Monday, 22 January 2007

Wiley Retires... apparently

Yep, just what Big Dada wanted to hear. Wiley's rung RWD this morning to announce his retirement. Read over at Given Wiley's habitual change of plans, we'll have to hope he wakes up and gets out of bed the right side tomorrow. But whatever his decision, respect the father.
Jamie Woon - Wayfaring Stranger

Another one to support this year is south Londoner Jamie Woon. Wayfaring Stranger, a cover of an age old folk classic, is out now on Live Recordings complete with Burials remix...
Hadouken! - That Boy That Girl promo video

Does anyone remember Dr Venom the garage producer? He used to get mash up on the regular at FWD, anyway, this is his band Hadouken who are expected to do alot this year.

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Stop Knife Crime

The Mets latest

On The Cassette Playa

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The Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control (available on itunes and getting re-released in Feb)
Shameless - My Dro (if you don't know about the Paddy Raggaman watch him this year, riding the JT 'My Love' beat this is essential)
Kano - Fuckin Wid Da Team freestyle (download his freestyle over Skepta's remix on
FWD Podcast (available via itunes)
Plan B - No Good (Chase & Status Remix over at Blowing up in D&B world, out soon).
Plan B feat. JME & Skepta - Where Ya From Remix (b-side to 'No Good', out soon)
Pablo - Tell It How It Is (check the Bloodline myspace for details on their forthcoming mixtape)
George Galloway Podcast (I kid you not, agree or disagree, it's debate worth clocking)
Sadie Ama - Let Me Take You Away (the single 'Fallin', her take on the 'Wifey Riddim' goes up on itunes tomorrow)
Ron Hall - The Way You Love Me (Defected's Urban House compilation is reppin')
N Dubz - I Swear (still number one on Channel U after about 3 months... it's alot)
Jamie Woon - Wayfaring Stranger (Burial Remix, out on Live Recordings now)
ANYTHING by Kate Nash

LIVE Magazine

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If you're aged 13-22 and want to contribute to LIVE Magazine as a writer, designer, poet, illustrator, photographer or want more info, then drop me a line Based in south London, the mag is done by young people for young people and published quarterly. With a new issue about to drop, it's perfect time to get involved and get your mugshot up in the pages. You'll be mentored in your chosen field by industry professionals who will try and help you achieve your personal and career goals.

Music With Meaning

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Will i Am RWD

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A version of this article is in the current issue of RWD Magazine
Words: Chantelle Fiddy

William James Adams Jr, better known as, as one third of the Black Eyed Peas and a certified premiership producer, has worked with artists ranging from Sergio Mendes and Sting to Justin Timberlake, Kelis and Busta Rhymes. But with musical surgery to undergo with Michael Jackson, will the cool fa├žade last?

Where are you right now?
I’m in Brazil, It’s one more show here then off to Argentina. I’m just going online in my hotel.

Everyone has to catch up on emails and myspace right?
Yeah I got a lot of catching up to do. I check the comments on the myspace and stuff. I look on youtube, after every concert we go on there to see who posts up phone clips first.

Do you give a prize?
No, they get arrested hahaha.

The main talking point right now has gotta be you working with Michael Jackson right?
Yeah I'm going back to him in December. He called me up and I thought someone was joking around. 'Hello it's Michael' and I was like 'Yeah right, stop playing?' Then he said 'I want to congratulate you on all your success, you're doing a powerful thing for the World with your music and staying true to what you believe in, I've been following you for a long time... do you mind if I call you in a couple of days at 4pm?’ Then he started ringing me everyday at 4pm. We were on tour with The Pussycat Dolls at the time so I started working on music for him on the bus.

Did you approach working with Michael Jackson differently compared to other artists?
Well It was more like how would I like Michael to sound now, what would I want him to do? When I finally sat down with him I was nervous. I couldn't be the way I would be like when I'm with Justin or NAS. I've idolised Michael my whole life. I had to be honest with him. I told him it was hard and he asked why? I explained I didn't grow up listening to Justin's music so it's easy to work with him, we're equals and when you're in the studio with someone you have to be equal, never above or below. When I worked with NAS I wasn't like 'Ok, here's the greatest lyricist', you have to put yourself on the same plain and make sure you compliment or better the stuff you love. I had to really get over it with Michael.

