Sunday, 30 October 2005

Murking In Paris

Barbie Paris, originally uploaded by Alimoni.

The launch of The Grimey Awards in Paris was a massive success. Wiley turned up for a start, in fact he was first to get to Waterloo. Who'd have believed it. Once there it was up to Generation for some legal radio action (Skepta even managing a clash) before feeding time at the zoo. The Rex Club didn't quite know what had hit it. Forget skank out, it was mosh out. Big up Gaspard, Elisa, Feadz, Shone, Roman, Ego Systems and everyone who made the trip and night possible. Full coverage of this event will be in forthcoming issues of i-D, RWD and also, Clark (I think). Hold tight for the footage too.

Take No Prisoners

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. Helen Keller (1880 - 1968)

Missed This

dubstep, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Because I was catching up with Shaolin Monks at the Peacock Theatre (thanks Lix for the hook up). Love the flyer stillos. How was it? Who was the surprise guest? Can you fill me innnnnnnnn.

Live Monday

Live-Eflyer-31-10-05, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Big line up so make sure you get down to Live on Monday

Coming Soon

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For the Essex crew

Pacman 05

hoodie1, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Play the game over at

Friday, 28 October 2005

Word Has It

Someone has jacked my written... watch this space cause if you get caught slipping, you might get found by somebody fishing. Safe for the tip off oh avid readers.

Scala Gig Cancelled

So Kano's getting shut out. Word has it that is was more the local council than a Trident ting, but the truth is about as likely as me colouring my hair black. Anyway, here's what Kano has to say... "I have performed in London practically my whole career and there have never been problems. It's where I started out and for me there's no better place to perform. It's a shame that on my first ever UK tour I am unable to play to my home town. I am sorry for my fans that the show couldn't happen this time round. I'll be back." If you have a ticket you'll get a full refund, so go about your business. Bet David Banner's pissed too.

Wednesday, 26 October 2005

Maxi Priest Got Game

, originally uploaded by hattiec2.

He's got moves on the dancefloor as well as on the decks. Paris be warned.

Tuesday, 25 October 2005

No Lay Covered German Style

db97_cover, originally uploaded by chantelle.

This hits stands around now in Germany, I think I wrote a piece in this but I haven't got the mag yet so errrrr yeah. Safe cuzzie.

Collins Pulls

409_resizewizard-18, originally uploaded by chantelle.

When not editing RWD this girl likes to mingle with the stars. A list, Z list she ain't fussed. If anyone wants to employ Danny Walker for photoshop work then go holler. Walker V's Prancehall? Like Wiley, I see it comin'

Kano On Tour

kano 010, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Shouts to all of the forum massive who are supplying lots of pics of the UK tour. All about the Scala on Thursday night with support from David Banner. Do we play? I don't even need to answer that... If you're after the Beats & Bars mixtape there's a comp on the site too - you can't get this in shops yet although they should be available at the gigs. Look for the man with the plastic carrier bag.

Forthcoming DMZ

dmz_nov, originally uploaded by chantelle.

I always miss there - not on purpose mind you. Word is that these events are LIVE so Fiddy better fix up, look sharp.

Logans Mixtape

Word on the street is you're starting a new mixtape series, could you enlighten us?
I was doing my pirate show for two years and had a decent listener base, but I wasn't getting out as far as I wanted to. My career wasn't progressing as quickly as I had hoped. I took it upon myself to ring up Mark Lambert and offer him a cd for free to put in the Sidewinder 2004 Awards tape pack in September. I just went into my box and pulled out all the dubs, specials and new tracks I had and flung them in the mix as quickly as I possibly could. The CD turned out to have about 70 tracks in 80 minutes. It was a style of cd I'd never heard done in grime. I was heavily influenced in the programming by some of the Dancehall cd's like Cash Flow and Cash Money. Quick hits of brand new stuff and some exclusive freestyles. That CD was finished but in the end Sidewinder were unable to get it into the tape pack in time. They offered to use it for a subsequent event pack, but by then It would have been over a month old so I decided to just throw it out myself. I pressed up 450 copies in my home on the PC and left them in record shops and posted them out around the world. People were telling me they heard it all over the place. It got me a lot of recognition from other artists in the scene and more importantly the listening audience. It was off the back of that CD that Kiss 100 asked me to come in and do some cover shows. Subsequently I got a regular slot, so that Sidewinder Bonus CD I did really got me into the front door at Kiss. Now I have a show and everything is going well at the station, but I feel my profile could be higher and the bookings could be a bit more regular, so I am turning back to the mixtapes to promote my name on the streets and further afield.

Are Kiss backing it?
Nah, not officially. It's just going to be a street series. Independant stockists and limited HMVs etc. Kiss have really got behind the music though. every "grime" track released on a major level so far has been playlisted. They are on backing this sound because it is London grown, and Kiss have been bringing through underground music in London for the last 20 years.

How does it feel having the only grime dedicated show on the FM dial?
It is the first and only legal Grime show in the world. There have been other shows that have played grime music along with Garage and 4/4 or even with Hip Hop and Dancehall. But my show is the first, and so far the only 100% Grime show anywhere in the world that is on a legal FM station. Hopefully there will be more in the future as other dj's come through.

Have Kiss given you much feedback on it's success?
Kiss have a massive audience. Not only do they broadcast to a huge area in and around London, they also broadcast nationwide on digital and freeview AND worldwide on the website. The figures are pretty damn good. Certainly more than a lot of other shows out there. Kiss are really helpful with keeping me updated on how the show is doing and any input or suggestions about the show. I deal mainly with my producer Chris Blacklay who acts as my main point of contact to the station. He's been really helpful with a number of different things at the station and in general. This legal gig is different to pirates, so at first I definitely needed to be led through the process. But I take my feedback in terms of what they play in the daytime. That's my job, to make Grime a credible form of music in the eyes of the station so they can support it next to the 50 Cents and Craig Davids. But before I came to Kiss the only track from our scene I heard on there was 'Pow!' Since I have been on they have tracklisted 'Nite Nite', 'Shake A Leg', 'The Avenue', 'What We Do' , 'Fire'.... as I said pretty much every tune that has come out. People like Dizzee, Kano, Roll Deep all them guys they deserve to be competing with these artists that are selling a million records. They should be selling hundreds of thousands of records. We just need labels to catch up with the scene and understand how to market these guys properly. But yeh, our music on the playlist as a standard thing. That's the best feedback I could ask for.

Do you think other stations, like Radio 1 may follow suit?
I don't think Grime and Radio 1 are a good fit yet. That seems to be why 1xtra exists, to give genres of music like Grime a platform without them mixing with the daytime sounds of the rest of the station. Grime gets supported by Ras Kwame, Zane Lowe, Westwood and a few others, but not regularily or in large doses. One day they will have a show, no doubt. I think more imminently Choice would be more likely to get a show off the ground.

Any more big plans for future?
Many. I think I am here to be an instrument in helping this music reach it's potential. When the scene is incredibly successful, then as a by product I will be doing well too. I look at people like Westwood, Goldfinger & Rodigan who were pioneers in marginalised scenes that struggled and stuck with their music until a time that it achieved a widespread appeal. I see Grime and myself in the same boat. One day this will be the sound of the UK. It already is the sound of London for an entire generation of people, and unlike rave culture, this music is artist focussed so it has a voice and a message that can step outside of the clubs and raves into people's everyday lives. In the more immediate future, I am going to focus on being the best at whatever I am doing. I try and do the best show playing this music. My mixtape series is going to be the best DJ tape out. I'm a perfectionist and a scholar. I study everything I do inside out so I know what I need to be aiming for to succeed, then I try to exceed that. I don't want to do an interview and say I have this company starting up or that clothing line coming and then people never hear about it and I've wasted myself. Anything I say I am going to do happens. So for now look out for the mixtapes, the radio show and my label Adamantium Music. That is going to be focussing on helping up and coming artists get a platform to be heard. I'm working with Narstie and Solo from N Double A, Scorcher, SLK, JME and a producer called Ripperman who makes music for 2007. I can't even put his tunes out until two years after he makes them cos the scene has to catch up to what he has done.

