Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Look After Your Girls

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Monday, 27 February 2006

Grimey Out Now On DMC

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01. Intro
02. So Solid Crew 'Envy (They Don't Know - Vocal Mix)'
03. JME 'Serious'
04. Maxwell D 'Serious'
05. Danny Weed 'Creeper (Feat Roll Deep Freestyle)'
06. SLK 'Hype! Hype!'
07. Geeneus & Wiley ft Roll Deep 'Wickedest Ting'
08. Donae'o 'My Philosophy (Bounce)'
09. Dizzee Rascal 'I Luv U'
10. Sticky Feat. Ms Dynamite 'Boo! (Original Dirty Mix)'
11. Kano 'Boys Love Girls'
12. Target 'Steamrolla (Feat Roll Deep Freestyle)'
13. More Fire Crew 'Oi!'
14. Roll Deep 'Roll Deep Regular'
15. Tinchy Strider 'Underground'
16. Trim 'Boogeyman'
17. Wiley 'Wot U Call It?'
18. Stush 'Dollar Sign'

RWD On Straight Outta Bethnal

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Friday, Feb 17th, Straight Outta Bethnal:
Kicking off with RWD’s very own Hattie Collins and Chantelle Fiddy pon decks, who were “starting to sweat at Stanza's lateness as we were running low on the grime,” Collins later informs. They hadn't intended to play much but once they began, there was no going back (especially with their self-confessed lack of technical skills). Anyway, luckily Stanza arrived and did his Scandalous set - Scorcher definitely stole the spotlight there. We'd seen good things from Purple (previously doing well at Live and Urban Classics) and really liked his spots on Eye of the Tiger, but Scorcher seemed to have the lyrical upper-hand on this occasion. Watch out for more from Scorch, we reckon he's about to have a good year. JME and Skepta put in a great set - though we've seen them get better reactions, the mob-like following seemed kinda low energy in places - with JME particularly amusing during his Serious, Shh Hut Yuh Muh and Don't Get Rude moments - he and Skepta have great stage presence and put proper effort in whilst the Plasitcian reciprocated on the wheels of steel.
Other great moments came from Tiny 'Swiiiiiiiiing' Tempah, the Murkle Man and he who will blaze more than you – Kronik. Meanwhile upstairs there was another RWD invasion and colourful (in both clothing and music) DJ Chewy was sending for the funky house. Not wanting to move cos the Newham Generals arrival was imminent, we unfortunately missed most of his set. He sums up with, “I think it went well, the crowd were feeling my selection and as I’ve told people before, funky house is taking over.” In the Run the Road basement, The Generals were standing to attention and seeing D Double E do his thing was just too good. He might not move, and yes he's given to mumbling but he's just amazing to watch. Monkstar and Foots were also murking the dance, reaching for old but ever-popular reload bars. Double killed it lyrically; he’s still leagues ahead of so many others. Just when we thought their unique set was coming to an end, it got even better… Foots and D went back-to-back for Mic Centre over an on-point DJ Tubby selection, whilst Monkey enjoyed the reaction from the bubbling faithful. Not wanting the night to end we waited to see what was next, from nowhere it was time for Logan Sama’s Shower Hour and Ears (accompanied by Hoodlum) was on the mic. Just as we skanked to bars from the impressive Breath of Fresh Airs mixtape our peripheral vision spotted Ghetto and Lightning trying to make their way past stage security. Once they had obtained their white VIP Bands of Power and bypassed the competent foot soldiers, Getts touched the mic and it went off. Ghetto was completely sick - he had a whole other thing going on. He maybe too grimy for mainstream tastes but we reckon he'll go down a storm on the festival circuit this year - those indie kids are gonna go nuts when they see him live - Incredible. After the mic was passed from pillar to post it was definitely time to leave when there were more MCs on stage than people in the crowd. Overall, it was great to see the reactions of people watching - some people quite rightly looked amazed particularly at the moments where the MCs got excited. Nice too to see people smiling and having a good time - the way raving should be!

Words by the RWD Team – coming to a rave near you (email staff@rwdmag.com). www.rwdmag.com Picture Hattie Collins...