You do a great impression of him…
I can do James Brown too hahaha.

How was it on a personal level? Did you like him?
On a personal level it was cool, I spent the whole first day asking him questions like 'what was it like when you first did the moonwalk, how did it feel?’ It turned into a freakin’ interview; everything we're doing today is like branches from his tree. The seed came from Michael Jackson and James Brown. Michael told me for him, his influence was James Brown all the way. I was like 'damn, I worked with James Brown!' 'He said ‘You worked with James Brown, I always wanted to work with James Brown...' 'ok let's do it...' so those were the kind of things that gave me confidence to move forward.

Is there a lot of pressure on you now to deliver a big album?
We talked about what we wanted to accomplish, how you gonna compete with Thriller? I said ‘Michael, when you wake up in the morning how do you compete with yourself? I know how to compete with the market place but when you influence the market place in every way possible, from fan clubs to sponsorships to videos…’ 'Oh God bless you', 'No seriously, i'm not trying to compliment you Michael, I need to know this for when we get in the studio cause the music has to represent that…’ 'Oh I see what you're talking about.' Me and him had this deep conversation and started talking about the experience today; ringtones, the computer, itunes, movies, youtube, myspace...

Does he know about all that stuff?
Yes but this arena still needs to be defined, people are using it but they haven't defined what to do with this platform yet, we're not lifting weights, it isn't even a weight lifting game no more, so lets define what it is. We need to think about how music’s going to be experienced. Think about all the great songs that come out every week and their life span is like a week. You probably aren't playing stuff from eight weeks ago but people are still playing Billy Jean and Beat It.

Thing have changed a lot since you were with Eazy-E on Ruthless Records, when was the last time you saw him before he passed away?
It was about two weeks, early March, I spoke to Eazy when he was in hospital and he was like ‘see you soon’. For the last three years him and (his manager) Jerry Heller would take me to this place called Monty's for my birthday party. March 15th we went to Monty's and Jerry said to me ‘it’s not looking good’. Him and Jerry were still having their differences too. It was a shock, he’d been coughing a lot and had only gone to hospital for bronchitus.

Do you ever worry about what people will think of your music, like when you first came out with 'Where Is The Love', the hip hop community as a whole weren't that complimentary?
You can't be like 'I’m going to jump off this building' cause that's suicide. But if you say 'I'm gonna jump off this building and make sure the rope's tied and I'm gonna bounce back up', to someone who doesn't know about bungee jumping, they're gonna think that persons crazy, but when that person jumps and springs back up, then trends happen, people catch onto it. With Black Eyes Peas (BEP) everything we've done is thought out and planned, some BEP fans were like 'that's suicide, you're putting a white girl in your group, that's not hip hop.' What are you talking about, what is hip hop to you? People that make those comments I don't think their knowledge of hip hop goes that far.

So, have you ever made a record, gone back to it and wished you'd done something differently?
Yeah! A song called Request Line we did with Macy Gray. It was a cool record but not my favourite. I don't like the song we did with Wyclef 'Rap Song' and i don't like 'Hips Don't Lie' that much.

When was the last time you felt proud of yourself?
When I was on stage. It's been a long journey to get here, Eazy passing away, being homeless... but we stuck to our dreams and the community who gave us a hard time for what we did, are coming to you to produce their records. Journalists tried to feed us to the wolves, wrote us off, and those artists, those journalists are now applauding us. I'm proud of sticking to my guns.

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Essentials - We're Back / So Much Better

Monday, 15 January 2007

London Paper 9

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January 12th
London Paper Column
On The Scene
Words: Chantelle Fiddy

It might be raining outside but January is usually considered the driest month in the clubbing calendar. That all looks set to change though. Regardless of the weather this weekend, get your sales bargains on and your umbrella out. One of the most exciting new nights London has seen for years, launches this Saturday at Scala, Kings Cross.