Any bookings coming up we can catch you at?
Big up Plasticman aka Lego Boy or whatever he ends up calling himself. We are going out to Sweden in December with the Murkleman and Skepta plus a few others. Should be showering down Sidewinder on the regular, if they know what is good for them. Apart from that I'm just doing the rounds. Check out the blog online for updates cos a lot of stuff is last minute. Hear Logan Sama, Kiss 100fm every Thursday night/Friday morning 2am-4am also
available on DAB Digital, online at, Sky Digital 928 and Freeview.

Logan tells us his Top 10 tunes that should have been signed yesterday...
1. Jammer - Murkleman (Jahmek The World)
2. Bearman - Drinking Bear (Mastermind)
3. Skepta - Single (white)
4. JME - Serious (Boy Better Know)
5. Wiley - The entire new album! (Roll Deep Recordings)
6. Nasty Crew - In Da Place (white)
7. Tinchy Stryder - Underground (white)
8. Trim n Scratchy - Trim n Scratch (Roll Deep Recordings)
9. Bashy feat. Katie Pearl - Pryin' (white)
10. Katie Pearl and Kano - Leave Me Alone (white)

A version of this article appears in Blues & Soul.

Brighton On Friday

obsessionweb, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Dogzilla's gonna eat you alive

Dont Watch The Date

Beats oct poster, originally uploaded by chantelle.

It's this Thursday...


affiche, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Today thats what I'm on... and collecting Eurostar tickets.

Celebrating 25 Years Of I-D

, originally uploaded by hattie collins.

I've jacked this from Collins' blog but girl take what you want from here (or I'll forever hold your piece). Look to the bottom right and you'll see our London 05/05 feature and some familiar faces. This billboard is up under the Old St Bridge in conjunction with i-D's current exhibition at the Fashion & Textile museum in Bermondsey St, near London Bridge. Nice if I do say so myself.

Monday, 24 October 2005

Big DJ

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Shouts to everyone who reached 333 on Saturday night, was live. Skream, Stanza, Danny Walker, Collins, Bianca, Hotflush, Deekline & Wizard among the many skanking and throwing up signs of one description or another. Jon Burnip warmed up with a bashment and jungle selection before Maximum, JME & Skepta stepped up to deal the grime. Next DJ Samurai took things all hip hop and UK, bad man on the decks! DMZ rounded off proceedings with Skepta still on the mic, much to the pleasure of those that remained standing at 3am. Roll on 18th November and the launch of Straight Outta Bethnal... more info to follow.

Saturday, 22 October 2005

Lioness' Playlist

Ryder & Fresh - We Told You [DXP]
Plasticman Feat Shizzle, Fresh & Nappa - Cha (Vocal) [Terrorhythm]
Q Feat Big Seak - Goin' Back [True Tiger Mixtape]
Bashy - Never See Me Fall [2NV]
Purple Feat Shyam - Help Me, Help You
Dr Venom - Topsy Terror
Bashy Feat Nasty - Ringa Roses [2NV]
Plasticman - Cha VIP [Terrorhythm]
Carly Bond, Ripper, Hitman Tigger, Doctor, Plan B, Riddles, Doom-man, Faction G & TKO Punisha - Polarised Nation [True Tiger Mixtape]
Scratchy - Shangooli [Dumpvalve]
Nio - I Do Me (Accapella) [IDM]
Wonder - Step [Dumpvalve]
DVA Feat Amy King - In Your Dreams
Shyam, Jai Box & Lee Henry - Help Me [True Tiger Mixtape]
DVA Feat Amy King - You
Diesel Feat Doctor, Shizzle, Ryder & Jookie Mundo - Come On (Remix) [D Power]
Statik - Never Guess [Allstar]
Bearman Feat Doctor, Fender - Drinkin Beer (Remix) [White]
Regal Players Feat Various - Rude Boy Remix (Mash-up) [Frog]
Regal Players Feat L Man - Part Time Friends [Frog]
DVA & Triple Threat - Pussy Remix Freestyle (Special)
Waitz - Statik Pulse
Bossman - Bongo Eyes (U.S.F Remix)
Chunky B - Topper
Spooky (Slew Dem) Feat Various - Joy Ride Riddim
Various - Forward 2 (Jiggalo Remix)
Mr Wong - Freestyle
LSG -Again & Again (Flukes Remix) [Muzik Street]
EXO - Lockdown (special) [DVS]
Black Jack - Arcade
Mark One - Ready To Learn
Chunky B Feat Merkston - What If We Were
Rukus, Yogi & Shade One - In Da Air [True Tiger Mixtape]
Doctor, Bearman, Purple & L Man - Let It Go [True Tiger Mixtape]

Friday, 21 October 2005


333flyer, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Saturday Night Fever

sat-oct-22, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Forget the techno, head for the basement

Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Selector Wow

45833801_f3d7598c45, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Download Kano & Katie

Due to demand there's going to be a digital only release of 'Nobody Don't Dance No More' remix, that 4/4 one featuring Katie Pearl on the vocals. It's currently scheduled for 5th December. And that's all I know really.

No Trance Allowed

face, originally uploaded by chantelle.

I'm There

back, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Waterfront On Friday

Friday 21st October... Residents and guests playing the funkiest house, garage and old skool around will be Uncle Dugs and DJ Melody, DJ Mooresy and DJ Allbury. With host Must Be Brown. PURE @ The Waterfront 187 Marshwall,South Quay, Canary Wharf, London E14. Dresscode smart and sexy, smart trainers ok but no sportswear or shorts (it's October you nutters). £7 pounds b4 11, £10 thereafter. For party bookings or any more information contact 07985 178 723 or email

Jumpoff Take A Break

Mon 24th Oct is the last Jump Off for 2005.  In Jan 2006 they will be launching a new international Jump Off format. All I can say is it sounds big. Watch this space.

More Plan B Dates

The Roots Manuva tour is soon upon us. Thur 24-Nov-05 Sheffield Leadmill, Fri 25-Nov-05 Manchester Academy, Sat 26-Nov-05 Glasgow ABC, Mon 28-Nov-05 Brighton Dome, Tue 29-Nov-05 Birmingham Academy, Wed 30-Nov-05 Norwich UEA

Baby J Album Launch

Baby J presents, the official album launch tomorrow night at The Rhythm Factory, Whitechapel Road, London, E1. Rukus, Mpho Skeef, Yogi, Laurissa and Shade One will all be performing tracks from the Baby J produced 'F.T.P.' album which hit's shops this Monday. Tickets £7 /£3 concessions.

Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Youngers Up Your Game

chuckys, originally uploaded by mactiste iPons.

Megatron Enlightens San Francisco

DJ Megatron gives the word on the progressions after Plasticman's visit... "Plasticman was the Don. Vex'd (well, Jamie from Vex'd rolled thru to SF) killed it too. I think alot of SF heads are into the Grimey sounds and just dont know it yet but yeah the folks in da place were goin crazy for the beats. Thank goodness for the soundsystem too courtesy of F-Sound which is one of the best up and coming sound crews out here based in the DnB scene and who knows how to handle the bass. People were feelin the Vex'D sound alot with all the crazy basslines. He got the crowd hooked with opening his set with Dillinja "The Angels Fell" and went straight into the Dubstep after that. Plasticman got people movin with his quick mixes and heavy tunes. I swear his last tune "Hoodie" remix was what got the whole place goin ape shit for more. I was even doin some Krump Dancing. Mizz Beatz for Queen of England! All in all a perfect, proper intro of Grime and Dubstep to the San Francisco community. They said that they even fired up the hot tub at 4am and nekkid chicks somehow ended up in there (and possibly the David Haslehoff look a like) Next up I hear in the pipeline is Mark One and DJ Messiah. Oh and our crew got DJ Joe Nice headlining at our monthly in 2 weeks bringin the Baltimore heat. Things are looking up for Grime, slowly but surely. Big ups and cant wait to see some more uk artists wreck shop in da USA! Megatron." N.B the pics are too scary to even post a link to. If people ever came like this to a grime rave in the UK, interesting wouldn't even be the word!

