Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Joker's Daughter - Worm's Head

Not a massive fan of the song as yet but love the video.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Donaeo African Warrior LIVE

Sem And His Yung Ho...

Currently residing in Australia where he's working on Operator Please's new album, our main man Semothy Jones is getting his grind on in more ways than one...

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Pro Green Had A Hard Night Out Alright...

You know those nights: you turn up at the club and the vibe just doesn't feel right. Too many man, too hot, too much alcohol going down... so you decide something's likely to kick off and you cut out. Sadly, we didn't realise how right we were. When I got a message on my phone this morning from Professor Green saying he'd been stabbed in the neck with a bottle, I actually thought he was joking, given our earlier convo at Dirty Canvas. Alas, he wasn't, as the picture he then sent proved. Collins and I armed ourselves with bare goodies - XXL Mag, Grazia (so he could catch up on the girl stuff), The Week (for the best in the worlds media), Nuts (boobs always aid recovery), anti bacterial hand stuff (to fend off swine flu and MRSA), lucozade (for when he's no longer nil by mouth), 12 red roses (which got confiscated so we gave them to the nurses who do a great job) and Vaseline (for those dry lip moments).

Contrary to popular rumour, @professorgreen is not having a f... on Twitpic

Despite his condition, we did manage to catch joke over the socks:

@professorgreen has the best socks on Twitpic

We also donated a sharp Boxfresh T-shirt and over sized Chiefs one for good humour. Anyway, back to the point, Pro Green is going to be ok. He's currently awaiting surgery and he's so bloody lucky that it's not a whole lot worse (ironically he has a 'LUCKY' tattoo on his neck too). Rinse was also injured but it'll take more than a broken nose to hold him down. The please have arrested someone in connection with the incident but I've got a few things to get off my chest.

Firstly, why do Cargo still use glasses? Sure it's a sorry state of affairs that we have to even consider these things and that it's got to this in society, but it's not the first time there's been a glass fight in the club.

Secondly, to all those people who stood by and did NOTHING but take pictures or film the incident - a man lying bleeding on the floor, thinking he's losing his life - I hope you can sleep well.

I can't say some of what I want to say for legal reasons but watch this space.

And on that note, it feels apt to re-up the forthcoming single from Professor Green.
We wish you a swift and full recovery famazonia. Karaoke will wait till another night.

Dubplate Drama Series III Trailer

MC Fontz Spits It Out


Friday, 22 May 2009

Tempz - Next Hype

As Walks just pointed out on Twitter, one of the funniest grime videos EVER.

Giggs feat. The Streets - Slow Songs (totally unofficial video)

Thanks to Danny Walker @ RWD for helping with the video.

Jam Hot!

If you missed Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhem take over MistaJam's show last night then you can hear the full thing back HERE

Alternatively, for 'Slow Songs', first play of which went down at the end of the show (MistaJam actually played it twice cause it's one of those ones) just click HERE.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Maverick Sabre Is Doing This

I was listening to his entry to the Plan B competition we ran at 679 just today. He was good then but the levels have gone way high.

Next Hype V.I.P - Plastician ft. Tempa T

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Met Police V Warmongers?

Don't Panic have been at it again.


Then watch the video...

Giggs & Skinner Get Their Lamb Shank On

Had an enjoyable business lunch with Mr Mike Skinner aka The Streets, Mr Ted Mayhem, Tyrone and Giggs today, to talk about 'Slow Songs'. Skinner & Ted will be taking over MistaJam's 1Xtra show on Thursday so you'll be able to hear it in full, for the first time, then. If you've got any questions you want answered, drop them via twitter. Alternatively you can get a clip, right now, by downloading this weeks skinimix. Just click HERE

Big tunes on this weeks mix include 'Strangest Thing' (by my BIG tip for next year, Clare Maguire), 'Where My Heart Has Been', 'Heartbreaker' and 'Turn Me On'.

1. Juggernauts (feat. The Streets) - Enter Shikari
2. Slow Songs (feat. The Streets) - Giggs
3. Champions - The Cool Kids
4. Strangest Thing - Clare Maguire
5. Where My Heart Has Been - The Streets
6. Heartbreaker Ft. John Legend - MSTRKRFT
7. Melo - Pryda
8. Turn Me On - Soul Rebels
9. Standing On The Shore - Empire Of The Sun
10 Little Secrets - Passion Pit
11. Leeches - Gallows

Anyway, totally by coincidence pink was the in-pantone today (where the chaps were concerned at least).