Chalk, the brainchild of promoter Andy Peyton and Caius Tawson (better known as Young Turks, an A&R for XL Recordings, DJ, club promoter the rest), are set to resurrect Saturday nights. Showcasing the best new bands and giving a leg-up to the superstar DJ’s of tomorrow, they’re going to be the place to really find out what’s hot. And forget one headliner. Chalks first line-up alone boasts live sets from the Mystery Jets (679 Recordings), Jack Penate (who’s set to make quite an impact this year as one of XL’s latest signings), Cajun Dance Party and The Bishops. On the DJ front you’ve got Hot Chip (EMI), Nadia Ksaiba, Matthew !Wowow!, The Whore Moans, The Lovely Jonjo and a whole lot more spread out over the three rooms. With tickets only £8.50 in advance, your best friend tonight might just be

At only 20 years old, Tawson’s youth is also giving Chalk much of it’s cutting-edge, cool appeal. “We want to showcase the best in live music, any genre, any act and put the spotlight back on DJs. In the future we’ll incorporate acoustic stuff as well…” he explains. “To me Errol Alkan is the most important DJ in London and he’s been doing what he’s doing and is still relevant 10 years after he started Trash. If we can still be relevant after 10 years – or even 10 weeks, I’ll be happy.”

Seb of DJ duo Tapedeck, booked for Chalk on the 27th January, agrees this night could boost a number of DJs on the rise. “Everyone’s excited because they’re offering something new, not what’s tried and tested. And the nu-wave of DJ’s trying to make moves, like us and Skull Juice, they’re giving us a spotlight alongside people like Switch who would play the main room of Fabric. There’s a definite hunger for this.”

Elsewhere, the pundits have equally high expectations for clubbing in 2007. Ralph Moore, Senior Music Editor at leading dance magazine Mixmag expects the rave/ rock axis to spin harder and faster than ever before. “With NYC’s LCD Soundsystem returning with their stellar 2nd album, a slew of young, disco-loving rock-ravers will follow in their wake. Other names to look out for include Joakim, Nightmoves, Van She, New Young Pony Club, Digitalism, The Black Ghosts, Crystal Castles and French upstarts Justice, whose new single ‘D.A.N.C.E’ and b-side ‘Phantom’ (currently blowing up clubs) are dafter than Thomas Bangalter’s tight leather gloves. Glowsticks, however, are going to be entirely optional.”

Now If only clubs would bring back the free whistles.

London Paper 8

15th December
London Paper Column
On The Scene
Words: Chantelle Fiddy

Call me old fashioned, but I won’t be raving it up on Christmas Eve or Christmas day unless my entire family tree – Grandad with oxygen mask included – are on the guest list. Without the worry of which promoters in London boast a remedy for entire families suffering from excess turkey consumption, my thoughts are with a lot of you this week who are finishing (or starting) Christmas shopping, and planning on how to see in 2007. Well think of me like the best friend you’ve never had. Instead of ruining your fun and getting held up in the Oxford Street scrum, why not buy all your presents when you go clubbing? I kid you not. A growing trend in Christmas club land this year, it seems, is offering punters the one stop club shop. Quench your spending thirst on Saturday at Everything Must Go (previously called POP), on Soho Street. Stalls will offer music, toys, artwork, photography, clothes and much more from the likes of Rough Trade, Susie Lloyd, Aquarium, Hooky Gear, One True Saxon, Bama Lama and Mosterism. If you forget your good intentions and end up donating most of your pounds to the mulled wine fund, fear not. Sunday will see A Christmas Fete Worse Than Death & Oxfam Christmas Fair takeover Brick Lane’s 93 Feet East. From 3pm in the main room Ebony Bones, Miss Odd Kid, LJ Kruzer’s Electronic Carols and Le Cocteau Jeaune’s Burlesque Nativity celebrate all things festive. Elsewhere in the Bar, the Christmas Fair will be in full swing raising money for Oxfam. While listening to the sounds of Battle DJs, Bigggpaul, Jay B, Helen Noir and James Bradley on decks, you can buy records, books and all manner of donated items.