Online Review: December Event
Oh my diddy! The first in this exciting series of monthly nights kicked off with a (hmmm what’s louder than a bang) at its Shoreditch based home Friday November 18th. Not ones to shy away from such a splendid line-up of promised proceedings the RWD team made their way down a chilly Old Street and stopped at number 333. After the pleasant door staff checked our guest list credentials we gained access to the dance. Without a single moment spent resting on our lorals, we swiftly moved to the Run the Road Basement only to be greeted by none other than Hattie Collins (RWD Editor) and Chantelle Fiddy (679 A&R, Freelance Journalist) pon-ze-decks. Both with DIY ‘We Don’t Mix’ slogans Puff Painted to their t-shirts we knew we’d be in for an interesting start to the evening. Fiddy seemed content on stirring up crowd hype for her partner in crime who was in fine form and excelled with her timeless selection, choosing an eclectic array of riddims ranging from the grimiest of Lady Sovereign remixes to R&B classics like Foxy Brown and Blackstreet’s Get Me Home. Her epic set was only let down by slight crowd-seething technical hitches [which were not her fault but the person who bought connecting wires from Netto] and her inability to mix, but all-in-all jolly good show girls. Def Jam UK’s DJ Samurai (who’s more street than the A-Z) and Luckie from Advance replaced the two budding Disc Jockey’s and the night upped its speed. Samurai drew his sword and unleashed just about every big track under the sun and audiographically showed exactly what he’s made of. Ms Collins who so far held the prestigious title of Track of the Night was soon surpassed when we heard Forward 2 (which we like to call Forward 1.91567) - you know the one that was leaked with Flirta D having an asthma attack about half way through. After the various reloads of F1.91567 and many trying to get their breath back from limited Flirta imitations, Ears made his way to the stage.
The Pronoun Boy and his entourage of hungry MCs including the lyrically vast Stamina Boy, the video camera wielding All in One and up-and-coming Hoodlum were waiting for instrumentals and the DJ duly obliged. Right now MC Ears has grown out of Jammer’s shadow and is arguably the hottest thing on road (GO GET HIS MIXTAPE!). Ears with his unique dance style got the crowd to pre-boiling point and his ‘Ear ‘em scare ‘em, wear ‘em tear ‘em’ bars got a massive hijack. Going through each lyric with more vigour than a freshly charged Energiser Bunny, he excelled and proved why he’s one to watch for 2006. Just when we thought that was it for the night and contemplated a pipe and slipper, Ovaltine influenced early night, it soon took a turn for the better. From nowhere No Lay emerged on the mic and breathed lyrical fire to the avid and growing crowd. The well-known flows which earned her a much deserved reload were a grimed-out audience pleasing treat and she murked the beat until the mic was eventually passed to Roll Deep’s Scratchy. Mr B.U.N. then proceeded to go back to back with his less talented partner in crime JD but best moments definitely came from Scratch as he let loose with infamous lines like, ‘Stab you in the back, but I’m not a back stabber’ and equally reload-worthy vocal content… Big!!!
With no sign of Bruza or Ace and Invisible (apparently across the other side of town) it was down to Logan ‘more dubs than a mastering suite’ Sama, Skepta, Jammer and co to represent. Skepta (who was once again rocking insane comrade styled From Russia With Love headwear) wasn’t waiting around and soon let off kingsized bars sending for many a crew. Multiple much deserved rewinds followed and then the Murkle Man donned the microphone. Being too far away from on-point selecta Sama to initiate a self-reload he earned one through his own verbal efforts, leaving those inside 333 watching in anticipation. That eagerness was soothed as Skepta unleashed another big bar aimed towards a certain artist from North West London and at that point Jammer went head first into the crowd, performing a Superman Dread stage dive into the unsuspecting individuals at the front. Dressed from head-to-toe in white adidas, Jammer was a blanc blur and somehow at that very moment intensified the jubilation of all those lucky enough to be inside… Once again big big big!!!
Big bad Rossi B did a massive jungle set upstairs and the night in the basement finished with Logan dropping brand new Wiley joints, Slew Dem’s ‘Blaze more than you’ soldier Chronik getting a few big reactions and Fuda from Ruff Sqwad wiping the floor with life-size bars. Another massive night for the RWD team and massive props to the organisers.