Who's talkin' the 'ardest? on Twitpic

I learnt a bit about coffee too. Apparently in Italy you don't drink Cappuccino's after 2pm or something. Not the in ting. But we're in England so I can get away with that stilll.

The legend that is Mr Mike Skinner... with a coffee that's no cappuccino... on Twitpic

Then I clocked that Mike may actually be a cyborg as his eye was glowing in the shade. And red eye on iphoto couldn't even correct that. Freaaaaak.

It's like Mike has a glass eye with built in lighting system... on Twitpic

Giggs was pissed he only got five chips so had to order seconds of potatoes. Only me and my fellow fat bloke Ted could rep on the desert front. And we'd blazed steaks. We were so like whateverrrrrrrrr.

Few calories right there. What do you know about creme brulee... on Twitpic

Monday, 18 May 2009

G-FrSH ft. Lefty London - CHEESE

If you like hanging by the deli counter, this one's you.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

CHOPPS DERBY - POWER LAP video (Top Gear Rap)

Chopps Derby Part 3

Shit, there's even an EP called 'You Don't Know What Broccoli is'

Read the description:

Apart from a mint night on the razz, Manchester is still nothing but a place full of scallies and muppets who’ll twist you up for nout other than looking like a gay homo. Walking across these pavements of puke is Chopps Derby - a well hard bumbaseed turn bare sick emcee from Droylsden. Since his cough and drop, he has spent most his time down the dogs, peckin’ heads with his grim tales of sexual healing and his manifestos about getting mashed and that. Though it doesn’t sound like much, Chopps lays down verbal dirt that separates the facts from the lady-boys. This record will probably bring out the worst in you.

Buy it HERE.

Chopps Derby Part 2

Ok, since blogging/ twittering this earlier it's been blowing up. Here's what the email Danny Grapes sent me, with the title 'State of the UK urban music', along with the video link, said:

POW! Straight outta Quality Save’s car park in Droylsden, Manchester…

Bare buff subject matter, gangs of drug dealers actin’ rude, rabid
pitbulls, badass grime beats, that niche bass sound, Stanley knives,
regionalist claptrap, multi-coloured wheelie bins, shot after shot of
council estates (somewhere near Moss Side)....

What else could any self respecting 'Bassline' raver want?

THE SINGLE IS MP3 downloadable from site and here:

choppsderby.bandcamp.com and released via itunes etc soon.

Bashy - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Straight out of Surrey by Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer

A great tip off from Angus Batey...


I was in two minds whether to blog this due to some disturbing imagery/ lyrics... but I'll let you make your own mind up.

Rescue Cat - £10 bag

The song is called £10 Bag and it's about childhood and heroin.
As you do. Love the video. There's two version of this, one featuring Wretch 32, hitting itunes soon. myspace.com/rescuecatmusic

Shoes I Won't Be Wearing

DaVinChe 'Riding For Love' featuring Clea and Bashy

This is definitely one of the strongest versions of 'Rider'. You can get your hands on the 11 or however many versions (including attempts by Wiley, Wretch, NY and Skepta), on 7th June (digital).
Text RIDER or RIDING4LOVE to 78789 for the ringtone.


Alan Duncan, the Conservative MP who is supposed to oversee the party's policy on expenses, claimed £127,658 under the second home allowance and almost £4000 on gardening...

Nicheline - Done Your Dance

Forget all these deadout dance routines, this is the way you get down. Especially like the moves at 54 seconds. In case you're wondering Niche Line is an elctro producer/artist from south London. myspace.com/nicheline

Mo Money Mo Problems Lefty London Feat. OJ aka Mr Blu Ray

My fave thing about this is the thugged out plastic cups they have in the park. No picnic. No bottles. Just cups. They need mo money, even if it does cause mo problems.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Club RWD @ Camden Crawl '09 with Goldielocks

It was like 100 degreessss in that back room and Chewy made me wear any man T-shirt instead of the pretty black dress I had been wearing. My nastiness, temperature report, and upset at the dresscode, here's an extract of my interview with Goldielocks at Camden Crawl a month or so back. Big up Nick too.

Monday, 11 May 2009

News Flash! Elton 4 Ironik!

No home owner intended but let's have a moment for Elton John who just rang DJ Ironik on his mobbie. According to Ironik, who hit me up totally non-exclusively on Twitter, "he said congrats on chart position he loves the track and he wishes me the best in my career..." As to whether a dinner date was confirmed or not can't be disclosed. But I bet Ironik did a bit of a wee.

