Thursday, 25 November 2004

My Bitch

Entering my kitchen I always turn on the radio, one of those cheap plastic retro-rip-off supermarket jobs in pastel blue. I've had hours of fun, cooking pies and mopping floors, with the company of my £10 bitch. Tonight I marvelled at her dirtyness. Bass lines erupted from her one speaker with a sonic beauty, lyrics rolling as crisp as Walkers, not something normally associated with listening to crackling pirate radio stations. But that's because it wasn't. Some f****r had changed the station to Radio 1. I had wondered when Rinse began playing rock, yet this sounded like Palace Pavillion on a Saturday night. Alas it was actually Zane Lowe broadcasting live from someplace, somewhere in Northampton. Lethal B and the boys had performed Pow, Kano was now supplying some of his new album cuts (mind blowing) with the aid of Ghetto and Demon, next up Dizzee Rascal murking...rahtid! The crowd, and I'm talking bare (lots of) girls were going nuts, kinda like the time I mixed loads of chemicals and paint together, vandalised my neighbours shed and my mum found out. I couldn't take the perfect tuning for too long though and reverted to re-watching Practise Hours but trust me, it's worth showing your bitch some love and delving into Mr Lowe's archive (well I would) *N.B if you prefer your bacon crispy*

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