Saturday, 27 November 2004

Riko gets Random with Sovereign

Roll Deep Crew’s Riko is still residing at Brixton HMP awaiting trial. But thanks to the wonders of new technology he’s contributed 16 bars for the remix of Random from behind grey walls. “Menta got him straight down the line into the studio” Sovereign explained. “Riko said it was easier to do than he imagined but don’t start thinking he’s the UK’s answer to Shyne. I gotta big him up cause the shits hot. The remix sounds like a totally different tune to the original.” We managed to track Riko down and his letter read “I was happy to lace the track. I Think people will see we’ve come with something a bit different innit? I don’t think I’m the UK’s Shyne, but saying that you never know what’s going to happen.” Free Riko for sheezy. The Menta remix of Lady Sovereign’s Random, featuring MC Riko will be out on promo this month before it’s full release in January. Look out for the feature that soon come in B&S.

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