Tales from the frontline by Danny Walker

Head Banging

"We are like sculptors, constantly carving out of others the image we long for, need, love or desire, often against reality, against their benefit, and always, in the end, a disappointment, because it does not fit them." Anais Nin

Coventry Crew

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DJ Lioness Playlist

Doctor - Gotta Man
Faction G - Neck Of The Woods
Jammer - Mercul Man Remix (Instrumental)
DaVinChe - Phaze
Ms Dynamite, Wariko & Selah - Gotta Make It Through
DaVinChe, Bashy & Katie Pearl - Pryin
Ny - Fire
Ny - Embrace
Footsie - Scars
Dreama - Strangers Remix
Danielle Senior - Next To You
Wonder Feat. Nio - Best Foot Forward
Charmzy - Banger
Skreamz - The Request Line
Fury - Colder Remix Freestyle
Wiley - Eski Boy Instrumental
Wiley - Eski Boy
Shotz - Crossfire VIP
Dcoy - Barbarian
Jiggalo Feat. Louie Lou - Leave You
Terror Danjah - Unknown
Spyro - 60 Pence
Dj Mackie - Dont Shoot
Scandalous Unlimited - Oh Yes
N.A.S.T.Y - This Song
Skepta - Go On Den
Mega (South Agents) - Coke Drive
Rossi B & Luca - In The Place Instrumental
Jammer - Shangooli (Lewi White Remix)
Charmzy - Anthem
Dj Mackie - Sitar
Snipe Keedo - Xtra Freestyle
Flirta D - Step In The Club
Dreama - Cherry
DaVinChe - Mega Drive
OT & Dogenham Alliance - Untitled
N.A.S.T.Y - Gang Banger
Blackjack - Arcade
Fire Camp - Forward 2
High Grade Clan - Step To Us (Special)
J Sweet - Over Drive
Miss Beatz - Saw It Comin Instrumental
Big E D - Q Bass
Zero (South Agents) - Nu Step
Tubby T Feat. Purple - Ready She Ready (Scandalous Unlimited Remix)
Smasher - Do What You Gotta Do
Blemish - Independent Ladies
Lyrically Scar'd - Fallin
Sound Syndicate Feat. Others - My style

Tonight At Live

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Thursday, 23 February 2006


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Hot Zone: Rhythm Division's Best Sellers
1. Slew Dem - Grime Remix EP (White)
2. Godsgift - Mic Tribute (2006 Old Skool Mega Mix) (White)
3. Wiley - Eski Boy (White)
4. Footsie - Scars Remix/Dirtee Skankin (Dirtee Stank)
5. Soundbwoy Ent feat Doctor - Never Wanna Say Bye Bye (Smoove)
6. Ruff Sqwad - No Bass EP (White)
7. Iron Soul - Heavens Rejects EP (Sweet Beetz)
8. Jammer - Murkle Man & Remix (White)
9. Rossi B & Luca feat Nasty - In The Place/Run 4 Cover (White)
10. Riddler Records - EP 6 (Riddler Records)
Compiled by Sparkie @ Rhythm Division, 391 Roman Road, Bow E3. 020 8981 2203. All audio can be heard at www.rhythmdivision.co.uk

Guest Chart: Plastician
1. Skream V's Skepta - Request Line V's Duppy (Dub)
2. Macabre Unit - Killer Bee (Dub)
3. Wiley - Eski Boy (White)
4. JME - Deadout (Boy Better Know)
5. The Plastician - Japan (Dub)
6. Digital Mystikz - Shattered (DMZ)
7. Roots Manuva - Colossal Insight Jammer Rmx (Big Dada)
8. Delerious - Deep Cut (Dub)
9. Wiley - Avenger (Dub)
10. Rossi B & Luca - Nobody Knows (Dub)
You can hear the Plastician formerly known as Plasticman on The Residency, Radio 1, 3-5am on rotation every 6 weeks www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/dance/residency Check out Plasticians forthcoming dates and productions on www.myspace.com/djplasticman

Logan Sama's Top 10 Dubs blowing up soon...
1. Mastermind Trooperz ft Guests - Rep Your Ends
2. Ms Dynamite - Don't Stop, Stay Strong
3. JME - Deadout
4. Wiley - Gangsters
5.Narstie & Solo - Brushman
6. Jammer ft Dirtee Stank - Murkleman Remix
7. Skepta ft Creed - Doin It Again (Duppy)
8. Scorcher - Chance Us
9. Nasty Crew - This Song
10. 2 Nice ft Riko & Vybz Kartel - Dead VIP
Hear Logan Sama on Kiss100 FM, Monday's 11-1am. http://www.logansama.blogspot.com Enquiries: info@logansama.com