Those Sov Winners

The signed CD's are waiting to be mailed out so Bradley, D Chase and Square if you're reading this, mail me your contact details. Sorry for the longness too. Stickers thrown in for good measure.

Plan B Update

Yes the crazy kid finally has a release date. The double A-side package will feature the outstanding new track 'No Good' (produced by producer of the moment, Paul Epworth), and live favourite 'Sick 2 Def' (acoustic). The video will be hitting soon.
He'll no longer be supporting Test Icicles but confirmation is in that he'll be supporting Roots Manuva on his forthcoming tour. The headline show will take place on 6th December at Cargo. If you're still not up on Plan B, there's a good introductory piece in this months Mixmag too.

Thursday's Forward

Thurs 20th Oct, Target, Kode9, Plasticman @ Plastic People, Curtain Road, Shoreditch. £5. Minor.

Monday, 17 October 2005

Quick Fire

Lethal's album will be getting repackaged with the Kray Twinz/Twista collabo and released on October 24th. For more on this and his label situation check the next Touch issue of Touch Magazine... Terror Danjah is pissed, he's gotta take the bus nowadays, exclusive on his public transport outings and album soon come... Crazy Titch loves festivals more than raves at the monent and says Sweden has some live local MC's. Raving like Sidewinder overseas... Slimzee has been buying funky house (Fiddy's review of 'Is Grime Dead' to follow when she can be arsed to stop listening to new dubs/Ratpack's Raveology/Prodigy Hits and actually think about it)... Late but big up Professor Green (The Beats) who narrowly missed out on beating Jin at the infamous Mixtape Summit battle... Low Deep's must own 'Eyes On Me' EP is out now, standout for me is 'Cheeky Violin Remix'... Rumour has it Ears is going to be joining the cast of Heartbeat but don't watch that... Paris crew, don't forget Rex Club on 26th October for Wiley, JME, Maximum and surprise guest, flyer up later... Getting taken out for dinner now, you know how Chan do... Gone.

Illegal Cabs Fi Dead

On the 22nd and 23rd September 2005, the City of London Police, Bishopsgate Division, ran a multi-agency operation targeting unlicensed minicabs operating in the Bishopsgate and Liverpool Street areas. Twenty four arrests were made. Many of the persons arrested had criminal records for offences such as Assaults, Class A drug supply and disqualified driving.A new initiative from the Home Office to help you obtain local licensed minicab numbers is to text the following from your mobile phone: "HOME" to 60835 to receive two licensed minicab numbers and a black cab number in the same area you text from. Texts cost 35 pence plus standard network charges. For more information go to and click on the 'Cabs' link

Clarks Corner

Im handing it over to Blackdown for all things dubstep. If you want to join the fan club, postcards to the usual address... *This article appeared in a recent issue of Blues & Soul.* "In celebration of legendary club night Forward's fourth birthday, Martin Clark aka Blackdown, a journalist, blogger and producer who's been documenting the movement that is Forward, shares with us its rise and essential tracks... FWD>> began at central London’s Velvet Rooms in 2001. This month it celebrates its fourth birthday. Four groundbreaking years of exclusive beats to skank to and b-lines that make your chest cavity shudder. Call it dubstep, grime or breakstep, this is a celebration of a London sound and scene. Back when it started 2step garage was peaking: all swing and bling. Forward>> was born as a place for London’s underground headz who preferred grimey sounds to glitzy garms. The club soon moved to Plastic People, the ultimate soundbwoy venue. Dark, bassy and informal, headz poured off east London’s dark streets to imbibe new music late into the night. The club has grown to become a bastion for fresh sounds. To dubstep, south London’s dark garage hybrid, Forward>> is its home. Breakbeat garage evolved from the early post-jungle experiments through to the current breakstep sound. Grime, before it even was called grime, was flung down here. From the first night in, Forward>> was essential attendance. Who remembers J Da Flex flinging down the El-B dubs at the very first night? Or Slimzee and Maxwell D repping for Pay As U Go: proto-grime in motion. Lyrical innovators like Wiley, Ms Dynamite, Crazy Titch, Riko, Skepta and Rodney P blessing the mic? Do you know every one of Crazy D’s lyrics, the FWD>> host who’s made dubstep his own? Were you there when Hatcha first dropped Artwork’s “Red” or Digital Mystikz’ “Pathwayz?” Who heard Zed Bias play Zinc’s “Hello” or Oris Jay drop his own breaks anthem “Said the Spider?” Did your jaw drop when Youngsta cut double-dubplates of Skream’s “Late Night Request Line?”
Forward>>’s faithful did. And that is what makes it unique. It’s not just that it’s a place that producers create all their beats for, or a place where DJs define themselves by their sets there. What makes the club unique is its status as a cultural meeting point for the diverse melting pot that is London. No matter what ends you’re from, if you like dark, heavyweight riddims, you reach Forward>>".
Top anthems...
Artwork 'Red' (Big Apple)
"Minimal yet funky like week-old socks: one of the foundations of new school dubstep."
Darqwan 'Said the Spider' (Texture)
"When Sheffield’s Oris Jay flung down the breaks: clubs got torn to shreds."
Digital Mystikz ‘Neverland’ (DMZ)
“"Pathwayz” broke DMZ. ‘Neverland’ breaks the dancefloor."
DJ Zinc 'Hello' (Bingo)
"When breaks ruled UKG, there was no bigger tune."
El-B & Juiceman 'Buck & Bury remix' (unreleased Ghost)
"Streatham’s godfather of dubstep skanked dark and tribal."
Elephant Man 'Log On (Horsepower mix)' (white)
“"Sholay” and “Classic Delux” went deep: this went dangerous."
Kode 9 'Kingstown (dub)' (Hyperdub)
"New school, post-grime weighline."
Loefah 'Horror Show' (DMZ)
"The dawn of the halfstep revolution. Be afraid."
Plasticman 'Cha' (Terrorhythm)
"Pure energy grime from south London."
Skream 'Request Line' (Tempa)
"Current dubstep anthem so big on road it’s getting licked back by Roll Deep."
Zed Bias 'Superfine' (Soulja)
"Zed earned original godfather status too. “Easy my man."
11 Forward>> anthems from the last four years, compiled in alphabetical order, by Martin Clark

Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Organised Grime

einouu, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Up Your Speed

udiscuss, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Tuesday, 11 October 2005

True Tiger

New Image, originally uploaded by chantelle.

I've heard some of this mixtape and it's on fire. You can trust Scandalous to come with the high quality goods, always. Featuring on it, among others, are Wiley, Purple, Mighty Mo, vocalist's NY, Jaibox and many more. Watch for it in stores soooooooon.

Monday, 10 October 2005

Fight Your Cause

bad girl 1, originally uploaded by Delicious Oil.

Prior Warning

October 22nd @ 333, Old Street. In the basement will be Jon Burnip (SoulJazz), DJ Maximum with Skepta and JME, Samurai (Def Jam/More Streets Than The A-Z), Digital Mystikz (DMZ).

Angela Merkel Leads Germany

angie, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Thanks to Seph I've been alerted to breaking news that our dear German cuzzie's will now have their country run by one Angela Merkel. She's moving! Let us unite in the grime and celebrate... I've tracked you all down a Merkel wallpaper. Download it with pride here

This Is My Journey: Part 2

sway-1, originally uploaded by chantelle.

