Tuesday, 14 December 2004

DJ Tubby - Old

Here's one from the 2003 archive...

DJ Tubby

Formerly famed for his cutting house activities Tubby is now making more of a mark as a producer and DJ. Previous releases have been noted but Slush mashes his past offerings into the vinyl crematorium. For those not turned on by past releases like Whatever, don’t push Slush to the side. Cue it up and head for the volume button instead because this is not what you might class a traditional Tubby sound. It’s Braindead productions like Slush that are surely providing the solid proof that Tubby and sometimes partner in crime, Footsie, are names that will be climbing the underground hierarchy in the 2004. Slush, which features on the recent Smoove compilation, Street Beats, has naturally been battered by big boss man Slimzee over the last six months and on release at Christmas, a set without this will be like your old dear serving you Turkey without the gravy. Sort it out love.


How long have you been producing for?
About two years now. I’ve had some bits out on the down low and Whatever, that was quite big. I did a Lil Kim booty a few years back In the Planet Phat days but I never put my name to that either. Slush is the biggest thing I’ve done myself so hopefully this tune will get the label out there.

What happened didn’t you own Planet Phat?
I did own it in the end but it wasn’t working out, It was costing too much. I had to quit so now I’m concentrating on the producing. I DJ out too but I’m one of those people who prefers to be in the background.

Was there an idea or plan behind Slush?
Not really, I was just in the studio with a Slush Puppy, Cherry flavour I think it was so I called it Slush. I am going to revive Slush Puppy’s, I’ve decided, I should be sponsored by them - a different flavour for different inspiration. I guess I am a bit cold like a Slush Puppy still haha.

Why do you think Slush is blowing up more than anything else you’ve done?
Because I let people cut it, I don’t normally give stuff out but Slimzee has battered it since I made it eight months ago and he put it on the Smoove Street Beats compilation. Karnage and that have all cut it now, for Karnage to cut it was a big thing cause I didn’t think it would be his kind of thing.

Who or what is Braindead?
That’s mine and Footsie’s label. Me and Footsie work together but we have our own studio’s so there’s a lot of solo stuff. We called it Braindead because that’s what we are…it’s got something to do with the amount we smoke. Sometimes people get a bit fresh, have a couple of pulls, five minutes later they’re in a corner. I’m 25 and I’ve been smoking since I was 10 or 11 so I just control it now.

What have you got coming up?
War Wid with Footsie and D Double E, Pass The Test and Scars, all on Braindead. Is it time to roll another one yet?

Words: Chantelle Fiddy
DJ Tubby Rinse 100.3FM Sunday nights 7-9pm. For more info on DJ Tubby contact Live Agents
A version of this article appeared in Deuce Magazine

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