Thursday, 25 November 2004

Tubby T

Thoughts going out to Tubby T who is in hospital having suffered a stroke. A statement read "Due to many rumours that have been flying around in the last 48 hours, myself and Tubby's family would like to issue the following statement: On Saturday 20th November, Tubby T collapsed at his home in West London. He was rushed to hospital and was diagnosed as having suffered a major stroke. He is currently in a stable, though serious condition. The stroke was thought to have been brought on by very high blood pressure, which it turns out he suffers from, and also from his recent heavy workload. Rumours of him being shot, having taken an overdose and other such wild statements are utterly untrue, and also disrespectful. This has come as a massive shock to all his family, and the people who know and love him. At this time we would like to make clear the truth behind his sudden collapse and also ask everyone to respect his privacy."
Here's wishing him a full recovery.

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