*I'd suggest reading the Part 1 first, scroll down if you want a piece.*
From Ghana With Love...
From a young age Sway had expressed a love for words, penning to tracks like ‘Turtle Power’ and reciting them at school assembly. Other favourites included Kris Kros ‘Jump’. But despite his articulate and informed nature he claims he can count the number of books he’s read on two hands (his favourite being Iceberg Slimm’s ‘Pimp’).

Arming himself with his school boy tag Sway, he began penning rhymes, initially to jungle (his cousin DJ Ink is in Metalheadz) before moving onto hip hop. He soon began rolling with locals like Pyrelli.

“We met on the streets. My mate had told me about this rapper Pyrelli and everyone argued who was better, I didn't care until heard a tape that shook me up. I didn't know people in the ends were spitting like that. The only thing I had over them was the Britishness - they had American twangs. Ink annihilated one of my first tapes because of my fakeness.”

It was still beats that interested Sway more than rapping, fame just not appealing. Even now he still expects to have more success longterm with his beats rather than his rhyming.

It was at 16 that Sway began entering open mic competitions and even got to the last round at Dingwalls where he was then beaten by Task Force’s Chester P Hackenbush (asked by Big Smoke whether he’d now win a re-match, Sway refused to comment). Regardless, it was the push Sway needed. Weeks later with his Tottenham trio Phynix Crew, they reached the Choice FM Rapology ’99 final. Soon after Phynix Crew joined forces with another collective to form ONE. Sick of battling, they switched their attention to making songs.

But with school done, he’d progressed onto study sound engineering at college and with part time jobs at Gap and composing ringtones, Sway was equally busy saving up enough money to build himself a decent home studio. It was here he began concocting his solo work and marketing plan, a plan that many-a-major label could take note from.

ONE went onto record the album Onederful World, selling around 2,000 units, Sway having produced nearly 50% of the project. Around the same time due to frustration he began pushing more solo material and debut release ‘On My Own’ (championed by DJ Excalibah) stirred the industry up.

“I really wanted the group (ONE) to work, it was a phenomenal group of 11 people, to this day I don't know a group with so many talented individuals but real life caught up with them. Some had babies, had to come out of their house you know too old to live with parents, then there was work… I had to keep going.”

With his attention focused, Sway moved on, putting his plans into action alongside his DJ Turkish and “favourite rapper of all time” Pyrelli. With his transgression from jungle to hip hop already accomplished, the grime scene with its new found flexibility towards styles of music and emceeing began to open their doors. He remains one of the few artists, bar the likes of Klashnekoff and Skinnyman, to have bridged such gaps.

“Hip hop heads think I’m quite grimey but the grime cats think I’m more of a hip hop artist. I think ultimately it’s because I’m entertaining that I’ve got that respect from both sides.”

The sell-out mixtape series, ‘This Is My Demo’, has proved a great catalyst. Volume 1 included punchlines to rival a Ricky Gervais script, showcasing a cross-section of his rhyming talents, from the cheeky to the serious over both self-produced and well known tracks such as Usher’s ‘Caught Up’ and J-Kwon’s ‘Tipsy’. Volume 2 took the formula progressively further.

“That was the plan exactly. Next Dan Greenpeace came. I'm not signed to him, he's distributing the This Is My Demo project. After that it's back to Dcypher and we'll do the next album and might get a deal or we might go with Dan again because he's done such a good job. It's a worthwhile investment though, I've worked hard to get to this level I can't see why someone wouldn't put money in because they'll make it back. I don't see anything as favours, everyone's going to earn out of it.”

With critical acclaim coming from media across the board, the Metro to Hip Hop Connection, it was only a matter of time until the remixes started coming. First there was Taz’s ‘Cowboy Film’ followed by work with Terri Walker and a cameo alongside Mike Skinner on The Mitchell Brothers ‘Harvey Nicks’. He also admits to those for Jamiroquai and Akon that didn’t make the cut. There was also supporting Dizzee Rascal on tour.

“Dizzee and I have talked about working together but I'm not on Dizzee's level as far as publicity's concerned. If I was to do a track with Dizzee now, In London it would be alright because I'm getting more popular but to Canada or something it would be like Dizzee's bringing me through which isn't what's going on. With The Mitchell's it's different. We're all up and comers even if Skinner was endorsing it. Terri Walker, she's R&B so I helped her as much as she helped me. I'd never pressure Dizzee to do something.”


So what makes a good rap to you?
Been able to convey a message clearly, being able to bring the listener to where you were when you wrote it, have people close their eyes and have them in a similar place to you intended them to be. Also delivery, clarity... the way you structure things.

What's the difference between an MC and a rapper?
They're the same to me. I'm more concerned with how people hear my music, ok the average British hip hopper who hasn't heard of me and hears MC Sway might be put off, turn the page because they were ignorant... that's the only way it could be detrimental but if that's the case I don't want those kind of people listening to my music.

Are you a battle rapper?
I won't lie, I've still got it in me, sometimes I itch to go at certain people but it's childish.

Do you enjoy listening to grime clashes?
Some of them are good, like Crazy Titch V Bruza cause I couldn't figure out who won that. I like them both a lot, that was the first time I'd seen Bruza and I was like 'I've got to work with this guy.'

Your production company Dcypha, has teamed up with Alliance what’s the deal?
My older cousin helped me financially to build a studio, I had some money saved, did a few hustles and we formed Dcypha and I made this is My Promo Vol. 1. Then there was another group Alliance run by a guy Puffy (he looks like Puff Daddy). I needed money to shoot my first video but I couldn't get clean money and we wanted clean money, there's consequences when you use money from certain people or you use certain money. We knew Puffy earned money in a good way but he was the last person I went to. We went to people I might have mentioned earlier, people with money, I'd worked for, I'd done favours. I always said I'd pay it back because I knew when my mixtape came out it was going to sell… Loads of people turned their backs on me, people I considered friends and stuff like that. Puffy was like “you’re getting popular, I'm trying to launch my artist Biggz, show me the ropes and I'll help you out.” I started taking Biggz to radio with me. He took a lot of short cuts, alot of grinding I'd done to get into position. With that we started Dcypha Alliance. That was just to do ‘This Is My Demo’ because we all get what we want out of it.

Onederful World to now, musically has it changed?
You can see the transformation, it's blatantly obvious what's going on. From ‘On My Own’ to ‘Onederful World’ to ‘This Is My Promo’. I was humorous then life was dulling my spirits, things started getting gloomy it took another trip to Ghana in 2003 where I was able to review my situation, who's who, what's what, where I was heading in all of that. It hooked me up. As soon as I got back I recorded ‘Flo Fashion’. The darker side was definitely creeping in on ‘Onederful World’ though.

Destiny’s Child are fans, any other celebrity fans you know of?
Tricky, he tried to sign me to his label actually. I'm mad but not as mad as Tricky. He's really dark but I'm a very colourful person, I mean the label was called Urban Poison. I liked him but I don't know what he saw in me cause I'm not a dark artist, I have dark elements and streaks... There's a few others I don't want to say that have got in contact with me. I don’t want to use other people to equate what I’ve got going on.

Who are you listening to right now?
The last album I bought was Common, it's alright. Before that I re-bought Slick Rick cause someone had stolen mine. UK wise no one's really dropped an album I've got. I like Kano a lot he's one of the most talented, him and Ghetto, Ghetto is underrated because he's in Kano's shadow. Ghetto reminds me of what Pyrelli is like to me. People mention me a lot more but Pyrelli is right here too and he's serious.

Do you ever regret anything you say, I was surprised you did the Fuck New York track?
I've been around a lot of DJ’s and I know hype is the promo tool to use. It builds reputation. I've been doing dubs from before Pepsi but that was just the first one that came out back in 2003. I was confident in giving this to radio as a marketing tool because I have a cousin in America who told me Tipsy was a big hit. I thought I'd capitalise off the push the record company over here would do. Some people did warn me about ‘the consequences’ and calming it down, I understand what they’re saying but…”

Some people think you’re now signed and this is just a continuation of your cleverly devised marketing plan?
Nah. People are calling, it's getting deep but I still haven't even got a manager. My press officer contacted me. I'm always interested to see how far someone will do, like to get me on a track cause that's how much effort I will put in when I work with them. I enjoy to see people work hard.