Focus Mode

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Mixtapes are dropping like flies, but the DJ Skully presents Klashnekoff 'Focus Mode' looks set to be one of the few that actually stands the test of time... Twenty-something year old east Londoner Klashnekoff became the epitome of British hip hop when he released his debut album, 'The Sagas', in 2004. The media machine may be guilty of hyping one artist after another but with Klashnekoff there was no big marketing campaign or major label push, with sales exceeding the 20,000 mark, it was the people that had spoken. "I put energy into every track I do" Klash explains to The Voice, inbetween swapping digits with Biggz. "Listen to the Saga's, every tune is good in it's own right..."
If anything it's been hard for Klashnekoff to escape the bangers like 'Murda'. Touring the club circuit with his Terror Firma family aside, he's been mostly holed up in a Nottingham studio with Joe Buddha, creating his sophomore album, Lion Heart, due to land in 2006, an album which Klashnekoff cites as having "an angrier edge" to it. Then there's the mixtape currently heating up the streets. A 25 track excursion through his words past and present, from the re-working of classics like 'Black Rose' (over Bobby Valentino's 'Slow Down' beat) and 'Son Of Niya', to new freestyles like title track 'Focus Mode' and his popular 'Jamrock Takeover', the package is well, complete. "I've got something to say, when you interview me I'm not like 'yeah blud', it flows... No matter how big I get I'll never go like that. I'd have lost my core. Life is too short." In his own words, it's his "sensitive, man of depth, articulate, intelligent to a point, conscious and switchy" approach to lyricism and life in general that have earned him the deserved respect. Although his stage name is often frowned upon, there's a valid argument to his gun moniker. "Malcolm X carried a Kalashnikov, it was a gun created to protect and I'd think 'what if a Klashnikov could tell a story?" And he's not wrong. He remains one of the few artists who garner love from rap fans across the board, grime to backpacker, young and old. His extremely real and personal take on issues including race, sex, music and politics never fail to impress. "If you listen to my music you can hear that, It's got aggi bits in it but it's in context. I'm not going to say it just for the sake of it, or to shock. Enough of these guys don't care about the bigger picture of being an artist, all they care about is road fame, it's a ghetto fabulous ting, then they'll go hate on someone like Dizzee, Lethal B or Kano. But these people inspire me, I told Lethal that the other day, on a real level. Whether you like the music or not you gotta respect the ethic." Where the future is concerned, besides looking at acting options, Klashnekoff is equally frank. "I don't know. I see the scene imploding on itself cause of the shanking and murking going on, and certain man who want to come into this game and eat, as they say... We make music from the heart, to me hip hop or 'black' music is struggle of a people, story of the people that's been embraced by other cultures who can identify by it. The basis of it, the ethics, the code it's been lost... people aren't watching the Americans, people are watching their clothes, their game, their earnings but not how they got there. It's been lost and the future don't look bright to me. I don't look at the scene and think of myself, I just think I gotta do what I gotta do."
A version of this appeared in The Voice, 2006.

RWD In Stereo

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Fire In The Hole

Interesting title, interesting release.

Delayed Reaction

Rephlex records ragga renegade The Bug has joined forces with Loefah from dubstep bass dons Digital Mystikz to promote a new night at Plastic People. 'Bash' will be aimed directly at dancehall partyseekers fiending for the latest bashment rhythms, classic ragga, heavyweight dub and reggaefied hip hop (Nerds, trainspotters and the moody boys need not apply), as residents, guests and host MCs resolutely set out to ensure the bass will put a smile upon your face. Thursday 23rd Feb (And the last Thursday of every month) BASH (Presented by The Bug & Loefah) Policy : Bashment, Dub, Ragga, Rockers, Roots, Lovers, Soca... DJs on rotation ; Adrian Sherwood(On U Sound), Andy Weatherall(Warp), Treva(Saxon), Coki, Mala, Loefah(DMZ)
DJ Rupture(Soul Jazz, Tigerbeat6), New Flesh(Big Dada), Jason(Transition), Seamus(Ital), Russ(The Disciples), Kode 9(Hyperdub), Tayo(BBC Radio 1), Mary Anne Hobbs(BBC Radio 1), The Bug(Rephlex), The Rootsman(Third Eye), Seanie T(Dark Horizons) Hosts: Warrior Queen(Rephlex, Casual), Ras B(Rephlex/On U Sound), Ricky Ranking/Jimmy Screech(Banana Klan)
Sgt Pokes(DMZ). "Let the bass put a smile upon your face"

Running Berlin

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Check the club here http://www.raum-klang.de/360.html


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This Saturday. Do it.