In other news, I found this pic of Elton, Jordan and Peter. I'd like to take a moment to reflect on the love that was J+P. Just heard they've officially ended their marriage. I thought they were madly deeply so here's to true love. Another time.

She Loves Me!

Thanks to MPHO who just hit me up with this classic on Twitter. I'm not deep in the Kate Bush game, but this is amazzzzzing.

Equally amazing is MPHO's Art Of Pop Mixtape, which I gave urban compilation of the month in last months Mixmag.

Download it HERE

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Giggs feat. The Streets 'Slow Songs'

That's right. But no audio for now. I'm working with Skinner Mike aka The Streets on some projects via Twitter. You know how us modern day profressional's roll. Listen out for Giggs feat. The Streets 'Slow Songs'. Unexpected perhaps but it fits so well. The word emotional is, without a doubt, over-used but it fits aptly for this collaboration. Listen out for it coming soon to a speakerbox near you.

To get food for thought, free download links and a whole lot more follow The Streets HERE. They'll be more collaborations and surprises coming soon.

If you care for mundane reports from the bus, usually the 243, then catch me HERE

The Prodigy G FrSH ft Lefty London - Omen

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Louise Golbey - The Sea and Me

Louise party's hard. After performing with Broadcast 2000 and stealing the show with their cover of 'Like I Love You', she stayed back and raved the night away with the RWD massive. She even handled 2 hours of Westwood. This tune is out on itunes now. Suppport.

Dirty Danger - Ard Bodied (NEW)

Who did the instrumental? Wanna here it stillios.

Boy Blue @ Ctrl.Alt.Shift

Ctrl.Alt.Shift: Baltic Podcast

Wanna Come To A Film Premiere?

I've got two tickets to give away!

The ‘Ctrl.Alt.Shift Short Film Project’ was set up to challenge young filmmakers to tackle issues of poverty and global injustice (either HIV + Stigma, War + Peace and Gender + Power) for the chance to work with leading names in film and music.

The competition launched in November 2008 and by the deadline of 31st January 2009 we had nearly 100 treatments to sift through, the massive judging panel - Riz Ahmed (Shifty, Road To Guantanamo, Brits), Adam Deacon (Adulthood, Dubplate Drama), Andy Noble (Warp Films), Amplify, Ctrl.Alt.Shift, Little White Lies, Clash and LIVE - had to fight it out! The judging panel chose four winners (our fifth and final entry was chosen by the good British public via our People's Choice voting system) who have been offered the opportunity to work with some of the finest directors such as Aoife McArdle (Minivegas), Chris Harding from Shynola (Blur/Radiohead), Kinga Burza (Le Roux/Katie Perry), Paul Andrew Williams (London to Brighton) and Jim Threapleton (Extraordinary Rendition). Music has been supplied by some of the hottest musical talent around including Chipmunk, Shy Child, Metronomy, The Thirst and Jesca Hoop plus some of the leading names from the box such as Julian Barrett (The Mighty Boosh) and Martin Freeman (The Office).

The premiere takes place on May 14th at Shoreditch Studios, 7pm. You can't buy tickets for the event. To be in with a chance of getting your hands on a pair email film@ctrlaltshift.co.uk with 'Fiddy Not 50' in the suject line. Chipmunk and The Thirst are among the talent performing on the night. Deadline for entries is 8th May.

Summaries of the winning treatment are as follows:

Ben Newman - War School
Opting for a short based around war + peace, Ben Newman, has come up with one of the most popular entries, gaining praise across the board by looking to re-create a military training camp for child soldiers in a British school. It was described by Riz Ahmed as "a great idea, simple, communicating a direct message."

Fern Berresford - Man Made
This two-minute short, based around gender + power tackles the treatment of women as property and the lack of self worth and identity women feel due to lack of education and the gender inequalities prevalent in many societies.

Joe Patrick - HIV: The Musical
The main aim of Patrick's film is to expose the ridiculous attitudes towards HIV and Aids. A series of video blogs posted by a young playwright, James McKenzie, whose artistic integrity is being challenged by the ignorance of a film company determined to hijack his script.