So deal or no deal, Sway has his work cut out to deliver an album that lives up to promise, but he’s trying not to leave a stone unturned, dealing with subject matters from abusive relationships to his outlook on London in what he describes as a cleaned up version of his mixtapes. Producers at the mixing desk are Shucks, Turkish, Shanobi, Wonder (Dizzee Rascal ‘Respect Me’) Terror Danjah (Kano, Shola Ama) and of course Sway himself.

“I've changed this album so much, I think I need to hold stuff back, then I think I can't because people are watching me. I'm trying to keep a balance because I want my second album to be explosive. I don't want people to be like ‘Sway's first album was the one’. I've seen too many artists do that and not top their 1st. You can hear that in my mixtapes, I'm getting more intense.”

Talking like ‘This Is My Album’ is only the prologue for now the case is adjourned but whatever the verdict, Sway’s adament he’ll take it in his stride.

“This journey, the one I'm on right now, it’s the best I’ve ever been on. Ultimately it's taking me to wherever it feels I need to be. That’s what this is all about.”

A version of this appears in Big Smoke, 2005.

You Can't Escape From Me Bitch!

fidandwalker-1, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Tonight At Live

Live-Eflyer-10-10-05, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Sunday, 9 October 2005

Upfront And Personal

, originally uploaded by maych.

I have found a new Barbie group so stop the complaints, I got enough pics and inspiration to last me a year or more!

Guns And Gangs

Guns, originally uploaded by chantelle.

If you haven't yet read this book it's a serious investment, an education, and there's really no excuse for ignorance around an issue as prevalent in our society as rising gun crime. We are no longer civil and who wants to live with that? And what are we without it?

Author Graeme McLagan, also responsible for Bent Coppers, rather than wash up another tale of old east gangsters i.e. the Krays or detail the days of white mob rule, he's providing what I think amounts to the first real investigation into black gun crime in the UK. From the increase and influence of crack cocaine and Jamaican drug mules in the 80s and 90's to the formation of Operation Trident and the aftermath, it's here. Surprisingly a few familiar names have popped up. I'm surprised for two reasons a. McLagan really knows his shit which shows a most certain error on my part for assuming he would only scrape the service b. a name can trigger memories and emotions that have lain dormant, the context with which they're rediscovered often leading us down a weathered thought-train.

In particular I was reminded of some old tapes I have, one being an interview which I'm going to blog soon with the now ex-head of Trident which took longer securing than a meeting with any celeb, (about three or four months I recall), and one with a north London crew giving their version and views on certain events they had been involved with. I can't quite put my finger on why, but since doing that latter interview I've never listened back to it... It's only now I think I know why.

A recurrent theme in Guns And Gangs is cowardice, primarily witness' refusing to give evidence. It strikes a chord because truth be told, In my own way, I'm a coward too. Too often we don't want to see or hear the truth because it's too alien to comprehend. You become desensitived to what's going on around you, on your next door neighbours doorstep, up the road, in the next city.
Our instinct say ignoring something will make it go away and we selfishly show a lack of concern when something only effects what we deem to be the minority. If I'm cool, the world can just get on with it. False. Truth is reality and unless you stand up to that reality, the tree of disfunction continues to grow.

One woman detailed in Guns and Gangs really made me sit up. Sophie Lewis, who on agreeing to give evidence and placed under protection, was shot a total of six times on two different occassions, yet still stood up to speak out in court. Forget 50 Cent's scars. Surely this is the kind of face Reebok should be glorifying? Ok, I realise this probably has implications but you get the idea? Yes, I'll hold my hands up if I speak out of ignroance, (her act of bravery is according to McLagan well-used) but stories like hers should be common knowledge.

It also brings me to another case not featured in the book but that has made the press this weekend, that of Helen Kelly, shot outside the UMA (Underground Music Awards) around this time last year. Miraculously she was saved by her bra, the bullet diverted by the underwiring deflected through her breast and out of her body. She had been walking past The Barbican when the shoot out between two rival groups took place (a motive for the exchange hasn't been disclosed). I was stood just a few feet from the crime scene with an artist. After the first few shots rang out, confused as to the cause (fireworks?), we ran around a corner. Diners came out of the restaurant laughing. "Like anyone is going to have a gun battle in Barbican" one man chortled. Feeling stupid we laughed at our great firework escape and despite hearing screaming, thought little of it (why, I don't know) and got into the first cab we could hail down. Picking up the Evening Standard the next day, well it hit home, right there on the front page. Innocent passer-by hit. A 24-year old city worker walking home. The same age as I was then. 'I want justice for her, but I don't want to be involved'. That was my reality. A source revealed to me that 80 witnesses came forward. Very few of those wanted to give evidence, of those that would many sought some form of witness protection. But Helen Kelly didn't. In the end the accused changed their plea to guilty, and yesterday one man received 12 years and another two years.

It makes you think, right?

Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal V's Fifty Pence

skepta014, originally uploaded by chantelle.

This time it's the Skepta pon MSN interview. Remember never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation. To help prevent infection by a computer virus or worm, never accept or open any file or link in an instant message until you verify its authenticity with the sender.
Fifty Pence says:
Where did the name Skepta come from?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
The word "Sceptre" is a STAFF held by wizards and when i get on the decks, mic or on the computer i work magic so i suppose that word best describes me
Fifty Pence says:
Ok... are u into magic generally
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
No i do like watchin it but i keep my distance from the learnin side of it cos its a Haunted Practice
Fifty Pence says:
Have u ever seen Dynamo?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
Yeah he's Shower Curtain

Fifty Pence:
What was life like growing up?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
High top, Click suits, Ascot, Hitek and U.S Brass and Matchstick. I had a high bigger than the guy from the film House Party, Red patches on the back of my drop down jeans and any 15 pound rock hard bubble Trainers (those were the days)
Fifty Pence:
I've always felt you and JME were different to a lot of the other guys and I put this down to the idea that you both actually seem happy?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
Ha ha, yeah man definately
Fifty Pence says:
Obviously people compare u and Jamie a lot, how would u say u differ
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
I'm like Grant, hes like Phil

Fifty Pence says:
So how did you get into making music?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
I've always loved music so where ever I got a chance the make a song i would from a Nintendo Computer to Mac
Fifty Pence says:
what age did u start?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
17, it was called Half Pint
Fifty Pence says:
from the start did u think 'i'll make a career out of this'?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
no i just did it for the buzz and its a way to express myself
Fifty Pence says:
do u see what u do as a career?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says: (3:31:19 am)
yeah i do, i live off music and earn enough money to come off the road and do something contructive and at the same time i can still eat three meals a day and extras so its all good
Fifty Pence says:
did you go to college?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
yeah, i got a City and Guilds certificate in Sound Engineering... College of North East London in Tottenham
Fifty Pence says:
Is ur nigerian heritage important to u in general and in ur music?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
no i dont why i keep findin myself sayin it, nearly every white mc says in every 16 bar "its that White Boy" so i thought "Yeah ill tell evreyone where im from, and my FULL government name"
Fifty Pence says:
DTI, what did u make it on
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
Fruity Loops
Fifty Pence says:
did u expect response u got?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
No i thought it was any tune but it got bare love and sales
Fifty Pence says:
how did u make transition from producing to mcing
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says: (4:02:21 am)
Static belled me and told me he had a tune wiv bare producers all givin him a 16 bar of a tune , So i gave him my 16 bar, then 2 or 3 days later he told me hes got a new idea everybody producer is spittin a 16 bar too, so i wrote my first lyric... Bare wasteman wanna diss my CHOON/Same wasteman wanna spit on my CHOON/Try hard but they still sound shit on my CHOON/Producers wanna bootleg my CHOON/CIash me and end up dead on my CHOON/Just a little reminder of my CHOON/There was gunshots at Sidewinder for my CHOON... True story
Fifty Pence says:
that was only last year wasn't it? u moved quickly
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says: (4:05:06 am)
 yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah as quick as i can