Leeds Fixup

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Same night as the next Straight Outta Bethnal but that won't matter if you're up north anyway

Killer Flu

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The mother of all mothers has had me hostage since Sunday afternoon. Was waiting to link MTV when it crept up on me from behind like a slam dunk in the neck. Fiddy got KO. After the initial slap, that was me, just me and my pit of despair with a box of tissues, Lemsip Max and Vicks for company. This was no funky, American Pie shit either. I can't remember the last time a week of my life was this wasted, but I'll never be a wasted chick... so I'm back.

13 Things PMS Stands For

1. Pass My Shotgun
2. Psychotic Mood Shift
3. Perpetual Munching Spree
4. Puffy Mid-Section
5. People Make me Sick
6. Provide Me with Sweets
7. Pardon My Sobbing
8. Pimples May Surface
9. Pass My Sweatpants
10. Pissy Mood Syndrome
11. Plainly; Men Suck
12. Pack My Stuff
13. Potential Murder Suspect

Tuesday, 14 February 2006


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A Grimey Kinda Love

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It's time to get real this Valentines Day. Forget cards, flowers and dinner for two. Save your money, buy some condoms. You gotta treat everyday like it's Feb 14th cause love is not what is used to be. The emotion may be the same but not the conditions it is living under. Forget the body, although that's probably just as far up shit creek, but shouts to society and The Age Of Chaos. Under this theorem falls Chaos' cousin, technology, the internet definitely a top 5 contender for the 'who's to blame for the state of relationships' award. While not entirely pessimistic, with 14th Feb now upon us, it's as good as time as any to address the outdated ideals forced down our throats, not just by the laws of marketing but by expectations in everyday dating (*linking in youth speak). Where dating and relationships are concerned, we're still kidding ourselves into living by rules, manners, morals and expectations determined way, way back. This was in a time when young people didn't mail nude shots of themselves to 'friends' on msn, myspace or facepic, a time when temptations were fewer and promiscuity wasn't been thrust in our faces (pun intended), left right and centre. Ultimately It was a time when faithfulness, respect and fidelity were far more common place. Perhaps society and the age we live in would have been preferable in a past life, but we're living in the now. What we need to be readdressing is the way we are acting in and out of relationships, not just the way we present ourselves but how we deal with the consequences, problems and forces at work. Don't be governed by the way people around you are living, what you read in magazines, see in films or handed down expectations. Do you. And if you're going to do someone else, make sure you're doing it with dignity and pride.

Sunday, 12 February 2006

Live Loves Grime

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Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Straight Outta Bethnal

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We're back with another night of moshing, mic checking and one finger skanking as Straight Outta Bethnal & Run The Road brings another industrial portion of indoor street party action to Shoreditch.

Representing on Feb 17th: DJ Tubby & Newham Generals (D Double E, Monkey & Footsie/ Dirtee Stank), Logan Sama (Kiss 100), Samuarai (Def Jam UK), JME & Skepta (Roll Deep/Meridian), Plastician aka Plasticman (Radio 1/Rephlex), True Tiger camp (Scandalous Unltd), DJ Wonder (exclusive deep electro house set), Matchstick (crunk & club classics), Chewy (funky house), ELSid (Hotflush/dub/breaks), Fiddy & Collins (RWD)

And you can bet your gran Prince Harry's gonna want g-list.

STRAIGHT OUTTA BETHNAL, 17TH FEB @ 333 OLD STREET. £5 B4 11PM, £10 AFTER. NO DRESSCODE. As recommended by Time Out, Metro, Evening Standard, i-D and RWD Magazine.

"It's the sort of night you'd want to go to... Get down and represent" i-D Magazine

Friday 17th Feb

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Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Banging On The System

NY 'Fire'
Ghetto 'Watcher'
No Bizzi 'Sinkin or Swimin'
Wiley 'Stormy Weather'
Kano 'Sometimes Remix'
Plan B 'Missing Links'
Test Icicles 'Catch It' (Jitset Remix)
Mystery Jets 'Can't Fool Me Dennis'
Bailey 'Fuck Yo Couch'
Infinity 'Come Get It'
Various 'Aim High 3'
Various 'Slit Jockey Mixtape'
Skepta 'Fuckin Wid Da Team'
DFA1979 'Romantic Rights' (Mizz Beats Remix)
Devilman 'Freestyle'
Disney 'Every Girl Can Be A Princess'
DJ Cheeky 'Don't Get Cheeky Vol.1'
Sway 'This Is My Demo'
L Marie 'Liza Heat Vol.2'
Lady Sovereign 'Drunk On Radiation' (freestyle)
The Little Mermaid 'Part Of Your World'
NASTY 'Run 4 Cover/Nasty Gangbanger'
Melky Sedeck 'Picturebook'
Jenna G 'For Lost Friends'
Plastician 'Japan/Intensive Snare'
Prodigy 'No Good'
Various 'Razor X'
Radio clit podcasts
Mr Slash 'Concerto Riddim'
Virgo 'Down'
Ne-Yo 'So Sick'
Skepta/Skream 'Request Line V's Duppy'
Moet 'Dirty Girl'
Virus Syndicate 'WD25'
Son Of Dave '02'

