Saturday, 31 May 2008




Clencha also does a lot, working at BBC London, rolling with Vanessa Feltz and crew. He's also the face of and finds the time to write rhymes when he's not at the Livity offices.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

I Got Hooked Up

A big thanks to Andrew Davis at MySpaz and The Ugly Kids Club for my one-away T-shirt. Having picked 30 people to give the hand painted once over, I'm chuffed mate. Respectos Oh, but how does one wash this?

Love Love Love

Andy Jones at thelondonpaper is now pimping me in the Love section. Have enjoyed doing these pieces. With regard this one, about whether lads will cheat on holiday, on emailing various males in my address book, my suggestion to share holiday stories was met with "par" (Logan), "you'll be lucky" (Daniel Kelly), "I'm an honorable one horse cowboy love" (Jack), "I ain't the one" (Pete Cashmore), "Napa = will cheat, Malia = will cheat, Ibiza = will cheat, Cancun = will cheat... (Austin Daboh), "iStay" (JP Patterson)... Heydon Prowse did offer something more substantial "Isn't there a theory by the evolutionary biologist Jared Diamond that we are naturally semi-monogomous animals. It comes down to our comparative size to females. Men are only slightly larger so we are only slightly monogomous. Puffins and Gibbons are pretty much the same size if they are male or female and they stay together for life."

Also interesting to hear what happens to people in the aftermath. Andrew Hughes found himself the object of desire for many a woman. I'm yet to hear from Dennis mind - don't be surprised if he's been castrated. Any suggestions for Love features welcome. Sure there's some stories out there.

MySpace or Yours?

Now, I've always been fascinated by semi-clad girls on social networking sites, and in a no paedo/ pornographic way. A modern form of feminism? If you've got it flaunt it? In the case of an artist or model, take for example the case studies of Phoenix and Neon, I get it. Neon's pictures especially represent pure beauty. Art at it's finest. Great lighting. Fantastic knickers... What I'm talking about is pictures, taken on mobile phones, that leave little to the imagination. Readers Wives, I'm surprised no one has started a MySpace spin-off. There's also a part of me that worries about this trend. Why is any 15 year old girl posing in her knickers and showing batty crease rudeboy? My mother would have slapped my head-top to the side. In fact, she still would. While I don't think a woman should live her life dependent on what a man deems suitable, she should consider her own position on the matter, the ramifications (be that pervs or otherwise) and be realistic. If a potential employer looks at your profile, what message are you sending out? Maybe you're of the mindset that you couldn't give a toss and wouldn't want to work for someone who didn't like your profile 'realness'. On the otherhand, given we live in a mans world, we can't always live by fantasy dreams of society, perception, hierarchy and the rest. When you upload a picture, it's uploaded. It's there for life. Anyone can drag that off. Maybe if I was younger, with less decorum, had perkier cheeks, or a penchant for showcasing off my age 12 Primark cuties, I wouldn't be writing this now.

Monday, 26 May 2008

I Do Alot X Alot

, originally uploaded by oh1963wtsh.

I've received an influx of (ok two) messages in the last month, from people telling me they used to read my blog when it was good. Shame. The reality is, girl got busy. Back when I started it was a way to promote what others weren't, my own work and it reflected the time I had on my hands. Nowadays, I'm holding down more jobs than Connexions, alot of which might not be apparent to the naked eye. Girls not complaining mind, quite the opposite, but I'm sorry if I've let you down in anyway. This blog is now what I have time to upload, more time my own work or things I like. It's not specific. Time aside, I don't feel the need now that every artist, person and their dog has a blog (rhyme unintentional). Hyperfrank and JP Patterson do more than enough grime posting to feed the appetite of those still interested (mine having increasingly wained). I'm going to make a conceited effort to post something everyday, albeit commentary, but sometimes that 30 mins of sleep makes all the difference.

On that note, watch out for Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift issue 1 and, both launching in early June. I'd also like to thank Jessica Brinton for making me very happy, with my first piece published in Sunday Times Style. Been penning for Arena today, another thing making me smile. Congrats also to my LIVE team for banging out issue 28 in record time - we will hit the printers on time. Look out for my feature on myspace girls in thelondonpaper tomorrow. Crack soon come. Oh and I'll also be starting a new column in RWD. More deets soon. Mixmag reviews are still dropping monthly, in the new issue you'll also find an interview I did with Wiley (the same questions we ask every month). Lastly, the i-D book Safe + Sound hits shelves soon, in which, you'll also find a contribution from me.

Safety nets.