Fifty Pence says:
Where does 'pon ya lip piercing' come from?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says: (4:12:51 am)
Me Jammer and Ribs went on holiday to Amsterdam and Ribs kept sayin to everyone "Pon ya Soul" which can mean a lot of things, "You Smell" or even "Thankyou" so then its just "Pon ya Anything" now, Soul, Shoulder, Aunty anything you want . Big up Ribs
Fifty Pence says:
pon your caravan

Fifty Pence says:
whats situation with meridian? how long have meridian been in existence and what are names of other members?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
Jamie, Big H, Bossman , Pablo, Dan and President T we grew up together on Meridian Walk estate so there never really was a founding date
Fifty Pence says:
what's deal cause u and jamie are in roll deep now and bossman and Dan are on lockdown
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
even though me and J are in Roll Deep we are always gonna be Meridian. Some very bad things happened in my old estate so our crew couldnt really consentrate on music fully. So when Wiley heard about it he said instead of wasting our talent why dont we come and ride wiv Roll Deep while we're in the Trenches and hes done more for us than a thankyou is worth
Fifty Pence says:
why do u think wiley did that?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says: (4:25:32 am)
Cos hes one of the Pioneers of the Scene and he cant let good talent slide down into the Bin, and thats exactly what it felt like after last May
Fifty Pence says:
what that it was going down the bin?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
 Yeah... and so he can come to our Mansion Parties
Fifty Pence says:
what happened on the estate, is that why bossman and dan aren't here?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
something bad happened and Im trying to put it behind me and know that God is lookin after evryone who was involved
Fifty Pence says:
i feel like just how dizzee woke him up and then he got vibes from tinchy and later trim, you and jme are really making him enjoy it and stand up again. r u and jamie competitive?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
yes, very
Fifty Pence says:
do u sometimes wish u weren't both doing music?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
no,  never, he is one of my biggest Inspirations
Fifty Pence says:
do u get protective of him being the older bro
Fifty Pence says:
to finish up... your album. What's the plan, what's going to be on it? And is a record label situation something ur seeking or do u have your own label plans?
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
I've had meetings wiv a few labels and they know that they are speakin to a boy who knows what hes doin, so im gonna carry on doin what i am doin by myself until they feel the need to step in, as i said earlier ill make music on anything i can get my hands on so im not in a rush to get signed cos a long as the love is there my drive will never die for music. ive got a few features from Jamie, Wiley, Big H,Static , President T, Alexa and a couple other undecided ones. No Mixtapes though just a straight album which will be out between December 05 and April 06 its Called "Straight Forward" definately one of the best albums ever to come out of this scene "Swear Down". Single is out NOW !!! Yeah Look out For Bossman and Dan 2006 Meridian and Roll Deep Shower Gel
Fifty Pence says:
pon your schedule... im going to go merk my pillow
Pon Ya Soul Rude Gyal says:
my pleasure

Shake A Leg

Shake A Leg, originally uploaded by chantelle.

The new single from In At The Deep End is out on Monday on CD, DVD and Maxi CD:
CD: 1. Shake A Leg 2. Heat Up
DVD: 1. Shake A Leg (video), 2. Heat Up (XXX video)
3. Shake A Leg (Sunshine Funk Mix)
Maxi CD: 1. Shake A Leg (Radio Edit), 2. Shake A Leg, 3. One Foot, 4. Heat Up, 5. Heat Up (Danny Weed & Target Remix)
Listen to exclusive track One Foot here: Windows

Anthony Walker Tribute

anthony walker, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Love Music Hate Racism is proud to announce the new date for the postponed Anthony Walker tribute show. With performances from… Ms Dynamite, The Stands (Liverpool's finest classic guitar rock band)
Roll Deep, Lupe Fiasco support from Young Kof (urbeatz), Jahdeeanko (Anthony's uncle Shiloh Binn's great reggae band) One Heart Choir (Anthony's mum Gee's choir) Plus Northern Premiere of Alan Miles' Rock Against Racism Documentary Film "Who Shot the Sheriff?"
Anthony Walker was the victim of a brutal racist murder in his hometown of Huyton on Saturday 30th July 2005. A talented rapper and basketball player, Anthony was murdered by racist thugs because of the colour of his skin. The diverse and multicultural communities of Merseyside - and of all cities in Britain, must stand together against racist murders to defend their right to live in peace.
Love Music Hate Racism decided to postpone the original Thursday 18th August Zutons-headlined show because in the course of putting the show together it became clear that sadly it was going to be very difficult for Ms Dynamite to appear due to prior commitments. A host of other acts who expressed support were unable to appear on this date due to other bookings also though the response to our call for a music show to celebrate our multicultural society and show unity in opposing racism in Merseyside and beyond was phenomenal. This re-scheduled event hopes to follow on from the success of the large anti-racism festival in Toxeth in early September. Organised by Merseyside Coalition Against Racism and Fascism and Merseyside TUC, the free festival saw performances by bands like Ladytron, the 747’s, Pete Wylie, and Anthony’s Uncle Shiloh’s reggae band Jaheeanko perform to a thousand strong united black and white audience. Love Music Hate Racism aims to use the positive energy of the music scene to fight back against racism and fascist groups like the BNP. Music unites us and gives us strength while racism seeks only to divide and weaken us.


The Eurocrunk video, download and enjoy. Watch Stacs of Stamina feat Ears 'Roll' here.
Stacs Of Stamina album Tivoli out october 14th.

Swing Appeal Continues

I'm sure by now that you're all aware of the plight of DJ Swing who desperately needs to find a 100% bone marrow match.
His time is running out and his situation is now critical. If you are aged between 18-45 and are in good general health, then
please join the Bone Marrow register. The next set of registration clinics are as follows;
SUNDAY 9TH OCTOBER - London: 10am to 4.30pm, Kings College Hospital, Hambledon Wing, Ground Floor Boardroom, Denmark Hill, London, SE5
FRIDAY 14TH OCTOBER - London: 6pm to 10pm, Rococo, 7-9 Cranbourne Street, Leicester Square, London, WC2H
All you need to do at this stage is have a small blood sample taken. This is then sent off for evaluation to see if you are a match. His situation is now at the stage where he cannot wait for people to 'think about it'.
Fact 1: There are over 669,000 Afro Caribbeans, aged between 18-44, who live in England & Wales alone. Just 17,000 have joined the UK Bone Marrow Register!
Fact 2: The donor process is not as hard or painful as you may think: The procedure takes place under a general anaesthesia and generally takes about 45 minutes to an hour. About 2-3% of your bone marrow is removed, a few tablespoons at a time, through a small incision in your hip (not the spinal area). The removed bone marrow fluid will fully replace itself within 3-10 days after the procedure. Most donors experience mild back pain for a few days following the surgery and some fatigue.
Most donors have said they would donate again if asked! An alternative method: Marrow is donated as Stem Cells in a procedure called a Peripheral Blood Stem Cell (PBSC). No general anaesthesia is needed. For 4 hours blood is drawn from a vein in one arm, directed into a special filtered machine which keeps the Stem Cells, but directly returns the blood to a vein in the other arm. You are wide awake and can return straight back home or to work. For more information, please contact
ACLT (African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust); Tel: 020 8667 1122 | Email: | Web:, The Anthony Nolan Trust: Web:

Thursday, 6 October 2005

New Touch Out

kanotouch, originally uploaded by chantelle.

Kano in New York, Damian Marley, Kray Twinz, Floetry, Jammer, Jermain Dupri and much more inside...