Tim Travers Hawkins - Untitled animation
A verbose and politically correct bureaucrat gives a lecture to a group of teenagers on the merits of the UK"s efficient and humane asylum system, whilst meanwhile, in the same building, detainees, imprisoned indefinitely in different !Removal Centres" across the UK, leave messages in vain on an abandoned telephone answering machine in the ministry basement. Their messages detail the horror of the life that they have escaped due to conflict.

Alexandra Monro + Sheila Menon – No Way Through
This short film will highlight mobility restrictions imposed by governments (especially countries in war zones) that limit access to health care, thus violating their right to the fundamental human right of medical care.

Spit It Out

Dubplate’s back and thanks to ChildLine you could soon be appearing in their sponsors’ adverts on C4, MTV Base and MySpace!

Because whether it’s your best bars or you’ve got something to say, ChildLine wants to hear what matters to you. Upload a clip of yourself spitting about something close to your heart to the dedicated Dubplate myspace page www.myspace.com/dubplatedrama to enter.

A shortlist will be selected via online vote, and winners chosen by an expert panel including head of MTV Base Jasmine Dotiwala, alongside Tim Westwood, ChildLine’s creative director Ian MacArthur and Dubplate creator Luke Hyams.

Winners will be whisked to London to record their lyrics at MTV’s studios, and will star in ChildLine’s sponsorship ads for the much-anticipated next series of Dubplate Drama.

Need some inspiration? Check out what matters to Chipmunk, N-Dubz, Ironik, Westwood and some of the other stars supporting Spit It Out.

Closing date: 22nd May 2009

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Mixmag - Free Downloads From Boys Noize!

Nice start to Tuesday afternoon - three tracks, for free, courtesy of my friends at Mixmag. Boys Noize take over the covermount CD for the new issue, for the first time ever, out May 21st, and you can sample some of the aural treats for yourself by CLICKING HERE. Straight electro madness for your rass.

Housemeister 'Who Is That Boys' (MIXMAG EXCLUSIVE!)
Djedjotronic 'Gum Attack'
Simian Mobile Disco Nike + Sport Music Presents 'Run'

Check more from Boys Noize HERE and Mixmag HERE

Monday, 4 May 2009

The Streets - He's behind you, he's got swine flu

Professor Green - Hard Night Out

Really like this, out July on Green Music.

Charlie Sloth V Tim Westwood

Charlie Sloth is a very funny man.
His series has been growing a steady fanbase... check the latest edition here.

Last year Charlie Sloth also took part in a piece I wrote for thelondonpaper as to whether men can actually be faithful on holiday. As a bonus, here's a replay...

To cheat or not to cheat? Not
Level of laddishness: 7
In a nutshell: Lesson learned

"I'd always thought that infidelity was about being insecure and that it was insecure people that cheated. A couple of years ago, I went to Kos with my mates, with good intentions. I'd been seeing a girl for six months, I really liked her and she wasn't worried about me going away. I'm a very honest and normally if I was getting temptations, I'd get out of the relationship beforehand. On holiday, my friends were all doing madness, a different girl, a different night, and I was loyal until five days before the end of my three week holiday when I met this girl who reminded me of my girlfriend. She was from up north, so I thought no-one's going to find out and we had a little holiday romance. We didn't speak again and I lied to my girl. I felt really bad, I thought about leaving her... but I couldn't, she was too good to be true. Six months later, things got more serious and I was invited to her families for Christmas and there was a big fuss about some relatives visiting. They were about an hour late then I had the shock of my life - the girl walked in. It was my girlfriend’s cousin. Think Sandy and Danny been reunited in Grease. "Charlie!" I didn't know what to do: leg it or admit in front of all her family what I’d done. After about an hour the girl broke down and told everyone the situation. I stood there and took it, my girlfriend left me there and then. It broke me and I nearly got beaten up by her dad but it was a massive lesson... Cheating does not work, the truth always comes out, it will always bite you and I haven't cheated since. I've written a song about, 'Going Away', which I'm thinking of bringing out this summer to warn all the lads!"


Don Diablo & Example - Hooligans

Don Diablo & Example - Hooligans

"It's like Skins meets the Prodigy... on acid!!!" (Example)

Directed & Edited by Ben Newman, who is also a winner of the Ctrl.Alt.Shift short film competition. His entry War School will be premiered at our event on May 14th. If you didn't win tickets, no fear, I'm planning an afterparty at The Legion, Shoreditch so put it in your diary.

**Single out June 29th on Data Records**

Newsflash! Maxwell D

Yes he actually goes to the barbers...

Saturday, 2 May 2009