Sunday Times Styleeeeee

A proud moment

Ok, Replace It With Diesel

DKNY, originally uploaded by oh1963wtsh.

Collins and I got our radio game on with Diesel last week. Thanks to everyone who listened, watched, sent a text, rang the studio,complained etc...

Here's our playlist anyway:
Clencha - Get Busy Now (Fiddy & Collins special)
Duffy & The Game - Mercy (Remix)
Lil Wayne - A Millie
The Thirst - My Everything
Bruza & James Smith (Hadouken) - Where Do I Go
Skepta ft Wiley - Rolex Sweep
Sem & Frisco - Nice Time (unfinished)
Michael Morph - Do What You Want feat Yo Majesty (Deekline Remix)
Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Bag Raiders Remix)
GoldieLocks feat Frisco - Wasteman
Lindsey Lohan - Bossy
Britney Spears - Baby Boy
Kenna - Say Goodbye To Love to listen online

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London Paper 73

Monday, 5 May 2008

Great Weather

HOT_sm, originally uploaded by cool jho.

I'm Everything

Support The Thirst. They're great.

Go Grease Lightning

Coming Soon to Haute Doll..., originally uploaded by

Microphone Champion Boy Better Know set to download

Top Things

i-D April 2008, originally uploaded by oh1963wtsh.

Kenna 'Say Goodbye To Love'
Microphone Champion set download
Bruza & Hadouken 'Where Do We Go'
Frisco & Sem 'Gangster Boogie' (watch the space)
Issue 1 of Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift nearly finished
Saying no to alcohol
BBC Sound
Stinky cheese
Power Plates
Paola's yoga class
Count down to holidays
Plan B in Brixton
San Marino's
Russian coffee
Flat Earth News by Nick Davies
Diesel Radio over @

LIVE Magazine Moments

It's your boy Capri
Ladette to lady photoshoot
Sian and Melissa catching up with Soulja Boy
Mahta and Patrick get busy now
Fabian become Rihanna for one night only
Chantelle, Clencha and Snakeyman trying to look sho
C-More's fresh trim
Bertan, Dannyelle and Mervin go swimming
Mervin, Mario and C-More get a makeover before hitting the estate
Sian, Chantelle reporting from LMHR for BBC Sound (as seen on TV this week).

LIVE in South London Press

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London Paper 69

Falling, originally uploaded by oh1963wtsh.

On The Scene
Chantelle Fiddy

Proud Camden, the love child of impresario Alex Proud who rose to prominence through the rock and sport photography displayed at the gallery, is back in business. Having shut their doors last year to relocate, they’ve changed the locks and have set up show at the neighbouring Stable Market’s two hundred year old listed Horse Hospital.

Despite it’s absence on the clubbing map, Proud, previously frequented by The Arctic Monkeys and Amy Winehouse, is obviously still the place to be seen, celebs at the re-launch listening to The Enemy and Drew (Babyshambles) included Jamie Winstone, Peaches Geldof and Sadie Front.

And their new abode is giving band’s double the floor space to play on across two rooms, a third room featuring the buildings original stables, while the famous deckchairs are in their rightful place on the outdoor terrace. Not much has changed where the music policy is concerned mind; expect plenty of cutting edge new and established acts alongside special guest DJs.

Celebrating new business in more ways than one at Proud this week are Don’t Panic, the infamous flyer distributors, who’ve just opened a new division in Brazil. Their Friday night residency at the club will work in-synch with their online magazine ( For the launch, Gideon Reeling, purveyors of bespoke interactive experiences and immersive theatre, will be weaving their own special magic into the night. Presenter Scottee, who’s just announced plans to launch a new event called 3 at 333 on 30th April, will be bringing his own personal dressing up box and picking people at random from the crowd for live photo shoots. Don’t Panic poster artist James Unsworth will be building human size sculptures in front of your very eyes and The-O will be performing his own special brand of glitter-eating karaoke. The visuals supplied by Current TV are bound to get you thinking too while the music from Jodie Harsh, Dollop, Blaise and Styleslut will get you dancing. Lykke Li, Kid Harpoon, The Clik Clik and Kennedy are all playing live. Running 8pm – 2.30am, it’s £8 on the door.

Someone else we should be welcoming back with open arms this week is Sean Rowley. After the success of his Guilty Pleasures parties he’s joined forces with Johnno from Bugged Out to create Pop Odyssey, playing pop from the past three decades, from the hits of New Order and The Pet Shop boys to Daft Punk records that sample Barry White. Launching on Friday at the uber trendy Old Queens Head, 44 Essex Road, it’s only £4 to get in and the beers on tap too.

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