself, I've only listened to it once. Not a track for me that's yet beaten Blinded By The Lights but did really like Prangin Out and a couple of others (which I blatently can't remember the names of). I generally find with The Streets that I don't like the albums first time around. I only properly got into the first one after 'getting' the 2nd one. Worth the wait though. Oh and for the record, Skinner guarantees he not suicidal for anyone that reads NME. Anyone who caught the 4music special this weekend will agree he's still got it, depressed, high or whatever

Dummy Magazine out now!

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A message from the Editor:
Recently, I was stood in the crush outside a gig - Klaxons, seeing as you ask - and I overheard someone sniffily remark that they'd "only last five minutes". It's a timeless scenario: a band of young upstarts play music designed to be enjoyed then thrown away triggering reactionary dislike in some quarters. I slept easy that night: all is right with the world. As the British music scene reaches what must be terminal velocity, it's a drama played out with dizzying frequency and I for one think it's a wonderful thing. Does it get any better than trying to spot who has genuine star potential (Lady Sovereign seems a reasonable bet; see page 42), who's going to be here today and gone tomorrow (Test Icicles appear to be edging closer to the latter after a gruelling tour; page 58) and who's going to keep everyone guessing (Mystery Jets; page 74)? Yes, it does get better. Arguing about it. There's more cause for argument than ever in 2006 with new artists breaking at a frankly astonishing rate. It's a sign of good health and here at 'Dummy' we're delighted to be launching a magazine during such exciting times. We hope you enjoy the first issue. Even if it's only for five minutes.
Chris Cottingham, Editor

A note from Fiddy:
Well done to all the Dummy team and design don Dean Langley. Looking overly tidy. Forget them though. It's my blog therefore everything should be about me. I only care about self promotion. Don't get it twisted I don't give two shits about anyone/thing I write about really. Don't smile. I mean it. That's also why I laugh so much that I've broken my chair from reading the groupie bollox that my obsessed followers come with on Prancers bog. I'm here to earn sweetcorn and piss off to The Telegraph. I don't even like Grime, it's all about The Gossip, Noisettes, Remy Shand and even Hand Shandy for that matter... So as I was saying, read my Sway Q&A and Band Of Brothers piece (aka JME & Skepta) in the new issue of Dummy too.

Angels With Grimey Faces

issue_grimey, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Text by Ben Reardon. Buy it to read you pikey.
P.s Fury tells me she's been working hard at the gym and doing the dieting thing i.e. avoiding McD's and Nandos. I should join her. Again, face, bothered?

Wall Street (No) Crash

grime, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Amazing wall co-ordination. Check the full she-bang by esteemed photographer Derek Ridgers (pictured Lioness and Leona H).

Mixtape Drama

DubplatePack, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Really feeling the Goodz track, that one's also out on vinyl now with Mentat to thank for production. Also good Fireworkz remix of the Booty Bouncers Fame & Money...
1. Intro
2. Stop (Remix) - Crazy Titch & J2K
3. Lyrical- JME, Lethal B and fumin
4. Some other girl- Fireworkz feat.. Kelle le roc
5. What I say I am - Nolay
6. Anger Mangemnet _ D Double
7. Hold it Down- Fireworkz Feat- J2K, Shystie, L-Man, Goodz, Syer B,
Ron 'E' Redz, Marcie phonix, Hypa Fen
8. Make it easy (grime remix)- Shystie, Crazy Titch, J2K
9. Interlude- Rodney P
10. Not a game its real - Earz
11. 1 Wish- Shystie
12. 1 Wish (Fireworkz Remix)-Hyperactive, Kano
13. Thuggish Ruggish: JME, D Double E
14. I'm still ere- Riko
15. You know my name- Riko
16. Fame & Money-(fireworkz remix) Wiley, skinnyman, wonder
17. South Rep- Narstie, L-Man, Solo, infamous
18. Tunnel Vision- Narstie
19. Breaking Point- Narstie
20. Street Slang - Shystie, Ron 'E' Redz
21. Whats Happening- Goodz
22. Best Friends: Hyper Fen Marcy Skepta
23. Tempa Tempa- Rondey P
24. Make it easy (Hip Hop Remix) - Skinnyman Mike Glc Shystie
25. 10 Lumps- Esquire
26. Dats not gangster- Sincere
27. Keep it road- Goodz
28. Paris 1- Notts City
29. Elders - Mike GLC
30. Bling Bling Crazy - Killa Benz
31. 3 Grey Hairs - Esquire
Limited stockists for now but wider distribution in next month or so I'm told. For online buyers, visit

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Truth Be Told

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I can't be arsed with much