Now, If you’re reading this thinking ‘look at the face, bovvered?’ cause you finished your shopping like in September, then you might as well pat yourself on the back (pocket) tonight and fuck off to Fabric Live. Blow your wages getting wasted with Dizzee Rascal, Newham Generals, Joe Ransom and Scratch Perverts. If you’re looking to shed a few pounds before your roasted bird lands, opt for the back room where Krust, DJ Die, Simon Bassline Smith and many more will have the D&B massive cooking up a serious sweat. More in keeping with the Christmas spirit, the Bistrotheque Drag Christmas Panto is also taking place tonight in Wadeson St, east London, starring Jonny Woo, Spanky, Richardette, Ryan Styles, Xtina (no relation to Christina Aguilera), and Lisa (not Scott) Lee.

As for New Years Eve, there’s already been some interesting invitations come through the door, including Roller Disco’s fancy dress party in Vauxhall, Madam Showtimes Masked Ball at Egg, Moondance at SeOne and The Bond Ball at the Kensington Close Hotel & Spa. Bigger isn’t always better so I’m putting my money with a smaller, local joint, namely the Legion in Old Street where the trusty Crackin Skullz duo are going to do their parents proud mixing up a selection of beats and bars. With tickets at only £10 a piece they also make for suitably cost-effective stocking fillers.

London Paper 7

1st December 2006
London Paper Column
On The Scene
Words: Chantelle Fiddy

In the same way that the tenth shot of vodka seems to creep up on you and leave your legs lacking in co-ordination, Christmas has well and truly bestowed itself upon us again. And while that friggin’ goose is still getting fat, our pockets are getting thinner thanks to festive demands, parties and impromptu rounds of drinks. But putting your wallet on a stricter diet doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality clubbing control. Despite living in one of Europe’s most expensive cities, if you know where to go, there’s plenty of freeness on offer without trying to blag guestlist or having to rush the door.

Fast becoming acknowledged as one of London’s best new venues, The Big Chill House, (part of the ever expanding Big Chill empire), located in the heart of Kings Cross, boasts three floors of music, a moonlit balcony, a balconied dining room and cosy nooks and crannies for those armed with mistletoe. If that’s not tempting enough, you can book a table or secure your spot in area’s such as The Love Inn, Finlandia Cabin, Naxos Nook, Enchanted Bar or Lulworth Lounge by ringing 0207 427 2541. If you can fix up your face in time and be inside by 11pm tonight, then you’ll have gained free entry into the Balearic electronic disco. The same applies to Pretzel Logic tomorrow, a night dedicated to really smooth music from the likes of Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac and Hall & Oates. Electro-crooner Grosvenor, who’s recently supported current hotness Hot Chip on tour, will play live while upstairs there’s dirty funk and rock ‘n’ roll.

The brains behind the successful Anti-Social night at Shoreditch’s Bar Music Hall, Ya Mum Ya Dad, present Blok Party at Candy Bar, Carlisle Street on Monday. Drinks are £2 and you can request the house, techno and electro selection you want to hear, heck, they even say “it’s a playground or foul-mouthed teenagers, with bad make-up, to binge drink on a school night.” What more do you want - and don’t say an extension on your report, although after a night here you’ll probably need it.

Fancy trying something a bit more alternative? Dress up and dance for Hula Boogie at South London Pacific, a tiki lounge and cocktail bar on Kennington Road where you can polish up your jive moves at their Dec 12th soiree which promises stompin’ music from the 1930’s and 1950’s, thanks to DJ’s Miss Aloha and Reverend Boogie. As it’s Brother Aloha’s Big Birthday Bash, there’s also going to be burlesque, cakes and other goodies thrown into the mix – all for zilch. Nothing. Capiche?

If you believe that you get what you pay for, there’s plenty on this week for a limited budget, one highlight being Dirty Canvas at the ICA who are hosting Skitz Beatz album launch this Saturday with performances from President T, Ruff Sqwad, JME, Jammer and many more. With entry a mere £6 and plenty of night buses near the venue, the only concern might be whether that bottle of under the counter, throat stripping Turkish vodka will fit in your handbag.

Sunday, 7 January 2007

Rocking the Adidas Hoodie

If only they'd been available to dance in the video