Tuesday, 4 October 2005

Draw For The Gut

My future ex-husband Prancehall has alerted me to an amusing thread on I Love Music. Loving the supposed posts from Dizzee, Wiley, Jammer my mum and co. Nice to see that among the haters there are those who appreciate my charms... be they slanguistics or ample-batty showcasing. Show your faces, I don't have much time for dating or hating but boy, if a good enough offer comes through then I'll do what I gotta do (does anyone know if Prancehall is indeed a buffers? Logan is the only person who seems to know his boat and I'm hardly gonna ask him for a rating). One more thing... Scarf, I was gonna write bars for you star, but in all honesty I'm looking at which gym not to join and stroking my slightly bloated stomach (food allergies today, honestly) as I consider whether to even be offended for one second at your comment. Err no. I got storage space that many a waif would envy. If you drank as many Guinness cocktails as I - strictly in the name of grimeucation then maybe you'd understand. If however I'm getting it twisted and you're not an anorexic breed but a fat fucker, I suggest we meet up, swap stories and draw for the gut. Go on then, go on then.

Plasticman V's Chan Damager

webnic, originally uploaded by chantelle.

More MSN action for you. This time Plasticman chats bars, his imminent name change and album plans...

Chan Damager says:
plastic... whats going on fool? heard u have a gambling problem
Plasticman says:
haha - not a problem, but other gamblers definitely have a problem when I am at the poker table
Chan Damager says:
how much money you won to date?
Plasticman says:
not too much, I don't play for big money but I am starting to rake in a bit lately
Chan Damager says:
sly... ok... have u lost much?
Plasticman says:
i have lost a bit - but thats all part of the process of learning - i don't lose much recently, i've prob lost about £50
Chan Damager says:
the way things are at the moment, that sounds like big bucks... or are people tripping about how in trouble the scene is?
Plasticman says:
I'm doing fine out of it, but most of that money has come from bookings and not record sales
Chan Damager says:
and is that bookings abroad?
Plasticman says:
yeh there's much more money abroad
i think the nights are just run better, but a lot of the time yeh, they are bigger raves - the one we did in Brussels was about 2000 people, it really went down well - they are starting to make moves over there - the promoter who got us over there is so into the stuff he's heard when we've played there that he's trying to start a 100% grime rave regularly in Brussels
Chan Damager says:
i heard u were changing your name?
Plasticman says:
Yeh, it's possible. The whole Plastikman / Plasticman thing is starting to come on top and I think Mr Hawtin has had enough of me using the name. I aint going to let it go to court so a name change looks like the best option unless something comes up and it looks like I may have a chance of keeping my name, unfortunately he has been using the alias since 1993 (when I was 11 listening to Out Here Brothers). Boom boom boom, let me hear u say wheyo.... Them ones
Chan Damager says:
how are you getting around it then?
Plasticman says:
Well, I'm seeking advice from a few legal aides, I'm not sure what I will change it to if needs be. It's been ongoing for about 3 months now back and forth so whatever happens will probably happen fairly soon!
Chan Damager says:
what about the lego man rumour?
Plasticman says:
In desperation last week I thought I would email the big dogs at Lego to ask them about the possibility of DJ'ing under the alias of "Lego Man" They sent me a really formal, professional reply back too.
Chan Damager says::
that would have suited u
Plasticman says:
But in street terms, they were not havin a bar. Lego man would have murked Plasticman.
yeh that has run thru the head a few times "Mr Man"
Chan Damager says:
Murkle Man... clash Jammer or She Man
Plasticman says:
I would make Jammer quick time sekkkkkle!!
Chan Damager says:
Polyester Man
Plasticman says:
they all sound a bit S&M
Chan Damager says:
better than sounding M&S
Plasticman says:
Man Plastic. I can't really come up with anythin good.
Answers on a postcard. I am screwing about Lego though.
I could get them to make me a Lego record box to take to all my gigs.
can you imagine the publicity. I had it all thought out. Do you reckon Playmobil would be ghetto enough though? I don't think they have the streets on lock like Lego do
Playmobil Man is a bit of a mouthful though
Chan Damager says:
have u read a book called The Time Waster Letters... it sounds like something out of that
Plasticman says:
I haven't but from the title of it, it definitely does. But if one of them were to allow me, it wouldn't be a waste of time at all!
Chan Damager says:
on the real, boy better know bout you cause I know u have some serious tunes about to drop (I sound like JME's younger brother or something now)
Plasticman says:
Plasticman says:
I have got about 8 million tunes sat here on my PC
just itchin to see light of day. but hopefully it won't be long before they do
Chan Damager says:
8 million... when did u take up smoking brown?
Plasticman says:
I reckon it's more like about 30 (not million)
8 million was a slight exaggeration
I lay off that shit, don't you remember me turning it down when u offered me some outside FWD?
Chan Damager says:
straight white up ur nose star. i do remember... but thanks for putting 30p in my cup
Plasticman says:
All I remember was pure people asking me if I wanted a cab, then I heard a voice mention brown and I looked and there u were. I hope you spent it wisely
Plasticman says:
U know how it is at FWD, bare illegal cabbies
Chan Damager says:
i did, I bought the rephlex grime album from the woolworths bargain bin
Plasticman says:
Brap. What did u do with the change WASTEGYAL
Chan Damager says:
ha ha sent it to mark one, i see prancehall trying to murk him about his 1 jumper so I'm gonna hook mark up soon. mark one when u read this... know its nothing but love bruv....tell me, did prancehall murk me or did I hold it up for the gyal dem?
cause mans trying it left, right and up the batty
Plasticman says:
U held it up well. But Prancehall had some big bars too.I couldn't call that one
:It was a good clash
Chan Damager says:
when i release my album people will know
i got production from every big boy in the game
and i got more bars than cadburys
if u wanna add a 16 somewhere, we can squeeze it
Plasticman says:
I have the biggest bars (just ask JME and Skepta)
Chan Damager says:
i'll speak to my executive producer, simon reynolds, and see what he's saying
r u gonna be puttin bars on ur album... u know things like 'i'm a white boy, they try make me change my name but plasticman don't watch that, he'll stay the same'
Plasticman says:
yeh trust me. I'm so shower u may aswell put me in the changing room at Thornton Heath swimming baths.
Chan Damager says:
what u gonna call ur album any thoughts?
Plasticman says:
"Golden Shower" or I could have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme
on the cover and call it "Shower-Bunga"
Chan Damager says:
im a ghost writer for bare man
if u need any top boy tunes let me know
Plasticman says:
Truss I'm on it nI remixed JME serious in an MSN convo it's big
Chan Damager says:
its not true that I wrote Ps & Q's though... think that was actually Martin Clark
Plasticman says:
Nah I hear Martin Clark rolls with toppa top leng man... So I believe that
Yeh truss me Kode 9 is absolute shower curtain
Chan Damager says: one of those ones u get in argos with cartoons on it
Chan Damager says:
if i had a shower id buy one of them, but I don't I share a communal bath mat
Plasticman says:
That is big. Thats the next prop idea - I'm lookin to purchase a shower curtain like that to wear behind the decks. II might get Terrorhythm logos and some silhouettes of guns and bats on it. that would be off the chain
Chan Damager says:
whats ur next release?
Plasticman says:
Goin to put the Still Tippin remix out on White fairly soon, there should be somethin on the flip but not sure what yet.
Chan Damager says:
i love that track A LOT
Plasticman says:
The next Terrornythm should be soon too - Cha vocal featuring Shizzle, Fresh, Napper and Cha VIP
Plasticman says:
big I'm glad u like it
Chan Damager says:
like u give a shit
Plasticman says:
yeh standard
Plasticman says:
no sensibility pon MSN
Chan Damager says:
thats how we do
Chan Damager says:
on the real... do u ever think u will spit on a tune
Plasticman says:
Nah I have the bars but I can't spit
Maybe I'll do a skinner Cos he's murkin and he gets loads of free shit from Reebok now
and his label pay for him to shoot videos on location at 18-30 holiday resorts
Chan Damager says:
is that what u aspire 2
Plasticman says:
HahaI don't really aspire to anyone, this music thing is all a big laugh to me - I just enjoy it, if I can earn some money and give the scene some exposure along the way then thats just a bonus
Chan Damager says:
r u still signing on?
Plasticman says:
Under 5 different aliases I actually buy a flight to Newcastle every Thursday with the money I earn Just so I can collect some more. Big up Easyjet
Chan Damager says:
fiddy grime groupie now says you're very funny. big boy.
Plasticman says:
we need more girl groupies
Chan Damager says:
but being a girl, if u appreciate something, u gotta be a groupie right?
Chan Damager says:
Plasticman says:
Not about the sweaty bearded man ones yasimi
Chan Damager says:
but please tell the world
Chan Damager says:
fiddy is not a groupie
Chan Damager says:
but i would if i could actually draw man
Plasticman says
I will spread the word
Plasticman says:
u want me to get it printed onto some flyers?
Chan Damager says:
Plasticman says:
I will put it on me next release on the shouts
Plasticman says:
you can quote me on that
Chan Damager says:
please, I cry myself to sleep every night
Plasticman says:
:I am like Johnson and Johnson "no more tears"... - but the main page for news at the mo is my blog - And I just wanna say nuff respect to all the people trying to bring grime to other countries, and massive shouts to all the people out there still buying records and downloading mp3's legally
Chan Damager says:
and i hope you keep your name cause you're the realest piece of plastic i know
Plasticman says:
and big up the haters... i.e. lego