Beef Pattie

Oh my diddy! There's more beef on the blog than at your local Burger King. So here's the drill, Prancehall has been trying it again but not really with me, actually that's a lie cause he has been trying it oh so slightly, but look at the face, bothered? Anyway, since last time I deaded him like he'd got dropped from his own label or some shit (despite the fact he tried to get his mates to say he was top boy, like whatever), he's sending for Collins, calling her all manner of air pie and going on like she gets a free bus pass. He even had the cheek to post her this message on myspace "Tiny Prancer : Jan 29, 2006 11:12 AM
I think we're gonna have to clash. my blog is getting pure less hits recently." You chat so much polluted breeze, shit, if you had a wind chime it would get confiscated by noise pollution. Well, Shottie C is more than woman enough to murk Mr Stay Anonymous So I Don't Get Got, she's supplied some bars and home truths over at www.hattiecollins.blogspot.com. (N.B note to Hattie, I remember when Prancehall wrote bars for me you had the cheek to laugh, regardless of whether I did too, you like sooooo owe me).

Guess Who?

Image002, originally uploaded by chantelle.

New competition for you. Guess who's masked up and you win a copy of said artists forthcoming CD. Clues are in the background... And this picture has nothing to do with me so don't try it.

Plan B Ringtones

Simply text the code of your chosen ringtone to 88188 e.g for No Good text Planb1 to 88188. Real tones cost £3. No Good Planb1, Sick 2 Def Planb2. Now give me a percentage Mr Drew.

Little Dereks Doing OK

Demo_cover, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Little Dereks doing fine. Went to the Sway album launch party last night with my sister in tow. She'd never heard any of his material before and think she's been errr... swayed. Waste jokes aside, good luck on this cause Sway's been putting the work in and it goes to show just how much you can do without the assistance of a major record label. Bar the Observers swaggle rock review, all's been looking good on the press front and judging by the camera's inside last night, his face is going to be getting even baiter. , if Ben Harris doesn't get nominated for press campaign of the year in Record Of The Day awards or whatever, then those people should go suck sweaty batty crease for like timeeeeee. I've told Sway I'll be buying it anyway... and emailing him a copy of the receipt so I've gotta put my money where my mouth is. The next single, we're told, is Product so watch out for that too. Go to www.swaydasafo.com and you can hear two new album tracks and if you're quick in nabbing the album, there's a limited edition that includes a bonus DVD. Shouts to Aftershock Camp, Dan Greenpeace, Bruza and his chickens, Reggie Yates, Semtex, Twin B, NY, Saj, Blenks, Walker and everyone else who represented last night.

Grime City

GC_RTR021706back, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Run The Road 2 SF Style

GC_RTR021706front-1, originally uploaded by chantelle.


And we're not talking about Michael. The Slit Jockey mixtape giveaway produced some interesting responses so without further ado, the winners are; Icebwoy (on the email), Danesh Desikan, Boomnoise, PMFKA and Anders Eriksson simply because I pity him. Email me your mailing addresses and you'll be dealt with. New competition coming so typers at the ready.

Friday, 3 February 2006

Run The Road USA

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Next Straight Outta Bethnal

We got double booked on 24th so the date for the next night is Feb 17th, Straight Outta Bethnal @ 333, Old Street, Forget Valentines Special... Fiddy & Collins, Scandalous Unlimited, Plasticman, Skepta & JME, Newham Generals, Logan Sama, DJ Samurai, Matchstick (crunk & club classics), DJ Chewy (funky house set), DJ Wonder (exclusive deep electro house set), ELSid (Hotflush) and performances including Purple 'Blowing Up', Shyam 'Turn The Lights Out' JME 'AWOH' & 'Serious Rmx' and Skepta 'Single'.