Sunday, 2 October 2005

Murder Was The Case

who could do such a thing?, originally uploaded by wrongfrench.

This Is My Journey: Sway

From Ghana With Love: Part 1

Music consumers looking for an ounce of sonic truth in this saturated hip hop age are under more pressure than ever not to fall prey to PR fiction. Derek Safo, better known by his alias Sway, is one producer and rapper from Hornsey on a mission to abort any misconceptions that he might be just another chapter in that book of hype…

It’s the age old story - you work the underground circuit for a number of years and then bang, you drop a tune, a real heater that suddenly propels you onto lips of the many. In Sway’s case ‘Flo Fashion’ did just that and now has come the time to back it up.

Where Sway’s profile is concerned there seems to be two main schools of thought at work. The general consensus is that he’s the biggest talent to have emerged from the UK underground in a long time. On the other side are those who are yet to be swayed (pun intended). On first impressions it would be easy to get it twisted. Just another spitter from the ends, his pants worn baggy, cap down low and fresh sneaks. Then there’s the three mobile phones. But stereotypes done. Don’t get him twisted. If you don’t respect his music you’ll at least respect his business or mind. A composed, analytical thinker, he’s also without the arrogance and attitude that harpers so many. He’s quick witted, sharp and always one step ahead.

“I’d just describe myself as tall and the most good looking ugliest person you've ever met”, 22 year old Sways says thoughtfully with what transpires to be a rare grin creeping across his face. “Honesty, personality, understanding, loyalty that’s very important to me.” He doesn’t smoke nor care for alcohol much, preferring instead to be 100% in control, a trait that’s seemingly mapped out his path (and the interview which despite a great length, doesn’t see him lose a bit of concentration).

Sway’s road trip in life has had it’s shares of twists and turns. Born in England after his mother unexpectedly went into labour en-route to Ghana from Amsterdam, he spent his first few years of life back in Africa with his grandmother while his mother returned to London to set up home. Like most things in his life he sees this as one of those events that happened for a reason.

“She just saw opportunity in England. We were from a semi- wealthy family in Ghana, my grandad owned petrol stations and a timber business, but there was so much more that could be done for me here.”


You’re history seems important in your music?
It is. It should be important to everybody, in order to find out who you properly are you need to know where you've come from, the elements that made you and understand them… the more you find out the more you can decipher the future and put your life in a direction that will be prosperous.

Are you proud to be British?
Yes, a lot of elements in London made me. I've got a lot of characteristics and things I don't think I'd be doing if I hadn't been raised in an environment like London. I can only be real, I've been in London for 18/19 years. All I really know is London but at the same time, when I go home at night it's like being back in Ghana.

What do you hold your strongest views on?
Belief in God. I've been bought up in religious conflict. I'm not Muslim but If I sway towards any religion it's Islam. But there's too much that counteracts the society I'm living in in Islam at this moment of time. It's direct conflict being a Muslim doing as I do.

There seem to have been a lot of UK rappers who've come out of the Nation of Islam, has the Nation ever tempted you?
Nah, the Nation of Islam and Islam in general are two different things. The Nation is very geared towards racial issues and black power, I'm not a pro black person in the same way a black person can stab me in the back so can a white person. As far as I'm concerned you love the people you love and the other people don't matter… I'm not into this all black people sticking together, at the end of the day you're always going to have conflict. You have war in the world, in your street, in your house... it's got nothing to do with black people. Weak people or people who don't know their purpose feel the need to stand for something and will use any excuse. Islam to me represents living the right way.

In a similar way to Rastafarianism?
It's similar but there's no person, no living man to look up to. In Islam every man is equal with everybody including women, only women are not really equal to men in what they can do in society.

So they're not equal then?
They're equal value wise, you need a man and a woman, but men are in charge only because of the characteristics of a woman. A man is like the strong bear. Some women are cool with the female role of the man bringing home the food, but some women especially now where there's so many broken homes and girls are been bought up to be their own fathers, they don't respect men anymore.

Who did you vote for in the recent election?
Labour. I don't know too much about the parties but I know when you're on that voting list there's more opportunity and it’s easier to get a mortgage. I don’t like Blair though, he’s fake.

Why not vote for someone else?
They were the only people I knew and as far as I'm concerned I don't have time to try change the country. Labour are already in power, they're all gonna do the same thing, they all say they'll do this, they'll all from the same tree

How do you think we can get people to vote again?
Voting is bollocks to me full-stop. I'm not too concerned about politics because I don't know enough about it. Maybe If I researched it more, you never know it might be a field I go into later in my life, but I'm not going to pretend I know a lot about it and penalising things or people. It's very possible that I'll go into politics actually.

There's one track you have forthcoming which has an anti-abortion message, do you ever consider whether you might isolate your listener when you write bars?
That track’s called Deep Breath and goes through lots of different sexual downfalls. I have an opinion, I'm not saying 'don't do it' or 'it's wrong' I'm just saying I wouldn't do it and I'm against it. I believe if you're willing to do what you did to get to that stage you should deal with the consequences. Life is a different thing to writing a rhyme, you can make a mistake on a bit of paper and start again… if you have the potential to bring a healthy person into the world then try your best at it. It's a gift.

If you'd been 15 and got a girl pregnant do you think you'd have felt the same way?
I dunno. It's a view I've held since the subject matters been close to home to me. I've thought about it, you know getting a girl pregnant, I think ahead a lot. Even when you do think ahead mistakes and not just mistakes like accidents happen. You could be the most conscious person but there's one day you think you're invincible.

Do you think part of our problem is youth think ‘the World’s against me’?
Of course, it's an excuse, 'the system messed up so I stabbed 5 people and went to prison', no you stabbed five people because you wanted to and you got caught, that's why you're going to prison. If you wanna be cool go and work in Sainsbury's. It will get you enough money to save a bit, get yourself a deposit and a credit rating. You can work with the system you just wont be as rich as Puff Daddy.

As a young man, is adult life what you expected?
By the time you've realised what life is about you're nearly there anyway. A lot of people have blinded themselves into thinking life is hard. It's not. If you want work for it, if it's fathomable reach for it.

To read the second half of this article pick up a copy of Big Smoke Magazine. Part 2 will follow here soon....